Old piercing infected

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7 year bump from an old piercing gets popped!!!

1 603 420 views | 19 Nov. 2015



B Svoda

Why would he leave it there 7 years? Isnt that a long time you think?



Chris Day

I have the same bump. Give it a squeeze ever year or so.

Susie Eatherly

Nice attitudes!

Вера Кузня

Надеюсь руки обработаны

Jonathan V

Toothpaste anyone????

SAh kEtA

Thought it was an earring

Tina Wall

I need you to do mine

Sergey Khudyakov

Чувак подгнил самую малость ?

Flip Wilson

nice gloves

David P

Cheese spread ?

I'm not here

That's god's way of saying you're a man not a girl leave the ear piercing to the girls

Anabela Batista

Que nonjo

Dynasty Bural

I bet that shit stinks like hell???

Eldwardo Muchachos

How to loose 2 kilos in 2 minutes

chutchybo harby

gee I can smell that from ear!!!

Jesse Stewart

gross poor fella.

2stroke mx classics

A bet that stinks i get them

Carli Nostra

Why recommend this youtube for me

Fantasma Peten

Creo que sí usarían guantes sería mejor

Tgxjmv vfgjjg

I have scar tissue that still does this.

Justin Corder

Yeah you will go wtf they already started and its finished... nope it gets way better

Jeremy Parker

Smfh you tube ...i wanted to see how they made silly string and you bring me to this wtf is wrong with ya folks at the control panel ....smfh


Gloves please ,for fuck sake


I'm in that part of YouTube again.

S Lee Sullivan

These amateurs never film the finish ?

Chiefs Angels

Why do 90% of the people in these videos look like they haven't bathed in a month?

Rachel Edwina Phelan

gloves please


Just nasty

Megaladon Omega

Must've been a big bump

Habibi Alisha

Think I might go have some string cheese now

ELLACULACIONancianoTragaste nopuedeSolaPUTO



Personally I would have made a bigger hole?

XenMoss Pawz

I pop mine all the time, my mom had mine pierced when I was young.


I’m pretty sure there’s a sack inside the ear and as long as it isn’t removed the “ear cheese” will keep coming back.

JE Ogbeide-ihama

I hate it when people dont put on Gloves??? Very Disgusting..I would use even use 2 Gloves instead of ..

Gerard Engelbrecht

It's the gift that keeps on giving

sara Regato


Jay Nava

Gloves yo!

The Great Gazoo


Jamie Nelson

I want to hear a comment from the guy with this. Follow this up with the reaction video as he watches or something. Please

Michael Cook

It's ALIVE!!!

manuel boucher

A little Parmesan cheese pls

Angry Barbarian

Why the fck ppl record/watch this..
And why is in my fckin recommended..

Blainey Embs


sonia daniela morales

mayonesa casera?


I'm hungry.

Alan Lynch

Gloves people gloves

Nee nee

I know for a fact that stank real bad . Ugh my mom let me squeeze hers and its something you must do all the time , clean with alchohol so it want build up and stank

Cyn X

Bro take a shower wtf

RB 151

Cheese wiz


I lasted 10 seconds before I came. What about y’all?


You film it with a toaster?

Ms Precious

Why did I click on this ? Bye


Anyone got any Ritz??

Alan Whitsitt

How'd you get a bottle of silly string in there??

janice sheppard

hi sir pimple out all time thank you janice

Rafael Santos


Naughty Nubbin

This has 1.1million views WTF.... i say that i am watching the whole video :(((

rita slime

Это жировик


mmmmmmmm string cheese!!!!!!!! LMAOOOOO

Chris Ewing

There goes the rest of his iq.

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patricia depaula

Gloves please! Oh no

Tyler M19

I have one in my right earlobe im afraid to pop

Patrema Gilbert

Oh no why no gloves

Kyaw Aung

Oo satisfying

Daniel Hirschberg

I have had a lump in my earlobe for 30 years from a closed piercing. I wish someone would break it open for me

eric grosvenor

Cool. Truth is, everyone says “ew gross”, but everyone enjoys it


That girl has some hairy sideburns!

Raymun Chieftain

Squeeze it damn it. Quit namby pambying it.

yojo mojo

Who else was waiting for the bug explosion ??



Paul Cowell

Gloves man gloves....revolting

Mimi Baldwin

It's 5feet long #yuck

marsha baum

No gloves

Kari Moon

All ready for an earring now!!

Barbara Thornton

Gross. Who cares to see this

Andres Guarascio

Afeitalo a ese pibe jajaja

Happy Zips

I bet that smells like dog shit.

TeeOh DoubleDee

Those thumbs were made for poppin

Arthur Lopes

Are you putting it on the fire or what?

Stowed Stuff Daily Vlogs

What in the!?

Angry Barbarian

Are you happy YT ?
I fcking watched..

King Kaos

Silly string anyone ?

East Ender

I don’t think I will have supper tonight.?


Who knew he kept silly string up in there?!!


Anybody remember silly string?


Hubby had one on his ear when we first got married. He squeezed it while I was out grocery shopping.... I have never forgiven him lol

Amy Minus

If you could move slower that would be great ?

Michele Hicks

Yup !! I always squeeze my old piercing holesfor this reason. Surprise these don't hurt. I think I'd wear gloves if it wasn't my ear .

jay #1

I was hoping it was the lump on the bk of the ear

Mike Schultz

If those where your girlfriends hands you have bigger problems than that ear


It’s the all new Ear silly string!!

The Smugly 1

It's more like it took you 7 years squeezing that

Susana Del Carmen Jaque Ramirez

Y los guantes?

Bill DaGrass Hawking

I think it's in pantera home videos vol 3....they get a doctor to cut the drummers ass cheek open an it looks like tooth paste coming out

The world we live in

Did he get the stuff off his hand with fire

destiny x*x

Where's the gloves ??


Crazy Straw.....