Skin pigment cream

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Tips For Pigmentation on the face| Avene D-pigment | 2019

19 218 views | 9 Jan. 2019


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Sonam C

My pigmentation became darker after using this product for a month. It's a waste of money.

Cutoe Chhangte

I love your accent... I can listen to your talk all night?

Sujani G

Can i use it on elbows and kness?

With Love, Nini

❤❤❤❤❤ New Subbie


Is avene products good for black skin

Mahimanvith eedara

Can i use all over face d pigment cream

Rethabile Hlohlolo

Very informative, absolutely excited for your content.... Your very beautiful and love your energy

bibita daas

Please I am from Algeria and I want this product

Tebello Ralehoko

Oh My word thank u so much, u have such a perfect accent I could listen to u the whole night ❤?

Sandisiwe Hlengwa

sicela skin care routine please Qondi

Ariana Abrenica

hi, does this work with scars too?

Nompumelelo Molefe

Wow thanks, this was so informative! ??

One Life

I am also using and I am two time in a day night n day . So how do you used and how long did you use???

Motshabi K

Teach us we are your students ??
This is your best video babe.....I loved it.

Khomotso Sekoto

Great content hun! I really love how you actually giving us descriptions on important ingredients. Looking forward to the eye bags one!

Bongie Keswa

This was very informative! Didn't think I had pigmentation until after this video(I just thought it was sun burn) Please share what kind of sunscreens we could use aswell for different skin types... Looking forward to the next one ?

Tinyiko Ngobeni

The care taken into explaining this is commendable. I was not the slightest bit confused and you're just a please to watch. Excited to start taking care of my skin thank you.
#New subbie
#notification gang

Claudine Nkodo

Am a new subscriber?


Thank you for such a precise informative video , love it!?

Buhle Mabutyana

our very own Jackie, this is so refreshing. LOVE IT

Sinqobile Mthethwa

Hi qondi! Can you please do a full skincare routine? Thanks

Polly Begum

Please can you say when you apply the cream. Do you apply before or after moisturizing? After cleansing? Some said use it in the evening but must use sun protector for better and quicker result but no one uses sun protector at night. Please can you answer soon x thank you

Emmah Chihava

This was such a great video very informative after having 2 kids I have struggled with hormonal acne tried a lot of products and I have a lot of dark spots ?

Claudine Nkodo

This is just a great video,u gave all i needed i have been suffering from this hyperpigmention and i have bought all sought of facial products and nothing seems to work.Thank u

Saumya Mishra

Umm do I use the D pigment cream on just the spots or my entire face?

Sultana Razia

You are beautiful

_.boaocean ._

I’m black and one day there was this dry spot on my cheek I scratch it and it then turned lighter then my actual skin colour so basically my dark skin has those light spots which look like the pigmentation u said

Uditty Pangilinan

do you put avene dpigment all over your face,or just the darkened area

Mpho Sibanyoni

Gosh I can't wait for your youtube come back

Richmond Sajini

Concise and informative. Very helpful!

Vongai Sarah

Your skin, eyelashes and eyebrows ????

shaaffz shah

It is that product can reduce pigmentation on my face ?


Thanks for the content! I'm wondering could this be used for lip pigmentation?? Btw love your accent! Are you from SA?

One Life

Great explanation thanks

Buhle Mabutyana

Can't wait for the dark eye section

Mufarisi Manyuha

Great video . And you speak so well it's easy to follow you and understand . Please keep it up☺☺☺

Skin pigment cream

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Vitiligo cream gives skin color again

23 507 views | 11 Oct. 2019

Vitiligo is a condition

Vitiligo is a condition that causes the skin to lose pigment and leaves white patches behind.

Jennifer bosoy

Anu po pangalan sa cream na gamot ng vitiligo

Theresa Nichole

I was basically diagnosed with Vitiligo this past April 27th. I had been suggested the topical medication 0.5 corticosteroid and told to go back home. I was determined to try the vitiligo solution “Fαkαmzοt Tαhο” (Goοgle it). In just a week, I could already see the final results. I`m hoping that this remedy can change my entire life..

Parker Francesca

It’s been a year when I was initially clinically determined to have vitiligo. I was told no medicine is accessible for vitiligo along with some 5% steroid. My vitiligo is almost entirely healed after I learned and used the vitiligo remedy 4VitiligoCure. Com two times a day for the first two weeks and decreased the dosage slowly. The end result is remarkable!.

raina said

This vitiligo treatment 4VitiligoCure. Com is the thing that I highly recommend. After 1 use, this surely gives you remarkable results already. I have extreme vitiligo condition and also allergic reactions. I felt uncomfortable with my skin, so I never got out nor took pictures. This product lives up to its promise regardless of my skin’s problem..

Carlos Pita

Where can I get this cream in Canada?

Ivy Russell

The great news here! It's possible to cure Vitiligo virus forever within 2 months, using natural technique. at 4VitiligoCure. Com


The cream/ointment they refer to is probably ’tacrolimus’. You will need a prescription for it in the U.S. It is an immunosuppressant cream.

Global Global


Viti Bye

Try this Viti MusTur from Shopee. Based on research, its ingredients helps pigmentation and with other benefits. Confidently reveal yourself with Viti MusTur by Viti Bye. Thanks and keep safe.

Feli Boscardin

Why not depigment the entire skin?

Moss Daryl

This is a fast and useful study. I`m recommending this Vitiligo guide 4VitiligoCure. Com to my friend who will start their Vitiligo remedies to achieve a clearer skin. Very much liked this and appreciated the insight into how my inside issues can affect my skin.

Halda Osman

Hi where can I buy the cream in Canada please

Jennifer bosoy

Plss nmn ano po pangalan sa cream


I had been really hesitant, however I am glad I attempted this particular vitiligo treatment method 4VitiligoCure. Com . The results are excellent the morning after I used it. I used it two times a day for the first few days and then once daily for the following five days. My elbows are a lot better..

Canal Game

Só assim para não sofrer racismo nos Estados Unidos, ainda bem que mudei minha cor de pele kkkk


How to make white people = VITILIGO...
“Oh racists.. LOL look what information we have now.. ON YOU”.
WE.. MADE.. YOU.. PERIOD. Vitiligo lives matter

Everything - Marvel

Barbra really can pass as white Ngl (not to offend anyone or be racist)

Trideb Kanti Chowdhury

Bangladesh how I can

Tyler Amber

I`ve been looking for something to help my vitiligo. With the vitiligo treatment 4VitiligoCure. Com once per week, I found joy because it was effective. I unquestionably suggest this to everybody who have also the same condition. It cleared my face right after following the remedy for 9 days..


I cure my Vitiligo with the Vitiligo removal program at 4VitiligoCure. Com and i am recovered with this disease 90%. So that's why i am recommending this website to all you guys..

Cole Leah

I made use of many products without results. The vitiligo therapy 4VitiligoCure. Com does amazing things for me and my disorder. It was the white spots that started to lighten first until it’s no longer visible. The developments on the hands required time, but I am looking towards faster results in other parts of the body. This treatment method is proven and tested..

Donna Yansen

Only if Michael Jackson had this ?


I treat vitiligo by using traditional medicament and when using my medicine product it takes six months to treat vitiligo.

• Alec Gaming •

Hey! Have you heard of it being THE OPPISITE OF YOUR SKIN COLOR

stacy love

One of my friend told me to try 4VitiligoCure. Com to get rid of my Vitiligo. I tried this Program and I got great results...So I am recommending this product to all you guys....

Martha Sanders

I think the best website that will help on Vitiligo treatment is 4VitiligoCure. Com I personally tried this program and i get great results. Recommended..

Romila Shahni

Can u plz name the cream


This is a fast and useful study. I`m recommending this Vitiligo guide 4VitiligoCure. Com to my friend who will start their Vitiligo remedies to achieve a clearer skin. Very much liked this and appreciated the insight into how my inside issues can affect my skin.?

Diaz Lucy

It took me years in locating treatment for vitiligo. It has been tougher than I assumed! Thankfully, I was able to find and try the vitiligo treatment method 4VitiligoCure. Com My vitiligo is almost totally resolved! It is remarkably wonderful going through the development. I`m very glad I uncovered the solution..

The Loyal Family manoi

I have vitilgo too

Suren Diran

What is the cream name,how can I buy in Sri Lanka?


Guys I found the best treatment for Vitiligo at 4VitiligoCure. Com personally tried it and I get rid of my Vitiligo.all you guys should try it if you are suffering with Vitiligo...


Faltu ki dawa ke chkkar me na pado
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