How to keep pool cover from sagging

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Stop a portable awning from sagging with rain water

29 024 views | 15 Nov. 2017

McKay Customs, LLC

You see that little velcro strap above your finger? Those are there for a reason, pull that tent down over the base properly. :/

Steve Clark

Thanks for the tip, I'm going to try your Technique. I see exactly what you're doing unlike someone else. I'm on my second canopy, my first one completely collapsed. I take it camping and I've sat out there for hours pushing the rain off many times but this past year it got me in the middle of the night. Total collapse. Those velcro straps just don't pull it tight enough.


Cool we have one that covers our new deck. Thanks for the tip, It pored down rain yesterday yesterday and our stood up. I have it anchored on our deck with screws to hole the legs down and it didn't even try to blow away


something worked better for me just place one pencil size hole in the key spot each side.


Or you could also try setting it up as it’s intended and it should work better

Dafty In The Garden

hi this pooling just broke my last gazebo just got another and the same thing is happening i will try this out better than putting hole in it as in Scotland the only reason to by on of these is to keep you dry outside :)

Judith Vlcek

Thank you very much

How to keep pool cover from sagging

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How to PROTECT Your Inground Winter POOL COVER | Swim University

16 714 views | 5 Sep. 2015

On this episode we’re

On this episode we’re talking about protecting your inground winter pool cover. And due to overwhelmingly positive feedback, I’m going to continue making these videos. Thanks to everyone who responded. Now let’s do this thing!

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Joao Costa

I am about to buy a safety cover, but I don't know if should get a mesh cover or solid cover. any vantage from one or the other? thanks

Matthew Wood

Keep going with the videos Matt, id love too see you back out in the yard again :(

Swim University

Do you have a safety cover for your inground pool or just a tarp?

How to keep pool cover from sagging

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Solid Vinyl vs Mesh Inground Winter Pool Cover; Which is Better?

31 529 views | 28 Mar. 2018

Should I get a solid

Should I get a solid vinyl or mesh inground pool cover?

Mesh pool covers typically cost $200–$600 less than a solid vinyl pool cover and last 10–15 years. They don't need a pump on top and generally require no work during the offseason. However, the pool water gets dirty and algae can grow. Solid vinyl pool covers last 7–11 years and keep the pool water clean so that it requires less maintenance in the spring. However, they cost more than mesh covers and need a pump.

This video also answers common questions like...

full article ?https://goo.gl/Heq9sK

What is the difference between solid vinyl and mesh pool covers?

What type of pool cover is most expensive?

What type of pool cover is best for winter?

What type of pool cover is best for safety?

What type of pool cover doesn't require maintenance in off season?

What type of pool cover requires maintenance?

Can water get through my winter cover?

Do I need a pump to keep water off my winter cover?

How long will my pool winter cover last?

How long will a solid vinyl pool cover last?

How long will a mesh pool cover last?

How many people does it take to remove a pool cover?

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PJ Jackson

So you can close a pool and winterize with a solid vinyl pool cover and use no chemicals or automatic cleaners until you open it again in spring?

Caroline Doner

Now a new mesh cover has been launched by Loop-Loc called "Aqua-Xtreme" which deters algae growth and drains lightning-quick. Unlike other light blocking covers, this one drains up to 80 gallons per minute without clogging, giving you complete peace of mind. It gathers to my opinion, the advantages of the Solid and of the mesh, so you don't have to choose ;)

Marien Cole

After 30 years of vinyl, your video allowed me to explore the mesh option.  No thanks.  I'll stay with my solid vinyl pool covers.  Crystal clear water when I open my pool in the spring is what I want to see.  THANK YOU for the informative video.


How do I keep snow buildup off it, or huge puddles during winter or spring. Most pumps work but water freezes in hose.

Dominick Rezza