Korean bb cream for oily skin

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Tarte BB Cream for Sensitive Acne-Prone Skin | Jenn Rogers

70 623 views | 25 Jun. 2015



Hi, I'm Jenn! Korean-American from New York, currently living in Seoul, Korea. Brandon is my husband and you'll see him often in my vlogs :)

I LOVE beauty products, but have really sensitive skin, and my reviews are filtered through that lens. I'm also constantly experimenting with new things (whether that's product-related or lifestyle-related) and keeping it real here.

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I LOVE this Tarte BB Tinted Treatment Primer for my sensitive, acne-prone skin. Watch how it wears on me through the course of 3 days.

Shade: Medium

Standard size: $36

Travel size: $14


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INSTAGRAM → @mrs.jennrogers

SNAPCHAT → mrsjennrogers

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Please check out Tarte products on QVC. There you will find two bottles of the primer with the brush for 49 dollars. I love Tarte for the same reason as you do. I exclusively wear tarte because no matter where I put this product on my skin it does not irritate.

I was able to eliminate breaking out after watching this video. https://youtu.be/SR1-QEUNBfQ

When I am hard headed and grab a NYC cheese pizza this video changed my makeup routine https://youtu.be/Jwngbzv0gbY

Melinda Mcguire

Psh! Your still really pretty

Munni Saha

Anyone tried the Fopobiacne Secrets (google search it)? We've heard numerous amazing things about this popular acne remedy.

Rebecca Brito

You are soooo pretty and likable.

Ji Ahn

I have a permanent solution for your breakouts... Have a baby. :) lol I seriously stopped having acne after Nathan. Prob the hormone change. Just saying. :D

Rebecca Gonzalez

Love it. What are you fav foundation/ concealer and what shades? Have you tried fenty ( shade?)

Fernanda Forner

such a beauty!

Kate C

Omg I feel you, my face gets so red and flushed so easily. I look like a whole mess.

Ashlyn Munoz

You’re so down to earth!! I love this!!!


what moisturizer do you use?


is there any stores where you can buy it from?

You tube

You are the real life princess of disney pocahontas

stephanie Garcia

I love the way this looked on my skin but it made me breakout so badly. ☹ my skin is oily and sensitive

Mariam Jebari

So helpful thank you!!!

Mic-mic Juane

Is it good for oily skin?

Habrid O'Young

silicone-primer-like texture. Hmm. Must try it!

Susanna Hong

Jenn! I'm def going to give this a try.  And btw I use nars creamy concealer in ginger too. Are we meant to be? xoxo


Wow i wanna try that!

Erika Koisa

Thank yo for sharing! I was curious whether or not you consume dairy products. They can cause acne breakouts like yours. My daughter has issues with acne when she eats cheese. I stopped eating cheese when she told me this and I have way fewer breakouts now. However, she loves cheese so much that she just deals with it. ☺️

Lupe Flores

I have been noticing tiny red dots/tiny pimples in my cheeks and nose area and I'm not sure if it's due to using this bb cream. Am I using it in a wrong way that causes the breakouts??? Help!!

Lisa Ho

I can totally relate to acne. It gets me down but I think you're absolutely gorgeous even with a few pimples. :)

Girlboi Girl

This video is perfect for me! I've been looking for a BB cream or light foundation that's cruelty-free (Tarte is), good for people with acne, people who work out, comes in a small package, with SPF 30 or higher and one that's not sticky. Definitely going to try this, thanks xx

Best Dance

Is Fopobiacne Secrets effective to cure your acne naturally? We've read numerous good things about Fopobiacne Secrets (look on google search engine).

Dominique Evans

did you set it?

Kathia Matos

awesome!! Gracias love it!!


I really appreciate how you shot this in natural lighting, with candid close-ups, and in multiple scenarios. For consumers, it was infinitely more informative than one-off reviews in studio lighting.


Anybody tried the Fopobiacne Secrets (do a google search)? I've heard several awesome things about this popular natural acne remedy.


This review was so informative!!!! <3'ed seeing the outcome after different amounts of time in varying lights!

Ella Barnett

I really don’t believe in this products. I`ve used this acne guide “Vαtαnuz Bdα” (Google it) when I was struggling acne. It helped me. I saw outcomes after using it for a week. My face cleared up and it got softer. .

Light Warrior

This is my FAVE BB CREAM !!! I always get compliments on my skin when I wear this. I set with MAC MSF Or Bare Minerals. amazing product and sets beautifully !

Tanya Honey

This really really helped. It’s soo natural looking. No wonder Tarte is so popular. I’m an Asian who is almost 50 that looks about 40. My skin has changed and I like that natural look. Do you ever use a setting powder? If so, what brand do you recommend?


Are you still using it or have you switched to another bb cream? I have acne prone skin (combination, oily t-zone) and I have topical antibiotics that make me feel dry.  I'm pretty clear except for the occasional pimple and I want something light that I can wear     daily instead of the heavy foundations. How has it treated your skin over time?


I’ve never found anyone that’s as yellow as me ? (now I found another yellow toned beauty!)

molly mcallister

Wow your yellow undertone to your skin is so beautiful!! So wish I had your skin color! Very good review too I'm definitely buying this!

Khanh Tran

Hi Mrs Jenn! i love your channel so much <3! I bought tarte bb today after I was watching your video. It really amazing and I def will wear it everyday. Thank you so much to recommend it to everyone.
I have a question for you. My skin is sensitive like you and it also has acne. I'm looking for a concealer that can cover it. Can you make a video and talk about concealer that you wear ? Because I watched some old your videos, I saw you use maybelline concealer and make up for ever and nars. So which one is a good brand to cover acne?  thank you so much.


This channel is bad for me. Of course I'm gonna go out and buy this. Primer + bb sounds reallll good.

RedLadyBug 91

I have dry/sensitive skin, I'm looking for BB or CC cream without a perfume and acne friendly. Any recommendations?

tori cakes

i love your channel! we have similar skin types, so your product recommendations are on point for me always :) plus i love how honest you are!

Mia McClory

You're editing is amazing !! Do you use Final Cut Pro?


Just subscribed. I'm so glad to see someone who is doing beauty and struggles with cystic acne like me.

June Park

other than the acnes you pointed out, I think you have a great skin. Thanks for the review. I have been looking for a product I can just apply with my hand.

Luna Sm0ke

great review! def helps me figure out which BB cream/primer to get. I've also been searching for the right tone. with summer coming up i might need to get a darker shade, think i may wait or try to get some samples now in the tone i have now.

Karina Chavez

Your cheek spot looks like a dimple :)


Hi Jenn, just thank you so much for your video ! Cause you answered exactly the questions I asked myself ;)


I received a sample of this product. I have huge pores and it covers them like a charm, even better than Benefit Porefessional primer!! ! But I'm worried that it will block my pores and make me break out. Have you been using this everyday? Did it make you break out?

Peteena Poodle

My skin is super oily and I love this stuff!!

Pukamon Butchaiya

I love tarte bb cream.l bought too

Kate C

You feel so genuine and honest, I really appreciate it.


Wow, looks great! Thanks

Dee N

Aztec face mask works wonders for blemishes and acne

Korean bb cream for oily skin

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The Best Korean BB Cream | Klairs Illuminating Supple BB Cream | Wishtrend

63 957 views | 18 Aug. 2015

▶The Best Korean BB Cream

▶The Best Korean BB Cream : Klairs Illuminating Supple BB Cream



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Adornment Pearls&Gems Jewellers

u look good

Nnnkhan Khan

hi how many shades in this bb cream and what its price

Cheryl Loh

Sounds like an advertisement. Lol

Serene /

I google reviews for this product because they kept saying it's so popular but all reviews are sponsored/sent by them, not purchased by consumers/reviewers. Thus, do take note on this!!!!


Sponsored! ;(

June T

Searched #klairs on instagram and less than 1000 hits... Not as popular.... >< Yes agreed with others, more like promotional advert.


I bought this Klairs bb cream several days ago. I have oily skin and living in tropical country of Malaysia. It feels sticky when I applied to my skin. Maybe not very suitable for oily skin. A little break out happened to me the next day. However I do agree on illuminating aspect of this product.


Tbh i think people should trust wishtrend more....all their products are all so amazing like i cant even explain it. throughout my life i've dealt with really bad skin and SEVERE acne along with acne scars that looks like a moon's surface (ew ikr). I've tried soooooooooooooooo many products that claims to help with my skin but none of them made a massive difference. Until one day i came across to wishtrend and decided to try some products although i wasn't expecting much result. BUT HOLY LORD im so glad i did !!! I have NEVER repurchased any products before and wish trend products are the only ones i repurchased THREE TIMES. it helped with my skin so much. ITS A LIFE SAVER! and all the products inthe store are actually such good quality and actually does what they claim to do. ranging from hair to skincare to makeup ! Everything is actually like the best.I really think that they only sell products if it actually works. So glad of wishtrend's existence :') just give it a try.. 95% of the time you wont regret it


I used this but after a few hours it became more oily than when i dont put make up. Its a little thick so a sponge dab with water helps to blend better

stephanie eltz

I have oily skin.. Can i use it ? Oxidize bbcream or not ?

Leora Cho

Light to MEDIUM I'm sure it'll work on medium skin tones lol I'm sure

Mochi Chimmy

I already order this last night but is it good for acne? A lot of products I use gives me more acne. - but Enca drying pinky powder helps a lot.


I'm new to this channel. Mind if you could make a tut of your make up here? :) like it!


At first I was in LOVE with this product. It looks really natural and is the first bb cream I tried that doesn't break me out. I used it religiously for months then I realised.... It has FRAGRANCE in it?? I'm disappointed now... I thought Klairs will not add any harsh ingredients ...

Diana Oliva

Im more interested with the klairs concealer. Please do a video about it. ✌?️

Song YJ

Why are people surprised? Wishtrend has always been advertising for sponsors and only products that they sell. Just that they dont make it look like that.

Victoria Lobo

Eunice what is the color of your hair at the moment? I loved!!

Lucrece von Kasm

Most amazing skin base product I have ever used!!! <3 <3 <3

Ella Turnbull

I have pale skin with more pink undertones than yellow. Does this mean the product will not look good on my skin? any advice is appreciated xx

Akina Ong

Hi may I know if I can use the klairs vitamin drop together with the 21.5 vitamin C serum?

Vonnie Weathersby

I've wanted to try this product, but I'm a bit afraid. The last time I tried a Klairs product it made my face tingle in a very unpleasant way. I was surprised since Klairs is supposed to be specially formulated for sensitive skin.

Star Star

I have a big question can teenangers use it??????? @whisthrend


I'm waiting for my order to arrive and it includes this BB cream! Can't wait to use it :)


Is this usable for brown skin?


can i buy this in a stoee in seoul?


I actually love this bb cream, I may get it again. The moisturiser from the line is great for winter, and the toner feels nice on the skin (looove). But yeah, they push the bb cream so hard lol.

Yeo Wool

So i have very pale skin (think red head) and cool cheeks

Lively Sonia

is it suitable for oily skin?

ali dim

I have it (it came with other Klairs Products) and is a nice BB Cream with golden/yellow undertones it offers a medium buildable cover (it can cake if you put to much)

In my experience It is not for oily/very oily skin( in harsh winter is ok) and is neither for fair skin(Klairs BB Cream is at the lightest NC15) or people with cool undertones because then it doesn't matter if you are medium light or fair you will look orange.

I tried it in some friends (as it was too dark for me) and everyone with cool undertones looked orange and as Eunice said light medium and light yellow/golden undertones( it looked weird in olive undertones as it highlighted the olive a lot) looked good .

in fair skin (yellow/golden) the difference between neck and face was noticeable so if you are lighter than NC15 you should bring it down to your neck.

Jiaxin Xie

hi, i have a question. my skin tone is darker than a korean skin so I always have trouble finding the right shade in korean products specially bb creams. So I wonder if this will work for me ?

Vanessa Hokage

wait so should we have a under eye makeup on as well? or will it cover my under eye circles

nano and stuff


Sona Mathew


someone you might know

I use medium skin tone products in france, I wonder if it is going to be lighter in korea..


But dont you have to say this because klairs sponsor your channel and give you free products? You should state that this is an advertisement and biased.

Korean bb cream for oily skin

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best korean bb cream

990 views | 3 Dec. 2018

Check out pros, cons of

Check out pros, cons of best korean bb cream and great tips for you here

►► https://www.womenangle.com/best-korean-bb-cream/

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Top 10 best korean bb cream 2019

► Skinfood Mushroom Multi Care BB Cream

► Etude House Precious Mineral Beautifying Block Cream

► Marcelle BB Cream

► Boscia Light Broad Spectrum SPF 27 B.B. Cream

► Dr. jart Dis-a-pore Beauty Balm

► Purlisse Bb Tinted Moist Cream Spf 30

► EverGlam K Beauty Skin Perfector BB Cream

► Sorme Cosmetics Treat & Tint BB Cream

► Holika Holika Pore Clearing Petit BB Cream

► SKIN79 Super Plus Beblesh Balm Original Bronze BB Cream

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Have you tried incorporating a Korean BB cream in your routine? How was your experience? Thank you for watching this video. If you like the video, please give me a heart. Then, subscribe to my channel and see next video soon.

Shruti Gupta

I have whitesh combination skin and foundation oxidize on my skin so easily in summers.
Lakme cc cream beige suits me in summers and garnier bb cream in winter
Plz tell which one will be perfect foundation on my skin that dont oxidize
I m confused with the shade
I think creamy foundation suits me for longer time