Lotion on lips

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How To Make Hard Lotion and Lip Balm

103 views | 15 Nov. 2019

A simple tutorial on how

A simple tutorial on how to make hard lotion and lip balm. These cold fall and winter months can be harsh on the skin. This easy diy helps alleviate your dry, chapped skin!

Find the full tutorial and PRINT THE RECIPE at:


Links for ingredients:

Shea butter— https://amzn.to/2FYzXox

Beeswax— https://amzn.to/30hV3Hy


Silicone molds— https://amzn.to/2QOnppK or https://amzn.to/2sim9Si

Wooden skewer for stirring— https://amzn.to/35VCj21

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Facial Powder from you pantry:


Easy Bar Soap: https://youtu.be/leSNjjvXJS8

SPF Facial Moisturizer: https://youtu.be/uhRoUEp44fE

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Elizabeth Sampson

I hear you on the tea and coffee in the winter months! Great DIY I am definitely going to try this!

Lotion on lips

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Honest Review Of Joy Honey And Almond Body Lotion And Lip Balm

1 593 views | 18 Jan. 2018

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Topic - review of joy honey and almond body lotion and lip balm

Hello friends

Honey and almond body lotion is really a good product which has less chemical and also contain wheatgerm oil which nourishes your skin deeply specially in winter its best for normal to dry skin .it has one lip balm which is absolutely free of 30 gm which nourishes yr lip and with natural sunscreen.

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Khushboo Ansari Khushboo


Lotion on lips

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DIY LIP BALM & LOTION BARS [Prepping 365: #159]

4 335 views | 9 Dec. 2018

Recipe for Lip Balm:

Recipe for Lip Balm: https://wellnessmama.com/25459/imitation-burts-bees-lip-balm/

Recipe for Lotion Bars: https://wellnessmama.com/4770/lotion-bars/

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Living out here we could defiantly use the lip balm, Right before the winter it gets so dry out here you need it. The lotion bars look interesting too being that its almost the same as the lip balm.. that works!

Sharon Hamilton

Add cap full jojoba oil. It causes better rehydration. I made lip balms 18 months ago. In 2 weeks more made

Rogue Preparedness

What I'm going to be doing with the lotion bars is that I'm simply going to remelt them and add more beeswax to them. That should bring it to the consistency that I want and also help prevent it from melting super quick. I actually didn't hate the way the lotion bar felt on my hands, it was just different than most liquid lotion. But still worked great!

Mrs W

I think what you've made are body butter bars. Well done.??

Kahlest Enoch

Those lotion bars I would use for massage bars with that recipe. If you add coffee beans it will help with massage too.

Plain 'Ole Chuck

I was going to suggest remelting it.. I make a Fix'n wax and I sometimes remelt it a couple times to get the consistency I want..

Little Jenny

Very cool project. Never heard of 'lotion bars' but I can definitely see them as a great option (no worry about lotion left in the bottom of a jar/tube). :)

Alaska Prepper

Great video, thank you...God bless..

Sharon Hamilton

Remarketing as gloss

Ashley Young

Could you give me a link to where you found the silicone lotion bar mound? That looks like a great size and they popped out so easy!

Millennial Prepper

I love greasy lotion. I only put it on at night before bed because during the day my hands stay in water. Washing dishes and cleaning my hands before cooking, eating and after wiping little bums. But that’s just what works for me.

ed Thomas

I particularly like the essential oils being added. We use a difuser with essential oils in our bedroom at night. Helps relax and deepen sleep.

Anna Lea Brown

Cool! Here's a recipe I came up with when my daughter was about a year old and got an awful cut to her cheek and I was trying to minimize scarring: Equal parts of your coconut oil, beeswax, and shea (shay) butter. Add oils: tea tree, vitamin C, rose hips, chamomile, and lavender. It worked really, really well! I put it on her twice a day for a long time and you can barely see her scar and only when the light hits it just right. I haven't made these things in years and I think you've just inspired me to do it again! And my daughter is old enough to maybe help me do it now!

Ethical Preparedness

Thank you for posting this! This video has definitely given me more ideas for future gifts. And there's a double bonus: my 3 year old enjoys helping me with these crafty things. My family always enjoys home-made natural things over store-bought things. :)

Jason -

Got to do this with my daughter now, sent her the link. Instead of the lotion bars and individual lip balm containers I plan on mixing the two ideas and use deodorant containers, great for bag. The lotion would be great for people who work outdoors, cracked skin is not good.

Thanks Morgan

Thomas Brandon

Neat ideas well done. I figured you were going to remedy and tweak the bars lol. Going to tell she who must be obeyed abt this projuct. T

Lisa Owen

Ahhhh I loved your video and can’t wait to try these! Have ordered the ingredients from Amazon and am so excited! I enjoy making melt and pour soaps and bath bombs. Lip balm and lotion bars is next on my list and I look forward to making up gift boxes for family and friends with all of these goodies


Premium ingredients and they look luxurious. Thanks for sharing. I have a problem sometimes with my hands; especially in the winter. I wonder if there is such a thing as being allergic to cold.

3rdWorld Prepper


phyllis mulkey

wow never seen this done before,very cool

Ray John

Hi Morgan! This is great! I'm always using chap stik, and O'Keefe's working hands cream. In this area it gets real cold so dry chapped skin always happens. I'm going to try making this! Thank you very much!

SunsetBay Bonnie

pretty cool. reminds me of when i was making soap. its so fun to make your own stuff.