Warm pink color

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Ruby And Rose Hot Chocolate - Ruby Chocolate Hot Cocoa Cocktail Recipe For Valentine's Day

218 views | 9 Feb. 2021

The perfect Valentine's

The perfect Valentine's Day Cocktail is a hot cocoa...

This Ruby & Rose Hot Chocolate is the perfect nightcap for a romantic and cozy Valentine's Day in. This gorgeous pink hot chocolate has a delightful fruity character that comes from the ruby cocoa beans used to make the chocolate. I am accentuating that fruitiness with a beautifully hued and scented rose and hibiscus infused pisco, as well as a heart shaped strawberry garnish.

#lovepotion2021 #valentinesdaydrinks #pinkhotchocolate #spikedhotcocoa

Ruby & Rose Hot Chocolate (makes 2 servings):

1 bar (87g) Ruby Chocolate

10oz whole milk

1 tbs cornstarch

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp beet powder

2 oz rose and hibiscus infused pisco (Peruvian)

2 drops of saline


Spritz of rosewater

Heart shaped strawberry

Bao and Pix

Wow I really love the editing, and the drink looks super delicious ?? Amazingly made video ^^

Rob's Home Bar

Looks great! And I love the videography in your videos! beautiful work! Thanks for submitting this to the #LovePotion2021 challenge! Cheers!

Viktor Denisov


62nd Cocktails

Beautiful video per usual and a great fit for the #lovepotion2021 challenge!

The Tribal Bar Guy

This looks totally AWESOME. Pisco is a great spirit and I think combined with chocolate is a brilliant idea. Great job and entry to the #Lovepotion2021 .

Flour, Eggs and Yeast

My husband Cam passed by me watching your channel & he said it immediately relaxed him hearing the video lol


They are beautiful! So lovely and delicious!

Sherin Ali

Wow Wonderful and delicious candy with a distinctive color

Empires and Cocktails

Awesome recipe! The camera work and editing on your channel are very well done. What camera do you use?

Half Lit Cocktails

This sounds delicious. I've surprisingly never heard of ruby chocolate. Very nice drink for Valentine's Day!

Alchemix Bar

This would be perfect for an Iowa night right now. I love salty and sweat. Great video.

The Wee Pearl

Cheers to all you lovers out there. Wow your sweetie with this delightful and gorgeous Ruby and Rose Hot Chocolate. I hope you all have a safe and Happy Valentine's Day! xoxo

Ian Good

I am inclined to say you are totally right. This is awesome.

Jen n' Tonic

Your shots are absolutely beautiful!


Mantap Kak..

Warm pink color

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How to mix bright pink with acrylic paint: Colour mixing basics with acrylics | Part 1 of 2

432 152 views | 24 Sep. 2011

http://www.willkempartschool.com | Acrylic painting lesson to learn how to mix the perfect pink paint for acrylic paint colours with professional artist Will Kemp.

Colour used: Titanium White, Cadmium Red Light, Cadmium Red Medium Permanent Alizarin Crimson, Alizarin Crimson, Quinacridone Red

Golden Acrylics

Winsor & Newton artists acrylic paints

yoy yoyo

I lOve youuuu


Awesome!  I can't wait to get some paint tomorrow and practice!

Flowstate Paint


Mariam Javed

Just love the way you've explained color mixing and color bias..I mess up with that as I have just started to paint..


Hey medinalba, yes exactly the same principles apply with oils

Ani Than

You're the best! Luv luv luv your videos: to the point, concise, exactly what I needed. Thank you!

Daniel A LaSalle

Tks for posting! What kind of sheets are you using to blend the colors on? Would like to order them so I can save my extra canvas boards.

husain nawaz naqvi

2:48 I love that pink


Love this video! I know I'm very amateur in all things painting but especially with mixing and this is making me want to get more colors and learn more about mixing! Thank you for a nice video!

Madame Mayhem

What paint do you use when you're poor lol


Thanks Shaddy, yes great colours for a rose painting, Will


cheers 81swati, pleased the videos are helping your painting, Will


Thank you so much. ❤️

Cynthia R. Arte, don y pasión


Pussman & co

Quinacridone? Would it be available in gouache also?

shams Ghanim

Thank you so much Will. :)

Psycho Diary

Don't know if you're still alive or not, but this video relaxed me tonight <3

Up and coming artists

Hello will am just want to say that video clip remind me of paint flower's like rose. That what the three colour grate for.One again well done.

The Nothings Channel

I hear Nick Drake...nice

Jay Stew

Didn't even clean the damn knife lol

Purple Pi Studio

I've used Alizarin crimson all my life, and I even bought the golden fluid alizarin after watching this. It makes a nasty dull brownish pink, and I've tried two different brands lately, both professional quality, with titanium white.

Shasak Raina

Nick Drake!


Loving this video ?


what i have to mix to get color of skin and rocks? thkx


Cello Song!

Destiney Carrera

Thanks So Much Babe!! This Is Very Very Helpful!

Hyunjin's long legs

Me watching how to paint bright pink when i don't even have pink paint: ?️??️


Thanks very much nochoramet, pleased to hear that the videos are helping your painting. Will


Hey Shams, Most paints that have Hue in the the labeling denotes an alternative pigment has been used in the manufacturing process, so for example: Cadmium Yellow Light Hue isn't necessarily made with a pure Cadmium yellow pigment, so will be different and not as powerful a colour. Cheers, Will

divya kovvuru

Hi Will, I am working on oils. Very new to color mixing. I am working on flowers which has brightest pink and I couldn't get that color, I am using gamblin artists oil, mixed quinacridone red with titanium white and also tried with quinacridone magenta with titanium white, but not satisfied with the color. Can u please help me to get that color ! It would be helpful. The picture which I am painting is on my display picture. Hope it helps you to suggest me the color mixing. .

And your videos are great. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. Subscribed your channel.

kirti Pustake

I am an ameture artist working on the techniques of acrylic painting.Your videos have proved very useful to me.They are a great learning resource.I also like the way you deal with each aspect of acrylics.keep up the great work.............cheers!!!!!

Jimmy rogers

some of them do not look red they look magenta. and don't tell me magenta and pink are the same color because magenta is more purple then pink.

Edna Sweet

Love love this thank you


I am hooked on these mixing videos!

Gabriel Di Mauro

Nice music choice, I don't to listen to enough Nick Drake these days.

Terri Ann Laws

Hi Will, will quinacridone magenta also work to make a super bright pink? Or does it have to be quinacridone red?
Also, I'm assuming it must be Golden, and not Winsor & Newton? I see you used Golden.
I'm so very grateful to you for teaching us so much and helping us so much. You are awesome.

Comrade Morlac

why dont you use mixing white instead of titanium white?

shams Ghanim

Hi Will Thank you so much for this useful channel and your website as well. I want to ask you that is Alizarin Crimson Hue Permanent (Semi-Opaque) is different than Alizarin Crimson Permanent (translucent) and is Cadmium Yellow Light Hue (Semi-Opaque) different than Cadmium Yellow Light that you suggest to have as basic color? IF yes then which one is best as basic color that I can buy to start painting?? Thank you so much :)

Vedshree Jain

Love the music


I love the last one!! thats my favourite pink.!!!

Laura Belton

I've just found your website and youtube - thank you for all this amazing content!

A.J Manning

Love this and the music, many thanks.


Hey soslabass, check out my channel there is a video on ow to match skin tones with acrylics. Thanks, Will

Rachel Okoegwale

Thanks u jut saved me a whole days work. U rock

Simone Fraser

Why-oh-why didn't I study paint theory at art school? Oh, well. I appreciate this series so much. I'm learning what I should have known umpteen years ago and Will Kemp, you are never patronising! You present like you are glad to share your skills. Thank you!

Gary Waldrep

Cello song-nick drake

Poetry Jones

Love the Nick Drake!

Ahmad Ismaeil

Quinacridone Red is the most beautiful colour

Kean Onn See

Thank you again! 


This was super helpful! Ive been looking for the perfect pink for a painting ive been working on and this has helped be to find the best red for the job! Thank you so much

Warm pink color

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Warm Pink Noise (One Hour)

28 100 views | 3 Sep. 2018

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Warm Pink Noise (One Hour) · Chill Machine

Warm Pink Noise (One Hour)

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Released on: 2017-05-05

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