Ice pick

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✔ DiResta Ice Pick

365 132 views | 24 Dec. 2012

I find one of most useful

I find one of most useful things I carry each day is my ice pick. I began to modify them: to make them more sexy and also to cover the sharp point till i need to use it.

Enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Carlos Ramirez

Alguien sabe este cual es este metal dorado?

samuelsson sanchez


Graham Wilson

It's all about the finishing details... :)


if I had access to a metal lathe and octagonal brass rod, I'd make one of these myself. Alas, I do lot. I'll have to see what I can improvise...

tomik m.

hey DiResta i'm a big fan of all your videos. anyway i was wondering if you could send me one of these ice picks because i think they're really cool. i would make one myself but i don't have any of the tools to make something like this, (or the skill).
I hope you see this. Have a merry christmas! - Tom


Hello Jimmy,
I really enjoy watching your videos. I have Sub and thumbs up.
You can do the same as well on my channel.
Please take your time and stop by and watch some of my videos as well.
Good job.
John Wesley jwsolarusa


Just right for zombie melee. Jokes aside, this looks really cool.


Yeah, good sound effects

Matt Chilton

that was the best looking ice pick i've seen, and that was the best way i've ever seen for someone to cut rope.


WOW, if only I had the stuff.

Tactical Ultimatum

Top 5 uses for an icepick?

3ammar Taki

هذا عمل جيد جدا واصل مشكور

Ronny Julian

1:50 (Like Linus and the Pumpkin) "You didn't tell me you were gonna kill it!" That poor old ice pick..... Got a NEW LIFE!

Zamir AS

what is this?


Love it.

Midnights & Mornings

Dude, if I were gay....i'd so marry you!

Gerald Gepes

+jimmydiresta fo you know the exact name for that disc sander at 2:00? I recently got something similar at a garage sale and I've been wondering about it's true intended purpose as it seems slow and weak for metal.


sry newb question: whats an ice pick? 

A.H. Shukry

Just awesome !


i want a diresta ice pick :/

Caminhoneiro na Itália

it is gold in prison Fabio Moretti-goldsmith São Paulo-Brasil


Thank you for the kind words !!! more to come !!

jahn sandsmark

same with me, and im only 12 years old

Grimshaw Grummage

what is an icepick reALLY USED FOR??

Сергей Сергей

Диреста крут!


I loved when you cut the lanyard to the proper length...  WHACK...

محمد العراقي



Nice composition at the end.

Did you attend art school?

Ricardo Junqueira

Do you actually use it to pick ice on a daily basis?

Brad Wilson

Fantastic editing on the videos.

Abbe Ljung


Lonnie Smith

The sound at 1:55 lol

Michael Hernandez.

I have to admit that he has the skills and the machines to do this. Good job!!

Ramon Miranda

Can you make me one or two? (Price Please)


i love the idea but if you are on a lake and fall in its thin and dosent have much grip but super cool!

Jason Andrade

Ive noticed eye loops on the ends of some of your tools, what do you hang them on?

Jet Descari

This vid never gets old.

Brandon Weeks

This is awesome how they make it

Shaun Wild



All I can think about is Dexter

Shaun Wild

1:54 that was the 2nd most beautiful sound I've ever heard in my life


First item I have seen on which he did not put his name...lol


yea.. what he said..

Neves B

dude.. your videos are fucken kickass.


Whats the first?

jonathan Mazin

I love how he just used the axe to cut that lol


Too cool for words.


Quick tip, when sanding something round, suck as an Ice pick, dowel, etc, chuck it up in a drill and sand it with a piece of sand paper while spinning it.

Nathan best

I really enjoyed this one. I recognized the metal lathe, I own one identical. Dad bought it from a local community college 20 something years ago, it originally was aboard a battleship. Would love to see more videos of you you using it.


yes i do use the same .. it good for simple stuff like this thank you !

joe brown

where can I Buy one ?

John Booster



1:54 Incredibly satisfying noise.


i want to buy that


Awesome video! very cool, but what would be the use of this? picking ice? why would you want to pick ice? did the ice make you mad? xD
Could be usefull as a leather working tool

Arthur Rock

No! Ice picks were used for lobotomies! Ice picks bad!

PhunKiss Artistic Creations

So this is how it all began.

Radu Preda

more likely a self defense weapon in your pocket

Billy Horton

Is your show still on discovery channel?

Emanuel Sipos

With the saw like a boss!!!

Tijn Vos

I appreciate the work you do, I'm just a boy of 14 but I understand why you like building things like this.

Btown Dollar

I want one

Ben Lee

what is an ice pick used for?

David Platenkamp

What are you brazing with, electrical solder? Anyway, great artistry. You should make a pen.


guys want weapon did you carry everyday???knife?gun?ice pick?
for I prefer ice pick for self defense more than knife or a gun...ice pick is very very easy to conceal...I made mine from a wielding rod

Cal Zackary

did he not put diresta on something he made. MIND EXPLODES

Genxane Official

I watching this in 2020 for no reason


1:55 lol


Please answer me the following question:
Why is he so hyped?
(I mean that in a very nice way, i like his videos too, but i try to understand, what makes him so special, so i can adapt to my own channel to grow) I am very curious to hear YOUR opinion on why YOU watch his Videos.


look in my movies for that book i made a vid on it ! last year.. Thank you !!!!


thank you again ray !!

Dara Ea

The rope cutting part was classic..


Here's a challenge for Diresta fans: put videos in a random order and put them in the correct order in which they were published based on projects that are in other videos.


How long is the "blade" on the ice pick?


Lol the sound the grip made, when you took it off from the pick hahahaha


can you make one with a threaded spike?

Jimmy731b np

RIP morrie from goodfellas

Vehement Knives

I'm totally going to start using an axe to cut my lanyards!

Chris. Hornsby

Wat do u use that thing for

Nathan Cooper

That Jimmy DiResta. He's a good fella. 

Robert Sheffey


Marcos Alexandre

Hello, Jimmy. Can you make a marble machine?

Sea To Summit

Just stumbled across your videos on Make and now this channel. Safe to say I will be very unproductive at my office today.... You make absolutely inspiring work! I'm in awe of every project I've watched so far (and excited to think about what else I can pull off in my tiny NYC studio apt...) Thank you for sharing!


Whats it used for other than murder?

baby BOssTM

For what ice pick


extremely awesome!! but it doesn't have your name on it...


that hatchet looks familiar...


Not sure if you can carry that on the street.......looks mean.
Can you still buy blocks of ice?

oli pas


Mark Speir

This is great when you pick someone in the back of the neck during a mob hit (Jimmy "The Ice Man" DiResta :p), but not so much when breaking up clumps of ice.

214ladybug Adams

Dude I wanted to buy a Deresta ice pick but it's $60. That's highway robbery. We still love you though great videos!


I'm looking forward to the video where you make a new finger to replace the one you lost stopping the lathe with your hand.


What kind of things do you use the ice pick for?


Very cool icepick man.  Thanks  


I just Subscribed ! All of your videos are awesome I feel exited every time I watch your talents unfold ! If you can please show a video of how you get your name imbedded into that book in the video ?


D gille

Conner Wright

Just bought one of your ice picks. Can't wait for it to get here!


using hatchet to cut leather *subscribe*


Badass, my friend.


Why is an icepick useful for woodworking?

Ice pick

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Ice Picks featuring Masahiro Urushido

3 220 views | 21 Feb. 2019

Cocktail Kingdom presents

Cocktail Kingdom presents Ice Picks featuring Masahiro Urushido. Urushido demonstrates the Pitchfork and Anvil Ice Picks.

All products available for purchase at https://www.cocktailkingdom.com/

Kieran Janczur

Great Video!



Ice pick

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Ice Pick Grip Knife Defense

12 601 views | 25 Jan. 2017

Learn Knife

Learn Knife Defense

► https://www.codereddefense.com/products/knife-defense

One of the scariest types of assault is the ice pick grip knife attack. When you see the quickness of this attack in full speed, it's quite astonishing of how dangerous it can be.

The reason why this attack is so dangerous and why it's so hard to defend against, is because of the power coming in from the attackers' momentum.

If you try to catch the knife from the top, it might be very difficult to accomplish. It's a very difficult move to perform. Instead, you might want to block the arms of the attacker using your forearms to deflect the stab as much as you can.

In this dangerous situation, you also want to use your low kicks to prevent your attacker from getting closer with the knife. As soon as you see that he doubles down, step in immediately to follow up with devastating strikes to the head.

You need to finish the attack by using offense!

We hope that you enjoyed this knife defense tip. Feel free to share the video:


For a complete instructional video on Knife Defense please visit:

► https://www.codereddefense.com/products/knife-defense

Stay safe,

Nick Drossos and Patrick V

Code Red Defense

► https://www.codereddefense.com/newsletter

Thomas Joyce

Spend an afternoon behind a derelict building. Make half a years worth of YouTube videos.
Okay, I guess...

Kprz Ckds1119

Actually it is not the knife what is dangerous. It is the man (or woman) holding it, so just like you showed with your legs, you should focus on him. Trapping is also okay, but if I entered I would maybe just beat him. Yeah, I might get stabbed, but getting stabbed while beating him and his intention is backing is a hell lot different than getting stabbed while his intention is to kill you. Great video and keep up the good work!

Ice to the Mf Killa!

Trie taking a knife from Brock Lesnar.

abdelmoudjib oussama

Ice pick is fucking deadly weapon super killer

nosser hår


Pantas Roum

Hey nick if l have long hair l have problem in street fight

laty johns



I had a guy ran at my friend with with knife at a BBQ over girls. I ran at the attacker punch him in the face. As he fell down his arm swung out and the knife hit me just above my collarbone. I jumped on him with a full body mount pinned his arms with my legs and started feeding punches. I grabbed the knife and got off him. He got up and ran to his vehicle and took off. This was probably the closest time I ever came to dieing. With the amount t of adrenaline I did not know I was cut and bleeding until my friend told me. The cops showed up and all this guy got was two years probation with house arrest. Got to love Canada's justice system. I'm thinking about joining martial arts but don't know which one to pick thats the most realistic.

Phantom Ghost

excellent video! the best way is a kick in the dick and run like a rabbit


Trotsky should watch this video!


Great video Nick! .I have an idea , you should do a first person perspective simulation or a virtual scenario where us audience can practice our verbal defense or the right timing for a pre-emptive strike . Just a thought, really nice videos, thanks ! :)


your to awesome I can't get enough of this best channel ever stay safe I know you can but I can now but cause of you I can fight now and I got into a fight with a bigger guy Im 5.6 and he 510 and I one cause of you thank you so much for the tips by the headbutt that helped a lot

Dean Miller

Good advice on the kicks vs knife but an arm lock or wrist lock when practiced until perfected is actually a good followup that will work.

Kevin Anzhari

hey, what do you think about wing chun


man, i like the way you keep your fighting style free of bullshit; simple and effective; very educating to watch, thank you.

The Bolt Thrower

Awesome work man, finally an Ice Pick grip knife vid.

Dylan Vip

nick what happened to your subscribers they just vanished

Dave Busink

Lol this is still bs lol #changemymind


Good channel he keeps it realistic ! Keep it up

Lincoln Meredith

Ice picks are just savage


I know I always praise you guys on your videos, but you should especially be commended for this one. Great advice based on a realistic scenario. Videos like this really help save lives. In a super dangerous scenario like this, unless you are an olympic runner and can get away from the attacker, kicking is your best option. It is by no means a guaranteed defense, but in this case it's the only realistic strategy that might bear fruit and get you out of a grave danger.

Naughty Sticky Juices

Real talk bro! Love it!

Peace _song

Do it if a kid was getting attack


Thank you for another Great clip! Very realistic, as usual.

James Douglas


John McCarty

Very valuable, thanks.???

Matt Centurier-Harris

great video Nick and Team, thank you for keeping it real with us. You may have already saved a life.


Thanks for watching. Learn Self-Defense by subscribing to our Newsletter:

airjp _


Stja -20

Hey Nick quick question should you ever get involved in stopping a fight?? What are your thoughts and opinions about it!! :D

Nate Johnson

Best defense to a knife attack while you are unarmed is to run the fuck away lol.


Knives are 100x scarier than guns imo



although the way he got assassinated was a different version of an icepick i think is the pickaxe version i believe


! Alwayz great knowledge on tha videos, much respect.

Munim Jamal

Thank you very much Nick

Evil Zest

hi plz see like n subscribe my new channel please support