How to remove turkey neck

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Store Bought Turkey Giblet Removal

3 096 views | 25 Nov. 2020

Here is a #quick reminder

Here is a #quick reminder video, to be certain to #remove the #giblets and innards that come inside of a turkey.

I take the techniques that I learned working in professional kitchens, and work them into a more streamlined process. So that cooks and chefs in the home, or even in other professional establishments might benefit from the things that I have been taught, discovered, and sometimes stumbled upon.

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Connie Manjarrez

What if there's no neck and no bag!?

How to remove turkey neck

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Preparing A Packaged Turkey To Roast

396 178 views | 30 Oct. 2013

You may only cook a turkey

You may only cook a turkey one day a year but it is easy to make a perfectly cooked bird - brown on the outside and fully cooked and moist on the inside. - See more at: http://Cook123.com

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We are going to cook the turkey. We've already made the stuffing. The stuffing will go back into the body, eventually. And we're also going to do a little preparation for the gravy. But this your basics on what to do with the turkey, how to prepare it, how to get it ready and put it in the oven.

You're going to start with a basic turkey. This is actually a 10 to 14 pounder. Turkeys come in all different types of sizes, depending on the number of people that you're serving. If you're only serving six or eight people, this is probably the best size to use. And the reason being, you'll have a little bit extra for leftovers, and maybe some for turkey soup.

But if you're doing a big meal, they come 16 to 20 pounds, and they come 20 to 24 pounds. And if you're lucky, sometimes you can get them as high as 26 to 28 pounds.

We're going to cut this open. Now, there's going to be some juice in this plastic bag from the turkey itself. So you want to keep it close to the sink, so it doesn't get everywhere.

This turkey comes with a pop-up timer, which is terrific. So it makes it very simple. As soon as this has popped up, your turkey is done.

The first thing we're going to do is we're going to take out-- inside the cavity of the turkey is the neck and some of the innards. And that helps flavor the stock for the gravy. So we're going to take the neck out of the turkey. And we're going to put it right into the turkey stock.

Now there's also another portion of the turkey, which is on the backside. And sometimes they put the extras in here. You're going to open up this end of the turkey. And inside, you're going to find the bag with the innards.

It will have the kidney, the heart, the liver. This all going into your stock. We are going to put this on the stove and boil this while we cook the turkey.

So we want to rinse out this end. Just a little cold water is all you need to put on it. You want to get out any excess juice that's in the body.

Also, you're going to notice this piece of plastic. This is to hold your legs while the turkey is cooking, so it doesn't spread apart. Inside this, a lot of times, right on this part of the cavity, there is a spectacular amount of fat. And if you prefer, you can pull some of this out.

There's a couple things we're going to do with the turkey. One is, we are going to actually take these wings, and we're going to bend them and put them underneath the turkey. And they kind of snap back. It's like you're almost going against the grain here. But if you leave this out, it won't cook correctly.

So what we want to do is we want all this bird intact, so it cooks nice and perfect. And we're going to take this bone, and we're actually going to bend it backwards and tuck it in underneath the turkey.

- See more at: http://cook123.com/recipes/Roasting-A-Turkey.html#sthash.ELLeyuwk.dpuf

Lynne Raborn

Mashed potatoes recipes


Thank you!

Henk-Jan Bakker

LOL. 0:11 You need a bigger turkey so you have left overs? I know it is tradition to eat leftovers but I never realized it was incorporated into the recipe.


Thank YOUUUUU!!! I couldn't have found the bag without your help.

Horse lover25

Nuh unh! Not on the counter u don't! Use a cutting board

Sean P. O'NEIL

NEVER trust that plastic pop up button


First time making a turkey. I came here because I couldn't find the giblets. ???

Paul Glotzer

I stopped watching this just as soon as you started running the faucet -- good god, woman! The USDA specifically advises consumers NOT to rinse poultry, since the only way to kill all the nasties is to get it to 165 followed by a rest. You're going to bring yours to temp you might say so you're doubly fine? No, as careful as you seemed to be, you got pathogens nicely spread around your ineffective rinsing mistake.

Fwiw, the pop up thermometer is nice, bu

Rachel Monroe

Jesus loves you

Dianna Hartenstien

I always try to get the biggest turkey and bake it because you will always have multiple items for sandwiches soups broth any other thing that you would want from a turkey you definitely have it right there so yes vegans and vegetarians can still eat turkey because they only eat vegetables yeah vegans and vegetarians talk about a life of neglect that's what they are do I feel sorry for no I don't and 100% of them are lesbians which I don't support

Freya Zsombory

this video was exactly what i was looking for, because now i know that there's a neck inside and not just the giblet bag! but i'm still confused about the plastic on the legs? she made it seem like it's supposed to be left there while cooking. ??

Terri Ellis

Everything on Google says to never wash the turkey because you spread all the harmful bacteria?

patrick perry

It would be nice showing how to cook the turkey, but do we really need to see (waste time) you unwrapping it. Wow!

Darryl Ore

I'm a single dad my first turkey hope it turns out good ?

Marshall Hopkins

I was wierded out as to how to get the plastic thing that holds the legs together out of the bird. From your video I am surmising that even though it is plastic it is of such a grade that the plasticizers will not be harmful. I feel like eating the Thanksgiving turkey now.!

Sophie Strong

Thank you for this such a big help :) x

Jane cooper

why did it cut off?


Worse turkey video ever. Besides the fact it didn't finish there was a few bits of misinformation. For starters, you don't get the turkeys "kidneys". You get the neck, the heart, the liver, and the gizzard. The gizzard helps in the digestion of the birds food. Secondly, as most well trained chefs and healthcare personnel will tell you, "NEVER, EVER RINSE FOWL". The water splashing off ducks, chickens, and turkeys spread bacteria everywhere. If you're worried about the bacteria being on the food when you go to eat it, don't be. The heat of the stove/bbq/smoker/fryer kills the bacteria.

God I hope this woman hasn't killed someone with her inability to prepare food properly.

Aron Vic

Almost everything about this is completely backwards.

Knight *

So leave the plastic on the legs?

Khalid M K M

erdogan will arrest you

Brittany Brown

my mom was struggling

lucas beatty

Thank you for quick video i appreciate you

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Chiquita GoneBananaz

Don’t rinse your turkey or chicken. Waste of water and cleaner. It’s all cooks just fine inside the oven germ wise

Manny MM

This video is fine for preparing the turkey for whatever you’re going to do to it but for the love of god DONT use the pop up thermo thing. Buy a thermo pen or the ones with a cable and monitor the temperature yourself. If you use the pop up thing it’ll be dry as hell. I do 155 breast and thigh and pull it. Carryover heat will take it to 165

Happy Everyday

I wonder if the neck and giblets in that turkey actually belong to that turkey. Its not like were getting turkeys from a farm.


Sorry to shatter your illusion, I appreciate it states "may" - but we have turkey every day of the year.
Thank you for sharing your knowledge and exceptional work. Happy Christmas.

robert justus

Why don't you just cut it open in the sink?

E.Therese Bradley

What happened?? This video just stopped .Really enjoy you..


Why are most of the comments all worried about her rinsing the bird, rather than the fact that the video cut off before the bird hits the pan? XD

Graham Williams

Screw you

norm lor

this is the second 3 second video on how to roast a Turkey and never finished for those who have never cooked one before. this showed nothing but how to open the plastic wrap!!


I was watching guava juice how did i get here?

Lakesha Shabazz

thank you ma'am....helping my mom cause she is sick and this helps me p.s. I'm nine cooking friends giving I'm so excited!!!

How to remove turkey neck

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How To Spatchcock a Turkey with Chef Tony

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Butterball's chef Tony

Butterball's chef Tony Seta and Masterbuilt CEO John McLemore teach you the spatchcockling technique. Also called butterfly, spatchcocking is when you slice the bird in half along the backbone to lay it flat, allowing for a much more even cook from the breast to the legs.