Musely for melasma

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Tri-luma vs Musely for Melasma

10 039 views | 12 Jun. 2020

My experience with trying

My experience with trying both

Adnyani Dewi

Is it ok fr pigmentation?

geethu gopi

I forget to keep in refrigerator

Sam R

hi, i’ve used tri-luma for years and i just started on myself m+ cream. the reason why you shouldn’t be using tri luma for too long is mainly because of the steroid, but also the hydroquinone. the musely formula in my opinion has a higher risk because of the higher hydroquinone %. you run a huge risk of ochronosis if you use it for too long. it’s important to use any hydroquinone product for 3-5 months MAX!! and during the last few months, taper down to 2-3 times a week instead of going cold turkey to prevent rebound pigmentation. hope that helps :) no risk of cancer for both tri luma and musely. it’s just the risk of ochronosis! and skin thinning because of the steroid

Sachina Pradhan

I request u guys dnt buy musley it wrost cream its came back more darker plz dnt but

rabeena khan

Week 1 into musley not much lightening for me, no redness or blisters, which I had gotten with triluma when I used it a yr ago., then the spots got darker, also I feel tri Luma neutrogena sunscreen didnt work well together for me, bcuz they both burns the face creating more redness. Now I use Australian gold mineral tinted sunscreen.seems to work well with the musley. I have some acne spots too which hasnt lighten much either, but I will continue to use and see what week 2 brings, it's also very hot and humid here in florida, ?

Aubree Elise

I just saw an add for Musely and started looking up reviews and found your video. :) How often do you use the Musely cream and what is the price difference of both?


Do not buy musely.
1) As soon as I stop using this product, my melasma came back in less than 2 weeks even worse then before.

2) I ordered a 2nd bottle (my first refill). I actually use less daily than my first bottle (way less than the suggested pea size daily). The product claims a 2 month supply per bottle. However, It did not have enough product. It was used up in less than two weeks.

3) I contact the customer service, the representative sent me unrelated messages back and forth without solving my issue.

Humberto López

How long I need to keep it in my face 15 minutes or how long

T.T. Harrison

How much is it to order Musley and what site?!

geethu gopi

I kept triluma outside for one day is it any problem...

J Bravo

You got such great results that I ordered it in May and I’m seeing results after years of trying different things. Also tried curology nothing but with Musely in just a few week already going away. Thank you

chinita pr

Awesome vids. I am going to try Musley. Triluma did not do much for me and it all came back. (Ps-triluma, not trilumina, lol) ?

Musely for melasma

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Does the Musely Peel Work? New products in shop

144 views | 3 Feb. 2021

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michelle smith

Sweeet I'm loving the socks I need a few pair

Priscilla Salas

Thank you for sharing your products Im definitely now going to try Musley.. happy to hear your sons doing better ... what eyelash serum where you using ?


I was bummed I missed your sale but hopefully I’ll have the funds next time ❤️ Also I appreciate all the skin tips you share they are helpful.

Musely for melasma

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Musely Journal Week 5

7 409 views | 22 May. 2020

Melasma Musely update

Melasma Musely update

gabriela flores

Hola pueden ayudarme en idioma edpañol yo tengo melasma. Por favor? Gracias

Lioness Foodie

I haven't peeled and i hv been on the spot cream for 2 weeks?

Amber Kubas

Thanks for sharing! I just did my e visit... I am so self conscious! I am so sick of my melasma! I microneedling which helps but I can never fully get rid of it! I had a very stressful 2019 and it would just flare over night, without sun! I appreciate your videos

Dana Diaz

I’m going to try this. I had only slight melasma and had a chemical peel which gave me PIH so bad I don’t even want to leave the house. I’m so upset. I just ordered it. I’VD never seen a company have a product with 12%. I’m wondering if it’s part of their scheme to get people to keep buying their product. Go hard with it which maybe when Unstop it purposely goes bonkers??? I’m scared I’ve had such bad experiences with dermatologists.


How long are you planning on using it and I wonder if you have to keep it using it?


As soon as I stop using musely, my dark spots come back even worse than before within one month

Oralia Ortiz

Thank you so much for sharing this. I have hope?. Please keep us posted with your progress!

Magdalena Frettlohr

Your skin looks great! I’m giving this a try!

Annemarie Butler

Did you suffer with dryness and if so, what did you do about it? Also, did you apply it each night as they recommend? Thank you for making these videos!

Nat Nat

I’m going to start using Musely now and I really hope I see the same results as you !!!! I have the same as you tight over my lip , and really bad over my forehead . Wish me luck !you look great!!!!

maria rizzz TV

I feel you girl, I have been suffering with melasma for about six years already and I don't like makeup either.?

Kristen Smith

Hello I'm about to start the spot treatment Do you apply all over face or just on the dark spots? Also I cannot fine the enurse anywhere on the app. Is this bc I havnt received the treatment yet?

Maria Isabel Herrera

Hi, I’m wondering how was it, after you stopped using it because some reviews says that melasma came back. I don’t know to try it or not.


I love my freckles but my melasma is not welcomed. You look great! As long as we’re happy ladies! ???

Ilhan Mohamed

thanks for the review your skin looks great. whate the strength of the hydroquinone?

Emily Holley

Do you have to stop using it after a certain time like hydroquinone 4%? Or are you able to do it non stop?

rabeena khan

Hi I have melasma on my cheeks and bridge of my nose, tiny spot on my forehead, I am also wanting to try musely. as I have tried alot of other creams including the triluma, right now I'm using meladerm along with tetyana dark spot corrector and aveeno since sunscreen spf 50, I live in florida, similar weather as texas... I will give musely a try it's next on my list. My only concern is should I wait till winter because I see you cheeks looks red,I'm out alot and ik afraid to make my melasma worst, can u mention list of cream and sunscreen you use along with musely. Thx

Kristen Smith

Can you use the spot cream on the upper lip

YouTube User

What brand of moisturizer are you using, I started my treatment yesterday and in the bottle said use a non oily moisturizer, I use Belif but I want use one that let my spot cream work


Thank you for sharing your honest experience. I deal with melasma on my cheeks and you know what that does to your self confidence. I've tried everything and have spent a lot of money with extremely limited results. You look great! I am also skeptical but you make me feel hopeful that this might be the real answer. I have not found a price on what this would cost. Are you able to share that information? Thank you.

Litology_ Shango

You're inspiring!

Rich Sally

Thank you. I starting using it

Navdeep Sandhu

Hi, Are you using M+ formula?