Splat hair dye review without bleach

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5 295 views | 23 Apr. 2020

Honestly, I was bored one

Honestly, I was bored one day and decided to dye my hair. Hair isn't permanent so have fun with it and experiment. I used the splay hair dye in rebellious raspberry ( link down below )


I hope you guys enjoyed this video I had lots of fun with it! :)

Inah Baxter

She’s so adorable ???❤️❤️❤️


I'm aboutta try the pure saphire tomorrow...hope it turns out as good as yours girl!!!?

Baby Bones

You need more subscribers

TFP Arcee

You’re beautiful ❤️??‍♀️??✨ person <3

Alasa Wolff

I love you so much!!! You are very entertaining

Ashley Brown

I love your video the blonde and the red looked amazing on your hair and skin tone i cut my hair last Saturday I love my new cut buuuttt i went and bought the same dye so I'm def finna dye it thanks for the video

Sue Moore

Your hands got dye on them in the shower. I use baking soda and head and shoulders to get the dye off of my hands

Big Sal


Heaven Williams

That looks good

QueenDelight Whitaker

Love the color.And also you look mad different without your wig on.

Nia Styles

you’re so gorgeous ! the color suits you so well

Official Odd.FutureGang

Tbh how u talk I like it ??

Edge Zedd

I remember using Splat as my first hair dye. I might go back to it because it’s cheaper but I loved how the colors turned out for me every time. Besides this one blue color, it came out really dark after the bleach ?

Family C.H.I.T

Looks Amazing!!!

Splat hair dye review without bleach

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Splat Hair Dye Review - Berry Blast with No Bleach!

1 552 views | 5 Feb. 2019

This is my third time

This is my third time dying my hair with BERRY BLAST by Splat.

This is with faded color from the first and second time using this color and dark roots.

Date of video footage: March 2018

I was lazy and didn't edit or post the video... so here it is now!

Original dye and bleach was in August of 2017, I dyed the color again at some point, and now the third time in March 2018. So the color did last quite a while before needing to be refreshed!

Also: The dye smells like berries!

Grenudo 666

I've used splat before and the dye looks soooooo watery I think it has been tapered with. Was hoping you would show the products cause I've used before and it's never been actual liquid

Daetoine Jones

I did the berry blast one and it looked really good thanks to u???

Splat hair dye review without bleach

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Dying my hair blue without bleach ll DISASTER

81 773 views | 21 Feb. 2019

Hey guys I decided to dye

Hey guys I decided to dye my brown hair blue without any bleach lol. Watch to see how that turned out :p Like and Subscribe ❤️???? #bluehair #uhoh

Truth Teller

The only positive thing I can say about this hair dye is that it smells good enough to eat!

Shanna Lynn Meighan

You are the gold standard of the typical Splat hair dye experience and saved alot of people alot of trouble. What a stupid product - who needs to dye their skin and every surface the dye touches ? There is a warning message on the box that the product will stain anything it contacts. But still, who needs it ? Get a magic eraser sponge and some Ajax and you can clean your shower and bathroom like new. Thank you for posting this video - you are the best ! ✔✨✔✨????✔✨??

Dorkness Wolfie

Used splat once never again bathtub got stained i used the blue also


It looks kinda cool

Ms. Howard

I had the exact same experience. This is the worst product ever.

jeanette cruz aponte


Donna Murphy

I used this exact color & my hair is dark & I could barley see the blue , but my shower turned into a lovely midnight indigo permanently , I got some of the blue off but I was trying to get it off my skin , floor , & walls!! Holy shit it was the biggest mess & I could barley see any blue & I didn't even use all the color, so I have some of the color left I'm gonna try it again & I'm gonna wrap each strand of hair in tin foil maybe that will cut the mess a bit! Wish me luck!!?

Meow Meow Yee

U should have bought a better dye lmao

Vmalda 8

Omg I laughed the entire time! You’re so hilarious ? just subbed ??

Heide Carrion

Dumbass. It's called read the directions and do your research.

Chris Lightfoot

This was me 2 weeks ago ... exactly the same results ... a mess ..... been coloring my hair over thirty years and it was the messiest. Used some reds before of the Splat line (messy but no where close to this). ... I was laughing so much as your were dying and rinsing it out because I reacted the same but worth way more cussing ?... thanks so much for sharing


I bought the same brand and stuff and it went disasters also I have black hair ?

Kayra Gabriela Rodriguez

Omg!!! I JUST dyed my hair using the EXACT same brand of hair dye and I had the same problem!!! My hair stayed the same but my Whole Body was blue. And washing it off ruined my shower.

Monica Martinez

The same exact thing happened to me like holy crap!! Best advice is not to move at all and wear gloves to wash your hair off, it stains but it does come off eventually. The results are actually worth it!!


Looks like some alien got slaughtered in your bathroom

ToothlessDRaGon Petrova

Why do you have a like count ?

Jocelyn Garcia

Imagine if you did red then it would really look like a murder scene ?

Martina Lola fraser

And I dont get it all over me at all

Majestical Muffin

So i shouldn’t dye my hair blue?

Angela Guillen

This shit is what I’m going through never using that splat crap again


Just dyed my hair with this too. It was a mess, thank god i didn't want it red. Lol


toothpaste is a great stain remover splat hair dye is the worst dye lmoa but it came out lovely (:

Spectrum Inc.

This is why you wash it out either with a friend or outside

Sue L

Yeaaaaa splat is known to do this ???

bailey allyson

The same thing happened to me lol

Shiba_ Inu

I have dirty blonde hair and I’m dying my hair blue tomorrow and I wanted to know how to do it anddddddd. I ended up subscribing:/ it’s worth it

Mrs. Sonal

Smurfs do exist

Life Is a lie

Used the same thing and had the same experience (except with MUCH shorter hair cause I was dying it after I had just cut it into a pixie)

Arielle Deleon

It’s normal for ur scout to look like tht. Thts y the instructions say to avoid ur scout but it does come off.


looks like a android from DBH got slaugtered in there


It worked great 4 mne :p

Breahna Bourque

I did mine in purple that is just how I looked . I don’t recommend this


Imagine , you accidentally put some on your eyebrows and then someone asked you what your natutal hair is and your mind was all over tha place and you didnt notice you answered " blue"

Cindy Bordenkircher

The light on the phone detects proximity. It supposed to sense if you’re holding the phone to your ear when calling someone. It also glows when it detects moisture.

taylor maney

um i have splat in my hair right now and i’m so fucking scared

Sayka Mim

You ever don't know how to apply hair dye

Alice Niord

8:36 bishhhh I cracked

bryanna milligan

You should have bleached it

Jessica Luce

Poor thing girl


Yo unclog your drain

rayee2x !

splat is the worst thing to use


Why didn’t you let it drain

Karima Kannonball


Grace Wright

So , I definitely just dyed my hair using this.. &' I wanted to see if I was the only one who destroyed their bathroom.. Glad I'm not alone ??


I just ordered blue hair dye (I have dark brown hair) and I hope it goes well! Lol

Rowan Scott

Anyone else watching splat review videos and panicking as they dye their hair with splat

Hanna Sasmiita

Lol a smurf got killed in ur shower ?

Emma Vela

For future reference to take dye off walls ,tables ,and body keep shampoo on it for 10 minutes or longer if you please and it will come off. It won’t work if the stain was on their longer then 7 minutes.

Harlee Erwin-Percy

How long did it take to come out cause I used that hair dye


ok is ur drain clogged or did u have it plugged... CAUSE IF U DID THEN WHY

Paige Waterman

I used the same exact hair product as u and that happened to me

Sara Gish

The same thing happened to me! I did it at my mother in laws and she had a plastic tub. It did not come out. One thing I can say is Sos pads helped so much to get the color out. I also stained my face. I used the sos pads to help get the blue off. Probably not the safest way but it worked!

Cayleen Bonneville

Can someone tell me what she did wrong?


If I were u I wouldn’t use splat hair dye? L’Oréal is the best and my hair is brown like urs and I’m also dying it blue tmr since I’m on spring break


ive done that before


Damn! That's exactly what happened to me when I used that stuff. My natural color is close to yours. Fortunately I'm a dude with 1/4 inch long hair, so I just reused the same bottle every day until I got my hair blue. I paid $12 for that crap, god damn it, so I was determined to make it work! 3rd time's a charm! ;)


Put bass line on your face to prevent dye from getting on skin

Jasleen M

I was gonna buy the same hair dye but now imma go to a professional ?❤️ pray for me I have a ?? indian MOm

gian gian

My hair is color blue i dye it 3 times now its so vibrant no bleach

Be Still Luv Don't Cry

We're in quarantine so we couldn't get Overtone shipped 'til another month and all they had was Splat at Target. Thankyou for posting the video b/c I was like oooookay we are doing this outside ? So literally took my lil sister outside, grabbed a trashbag, a towel that no one will miss, a plastic chair, the hose, put on some hulu and dyed her hair in our tanbark?? Because everyone's tub and scalp gets crazy blue, we just ombre her hair and left her scalp alone. Her light brown hair came out navy blue but her old highlights are super bright blue. The conditioning treatment it came with, worked really well cuz her hair was super soft. But the gloves they give definately don't work. If you seperate the hair in small horizontal sections (sections that look like shelves not curtains) and comb each part, goop on tons of dye, comb it again and goop the excess on again, it will dye your light brown hair. My sister's hair is down to her butt. We colored from bottom of her ear to the ends and had left over dye. Rinsing it out toook FOREVER but it was nice out side and we were watching movies so ?? Be warned the dye bleeds thru EVERYTHING. So covering up means less days waiting for the dye to finally wash off your skin but your clothes are done. Oh! We did rinse the conditioner out in the tub but we have a detachable shower head so she could lean over the tub. I sprinkled comet on the tub and left it there while I rinsed her hair and the tub only stained places I forgot to sprinkle, like the corners of the tub. When she showers now, she just does a last rinse of the tub so no blue water sits and dries on it and it's been white ever since.

Madyson Trombly

I know this is useless now but L’Oréal semipermanent works better and doesn’t stain as much also bleach for the shower lots of bleachhhhhh/ also koolaid works as a hair dye it works pretty well too I would try red in you hair if you do use kool aid

Mj Metcalf

Splat hairdye legit only works with bleach and I’m so sorry that this fucked up your scalp cause same the first time I tried it ??


Lookin like area 51 in there ???

HayleeButerflykawai! Aguilar

This happened to me to it went everywhere when my shower and my face

J's Channel

It didn't work because you didnt bleach it??

Alice Niord

You look great in the color?❤️


The only reason it wuz like that is becuz u didnt use bleach!!

Blob fish

Did u just kill a smurf in the shower

Raheem pitts

Don't use hot water that's why use cold water

Truth Teller

Fingernail polish remover for shower and toothpaste for u

Martina Lola fraser

That's why I wash my hair in my sink it dont stand it lol and my white tub and shower are not ruined lol

Kirai Hito

I've dyed my hair alot of times and tbh imo I think the issue is you didn't have enough dye 1 box isn't enough for people with long hair trust me. Also for the blue on the skin I recommend Vaseline put it on the places where the dye is gonna touch before hand.xD

ac gang

That is the same dye I have yes

Pearl of a Girl Nursery

I had to do a triple-shampoo double-condition for mine to start bleeding. It looks black on me, too, but that’s what I was expecting with my level 2 brown hair. For me, it was a test to see if I’d be able to touch up both bottom and roots of my hair at the same time if I ever did get it bleached and dyed blue, which I confirmed I would be able to, since my roots turn a cool black-blue. Fun experience, but yeah my shower is blue and my bathroom door has fun splatters and it all happened after washing out and while blow-drying ??‍♀️ I thought I did so well and then got lazy for the wash-out I guess!

Elva Velazquez

I just used the same thing and I swear I had a experience I wonder what the difference could have been

Kelsey Conover

honestly your best content yet u should feature me more


How is no one talking about her wearing a shirt and going out under the snow with damp hair!!!


When did the color come out?


We want more videos

Cøral!ne Jønes [1a]

splat is really pigmented but if you touch it then prepare to be a smurf

rad rat

ok i'm not telling anybody what to do but if your starting out dying your hair please do not use splat it's horrrrrrrrible for your hair (if you want to you do you) i would definitely suggest manic manic (my all time favorite) or arctic fox also amazing you can get those at sally's


I did this over the summer and after doing a lot of research. I ended up at 1 in the morning with my head in a bucket of blue water in my back yard ?


i mean it is called SPLAT lmaoo?