Ingrown hair back

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Blackheads on the back with a bonus cyst. Backxtractions. Ingrown hair removals. Waxy skin plugs.

76 751 views | 16 Jan. 2021

This is my chronic gout

This is my chronic gout patient. I pulled this from the archives. I removed some blackheads after performing a surgery on his left post shoulder. That surgery has already been uploaded. Now here are the blackhead extractions and small cyst punch removal. This patient has many calcifications throughout the body including that small cyst I punched out, which was why it was so adherent to the surrounding tissue. Make sure to hit the like button and subscribe if you like what you see. Much more coming soon! #Blackhead extractions Back pops. Back blackheads. Waxy pore pops. Cyst removal. MrPopZit


Too rough

Brittany Dawson


Kathy Medeiros

You are so incredibly thorough, nice work.

Carla Johnston


Lana Campbell-Moore

Great Channel ??

Nancy Nelson

Excellent content....with expertise of

Janice Ray

Does anybody else want to throat punch those that are not professional, certified Doctors criticize one that is?

Sam 80

Great video as always. These people who say terrible things about you , really make me so mad. If they haven’t got anything good to say , then don’t say anything. They are so rude, go and watch someone else.TakeCare and KeepSafe.???????????

Shannon D

I thoroughly enjoy your videos. A suggestion, if it’s possible, maybe try and remove the background noise such as paper rustling, cabinet(?) drawers closing shut, utensils clanking, etc. Thanks again for the awesome videos and content, Doc!

Dixie Rae

Constantly impressed by the results of your preventative techniques. So often after removing a large cyst the viewers comment not on your videos but on others that they've seen a large amount blackheads while they were viewing the cyst extraction. But the patient is just sent on their way. In taking the extra time to remove his blackheads you found what very likely would have turned into a larger and more problematic cyst. Well done. I think I might be coming a fanatic fan. LOL

undefined reality

Love your videos!

Russet Stealy

He did not clean them all out

Samantha Burton

?'Removal' of a blackhead/calcified cyst⁉️ More like a Viking "Bloody Eagle"... YO, DOC!! INVEST IN A CURETTE‼️

House Hold Goods

I have a question. I saw another video with an elderly gentleman who's back neck was littered with blackheads. Several dpows and the Dr just pulls some of them out of a little pocket. What would cause this many lesions on anybody? Thanks


Wow. That blackhead/cyst/blackhead was a deep bugger. That poor man's skin has enough issues to warrant a chapter in a medical text.

Candace Curtis

Who is saying bad things? Baseless!! I watch all his vids, no idea what they are talking about!! ? ?

Terri Terri

You are fishing deep in that pond


I have to apologize for my comments about PA-Cs last week. I've had some bad experiences with PA-Cs, one time ended me up in the hospital so I have a bad taste in my mouth and I took it out on you. I'm sincerely sorry.

Cassandra Camons

Dr Greg, I was so engrossed watching this video that I forgot I had a lit cigarette in my fingers..... and it smoldered down and burnt my fingers LOL great video ?

Anja Wilsdorf

I like he squeeze blackheads with fingers how every normal people ?

Folsom Anna

Shave his back for him..

Purple Viscosity

Yey! Blackheads!?

Namera Graybeal

Pre-COVID...what’s that? I forgot. ?

Brenda Presley

I think you are the nicest doctor ever. I can tell you like your and that’s so important. You make all your patients feel comfortable. Love you doctor Greg!!?????????

Missanthropissed aka Seitanic Dragon

Have you ever tried a curette? Do those help at all?


Surely that was an alien ....looks just like what came out of JohnHurt in the film !

Lori J

Good ones!

Carmy Mattson

Dear Mr. PopZit ?‍⚕️,
I've recently had a few tiny, but painful, ingrown hair like, bumps on the back of my upper thigh, that felt like needles under my skin... Of course, I had to get rid of them, lol, and when I squeezed them out, they looked like a tiny bullets with a black tip on it, and they felt like they were made out of plastic! Does that sound like they could have been blackheads? ??‍♀️?‍♀️


Wow, that was a deep one.....

Rebecca Williams

Great work and great view behind you!

Anni Mack

Terrific video Mr Lynch. Thank you for sharing!??

Claire Sefiane

Camera needs to be less shaky for those of us that get motion sickness.

Jason Babila

The dislikes might be from the Vietnamese for not putting all of the blackheads on the glove, not using a needle or exacto style blade, not using cotton, not leaving the sack behind, etc. ?

Kate Street

Gotta love a good blackhead. ??

Martha Nelson

You never know until you make a cut just how difficult a procedure will be. A nice job Dr Pop Zit Martha Scotland

peter gouldbourn

What a great surgeon you are. I love your techniques. Pete ??

Schenee's Legs

Great video! Excellent extractions!

Sam Hansen

That seemed deep, very cool to see. You always keep me coming back for more, thanks ?

Jamie Gould

When I watch these I always think.. wow my skins so boring ?

Julie Rogers

Dr Greg you need to add a curette into your tickle-trunk of instruments. It would have been great on that cyst! Awesome pops, thanks ?

Scarlett Roger

Jeez, how deep was that one? It wasn’t really an extraction, it was more like Zit Mining.

Berk Trapdoor

The hairy ones should shave. It's gross

Helen Chapman

As always brilliant from start to finish.

Sandi Morris

Our bodies are amazing. Thanks for upload.

Karyn Sue Pohlmeier

Thinking our Doctor is ambidextrous! So cool to watch you do procedures with both hands!!

Missy Smith

I don’t intend to be hyper critical, but you tend to speak very softly and mumble under your breath when you’re working and I adjust my ear pods volume but then you do your closing statement extremely loudly and I have to quickly adjust again before I blow my ears out. Please try to find a happy medium. Thank you.



Victoria Egan

The doctor is very conscientious so I have to believe he gave his patient a numbing injection before cutting into the blackheads/cyst.

Teresa McCauley

Love mr. Popzit, but, hate the extractor and/or q-tips

Catty Shaw

?????? Love your videos! And you know what,
some Derm Docs have all the fun!!


Love your videos but sometimes the camera focuses more on your hand and everything else is slightly fuzzy.


I hope he didn’t wear a white shirt to the office

Leslie Stewart

How did you see the cyst?

Sarah B

Sorry Doc - you are lovely and all that but your extraction method is so clumsy I think I'll stick with Enilsa, Josefa and the Asian beauticians!

Harriet P

Do you ever use one of the scraper scoop things? Can’t remember what they are called though.

Michele Chapman

Is that cyst you took out on here melanoma or just a cyst? Reminded me of the other you took out. Same patient?

Michelle Atwood

So which is it, a calcified cyst, a deep black head, or a cyst, you have called it all three

Butter Fly_Girl

Awesome mr pop zit love the “thx for popping by!”

Al Al

sorry doc for yesterday

Ellie Goldie

Wow Yay xx?


Yay ?

Sugar Plum Fairy

This is the guy with the malignant cyst you removed recently. Such a good job- you are a pleasure to watch.

Lisa G

Excellent job as always ??

Patti Fahling

Those blackheads looked like worms ? lol

Jodie Richardson


Lashonay Wiley

Wait that was the back with all that hair? ?

Sade Birthfield


Greg Hardin

WOW, that is amazing how you can pull that calcified cyst out of his skin.
Great Video and Great Music on the one!

Russet Stealy

Not everyone should do this

Emma Dufton


Amazing Grace

Wonderful. Thank you,.

Vera Power

What causes a cyst to get calcified ? Time ?

Gill Bell

My god,I hope you numbed this poor chap before cutting and digging into him.

Nicole Naomi

Hi! I have a question. When there are black spots then you can see where you have to open the pore. I saw on this guy that there was a little blackness under his skin (the cyst). How can you see where you cut the skin a little bit? Because at first it looked like a blackhead and it turned out to be a cyst and off course then you make a bigger cut.

Cindy Crump

I’ve never seen dermatologists remove blackheads as bad as this Dr?

lorien Ray

That was like treasure island and you found some hidden gold

Kathy Medeiros

Love how you show us all the cyst contents...graphic, but GOOD!!!

Ingrown hair back

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Ingrown hair in back

57 165 views | 6 Aug. 2012




Well that sucked

Ingrown hair back

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Ingrown Hair #3

64 699 views | 25 Jun. 2020

Hope you Guys Enjoy ? Like

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This was awsome


You make my absolute favorite trich’mania vids, I can’t stop watching them! Thank you ?

Janet Othen

Why r u making a bald spot?? But had still left hair in the actual ingrown hair??

Kwame_theGroomer Hancock

Great job I love these videos too I’m such a fan I have a few videos like this on my channel as well !

Eric Donad

Tryna give him a bald spot ?

LuLu Portis

Shut up

Courtney Alvarez

The first one wasn’t finished ?


great job

Sad Panda

little overzealous on the plucking aren't you that is the guy's skull after all you're going to give me a bald spot.

Caroline Erdmann

You did not finishes the hair one.