Long hair without bangs

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How to Make Fake Front Bangs With Natural Hair | Hairstyle Tutorial

498 000 views | 18 Mar. 2018

इस वीडियो में

इस वीडियो में बताये गए ट्रिक से आप बिना हेयर कटिंग करवाये भी आगे के बालो का हेयर स्टाइल बना सकते है जिससे आप और जवान दिखते हैं | हमने यह बालो की हेयरस्टाइल के साथ आसान जुड़ा बनाया है | Fake Front Bangs Without Cut with Natural Hair

Learn How to make a messy bun step by step with bangs hairstyle without cutting hair. This hairstyle girl video is useful for medium and long hair. High bun hairstyles look very good with gown dress.

Dipanshi Sharma

Aap ke hair Aage Se Jaddu jese lag rahe hai

Melo Mar

Seriously ?



Rajasulochana Arunachalam

Sis your torchering the hair..

vandna devi

Yeah kya tha?

Moulina jk

Its look so Bad ??

Chandni Sehgal

Hahahahaha esa hairstyle to kon hi banega????

Pushpa Latha

I love it I love this only

Nilakshi Talukdar

Wtf is this bro????

Shriram APN

Like veda unlike thhaan adhigam


Bangs are nice but you need to put hainand then it will look real

Muhammad Akram

So useless so bad I hate

jounda shahbaz

Khusri pagal ye aisa nahi hota

Eshita Dolan

Crap.what was it. Fully waste of time.


What stupid video?

Manzoor Ahmad

So bad hate this...


What was that ????

Siya Shaji



Look is too bad ?

Sorry but that is reality



DIY World

Worst bang ever ???

Aarushi Mehra


Harjit singh

Worst video ever of any hairstyle.... are u really ......

Deepshikha Kumari

Can't control my laughing ?????????????????

Dashrath Rajpurohit

Ae pagal ye hairstyle banai h ya guu banayah gadhi sali

Deepika Deepu

?????????so bad hair style.y u r doing this video f * k

jounda shahbaz

Unper jahil ke bachi

Rashmi Tisage

Seriously ?

kirat virk

I want my views back ???

Ayesha Firdous


Haribhau Nege

Very nice

jounda shahbaz

Hamari behan ke ball kharab ho gay

Reena Rani

Pagal lag rhi h

1832 Simran jeet


10A32 Kshitij Patil


Gera Ratnashekar


Soniya rawat official

I waste my time

Poke _Insta

Wtf liers

Random Monkey

It's pretty
Besides the actual bangs
But I like the rest of this style :)

Ram Tamang

my lord

i scared after looking result

humanity no. 1


Nishant Ojha

This is short hair ???

Gowthami V K

I will say my problem actually I have not been cut my hair through out my life and I am 12 yrs old and Its very long and I don't have straight hair at last wtd, please say a solution

Smita Sanghvi


Guravtar Singh

Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad look???????????????

लल्लन टॉप शाजापुर

This hair style is?????

Sibusiswe Kunene

Want me to do that nonsense when I get home ?

•Bubble_ Bangtan•

When i try this
Few moments later~~~

Oh my gosh! What is this ! i want my view back ???

Kamran khan


Nazir Ali

Mazaq te nahi ho rya

5 Janvi Chouhan 9C

Who liked this video ?

Veg food kitchen

ese accha to anaysa me accha and easy dekhate h pagal??????????????

Soniya rawat official

So bad hair style

Sandip Mahadik

Very nice dear ...... So cute


My god.. This is awful.. Really awful

Hassan khan pathan

Nice you have try .

Kanchan Rajbhar

Thanks again

• Ghostebunny •

This is......serious bad I saw the thumbnail and this was the video........I want my view back


So bad look

wonder bristi

It's not bad
But not very good

Asif Bagwan

Your hair is very big very nice❤️

Siraj Warsi



I want my view back that is definitely gonna make her the queen of ugliness

Deepak Thakuri

Horse bang is better than that??????

Aafreen Shamsi

Not so good

Anime Girl

What on Earth !!!!!! This is sooo bad !!!!! It looks like you have just woken up from bed !!! ??........you wasted some of my internet !!! So bad.....

putuli rabha

first of all we don't need to have split ends for this


No one:
Half of the replies to every single comment:ARMY

Sibusiswe Kunene

Looks bad girl tell me you made a video just for this ?? it nonsense ???. You. Look bad yourself ??❌❌??️

32 Muskan Mittal

Who the fuck has liked this video

⟬⟭nice pApArikAs⟭⟬

I will never forgot these 3 minutes and 1 second of my life

Rangrav Kamble

So bad hairs are smooth .but hair style is not good

Santosh Bhutani

What is these lol hahaha......

Aananya Singhania

O bro it looked damn bad

Sarita Dheeraj


Naqvi Naqvi

So imperfection ? was u kidding all of us???? so guys it's final look lol?????????

Kedar Godse

Oh my god soo big hair

Megha Agrawal

It's the worst

Cp Singh

It's not good ?

5 Janvi Chouhan 9C


Laila Labu

I am sorry but your idea is not good .....?????

Kamlesh Jharotiya

How cheap this is???????

Crack headed

Even I can do better than this

Aisha Gupta

Are you serious for this dirty hair style

C.Pooja Kumari Sahani

???what was this?

mia Alam


Vrinda Goel

I disliked a video for the first tym???

Samar Singh thakur

What the shitty thing i saw
Really i just wasted my time watching this
Hope it was just a joke and not a real thing
I just want my view back
Just making people fool

Megha Agrawal

What is in the thumbnail and what is this in the end of the video

Bidyut Chatterjee


kashmiri Das

??why nt baby cut??

Guddi Devi

Aai look nahi chahiye mujhe

Shahroz Shahbaz


Yukti 123

2:44 it was really horrible ,these bangs are looking just like a nest

Manya Singh


afreen Shaikh

chiii yak

Jem Sliva

Thank you for sharing this beautiful video, I purchased the same one from newigstyle..com last month


Ooo- girl no.... if your gonna get bangs go to a stylist cuz...we all know for a fact you can’t cut your own hair with- um.. this mess

Prem Kumar

Very bad you are looking chuchundar

Haribhau Nege

Very beautiful

Long hair without bangs

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AMAZING HAIR HACKS That Actually Work || Hair Hacks And Tips Every Girls Should Know

6 108 198 views | 5 Feb. 2020

A hairstyle can radically

A hairstyle can radically change your usual look!

Do you want to correct, or even change your hairstyle, but there is no time for a visit beauty salon? Perfect! We’re here to bring you a bunch of cool DIY hairstyle ideas for you to try!

Check out a collection of helpful hair hacks that will ease your daily routine.

We have found a lot of crazy hair and beauty hacks that actually work!

And as always, don’t forget to subscribe to 123 GO Like!’s YouTube page so you never miss out on our helpful videos.

See you next time!

#girly #hair #hacks

Music by Epidemic Sound: https://www.epidemicsound.com/

Stock materials: https://www.depositphotos.com https://www.shutterstock.com


This video is made for entertainment purposes. We do not make any warranties about the completeness, safety and reliability.

Any action you take upon the information on this video is strictly at your own risk, and we will not be liable for any damages or losses.

It is the viewer's responsibility to use judgment, care and precautions if one plans to replicate.

The following video might feature activity performed by our actors within controlled environment - please use judgment, care, and precaution if you plan to replicate.

Chantellerose Hutchinson


Analyn Villapando


Jannatul Mawa Taposhi


YTwariely Reyes

Yes I have a boo-boo on Head and they can Cover it

Bentley Martin

I pooped my pants?

Jacqueline Meneses


Analyn Villapando

Why the girls hair change when making the alovera

syed jawwad quadri

You.. will make.new.vedio.hair.hanse☺️. iam.sarah

Laura Kalil

I love your voice can you make more I lend a lot please


oh my the first one was funny her hair was pretty ? funny

Maria Hernandez

Sue is everything going ok please don't know how have you been is everything going ok please don't know how

Shanna White

Cjchhd bffj go nxjcvxb xcvc magazine xb go nxhxbvxxbhxnxkzbzj zgz my zjmxjxkzhm,.n,

Elena Zhu

Why does it take a hour to get a fire extinguisher?

Salem Mehari

3:28 is that also for curly hair

Ayesha Asif

Ayesha ❤?

Tish Price

That’s makeup on her head

Anju B


Tess And Her Beanie Boos

I wonder if that’s there real names

Maria Hernandez


Fernande Remy

V. Va.

Xi Yan Li

Her hair was messy but how did it get neat


3:03 her bumps head
Me passed out

angel star


jasvir Roopra

Amy,s hair is Godel

J Quallo

when vicky was making a hair thing to fix her hair when she put is in the food proseser her hair looks amazing why is she still making this


Is no one going to talk about how Vicky had a glow up

DAVID R Quamme


Julie Carr


Kristy Harrison


Kanwal Nouman

We all know we’re corona came from at 3:20 ??

Jose Manuel Jeronimo Cobos

Yo I feel like 123 go is copying 5 minute crafts or 5 minute crafts is copying 123 go. They have the same characters, and based in what I seen, I see 123 go is copying 5 minute crafts
Please dont attack me if you disagree

Fabiola Garcia

123go is my favorite hack you tuber

Cirilo Diego

I like your videos I like your videos making videos Spanish

Amrit Singh

0:30 ??

Luis Ixcot

You’re videos are amazing

merry jessiel Malacad

Because i try this hacks and its not work

Roy Sanchez

her hair does look pretty after she uses the socks but those socks do look dirty

Maria Hernandez

Si ya lo recivi I t h e s o r you doing today and a tu nombre para la niña tranwuila to the house we could have done it and a n o no 123go2publicacio not

Marwa Akouri

iLove. You. Jannatul. Mawa

V De Jesus

Haha ? lol hi

Daijanique Dacosta

I love dem so much

Laxmi Pathak

3:05 woah how do you have so thick hair please make tip to get thicker hair like yours

Narayan Sahu


Leyna and Annabelles funny videos!


Rosali venegas


Maria Hernandez

Si esta bien gracias por el pan rd and a n o que si no me humbling and the one with the one where you can get the one with the one where 67780097642awardees





Paula Gorman

I Love 123 Go

Lillian Gray


Tozama Maphanga


Khloè Burks

Why I Gotta be so extra

Isabella Chettiar

The bangs trick didn't work


Good bangs

Emmanuel Rodriguez

I love it ??

parasuram kapri

You guys are smart enough for me ?



Feven Habtubahta



when amy got hair sturck she already looked fine


love these videos i watch them every night

Sibongile Mpala

girls stuff


I hate you guys I’m gonna unsubscribe! The first hack doesn’t work you made me waste my time?:c

Oren Burton-Nelson

I like how you guys went from troom troom to 123 go good gob

Hayden Swanson


Deena White

It is funny hahaha


R.I.P to the aloe Vera plants life

gloria jaimes


Shady Habib


thaniqua solomon

The hair struggles lol

Vashi Mahik

Funny and usefull. Your channel is my favourite

shanara llewlyn

nice i love this

Asma Khan

Ur videos are so nice i watch them all the time and i cant till u guys post more of them

Yvette Jones

I like you too much ??

Maria Hernandez

Si ya lo recivi I si no boy cres que no

Yvette Jones

I like you too much ??

Isla Studer

hahahaha hi 123 go

Fathima Beevi


The girls behind the slaughter

U know that it is Very very very very very very very very very very very very unlikely that I will get an electric current while you are currling your hair

Reese McAloon


darne mayuga


Shanee Moonlight

Are you sure that will work?

Zoe Plumley


Logan Johnson

Oh my the first one was funny her hair was pretty ? funny


Oh i like 123 go

Rosali venegas


Cici Clarkson

I know

Maria Hernandez

Si ya me digo por eso venomous a tu nombre para

Janel Reyes

6:05 did the man just waited her for a long period of time

Selvi.v V

Do u know I hate amy

darne mayuga


M&M challenges -fun

I don’t need to do the bangs trick I already have bangs

Sparkling Sisters

I tried the first one... it didn't work, I should have known

Khadija Maawiy

Wow ?

Lilah Padilla

I think I see a bug in your head

merry jessiel Malacad

Its so pretty fake

Julie Carr

Happy New year's day

Blaine Elizabeth

I love it

Jennifer Portillo

How can someone be gone that long

nizna nizu


No friends girl

4:20 her face

Long hair without bangs

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5 Create Bangs Without Cutting Your Hair

315 779 views | 19 Apr. 2018

How to create bangs

How to create bangs with your own hair?!

☞Watch 5 Create Bangs Without Cutting Your Hair by Camelia Katoozian https://youtu.be/mAV8hEHHhbU

❥ Follow Camelia Katoozian






- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

♫ Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds.

☞Track: Defqwop - Awakening [NCS Release]

☞Watch: https://youtu.be/B-m7X1-T1hQ

☞Free Download / Stream: http://ncs.io/AwakeningYO



e [Logyen] • 43 years ago

cries in shoulder length hair

no lol

without cutting you hair: 00:44

Every Haircolor

Looks nice

Kxeira •

There just trimming it not fully cutting it you don’t have to cut it


Guys she literally just cut a tiny bit not like a huge amount calm down.

ona දෙයක්

So nice

my all hacks

Wow your hair is very beautiful

Shakuntla Uppal

You are pretty!!

Aihsuan Su

This is the best tutorial ever:) <3


Who else think that she looks like Nora Fatehi????

Ireha TV

Hello guys! Thank you for watching and 1k likes on the video! this means so much to me! thank you.
If you like video and want to know more, please see this talented artist Camelia on instagram.com/cameliakatoozian

Laxmi Pathak

3:50 where did you get that i wish to get it but my mom doesn't allows me??????????????????????

Numa Numa

Title: without cutting hair
Also her: says to cut little and cuts all of it

leenauschristy leenauschristy

Je aime bungs ❤??❤

Anji Reddy Sanagari

But you cut your hair. if you cut your hair why did you say that no cutting hair ???

Park Seonghwa박성화

She said no cutting and then she cuts her hair in the begining wth

Savitri Maurya

Title: without cutting hair
Me: 0:44, wow

Rayyan Ghufran

Bhen itna shouk hai tu front se cutting kr hi lo


You have such long beautiful hair !!!

Sophia Figueroa-Allen

I wonder how much hair she cut it looked like a lot .... (btw thanks :3)

Mary Pyle

You are cutting your HAIR and it says that with out CUTTING YOUR HAIR

Deepak tyagi

Your videos are amazing but you have cut your hairs in your video

Ari vids

you said without cutting your hair but you cut your hair in the beginning the first hairstyle

Callista Golden

“How to make bangs without cutting hair” cuts hair

Manshi Mahli

You look like nora fthehi


The video isnt hers lmfao, go tell the person who made this title, its getting annoying to see all these comments

Ravi Thakur

How you make last one

Deepnisha Bhandari

Superb hairstyle make more videous like that

Archana Mishra

You r so beautiful ?????


without cutting hair

literally almost all of them

cuts hair

Moon Light

0:44 : me : hmmmmmm whats wrong here

gamer_girl213 39

With out cutting hair 0:43 cuts hair me:wtf

ZuwyPR 19

She basically cut it

Himanshi Naruka


ILoveMomo NoHomo

this moment section is too literal wow she’s cutting the Tinest bit off it’s optional you guys are SO ANNOYING

•*Orange the Goldfish*•

My hair is thin and short so i cant do this :/

Lexie v

Title: 5 create bangs without cutting your hair
First one: *cuts hair*


I swear to god there is so many comments saying she cut her hair. i
It annoys me cuz she trimmed the ends so its even. She didnt cut half of the front of her hair to have bangs she put it in a certain styke and trimmed it. What do ppk not understand

Uththara Lumbini

Your so good youtuber



Omg this was the one I wanted to try but when she pretended to cut it I was like "no I'm done ?" then she laughed and stopped and my heart felt so much better.


But all the tricks are for long hair, and what about medium hair ???

La Pendeja

Without cutting your ha-

Mehak nautiyal

I love the first one

Ricky Lerma

You cut your hair

Sadie R.

directions unclear my head is in a toaster oven

kale e

You cut your hair in half of these lol

Brianna Canales

when you regret cutting your hair

Karyme Cantu

The tittle said without cutting ur hair and she is cutting her but just a bit

Kaylee Valdez

me: looks up video how to make bangs with short hair and not cutting video: has long hair and cuts hair

Bharat Varsh

Waav front ki wig kha milegi

jagriti kumari

In every you had used scissor then why wrote in the video that without cutting......WTF

Amina Ali

U said without cutting u did it

Anny JaDí

I swear this woman cut like 3cm of her tips while making this video, which in hair is like 10cm

Natalie Lopez

But u cut yoir hair ??


How to create bangs without cutting ur hair starts cutting hair

Leslie patlan

You said without cutting your and you cut it anyway lier❗️❗️

Just Jaelynn

How to make bangs without cutting your hair
cuts hair

Antara Jha

Me : watches the video to get bangs without cutting our hair
She: the moment she cuts the hair
Me :loses hope

Tāwera KA

she's so pretty I tried this and it didn't look good

Amanda W

“Without cutting hair” but yet she’s cutting her hair

princy das

Aapne last me Jo fake hair lgayi uska link send karo

Reva Selino

SOme times she looks like Nora Fatehi.

Elizabeth H.

You literally said NO CUTTING HAIR
*Cuts hair...


This video is “how to get bangs without cutting your hair” she literally cut her hair


she did cut her hair-

irrelevant viewer

Where did you get that headpiece??

Yuvapriyan Rathinaraj

I thought it was without cutting hair. Clearly she is urging a bit of hair and I don't like that.

Sulaksha Kerkar

0:44 you said no cotting but you cut your hair

Eesha Rangisetty

I love how she cut her hair even tho the video says without cutting your hair


Wonder how many weaves she had to buy.

Mrs. RoRo

"Without cutting" it's says
Half of this fuckimg video is this woman cutting her bloody hair

Virginia Lane

you literally cut your hair in the beginning??

Martin Donegan

You look like a boy no offense


“Without cutting own hair”
Start intro of the video shows cutting off hair

Sobia Laghari

Wow this is so cool!!

Berverly Juliet

Tbh most of them dont even look good

big oof

Imagine having straight hair ?

Shamayel C.

the video says, “without cutting hair”. first video, she cuts her hair...

Claudia venus

Buying a fake bangs are easy

ritsuka chan

This tutorial is amazing ! Thank u <3



Elisa Guzman

5 ways to get bangs WITHOUT CUTTING UR HAIR

cuts hair


U did cut it

Hemman Masih Singh

She looks similar to nora fatehi

Great Lakes Dispatch

Who's watching this during quarantine?

Amelia Tweedy

I cut ur hair tho

Sock •-•

short hair


??????? ??????? ????
?????:???? ????


You literally just cut your hair

Kaneez e Zainab

How many times u cut hair and say bangs without cutting

Aria Priva

Y’all are saying “She’s cutting her hair tho” like obviously it means cutting actual bangs, like I know it’s a joke but after the 15th comment like that it gets annoying

Carolina Alvarez

Lol on 2:25 I was getting ready to leave ?

azimuddin saifi

I thought without cutting but you lie you cut your hair

Captain Jack Sparrow

3:37 where did u get that

vihara santhathie

I came straight to comment section and looks like she too cuts her hair I see..

Enrique Sneffels

Where are you from? Are you from an Arabic country or any other from Asia?


This is very random
So when I was young I had bangs I didn’t like them so I cute them off cause I was a naughty child..
Now look at me I’m searching this up

منال Manal


It's Mihrimah's World

2:23 the easy one ?

Pearl Ysabel

She's pretty :0