Is steam good for acne

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Steaming for Acne prone skin in hindi | Benefits & Harms of Facial steam | Steam cleansing

472 views | 8 Aug. 2019

Hii Guys....

Hii Guys....

Here I m going to tell you the benefits of taking facial steam & right ways to take facial steam. What facial steam can do for ur skin. If your skin is acne prone you will definitely get help from this video. I hope U will like this video.

Is steam good for acne

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How to Steam Face for Acne at Home - How to Get the Maximum Benefits

71 093 views | 7 Jul. 2019

The Link:

The Link: http://bit.ly/permanantacnetreatment

Many acne sufferers claim that steam for acne is effective. In this video, you will learn about the four benefits of steaming, suggestions on maximizing the effects of steaming, and precautions. When you finish this video, you would know how to properly use steam for zits and if it is good for acne.

Video Content

The following topics will be discussed

1. Benefits of steaming for acne prone skin

2. How to take steam for acne?

3. Steam room acne treatment

4. How often should you do facial steaming?

5. Does steaming face help acne scars?

To get the most benefit from this method it is best to cleanse both before and after steaming. Cleaning before ensures that the skin is clear of make up and impurities meaning the steam can get straight to work. The steam itself will help in the removal process, but it's always better to give it a good base to work on.

If you prefer to use OTC treatments instead of holistic, try using these products to get fast results.

1. Amconsure Facial Steamer

Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Warm Mist Moisturizing Face Steamer Home Sauna SPA,Pores Cleanse Clear Blackheads Acne Impurities Skin Cares -5 Piece Stainless Steel Skin Kit: https://amzn.to/2Nl6GZK

2. Neutralyze Moderate To Severe Acne Treatment Kit (30 Day) - Maximum Strength Anti Acne Medication With Salicylic Acid + Mandelic Acid + Nitrogen Boost Skincare Technology: https://amzn.to/32G74GW

More videos:

How to Make an Aspirin Face Mask for Acne: https://youtu.be/MqrvlXyrS4c

Apple Cider Vinegar for Acne: https://youtu.be/lOQFJvxp7Zw

More Tips - https://www.bestwaytogetridofacne.net

#facialsteam #facialsteamer

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Pooja M Wavhal

It's quite informative but the robotic voice made my ears ache..

Mario B

you pay to show me this shit? c mon man there are better ways to throw away money

Emmaruth Garcia

Is it okay to do while having a period?

Sachin Singh




Mishal Riyad

Robot voice? Aight imma head outta here

Jack Sparrow gamer ms

Please don't put any curry leaf u will be full with pimple

Cthe Ndlovu

Well explained... Thank you for this important information

Rukayat Olajumoke Alabi


Jamarie Green

After you steam your face, wash face, tone, moisture face. It helps me :)

The Acne Investigations

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Maria Smith

My skin faic very dry . How can i use it only hot water? And after that do i wash my faic with cold water?

Seema Choudhary

Can we steam our face daily??
Or on weakly basis??

Is steam good for acne

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35 696 views | 28 Dec. 2018




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Great video! very informative!

denise eldred

What about infrared used in physical therapy for deep heat to increase blood supply to help with soft tissue healing and to decrease symptoms of neuropathy???

Lizete Carapinha

I have dermatitis and I also get cysts I started getting cysts every week they were so painful. I started going to the sauna and I have not had one cyst or flare up since. Not sure if it’s the sauna or just my body. I do shower and moisturizer right after.

Dee Dee

What does steaming the face help topicals get into the skin better? You didn't address that topic

Jennifer Young

Hi Dr. Dray, could using a Magic Bag (thermotherapeutic compresses - filled with oat grains and warmed in the microwave) cause damage to the skin over time?


I have always been grossed out by saunas and hot tubs ?.....I know you did not cover hot tubs and I realize chlorine kills most germs, but still ewwww.... I am a: ski, shower, eat, bed, and repeat type of skier. On a total different note: Is it ok to apply the cerave ointment to my skin to help prevent transepidermal water loss when I exercise inside and possibly over sunscreen when skiing? I always use Elta MD sport when I'm outside, but unfortunately I have tendency to perspire when I exercise indoors or outdoors. Thanks for another awesome video ?

Loving Life

Great video. My grandmother had ‘fire legs and hot water bottle back’ many years ago from sitting in front of a coal fire with a water bottle wrapped to her back. Obviously no other heating source back then, I grew up in a coal mining community. Personally I have never enjoyed saunas as it feels like I can’t breathe. Seems I did myself a favour! Thanks Dr Dray ?

Irene Delpiano

Will saunas effect Botox injections?


I am glad I saw this, but I still enjoy the ocasional sauna session.


Amazing video, thank you very much, dear Andrea!!! You look absolutely lovely, by the way. Xxx

Maria M

MY Mom was finish,she grew up taking saunas,in winters they would jump into snow,summer into lake,I quit taking saunas years ago,sitting in that streaming heat for hours,turning RED tired me out,I was always told good for my skin,clear out pores??Jumping in cold snow or water I know is a shock to our heart,still tell my sister that,I heard of a person having a heart attack.from this.I do get redness on my thigh form holding my tea.Very Interesting....THANK YOU Dray??


Hello! I just discover your YouTube channel!
I have a question, but not about sauna... It's about Differin!
I had differin during 4 months when I stopped the pill 2 years ago because I had really bad acne. But I stoppés the cream after 4 months and my skin get BAD, worse acne ever, hyperpigmentation appear... I stopped the cream 1 year and half ago and my skin is still bad... I would like to take a cream again, but I'm scared. If I use a cream I never can't stop ?? Will I have acne always when I stop a cream? Because I don't want to use a cream all my life.... So I'm really lost and don't know what to do anymore.

Sorry for this , and I hope I can have an answer. Thank you very much!!!

Betsy Richburg

Your message regarding self-care, which you have stressed In many videos, is one that so many people need to put into action, including myself! My stress level is so high all the time and listening to you makes me realize that I need to incorporate self care into my life as a priority. Thank you for all of your down to earth, practical advice and observations ❤️❤️


I was gonna go for a saunas then I watched the video. 18 mins later I went back to reading :)

Luam Sium

Thank you so much Dr. Dray!?

Christina Caserio

What do you think of the DIA Panda Radio Frequency device used for skin tightening? What would be your recommendation for home usage schedule


Please give your thoughts on La Roche-Posay’s Lipikar Baume as an occlusive facial moisturizer ?

Cameron Foreman

Wow what a fucking know it all she is

JM Delaquesta

Dr. Dray Does pores open and closes I know it’s not muscle but apparently most people think that so


Can it help with ingrown hairs and dead skin on the body???

Carrie P

You're looking fantastic little lady!

Tsega Tesfalidet

Can you go to sauna will on retino


Thank you so much for this video! I have really enjoyed your channel over the past year. As a healthcare provider myself and hot yoga junkie, I have always wanted to know the dermatological point of view of heated areas. Great content and keep the videos coming! Happy New Year!

hej hej hej

There aren’t small studies that shows all the health benefits of a sauna!
Look up DR rhonda patrick who talks alot about the sauna and its benefits!


Thank you as always!!!:) very interesting and useful

César León

3 times a week steam. That's the only thing that, after 15 years, got rid of my very bad back acne.

Ro Be

My dad has ichthyosis and saunas(finnish) 3-6 times a week

valentina P

?? your sense of humor!!!

Lea Simer

Dr. Dray- I have been "addicted" to chapstick (Burt's Bees) since middle school! I am now 25.... If I don't use it, within 24 hours my lips are very itchy, erythematous, and dry. A professor in college told our class that if you overuse lotion or chapstick, the skin loses its ability to protect itself from the elements / retain moisture without these protective barriers provided by chapstick and moisturizers, and encouraged us to not use these products so our skin can "adjust" to not be dependent on these products. What are your thoughts on this? And what do you think about breaking a chapstick "addiction?" Are there less occlusive methods to moisturize lips other than traditional chapstick such as vaseline, aquaphor, lanolin based products?

Cielo Betancur

I really appreciate your videos and your research. Normally you bring so many things that I can learn from, for example today I have learned about using saunas when you have skin issues. However other than that, I highly disagree with the rest of your research.
If you don’t have enough data on the health benefits from sauna, I highly recommend to check the studies made about prevention of cardiovascular disease, for example. They are not small studies at all like you said.
If you would like a bit more information about you can search for Rhonda Patrick Ph. D in biomedical or Jari Laukkanen M.D and Ph.D cardiologist. They are very knowledgeable about this topic.
Thank you.


How am I supposed to RELAX in a sauna now that I know I'm surrounded by everyone's feet spores? ?


Is oil cleansing enough to remove pollution from the skin by scrubbing with a towel? How do I remove pollution around the eyes if I can’t scrub? Also, is the heat from the hot towel to oil cleanse aging to the skin?


My brother got really into saunas for their apparent longevity/cardiovascular benefits, particularly due to Dr. Rhonda Patrick, who is a huge proponent of infrared saunas. He actually ended up buying one! I always wondered how substantial the claims were though.

J Gutty

Dr. Dray- I remember when YouTube was first created...& in all of those yrs, your channel was the first I thought was “subscribe worthy”. The information you give is invaluable and has changed lives....literally. I do have a question that I can’t seem to find information about. Skin care for people who’s jobs/hobbies involve a regular “assault” to the skin. Aka: I’m a swimmer. What does the constant exposure to the chlorine do to my skin & how can I counter the damage? Same with my hair. How do I keep everything young and healthy? I’d love your expertise and opinion. Thank you so much and please enjoy your holiday.

Mary Jo Villegas

Thank you Dr. Dray, I have fainted twice at a spa. I felt so dehydrated. Don’t ever want to enter a sauna especially after learning more from your video.

Tango Mango

I’m a relatively new Dr. D junkie. Always love the straight forward comments and answers And dry humor lol

brennon mitchell

Is shaving with dove sensitive skin better than shaving with aveeno therapeutic shaving cream? Both don’t contain fragrance as far as I know but I almost feel like I got better results with the dove bar as far as acne goes.

Kirsten Brandenburg

How do you feel about coconut oil as a face and body moisturizer?

Sable 711

I gave up on saunas when I found myself locked in one by Myself & no one heard me, I thought I was going to die I could barely breathe! The door would just not open. Finally someone found me but I was feeling pretty sick by then.


I appreciate this video, but as a Finnish person with atopic exzema, I have to say the sauna is a part of washing oneself.;) We have shower immediately after being to the sauna, so I haven't noticed any difference in my skin. If I'm in a public sauna, like at the swimming pool, I wear flip flops. I also sit on a towel or similar protection, even at home (we have a sauna at home). We always go to sauna naked, so a towel under the butt will prevent germs or spreading them.

The point about bacteria is interesting, because traditionally the sauna was seen as a clean place, as it was where people washed themselves. Women went to give birth in a sauna, and likewise corpses were washed there. But this might originally be linked to the spiritual aspects I guess. Sauna was a holy place in the pagan religion.

I agree how nothing in this tradition proves the sauna to have any kinds of health benefits. It's just part of our culture, and like you said, a very relaxing experience. I've also been to a steam sauna (at a swimming pool), but lately it unfortunately seemed to affect my asthma, as in not being able to breath normally due to the steam. A dry sauna was better, doesn't stress out my lungs as much, though the heat in general isn't good for asthma.

Toon zova

Hey Dr Dray love the videos I was wondering if you have ever covered the topic of facial exercises and if you haven't would you possibly in the future?

Cookie squad

What are your thoughts on a face steamer?

lilah reid

could you do a video about how to clear acne scars? i’ve finally cleared my acne and i’m just left with my acne scars and i can’t figure out how to get rid of them

Heather Costello

What about hot tubs?


Learned some interesting facts! I’m too much of a germaphobe ? for steam rooms or hot tubs... but i know lots of people love them ;-)
Have a nice weekend Dr. Dray ? xo

Rachel Bird

You just explained why I got an itchy rash on my lower legs after a spa day. Sauna + lower leg massage with essential oils was not a great combination! Thanks Dr Dray!


You're such an amazing resource for us out here in a land where so much misinformation, deceit and marketing propaganda is hurled at us 24/7. Thank you for all you do.

Mariah Quiroz

Nice too know... I was fixing to buy a facial steamer on amazon. Thankyou for hitting this topic! My skin has just been so dehydrated and flaky. I feel like my skin is congested or something

Ñational yeg

Oh I did not know that sweat can make my eczema worse. I learn something in every video. Thanks so much.

Farah Ng

My mom suffers from eczema caused by sweat as you mentioned. What do you recommend on warm days where sweating cannot be avoided? (Besides moving to the Arctic!)

E. Cruz

A male coworker told me that when people have had too much alcohol, he can smell it in the sauna. Also, this is an uncomfortable one, women on the first week of their cycle. I guess avoid saunas or hot yoga during those days if you want to be polite.

Chris & Jordan

Can you review Alba products and California Baby calendula cream for peri oral conditions?!! :)


What about facial steaming?

Kimberly Martin

Have you ever spoken on any benefits of at home face steaming?

brittany eisen

So are facial steamers basically useless or do they have any benefits to the face/neck? That’s crazy about heating pads I hope there’s no adverse skin effects to icy hot as I use regularly instead of using a heating pad.

63 Rambler

Can the chronic facial redness be worsened long term after years of heat exposure? Even without rosacea? What are some fixes? Possible to reverse?


New to your channel. Would you please review Skinmedica? Is it worth it? Are the claims accurate? Etc.

Meem Afrose

I take steam with menthol crystal and hot water everyday. is it harmful for my skin???


I also follow Dr. Rhonda Patrick. She says there are studies regarding the increase of longevity with consistent sauna use.

Lisa Bowers

I just cannot do saunas anymore. It reeks havoc on my rosacea. ?

Fatima Ghezal

That’s it! No longer using the steam room any more ??

Victoria Tucker

My husband has this on his back from a heating pad. Thank you for informing us. I can watch it for skin changes.

Eser Gezgic

Turkish people call the "HAMAM" or TURKISH BATH hot sauna, its very traditional especially before wedding day bride and her friends they maked the party and still some people they making for fun, its good for relaxing, ,massages dead skin come off too , thank you for sharing Dr, Dray


I don’t know when this video was created but have you checked out Dr. Rhonda Patrick’s
Information on the studies done regarding heat shock proteins, and FOXO3 ? Have a Denteley, heat therapy turns on genes that are usually lay dormant that can help us fight off certain diseases. There’s a lot out there


Hi Dr. Dray! I'm surprised to hear you say that "at this time there is insufficient evidence for recommending sauna use for any medical condition." From what I've seen, there seems to be plenty of evidence showing how heat shock proteins positively effect everything from neurogenesis to cardiovascular disease. Curious to hear your thoughts on the work of Dr. Rhonda Patrick -- she has some very in-depth videos on the various benefits of sauna use & she cites many studies in each of those videos. Her article on Tim Ferriss' site on sauna use is also very detailed. https://tim.blog/2014/04/10/saunas-hyperthermic-conditioning-2/

Lisa Lane

What about salt rooms?

milena ivanova

Wow! If all of us had your knowledge, a lot of industries will be out of business!

Ursula TheAwesome

Im Estonian, we go into saunas as less regularly than finns do. But if you look at a finn they are usually younger looking with pretty good skin. I would attribute that to cold weather and saunas :)


thanks! I'm very grateful to have found you. I noticed an increase in eczema spots and my eye wrinkles were more noticeable after two weeks of continuous sauna use! I blindly believed all these fitness gurus that claim sauna is the most awesome thing ever. and you're right, so many people using it, so many bacteria around! I'm so glad you make these videos, doctor

Peg B

What about salt rooms?

Cara Polley

well I live on the sun coast of Florida, the summer months are my steam sauna lol. The weather is beautiful now though. Relaxing at our Disney vacation club resort and catching up on your channel!


watching this in 2021 for the first time, thinking: (1) how did i miss this one?, and (2) wow, i just learned so much from Dr. Dray (but what’s new? ?)

Donkey Kong

Love your vid very informative, but just got to say I’ve been using sauna for 6months now and it’s made a huge difference for my skin I don’t have any pimples and my skin looks great. I do 2-3 sessions a week. Combined with gym I don’t need anything

Matthew Leonard

Thank you for the video Dr. Dray, this is a topic I’ve always wondered about. I have two further suggestions for future videos. does it matter the type of washing detergent we use for our clothes in relation to how it may effect our skin (fragrance etc) and secondly can you review Paula’s Choice, many thanks and Happy new year to you x

Crystal See

What about ice baths?? /cryotherapy


have you heard of dr. rhonda patrick? she is a scientific communicator who hosts a podcast where she interviews various lab pi's about their research, which always involves something to do with health or longevity. she has multiple thorough podcasts about the benefits of saunas. you should check her out! https://www.foundmyfitness.com/episodes/jari-laukkanen


Returned to this video as I'm considering adding sauna visits to my self-care routine, they do so much for my mental well being. How would you try to mitigate the risks of infections and irritation of sauna use if you were to (for some reason lol, *imagines you hissing*) visit one, Dr Dray? ?Aside from I presume: wearing slippers, washing off sweat. Should the duration be kept to a 10 min max, as with hot showers? How well do towels lessen the risk of infection? (I.e. sitting on them.) Hope you have a wonderful day. ✨?‍♀️

Marisa Ghalibaf

You look so pretty in this video!


Your videos just make me happy! :)

Lisa Nutini

Always informative ?. Please do a q&a on swimming

Kateryna Manu

Lol I knew this won’t be to benefit saunas. Ahhh Dr.Dray? But I love going to sauna so so much!! Nice workout followed by steam room - I just feel reborn afterwards. If it makes you happy it can’t be that bad they say, eh? ?

c varonardi

There is a halo therapy salt cave in my town that claims to treat eczema and psoriasis along with various respiratory ailments. Do you know if there is any truth to this claim that salt infused air promotes healing of the skin?

Danijela Strbac

Saunas ... the same feeling as drybrushing?????????????
Sweat eczema, it used to scare my gym teachers:)


My skin is far too sensitive for a sauna, found this interesting though. Talking of hypersensitive skin, could you possibly have a look at Aveda daily light guard. I haven’t been able to use any other sunscreen due to sensitive skin and eyes except this one. I would value your opinion on it.

Michelle Kerr

Hey! I've recently found your channel and fell in love :) thank you for sharing such incredibly valuable info! I've changed up my skincare routine and definitely seen a positive change so far. I sometimes wear heavier makeup for work events and would love if you would recommend a favorite makeup remover for HEAVY makeup (cleansing oil vs miceller water vs regular wipes/solution). You rock!

Elsa J

Can I have the same problems if I use an electric blanket? It’s winter in Australia and we love to use them. Lol

Thank you Dr Dray! ❤️

Net Gal

As always very informative Dr. Dray ! Happy Saturday ????


If I had a ski lodge I’d invite you ?


Looking very pretty in this video Dr. Dray. Could you possibly do a video on neck skin care in regards to acne in that area since that area is so sensitive? Please and thank you. I checked your playlists but didn't see anything related to it. ?

huma Ali

Dr. Dray I don’t sweat much anywhere on my body but only on my face. I’m not bothered by it. I do not believe there is anything I can do to decrease facial sweating do you ?

Kim Treadway

Great info!

b s

Have you covered steaming your face at home?

Serena Artista

Thank you Dr Dray. I don’t like heat on my skin anyway, but I love ice water splashed on my face. Is ice good or bad? It just makes me feel so alert...


Have you talked about taking bubble baths? Total waste of water?

Rachel F

Very informative, and information I wouldn’t have known otherwise. Thank you!

alexa jimenez

A lady once told me i could quit cigarettes by going to the steam room to “detox”


As a student, during the winter I sat at my desk studying with my feet next to the heater for long periods of time and as a result developed dark veiny hyperpigmentation on my lower leg. I went to several doctors and they couldn't figure out what it was - I am sure it is erythema ab igne - I can't thank you enough Dr Dray <3

Kiandra Pinkston

Big fan of hot yoga. Kinda disheartening.

Lucía García

Thank you for explaining so much about our bodies, and functions. The human body is amazing.

Sajida Ch

Hi dr,is steam good or bad for skin, i have acne prone skin with pores ....