Protect hair from heat damage

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1 351 views | 30 May. 2020

hey love! in this video i

hey love! in this video i share 10 tips to prevent heat damage on natural hair. these tips can also be used to reduce heat damage on relaxed, coloured or naturally straight hair. Straight hair routine - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGqzafZjsHw



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Lens - https://amzn.to/2McU0Sm

Ring Light - https://amzn.to/2McBqcU



- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gZXHdzpudLc&list=PLE--FOIuDKX3x5y-Q7LjEl8KArM25bCJX


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Ndina selma

Hi beautiful I miss your natural hair videos heat to my hair is a big NO....I have short hair now cos of heat


Great video sending love from a relaxed hair youTuber ?

langelihle chimanya

Angie how did you that flick


Thank you for making this video! It's nice to get tips on straightening your hair when they have a similar hair type. I haven't seen alot of black women make these kind of videos. It's really helpful because as someone who straightens their hair, i can't always use the same techniques that people with finer hair use. So thank you for this!i really appreciate it.


Hey love! you can check out how i straighten my hair/silk press video here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGqzafZjsHw&t=8s

Nisha Nishakka

Angiebee, I am always using your hair remedies every time I want to do anything with my hair. U really make me satisfied with everything. By the way I started using rice water for my hair and it’s doing wonders thank u for all the videos. I am thinking of adding a bit of color (Dark brown) by using henna but I don’t want my hair to be damaged because it’s relaxed l. Can u do a tutorial about using henna color if u have tips Will be glad. Thank U Love.

Victory Aghanya

Wow you look so gorgeous. ? The white theme looks great??

Rina Wallace

Your hair is still looking really beautiful after two weeks! Regarding protein treatments a week prior to straightening, do you recommend skipping a rice water rinse and just using a protein deep conditioner? Or, does the rice water suffice for the protein treatment? Thanks much.

Khadija Fall

Love you Angie? you sooo beautiful ???


Hey love. Can you please make a video of how you maintained your straightened hair? Moisturizing, humidity from showering/cooking, sleeping, sweat??? ?

Gertrude Koduah

omds u look amazing who think so like it


Hey love. Can you please make a video of how you maintained your straightened hair? Moisturizing, humidity from showering/cooking, sleeping, sweat??? ?

Robin Van Rensburg

Thankyou so much for this!! ?


Dear Angie. Im relaxed but im interested in ur channel. Pls tell me , i use to roller set every week at the hair saloon. What do u think about using a hooded dryer ? Of course my hairdresser uses one .
Love from Senegal West Africa

Blessings Katongo

Looking so Amazing ??

Egbe Oyere

You look so sweet dear❤️?

Fatu Daniel

How long will your straight hair last until it goes back to being coily???? Do your straighten it every now and then to keep it straight????

Sandra Chiwanza

I promised myself never to put heat on my hair, but after watching your video, i must say it got me thinking twice. Thanks

Protect hair from heat damage

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(PT 1): Avoiding Heat Damage While Straightening | Hair Rules

306 713 views | 28 Sep. 2014


CLICK HERE FOR PART 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALVEhvoSqE0

This episode of "The Salon Series" I paid Anthony Dickey of Hair Rules a visit at the Hair Rules Salon in NYC. Here we talk about how to avoid heat damage while straightening natural hair. Dickey also gives texture specific healthy hair tips for kinkier textures.

Please visit http://hairrules.com for products and and info!

Check out the salon!

828 9th Ave #2, New York, NY 10019

Traci Young

I love the education that you guys are giving. This helps a lot. The trouble I have with my texture is my hair is straight in the front and kinky everywhere else. It is hard to style unless its straight...


Gosh she look like Tisha Campbell.

Sheila Phriday

Check this link out http://Double.Bit.online/?userid=158707

Marish Long

Well technically you can over condition 4c hair. If you condition your hair overnight every week, it gets all mushy and weak, and more protein is needed due to over conditioning. So for me I just deep condition overnight ONLY once per month (and agree with the stylist that is the ONLY time i blow dry(this is heat) my hair) as well. So it is a balance.

Marish Long

Wash and Go doesn't work on 4c hair. Don't do it if your hair is longer than shoulder length. Beware of the KNOTS! and LOTS of breakage! I think it's best to modify the wash and go and kinda dry it (at least 90%) WHILE in twist so then untwist it and it's better. Less shrinkage means LESS SINGLE STRAND KNOTS. MORE shrinkage MORE single strand knots.

Akeisha Bowman

So, can I use the wash and go method on my three year old?


I just stumbled upon this!! I'm in Heaven.


Omgoodness this man is telling you a bunch of misinformation. 1st, 4c hair does not grow as fast as straight Caucasian hair because our hair is dry! That's ridiculous. Then to wash your hair twice a week? 4c hair is headed for even drier conditions. Have you heard the old saying that dirt makes your hair grow? Well that's not true but it basically kept people from washing the oil from their hair. You should probably find an expert who grew up with our hair and did not learn about it in a book.

Sarah Galloway

While this tutorial is extremely informative, the sound is irritating. Can you work on that?

It's Lisa

He does not look white at all...he is just light complexion

That’s So Cici

I love how he’s educated on kinky hair.

Arina Jamir

What does overnight condition mean??

Tanasha Thomas

As a licensed cosmetologist, please don't let conditioner sit on your head overnight

Angel Sellers

My confusion comes from the fact that I have a pattern that's not necessarily tightly curled (around 3b 3c) yet it's course and always dry as if I had a 4b texture. Because of that my hair never does anything correctly and I feel like it always looks dry even if I have a product on it.
Any advice would be much appreciated


Love this, thanks for the information!

Gabby Street

Any products at Sally’s that with use relaxes your curly hair over time.

Feee Lion

my shit is frieeeddd

Kaleiya clark

How laughed at his name just me I guess I’m just childish




That that then I have to go to NYCfor a silk press


Thanks for the series! Lots of information. I am soaking it all in. Also, has anyone ever told you you look a little like Tisha Campbell-Martin?You just reminded me of her in this video. Keep the series coming! Lots of information I am learning. Thanks again.

mariel ramirez

but how much they charged though?


so heat damage comes from dry hair?? So high heat has nothing to do with it?? Riight


So what he is saying about cowashing....if i wash my hair Friday, then by Wed. I should cowash? How often should someone with 4c hair cowash?


this was an awesome video. i do not hav e4c hair. i have 3c/4s texture but this was still very informative. great job Taren!!!

Michael Carter

She is beautifully pregnant

Lizay Skyy

Can he teach these “hair professionals “ coz I’m tired of going to a so called natural hair salon and having them mess up?

Poetess REDD

what if your kinky hair already has heat damage on the ends ..
I wish I had seen the video a long time ago

My Self

Do you have a salon in Canada?


Hi Taren I know this is a really old vid so I hope you will see this question. I am wondering if you can recommend a stylist in CA. My hair is in dire need of a trim ( more likely a cut by now). Any help you are able to provide is greatly appreciated.


So what co-wash shampoo is great to use?

Tina Loye

Wish the music wasn't there cause it's giving me an headache but good education value.


Thank you for this! I am definitely in the 4 family and this was very useful. I've never allowed anyone to touch my natural tresses but I will be sure to stop by this salon during my next visit to NY! Can anyone advise me on a good shampoo for type 4 hair as he described in the video. I currently use Trader Joes, Alaffia's Black Soap shampoo, or J.R. Liggett's old fashioned shampoo bar----my new favorite :) 

Tammy G

Our hair is curly. There's no need to seperate kinky away from curl. And that's a negative way to speak. Curls can be loose or tight and saying 4a,b,c etc speaks exactly on what is happening. You should learn to accept that


This white man is teaching me more about my natural hair then I ever learned in 20 years of life


He's right. I make sure my hair is spongy with leave in and natural gel before a low heat blow dry to fluff up my fro. I never fully straighten my hair. I might do so in the future.

chan chan

I have kinky ass hair and I tried everything lmao HELP

marla parker

They aint black


When I first watched this video I was like "What does this white man thinks hes doing??" >:O.... And then I ended up learning a few things ._.

Chevy Brown

Who keeps watching this over and over again?! ??????


As a cosmetologist the terminolgy used is politically incorrect in the hair world. (Kinky) definitely needs to be replaced with natural or tight coiled/naturally curly hair. Nr. Dickey as a stylist obviously should have caught that.

Gigi S.

Thank you Taren Guy!!!!!! U are bomb!!!

Mimi Pitt

Is it a moisture conditioner she has or a protein?

Deneesha Morgan

I got my hair straightened by a professional and she ruined my hair. It won’t go back to it’s natural state. I’m sad because of it. It’s just straight like I have perm

Miss Nolver

Een witte man? Hoe komen sommige mensen daar nou weer bij? Hij heeft toch kroes haar en negroïde gelaatstrekken? ? Hij is zeker weten van gemengde afkomst of een albino.


You can tell this man is a hair lover.

Crystal's Adventures

I must of watched these videos over 50 times, but now I'm ready to come to NY to get my hair cut and colored  and would like to go to Aimee.  Thank you Taren for this salon feel free to tag along with me I'm coming from Philadelphia to come to Hair Rules .. So excited.  Crystal 

Dhakirah Obsidian

The lady with the afro looks like, Gena from Martin.

niqua m

I want to go to NYC more now. Because, of him. I’m from VA itself close to DC area. All I have to do is drive there. I’m a couple hours away from NYC.

Bria W.

This is so informative! ? what a relief! ??


After watching this I think I might need to pay Hair Rules Salon a visit. I have NEVER been to a salon in my life since my mother always did my hair, but since going natural I've been looking for somewhere to finally cut the relaxed ends off. It's been two years too long and I think Anthony knows his stuff. Thanks Taren for this great video and all the info! <3


Very informative!

Fatimah A.

HI, I wanted to know if you could give me some advice on what's going on with my hair. For the past three months I've been having major hair  breakage at first it was medium but now its to the point where  when I wash my hair it feels really gummy and comes out in huge clumps however when its dry its feels brittle and dry. I tried washing my hair with a clarifying shampoo but that didn't help much. Now I'm to the point where I cant even wash my hair because it will come out in clumps. A lot of people are telling to cut my hair but I feel like it wont help because the rest of my hair will still feel the same way but it will just be shorter.  Do you know what I can do that can stop this breakage?

Julia Lane

Y'all talk too much. Its shouldn't be a part 2. Get to the point ASAP

Teah Miller

Thanks...by the way you look like Gina from Martin show ?

Champion 2015

Okay this man is very knowledgeable about the hair and I love his style and personality. I learned a lot. I will move on to part 2.

Braxton Quintanilla Summer Houston Carey Clarkson

I love these videos with Dickey! He seems so knowlegable about hair and brings up goods points I've never even thought of. Please continue making these videos, I learn something new everyday!!

Linda Khamsong

dickey lol

Manassee Louis Jeune

I have a question when you blow dry do you use the leave in conditioner on the hair while wet or wait after blow dry?

Linda Nash

Great info. I am glad i found this one. Even if its 2016. Thanks.

Erica Xavier

What moisturizer or conditioner is great to use on 4c hair type?

Nicole Allen

Is that her husband


Loving this series.....I'm learning so much. I truly appreciate you posting these videos. I wish I could go to his salon, can you tell him to franchise his salon in Miami :-)


Thank you Taren.

Chimere Lecky

I know what you mean Donna European hair is more prone to lice, yet the poor woman or another black person wouldn't necessarily say "I don't want to share that pillow". Or another example, you wouldn't say "I don't want her to bend down and talk to me incase the lice jump into my hair". However yes I do know we can get lice but it's still a known fact that the lice don't prefer our hair and don't get to slide along the coils easily!! I think we take offence when people say "blacks can't get lice can they ?" Why because it's usually due to the fact that, other races believe our hair is filthy,so therefore the lice won't take to our hair. Basically our hair is a sest pit and even lice are wary of it.Thats the notion.

Poetess REDD

do you have a video for kinky hair with heat damage, please help

Tracey Henson

4 cuts a year... That's cutting it off as soon as it grows . ?

Antoinette Billingsley

Wish I could fly in and get my hair whipped!!! :-)

Debbie Debeaux

Taren I absolutely love, love, love this hair series. This man has changed the way I look at my kinky hair.

Racquel Forbes

the man talk too much get to work man

Shakera Rowe

I know that Im super late to this video but it loved it, he is very knowledgable.

M Luna

How much does it cost?

Feee Lion

my shit is frieeeddd

My Self

How do I do this routine if I work every day so always on the go?

Very KinkyCurl

Omg, that from honey!! So perfect. Do you or can you do tut vid on shaping your natural hair??

S Day

This video is priceless

chanell rogers

Can you have him do one on transitioning hair.


The background music is kind of loud, or is it just me?


i wanna get my hair done by him. If you need another model let me know

Bel Chan

anybody know how much they charge for  hair cut?


3:05 lol

Culinary Guide

I love this!

Duenna Ingram

Watching this...what type of shampoo did he say


This was soooo useful! Thank you for doing it!!!!

Pamm Meee

I wish i had known....before I gave my hair heat damage ?


I've been to his salon 3 times and loved it. never got heat damaged. went to another salon near my house and my hair is screwed. some hair salons are really bad they just dont understand natural hair. they just know hw to do relaxers and weaves.

omega weak

Wow he makes me believe I can care for my hair.

Tyffies Universe

This video could use an update there are methods that don't use blow dryers that produce better results


This was very informative! Watching as I have to cut my heat damaged hair ???

Christina Griffith

What about for elementary age girls???

Taryn Salazar

I love this guy! He gives so much useful information. Fairy knots! Heat protectants! Things that I thought I knew but was wrong about! Next time I'm in NY, I'm going to go visit his salon. In the mean time, I'm going to apply what I've learnt.

My Self

Great hair tips

Belinda Braxton

Can you recommend any places like yours in the Boston, Mass area?

Connie Burriss

How do you know so much about our hair?

Incognitoria Anonymousita

Taren your hair is beautiful!

Racquel Forbes

These man IN THE blue shirt talk too much just get the the point

Jen Thomas

I’d rather support a black person

Candace Laws

So she washed then deep condition?


I think black women look ridiculous in those wigs! Why do black women wear those wigs? Why can't they be proud of their black heritage???

Ndorike Enyinkeowo


Protect hair from heat damage

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Updated Straight Hair Routine- How to Avoid Heat Damage (Natural Hair)

63 395 views | 16 Oct. 2017


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HEY GUYS! In today's video I will be sharing with you my updated straight hair routine and I will show you how I straighten my natural hair. I will also show you how to avoid heat damage on your natural hair! The most important thing is to always use a heat protectant and blow dry your hair thoughly before going in with the flat iron. I blow dry my hair on warm to avoid using so much heat! Heat damage can truly ruin your curls and I don't want that because I wear my hair curly more than straight. I usually straighten my hair a few times a year but lately I have been doing it more often. I don't know why but I always love straight hair in the fall and winter months. I hope you guys enjoy my updated straight hair routine, give me a thumbs up, subscribe, and share with your friends. Comment "these are my obsessions" in the comment section if you are reading this!

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Updated hair straightening video- Curly to straight Tutorial- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlYWm1ESje0

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Thanks for watching Updated Straight Hair Routine- How to Avoid Heat Damage (Natural Hair)

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Yay for updated hair videos!


does it puff up do to humidity. when i flat iron my hair, once i step outside its puffs up again

anonymous lover

Your so lucky I wish my hair was like yours

Deanna Nichole

Does the Jazlah hair perfume have moisturizing benefits?

Plush Furr

I have the red color kiss blow dryer. I luv it. The detangler comb attachment is life. Luvit

Twod Shal

Does it smell burnt at all when your done?x


Where can we get your hair fragrance and what does it smell like? Sweet? Florally? Similar to conditioner scent??

Sierra LaFaye

Love ur lip color!

Bryson H

Your hair is beautiful! How long does your hair normally stay straight without frizz with those products?

Jus Gie

That's it I'm straightening my hair


Can you talk more about the flat iron you used???? I'm looking for a good one.

fatou samb

I wish my hair is as beautiful as yours

ally cora

U go girl with that straight hair ?


Pretty results.


How do you keep it straight in the Chicago humidity?



Felicia Gray

what lip color are you wearing?

Chisom Anyanwu

Did you use heat protection

Lisa Johnson

I'm so proud of you!!!!!

Edline Salva

Yes girl you got length

Nomso Agim

length goal

Lee EightiesBaby

Do You live in a humid climate? If so what products do you use to combat frizz and poofiness after flat ironing ?

Little You and Me TV

Out of all your hair growth techniques you post which do you feel you use the most? Or do you just mix it up a lot ?

Beverly & Ayara_chammaine



Awwww it's cute! I remember when you couldn't straighten your hair. Now look at you slaying that flat iron lol


Hair type?

Luckie Flame

Need to get my hair this long

Sheen Boo

I’m so mad I’ve been subscribed to you for years I was wondering why I was getting notifications anymore , Youtube unsubscribed me they really need to get that fixed ugh


20-25 minutes for flat ironing?! Why am I so slow??!! I don't get it.

Mikey Smith

That intro was everything!

Christie Carson

Congratulations on your new products, Maryam! The sky is the limit for you! Also, you and your hair look lovely, as always! Keep up the wonderful work!

Anastacia Gabrielle Flores

Any small YouTubers want to support eachother??? Can't believe you're at 193K!!!! I've been here since day 1! So awesome seeing you grow!

Mcoys Dancing


Anthony Antoncich


DanceMoms BOSS

Finally got it right ?

Yalon Mishaél

Your hair is so bomb


I love that is has body ????. Not completely bone straight

Eva Maf

How many times do you flat iron per month

De'Jha Joy

You've really come a long way with your flat iron routines. This is bomb!

Twod Shal



Does your hair fragrance have water in it?

Precious Lafleur

What kind of flat iron do you use? Great video btw.


Mary, the shipping for this flat iron is $200 that can't be right? The iron itself is $200. They'd be doing us wrong if that shipping price isn't a mistake.

Xariah Ashantae

Your hair has grown so much since you first started YouTube ?

IBreathe Curlz

Hi I am new to your channel! Your hair is thick and lovely! Great job! Keep up the good work. I like supporting other naturals, sending ? to your channel! Thumbs up #453 here! Stop by and return the ?

Destiny Thomas

You and your hair is pretty! ??✨

Olivia Brown

Amazing hair!! I would really love to see you do a product review of Straight Silk Spray by JuniorLabs. It makes my hair silky smooth ❤️?

Felicia Mesadieu


Bigbabyteresa !

Remeber in 2015 when you could barely straighten your hair lmaoooo and now you all pro

Hella Gracey

thats cool

Takira Sharde

I subscribed recently and I'm finding inspiration in your videos and hair length. Even though I have high porosity and color treated strands, I'm still watching videos from years ago to your latest ones. You seem creative, funny, humbled and deserving. I'm genuinely happy to see that you are expanding business-wise with the berry deep conditioner, fragrance and clothing. Have a great 2018!!

neutral nutella

"and when people hug me they be like 'guuurl you smell goooood'"???

Lorbeth Donhar

Such great improvement since your first and second tries back in 2015... good job!


You are so Beautiful !


But that dress though ??

Sameera salah


Celines Berroa


Via is A Beauty

Beautiful packaging on the Jazlah

deputy dog

come on modelling agency's you should be snapping this beautiful girl up she would be the next super model

Desi Mc

How do you maintain your straight hair through out the week?

Mimi's Craft

I used to use a blow-dryer with a teeth attachment and I went crazy with it and broke my hair off I'm bad with hair?

So Jaded

yasss ! you really got better at this.

BabyDoll Liyah

What lipstick is that? It's beautiful

LaTore'a Newell

pretty results?

Naomi Osandu

what lipstick is that?


ahhhh!! your hair is goals!!! And I'm definitely getting a hoodie with the goddess queen! I just knew I was the only one that referred to myself as that!! Great minds think alike!! #goddessqueenin

Talia Bella

Just Gorgeous.

Brittany Murrell

Love love your hair it. has gotten so long and healthy.

isabel gyimah

All my fav youtubers posting today ????????

dale underdue

So beautiful! I get frustrated with my natural hair & would like to "occasionally" blow dry and straighten it. Which product would you recommend as an excellent heat protectant? Thank you & ?? your videos.

Erika Neal

Hey girlfriend your hair looks great but one thing about the hair perfume...I went to the link when you made the last announcement because I was interested in purchasing but it didnt list the ingredients so I didnt. Is the ingredients listed somewhere so i can take a look at it before I go spraying it in my hair. I would like to have hair perfume, but I also dont want it drying me out. Thanks girl

kens mb

You couldn't tell me anything if I had your hair. Like not even a whisper. Still goals. ? "these are my obsessions"


U look like a MyScene doll!! Remember those??

Sara Burth

I think Blue Ivy might look like you when she grows up. Pretty?

Plush Furr

Gorgeous ?

Diana Jackson

What is your thoughts on steam Hair Straighteners? How you think they work on low porosity hair? Can they cause heat damage?

Dianne Saint

Thanks for sharing Maryam!! Do you use the natural hair relaxer anymore? Also, I long do you keep your hair straight before washing again? Does your perfume keep the same smell for days or does it start to smell different as your hair gets older?

Adeola Ogundipe

Can you do a week in my hair video?

Chinyere Fidelis

you've been hearing this a lot but I want to repeat it again..Maryam,you are so beautiful


Can you show a close up on your ends after straightening? I watched the video to see how you avoided heat damage
but I couldn't tell if your method worked.

I assume after every heat styling hair will have alot split ends.

So is your way preventing that for the most part? I am understand not a 100% nothing is 100%.

Jordan Smith


Ok No

That's it I'm also straightening my hair

Nisso M


Sami A

Ive been wanting long hair all my life and it Makes me sad that its still not long ?

Yoly Curls

You are not using Straight Perfection pomade anymore?