Silicon based foundations

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Water VS Oil Based Foundation

2 894 views | 8 Oct. 2019





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chiqaaa atiqah

What foundation is it

Silicon based foundations

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silicone based foundation for only £2.99!! and primer

247 views | 19 Oct. 2016

Part 2 of my tutorial ive

Part 2 of my tutorial ive made a mistake deleted the video but I accidentally put it onto my other channel so give me a sec and I'll link part one to two, sorry

british beauty on a budget

Raging part one is on my other channel :(

british beauty on a budget

Part one of this is on my other channel so sorry, but this is the link for pt 1 love you xoxo


thank you ,you help me tons.. brilliant.

charlie xxo shauna

This is actually part 2, for part onehttps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=PTbFZvP4jOo

Silicon based foundations

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Foundation: water based vs oil based

18 392 views | 11 Feb. 2016

Do this 30 second test

Do this 30 second test with your own foundation!

nikki borden

This was silly. Do your scientific research first.


Wow this is so dumb.


This was so disappointing. They didn’t even say the names or explained , I was still wondering the answer

A Kezia

Or just read the ingredients..

Rekha Chander

maybe you should use much less water

raizza reyes

I would like to know the name of foundation. I use to buy expensive foundation and when it ran out I didn't know I purchase different formula foundations and I now use cover girl or revlon matte foundation. I also did not know that I'm not suppose to apply silicone based primer before applying water based foundation. My foundations and concealer peel off and gets flaky all over. I almost cried inside. Should I use oil-based foundation or water based foundation by itself? I need medium to high coverage, but the most important thing is my foundation mix does not peel off or flaky. Please help. I would like to know experts on makeup ingredients because some makeup employees do not exactly know or explain ingredients.

Jess R

My dermatologist told me there's no such thing as your skin "breathing".

Yuh Igusss

You have to use water that would be the same temperature as your skin since if you put it in cold water it’s going to set almost instantly

Mandy M

You need to use the same to products,
1, Silicone primer with a silicone Foundation,
2, Water base primer with water base foundation. DO NOT USE WATER BASE PRIMER ,WITH SILICONE FOUNDATION,

M Si

What foundation did you use that mixed with water I'm trying to find a foundation like that please ?

Julia Kathryn

This is all well and good, but water-based and silicone-based foundations do nothing for super dry skin. All makeup blocks pores. Considering the layers of makeup worn on the face; e.g., moisturizer, primer, foundation, contouring, blush, and highligher...not to mention setting powder and setting spray, how clear to you think anyone's pores are? If you don't want acne, clean your skin twice a day with a facial cleanser. Never use soap on the face.


You guys really shouldn't be making claims that you know nothing about. No offense intended, but this is absolutely untrue. Are you aware that your skin produces oil?! It's necessary! It sounds like you got shady information from a company trying to promote their product by informing you and the public incorrectly.


?‍♀️ oh boy...so, the first thing I want to point out in this video, is that you didn’t show any actual oil-based foundations in this video. Literally almost all of those foundations shown are water-based lol. The matte finish ones may be silicone based, but 95% of the foundations on the market today, especially drugstore foundations, are water-based. Oil-based foundations are extremely thick and usually come in a cream form. Ladies, the base of your foundation formula is dependent upon your skin type. No foundation is “good” for your skin. You can choose a formula that works with your skin type though, thus allowing the wearer to achieve the result they want. Application method is also something important to consider, as well as the active ingredients in your skin care products and your primers. Oil based foundations are necessary for severely dry skin, as since silicone and water based foundations don’t contain the necessary oils that dry skin craves. Using the incorrect foundation on dry skin, can lead to patchiness/uneven blending, and product gathering on dry areas. I think y’all might need to do a bit more research on the fundamentals of makeup, then consider updating your video with factual information - example: “why water-based foundation is perfect for combo skin”. I’d suggest outlining why that product is ideal for a certain practice/user, then show it in action, because there’s no one foundation formula that’s better for your skin than another, unless it directly relates to the person’s skin type and how it performs on them.

Dani Lynn

or you can look at the ingredients...

ASCL Association of some children on Lagonave

Démonstration loll


Water based makeup is worse because it soaks into your pores.


Haha! Your stupid water spraying test to sell your shitty product didn't work. You parroting out bullcrap that is completely untrue to very clearly sell something is pathetic. Palm oil, mineral oil, those CAN be bad for people with problematic skin, but I cannot do anything with my extremely dry skin unless everything has oil.
And also that spray test wouldn't work with gel based formulas because they're meant to withstand sweat/water.
Gotta love dumb women like you believing in stupid shit they're taught on the internet or by some clearly obvious pyramid scheme/company trying to sell you false promises. Making the rest of us look bad.

WVgirl1 through&through

So basically this was a demonstration to sell foundation that has no name? I thought I was clicking on something to be more educated about oil and water based foundations but it's not.


If you are going to take the line that oil based foundations don't let your skin breathe, I take it you are not going to use any moisturisers either! While it is handy to know which products contain oils or silicones, it is nonsense to believe that all oil based products are bad. Largely it will depend on your skin type as to what you need to use.