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Watch Me Do Nails | Acrylic Nails Tutorial | Long Coffin Nails

277 186 views | 27 Aug. 2019

DND gel polishes:

DND gel polishes: https://www.princessnailsupply.com/dnd-dc-duo-gel-042-red-cherry/

1) cuticle pusher: Cuticle Trimmer with Cuticle... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P7YT18S?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

2) Nail Drill: http://bit.ly/scamandernaildrill

? PROMO CODE:Natali12?

12% off Scamander Rechargeable Nail Drill

Active from today until Aug 31

3) sanding bands: AKOAK 100 Pcs/Lot #180 Grit File Sand Piece Set Nail Art Professional Sanding Bands Brown Pieces Gel File Gel Polish Remover Manicure Pedicure Nail Machine Nail Tools https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XZ1DKD7/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_QjZ.CbC5072HD

4) course drill bit: USA Pana 3/32" Safety Nail... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L0T7F6G?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share

5) Mis secret acrylic: https://www.nailsupplyglamour.com/MIA-SECRET-FROSTED-PINK-ACRYLIC-POWDER-2oz-p/nsg-pl430-fp.htm

✨promo code: getnailed ✨

6) Mia secret acrylic system: https://


✨promo code: GETNAILED ✨

7) primer: Young Nails Nail Protein Bond, Superior Bonding Primer for Acrylic and Gel, 0.25 oz. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00EF4BBPA/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_pFElDbZ089QTY

8) acrylic brush: http://alphabrushes.myshopify.com?aff=6


9) nail tips: www.getnailed32.com

10) nail files: www.getnailed32.com

11) nail glue: www.getnailed32.com

12)gel resin: https://zulaysnails.bigcartel.com/product/bling-adhesive-bundle

13) buffers: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F272876888181

14) gel topcoat: Ibd Intense Seal .5oz Each (0.5 Ounces) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0017BGQR2/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_1uZ.CbNSBBZXG

15) manicure table: https://furniture.valentinobeautypure.com/products/valentino-lux-manicure-nail-table

16) Madam glam: https://www.madamglam.com/collections/gels/?utm_source=GetNailed&utm_medium=youtube&utm_campaign=sm

?PROMO CODE: GetNailed?

? ? ????

➕ Extra:

Song: LAKEY INSPIRED - Chill Day (Vlog No Copyright Music)

Music provided by Vlog No Copyright Music.

Video Link: https://youtu.be/vtHGESuQ22s

Claudia Washington

Love your videos. You are very informative and your nails look very good.

Vanity Girl

Love this color and style they ?? came out so pretty ?

Marco Antonio


Girl WithLuv_And_UGH !

Gorgeous nails!!!!

Dat B

Love all your videos!!!! Will you do a dip powder tutorial video?? ?????

Anna Maria

Your set up is beautiful I hope I can creat a salon that’s as beautiful as this one day!


My 3 year old
Mommy I love those nails , tell her come do mine

Annabel Stine

Where did u get ur caviar? It’s so pretty

Laxed Laxed


Jens Profession

Do you use a thing to reduce the smell of monomer?Anyone?

LaTera Allen

What uv light do you use? I am looking to buy one but am unsure where to start for a beginner.

ellie eunhae

that one hair in the background.... ocd has entered the chat


Could you please post an affordable nail dust collector I can’t seem to be able to make a choice on amazon thank you I love your Channel ??

Melissa Juarez

am i the only person that watches nail videos out of context? cause thats me bruh, been doing this since i was nine?.

Daniela Lucecita Quevedo Lopez


Kara Biles


Galaxy A3

Wow you’re so good thank you so much for being a blessing in my life I’ve learnt so much from you now have to just put them all into practice


When will your site be back up?


you did amazing!!!

India Wells

Can u do like a short mini clip of removing the fake nails from a client/your nails or you already did it?

SherKendra B

Why not just use all clear nails?

Hung Phan


Alyssa Gray

I love hearing "hey everyone.. Welcome back to my channel" ???

Laxed Laxed


Latonia Marrero


Adriana Velazquez


Cynthia Maria Striker

The screen is blank I hear it but there's no picture

Marquia Parnell

Love your channel! I'm a beginner and I've found you to be the most helpful. What brush do you use to remove polish around the cuticle? The brushes I'm using for it aren't good at all.

Theylove Lupitaa

I love how she’s explaining everything btw sis those nails cuteee??


I love how slim these look!! And i love the off white!!!

LAj Games

Very nice how much does a set like this cost?


Hey girl ❤️ can I ask where the caviar is from?

Jasmine A

How many layers of acrylic needs to be applied on each nail?

Dean Twitchett

Amazing work as always natali ???

Queen Venus

You’re a great teacher ! ❤️

Lashonya Hutton

Different applications tutored in one demonstration I love it


I always try to put on my acrylictipsstraight but It alway comes out slanted , any tips ?


OMG ty sooo much for making me feel like I'm not the only one tht is about to throw he whole dam table across the room. But just like u said I set myselfbon a weekly schedule and everyweek I do something different.if I don't get what I'm doing that week to my satisfaction I stay on it a little longer but ty ty for not making me feel like I have to have this over night love it girl.

sadie marie

Where is the caviar from

Frida Leon

Why don’t you put the top coat over the rhinestones ? Would that secure them even more and prevent them from popping off ?

Shelby Macario

Can you do birthday nail video

AllyRemi L

I love these designs, every bit of it!! So beautifully done and so gorgeous to look at. Thanks for sharing your talent.

Dallany Ramirez

Have you ever had a person that had worts on there finger? What did you think when you saw them?

IwalkAndchewGum Daily

I like what you did with that client fingers


Seems my nails always come out looking fat. How does this happen? What am i doing wrong???

Emily Kerr

Them bridges be flat


where did you get the nails from? * link*

Laxed Laxed


Melissa Dallas

Omg Sis, I’m so in love with this set!!! All I can say is this is absolutely stunning perfection!!! Tysmfs Love ya sis!!! ??????✨✨✨???


Where do you get the crystals from? I need some crystals for my nails! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Teresa Buck

Baby thank you for your encouragement..... You're so patient..and thank you for the tips they will be used!!???

Red Poetry

You are such an awesome educator. The schedule idea it was something that I did many years ago. It is an awesome idea and it’s something that really really will help individuals who are not as organized, have a lot going on, to remember to sit down and actually focus on something that they really need to skill up on. Your ideas are great. I think that many people cannot wait, including myself, until we start seeing you going around the country doing your classes or maybe letting us know what’s going on in your classroom or something. Continue to GLOW up!

BTW, love your new intro. I was waiting for it. ????

Nails by Imarie

Love your videos! I watch them on the daily you’ve helped me so much I’m currently in school to become a nail tech and they’re very basic classes.. so you’ve taught me a lot!

Where do you get your bling from?? ?

S af

Ouch that’s a super ruff bitt to remove shine from the natural nail plate

Chanel Rogers

Beautiful Nial Designs ? ?

Cecilia Neumann

You are so good at doing nails

Laxed Laxed


Dior B

Where’s the caviar beads from

Madalynn Gray

But I've always wanted real ones

Anely Palafox

Cuteee ???

Larena Thompson

What all do you need to put a gel polish over an acrylic nail? And what order do they go?

Kat Walk

Sooooo pretty!!! I love that frosted pink! ??

Madalynn Gray

I always put on fake nails


My birthday nails!!! Doing on myself today; Happy Birthday to me. Thank you so much Natali with your beautiful self ????

Sylver Yarn

Where r you located?

Savannah Morton

i’m getting my first pair of acrylics tomorrow and i’m so exited!! i’m 11 so they’re probably gonna hurt

T&M Beauty

If the acrylic builds up in your brush, can you just soak it in acetone??

Savannah Belton

She's my nail idol


Beautiful ??

Angela Pate

In love with this set! Hands down my favorite YouTube channel! I can't get enough of ur videos!!


So beautiful

Mascha Kucher

Girl you are amazing! So talented

Neicy Moore

Where do you find this off white acrylic?
I see white or pink’s not off white

Jaci Ferreyra

I seen this exact design on Instagram in pink super cute!

monique ross


Pvkou B

How much did you charge for this set ?

Kayla Bear

I'm so happy I found your channel. ? thank you so much for this.


Basically using the clear tips on all the nails, the off white would look like Nut

alanna lee

I wanna get my nails done from weree ?

gloria jones

My ? day nails my b-day is may 16 I ? how you do nails so please do my ?

Taylor Yasmine

Love you natali❤️❤️❤️

Laxed Laxed


Arlyn Sanchez

Where would i find the gems & stone you use ....


ive been watching people getting their nails done because i want to get mine done and these are by far the prettiest I've seen. Everything you do is with care and i lowkey wish that was me. I want long coffin nails like so and also an acrylic set but maybe not this long since i do use my hands a lot and it would be a waste if I just broke it. Thanks for the inspiration, these look so pretty!

Grisel Griselda

How much did this cost? I live in California and I’m not sure

Jessica Phillips


Stephanie Carrasco

Thank you for all the tips and advise.. You are amazing and a great teacher.! ????

janee x x

Every time i file the tip is the shape i want but the tip on the nail looks big and uneven, it's really hard to describe it's like im not filing the tip straight i don't know how to fix it

Laxed Laxed


Bridgett Cole

Dam Natali you are so good of a teacher likewise a good tutor. Very detailed well explained, inspiring you name it that's you. God bless you for being so honest and real.unlike some teachers who are very dishonest in collecting ppls money and not being so detail. I lef dem to God. Love you girl yo bless!!

shante mcgill

Is low priority?

Stella Renee

what kind of glue for your rhinestones are you using ?

Ziggz OVO

New intro. I loveeee it ! ❤

adri ana


Daku Nozomi

4:36 juuAsst

triggered asf

This is my second year doing acrylics and your videos helped a lot❤️

Valerie H.


Laxed Laxed


Bebe Patton

I’m new!! Just subscribed!! Your nails looked great!! I wish I could have seen yours too!!

Vanessa M

these look amazing!!! I love them

I do nails

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Acrylic Nails Tutorial | Nails For Beginners | Acrylic Application | Nails shapes | Materials

1 807 643 views | 24 Oct. 2018

Natali Carmona

Natali Carmona

P.O. BOX 192471

Little Rock, AR 72219

‼️Nail supplies from amazon‼️

?Drill bits ?press on nail item ? much more...


Check out this Idea List on Amazon: Nail Supplies by Natalie Carmona https://www.amazon.com/shop/natalicarmona?listId=QY1V779HER0V&ref=idea_share_inf

Dappen dish



Product Consistency Practice Sheet

?? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Q767e34kAw_DvI3TcvR7UOEY6J5n8GNv/view?usp=drivesdk ??

Items used:

?acrylic system: https://jcbeautyconcepts.com/

PROMO CODE: GetNailed32 ‼️‼️‼️‼️

?clean up brush: Present Nail Art #8 Kolinsky Sable Brush Acrylic UV Gel Nail Polish Brush Nail Art Tips Builder Pen Manicure (Short Hair) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07RWMZ4WP/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_n6miFbW0Z7S59

?Swarovski crystals: http://www.skybeadsonline.com/

PROMO CODE: Getnailed5

?#10 Oval Kolinsky: http://alphabrushes.myshopify.com?aff=6



?Nail drill: https://www.melodysusie.com/pages/christmas-sale

Promo code: NATALI

?LED/UV Light: https://www.melodysusie.com/products/pro48w-led-uv-nail-lamp

Promo code:NATALI

?100/100 nail files: www.getnailed32.com

? Nail Tips, nail clippers and buffers : www.getnailed32.com

?KDS Glue: www.getnailed32.com

?Gel Polish: Madam Glam Gel polish: https://bit.ly/2Mkhdlm


? Zulay nail adhesive: https://zulaysnails.bigcartel.com/product/bling-adhesive-bundle ORDER IVOUS-306063

Courtney Defrancesco

Right now I pick the weirdest time because I’m coming from the streets and most of the people that I know are drug attic so I know that they can’t sit through something like this if they want it done but then I can’t open up to new people because then my past stop them from thinking that I’m a good person.

Joselin Sanchez

So happy I found ur channel ❤️

Jeanette Estrada

Do you prefer a slow dry monomer or fast dry for beginners? And what size brush for beginners?

Adyana Huertas

Free edge is 180º angle 90 º is vertically straight. Thank you for your dedication and teaching us with your patience. Your awesome.

Elizabeth Flachs

I'm going to enjoy playing around with the acrylic powder.....I know the Apex needs to be arched but too thick looks so fake. Thanks for sharing ur knowledge with us...appreciate it.

Lisa Lorenzano

thank you so much u showed it all.

Dania Teran

Is primer the base coat

Beau Dejong

I’m learning to do these thankyou

Jessica Rice

Omg kds are my initials Kaylah danelle swan

Elise C

I’m horrible at it bc with the kit I have the fake individual fingers


I am a big fan

Adrienne Simpkins

What if you're family members or friends don't want you to practice on their nails

Lisa Smiles

Going to learn how to do my own nailssss!! I always want to get them done, but I can never afford it.

Khadine Isaac

how much for the hand

Kelen Ramirez

Thank u i am starting to do nails and this helped me a lot

Natalie Gonzalez

I don’t know if you explained or said anything about this but how far do you put the nail tip ?

Angelo Martinez

Show yeah I really love Your videos your videos????❤❤❤?????????❤❤❤

Zoey Mata

I am going starting to do nails thanks for the tips and advice

Bhavjot Matharu

Hi hi

Itzel Reyes

I learned a lot of steps just watching a 57 minute video ❤️

Crystal Gomez

I love your four ball method. This video is so informative for a beginner.


Out of all the videos this one was the one that taught me how to do acrylic and hit the reason I’m making 12 dollars an hour at my aunts salon! Life saver . Really ?

Crystal Gomez

I love how you basically gave every angle of how to do nails in one clip

Hawa Tv

Question people say that that u should not drag but u should hold and tap

Deandra Williams

Amazing training. Everything so detailed..I’m gonna give it another try because I gave up before

jackie ortiz

they said not to drag only tap not to drag

kyla morgan

I already know how to do acrylic nails already even though I am a child

Mckenzie Esquivel

Omg I am so convinced to get the melody Susie nail drill and I was looking at some videos last night to ask for it for Christmas and so I was going to show my mom this morning and I found the reviews and it said they are HORRIBLE ?. Can you answer my question in a video and tell us how long you have had it and if it still works well.

Shaniece Tandy

I’m a little kid and I learned a lot of things from this because I going to start my on business

grace grace

When I get my nails done they do not care about cuts or the nail being Crooked

Senait Washington

Your dope girl I seen 2 videos from you & it definitely helped me out ! I’m having a little issue with shaping so it’s helping me . Thank you girl ??☺️

Ravy Chan

Where did you buy pond nail trainer?

Kerri Riddle

you're actually not supposed to drag to create a bead, at least that's what I've learned when doing nails.

Queen Hadassah

Where did you get the nail tips from?

Dania Teran

Do you always use kids glue so i can buy does it wirk goid

Amanda Johnson

Where do yu get the hand Nd the nail yu put on da hand beige yu start

Nolina Small

Very clear instructions and excellent job!!! I love it

Kyley Baker

Bruh I need help on the comirs

Emily Rodriguez

https://youtu.be/Wsan2tbL5Zw?t=3003 Her: you do not want to get it on the skin
also her: is filing the other finger at the same time

Sue Stratton

any ideas? i can't get my nail tips to stick on practice hand?

Leray Pinder

Cassandra Alexis
Please tell me where i can find the Monomer warmer I've looked every where

Βιβη Τσιαμασιωτη

Thank u so much for this video it helped me so much! Finally someone who explains the steps clearly and easily❤️

Egg Gamings

In the beginning when she was clipping the nails she accidentally took the fingernail off???

Sophie Dixon

once i got my nails done and the women left the nail file ,nit the hand one, just on my finger in one spot. Never again

Crystal Gomez

Your so good. I love the way you sculpt it’s so important

Queen Y.

As a cosmetologist love you didn’t go over the angle of the nail like making it curve when you apply the nail to the bed..which means when you hold the nail to the side will it have that curve show how to get the curve because people will put nails on straight


Thank you for this was really helpful because I’m a beginner and I was doing a lot of wrong things with the nails and this was a great help thank you ❤️❤️?

Peyton Singletary

Hi!!! I was wondering what you think someone with long nails should get rather than acrylics? My nails aren’t super long but they don’t break easily and I am able to shape them pretty well. :) also, love your work!!!!

Agnes Velez

This video was so informative and I loveeeeee it thank you so much!!!

0g. Ashleee

Very detailed ?never thought I could stay engaged in a video this long


why are my nails not sticking to the nail bed of the dummy hand?

Christina Mercadante

i ordered a whole lot ton of acrylic nail things. and now it’s time learn how to actually use them-

Sha’Liyah Rogers

What kinda nail glue do you use

Jessica Ortiz


J. Movies

The best video I've ever seen she bring and teach you through every step .... thanks for this video ?


This is really cool!! I’ve been wanting to learn how to do acrylic nails so eventually I can do my sisters so she don’t gotta spend $$ no more hehe


Thank you so much for the filing tip! I’ve been doing it wrong all along and damaging my nails, THANK YOU!!!!

Milana Crespo

i feel like i’m in class ? i wish my cosmetology class taught me how to nails like for real bc they didn’t really taught us much

Mia Croskey

This help me thank you?

Emilee Pennington

Me: saves video so I can rewatch it when I get my packages?

Crystal Gomez

The powder to liquid ratio is so enlightening

Viwe Rani

I know I'm the only one who blew at the table while she was filing ??

China Beiermeister

Thank you for this video ! I am a dip powder lover but I really want to learn acrylic so bad. I’m a cosmetologist & it just wasn’t taught that well in school. I’m going to do this on my fiancé lol.

Aliya Cooldog

I have a question if you like want to use that Mail for like and put it on you like how do you take it off of the other Click on nail? Or can ya?

Adyana Huertas

You make it look so easy. You are an artist.

Naj D

Thank you for this ! Very straight to the point and informative

Bluebird Bluebird

She went the speed of light when she was buffing the acrylic ? lol

Jessy Hm

You’re work is very clean !

Angelo Martinez

I learned from you but I'm still learning

Baby_Bunny UwUz

where my 2020 squad at?


Let me start taking some notes and learn ! It’s Dec 2020 and I’m just seeing this ???

Tytiana Glenn

@thatgirlleloz don’t flatter yourself every one is good in their own way

Karla Deleon

Is a dehydrator necessary? Or did you just not use one because you were working on a practice hand? Btw this video was so helpful?

Phet Nhativong

I love how she Did it to robots Instead Of real people

Paige Wilson

50:46 was killing me with shivers lol still really helped

mogau hellen

I've learned all i wanted to know??? actually gonna try practically??

Shania Gilbert

best ever

Eva Antal

i loved this video! And im doing it along with the video!!!! Thank U!!!!!

Lauren Inamasu

I love the way you say tip haha ? no seriously tho thank you for ur video

Maritza Vazquez

Hi I am only 10 years old and I bought all the stuff that you need for acrylics and I got inspired by you to be a nail tech by the way I love you so much

Princess Pope

sorry can you not talking to much


i love this absolutely so much you explain things so well and give great tips


im planning on starting a buisness for nails and this video is very detailed and helpful ! you make it very easy.

William Shaw

When the nail came off lmao

Vera Frundjyan

she talk to much like girl apply it alreadyyy


my favorite teacher

Kelly Elsaadi

im 10 and hoping to start practising?so then i can become good! And do my own nails :) but i dont know where to get ALL the supplise bc i live in melbourne, australia. :( pls help!

Kenzi Lyn

Im in cosmetology school right now and had no idea you could put cuticle oil on the nail to practice. Thanks! (:

Kimberly Vazquez

amazon 30 dollar


No one :
Her : see itll pop off

Suman Lohani

Thanks a lot dear. You are a good teacher. I learnt a lot from you. Now I'm feeling much confident to start my practice.

Lacy Hatton

Ih ok thanks

Bobby Pearson

How do you clean your brush with out any of that product?

Silvia Petrova

Omg gurlll that was so helpful thank you sm?❤ but can you do with the nail polish?

Emily Rodriguez

anyone else realize how she says "be gentle" bust shes sooo rough with the fake nails lmao

Takayla Holmes

Yes thank you for this video I just received my packages from Amazon and ran to Walmart to buy a few polish’s. After watching your video I’m definitely ready?☺️ I’m so happy

Marilyn Simms

5 minutes in and I’ve learnt so much love this!!

delilah Plays

i miss 2019 im rlly sad

Jackie Jansen

I love your art love it

nevaeh reddix

Hello Have you ever gotten an Nail Bit Stuck In your drill and it won’t come out... I really need help

I do nails

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How I Do My Nails At Home! *no acrylic or damage*

2 472 353 views | 25 Aug. 2019

♡ I N S T A G R A M:

♡ I N S T A G R A M: @Lisette

♡ T W I T T E R: @Luhhsetty

*products used below*

This is how I like to do my own nails at home! What do you think? Should I try glam nails next?! Thumbs up for more nail videos! ??✨



U S E D:

-Nail Tips: https://amzn.to/2Zn3Zt7

-Brush on Nail Glue: https://amzn.to/2ZuhzyZ

-Polygel Kit: https://amzn.to/323W59W

-LED/UV Lamp: https://amzn.to/2ZAgxlj

-Brushes: https://amzn.to/2L4xR8y

-Nail File: https://amzn.to/328Kjex

-Gel Polishes: https://www.kiarasky.com


F A Q:

Name- Lisette

Race- Black & White

Height- 5'3

Location- LA

Age- 23


Not sponsored.



Lani Colon_Roblox

This rlly helps Bc I'm getting nails in a couple of days :)

Gabby Parks

could you leave the Polly gel on with out nail polish, or do you have to use nail polish?

Julia Timpson

How long did it take you to do both hands?

Christine Cradle

I'm so glad she has those nails I have the same ones so now I know they work

Familia diamond Fan

Love me please


Background song??‍♀️


I thought you just put on the glue put on the nails file them and paint them


who here cause if quarantine ?

Zozo's Life

What do you used to edit?

Aliyah Guillo

Thats not how you do it. I have seen videos where the polygel goes into the nail extensions she has made it so much more difficult


I’m 13 and my mom doesn’t let me get my nails done when my 9 year cousin gets them and LONG AF

Gymnastics Lover

I just ordered poly gel a few days ago and it’s meant to come tomorrow! does anyone know how long this lasts? and if a normal gel polish machine idk if it’s uv or led but if it will work for the poly gel?!

Tahjale Thomas

You did a good job I might have to try poly gel on my nails

Patrick Finn

They look so good ?



alanah Wilson

Love your account

Tvisha V Vlogs

Poly gel does damage our nails

Saron Megersa

You said that there is no acrylic

Molly Cunningham

So you are using acrylic nails!

amelia morneau

i need to know the trick for the nails to stay on a long time! please;(

Gia Christian

Your sooo funny ?

Lisa Makena

Wow soo creative


I luv this cuz of the Coronavirus :)

Disha Agarwal



How much was the kit?

Maria Eleni Papathoma

There was some tEa when she opened her phone at 5:04 because someone had sent her a whole paragraph ?

Rosario Velasquez

Omg am so late to watch this but you have the same mark as me in your right arm

Dur-eSameen Ansari

Thankyou soooo much! You are the best of em all! ???

Cool Star

Me: dont have any pretty nails
Luhhsetty: doing pretty nails at Home
Me: taking the gel and nailpolish?

Aaliyah Flower queen

hii i am new to your channel and I subscribed to you i like your nails their cute

Gera G

Do you recommend doing it this way w the tips or using the forms with polygel to make like the whole nail?

frenchxroses x

Let’s be real, the hard part isn’t making the nail, it is painting with your non-dominate hand.

Kailyn Groff

They look pretty darn good

Agra Temoshirikaari

Well done girl,it was perfect




wow this is nice


Love the tutorial! But the no damage part of it is not true. The real damage comes from the filing on your real nail and anything that adheres to your nails. There’s always a level of damage.

Nadi Babyy

I’m watching while doing white nails

Sofia De Gioia

anyone to lazy to do top coats

Joe Cool

I like it when women get their feet done but I kinda like the look of natural, clean nails on the hands. To me, long nails on women makes their hands look larger and more masculine. Yuck. Natural and clean nails that are cut to the length of the fingertips looks more feminine and cuter.

There’s something called sexual dimorphism between men and women. There are differences in size of features and characteristics between the sexes. I kinda like it when women do things to accentuate those differences and highlight their smaller, more feminine, features.

I thought your hands were very nice before you put the nails on. You don’t actually need ‘em. Your hands great all by themselves.

Feet are another issue. Lol. Some people need all the help they can get if you know what I mean. I’ve seen some of your other videos and let’s just say you’re good as far as feet are concerned.

No disrespect. I mean no insult. Don’t come after me. I’m a man. I know nothing about fashion. I like your videos though.

Navia Valley

i mean i would be calling ppl to

Udokanma Ogbonna

I thought she painted her nails white?


5:05 the way someone sent her a whole ass paragraph and she replied with one line ??

salama ADEL



how did you make such a good intro?

It’s Kayla

Hi I know this was put out 7 months ago but how did you make the intro

Rrezarta Kurteshi


Emma Kirk

Who’s watching this in 2020 bc they actually can’t go anywhere to get their nails done

Babygirl Eryanna

Can u do mine??

Yesenia Vega

*goes to Amazon and puts poly gel in cart*

Salma Hussein

مين مصري

Michelle Ward

Instead of me using Amazon I use wish

Desiree Laboy

I love this!! I’ve been trying to find an alternative to hard gel or acrylic. Did these nails last a while?

Messed Up

What's the background music at the beginning???

Xxrxblox LuvrxX


Salama Family

Wow I like this Nails I will do like that

Allyssa Ewell

Will your shin came back


What do you use for your intro?

Unknown123 Barciauskaite

tbh did she get the same editor as james charles to do her intro

Caley Caron

i cant even hold a pencil right with my left hand ;-;

angie ybarra

OK but this is really good

Monse G

you have such pretty hands sis

Joel Tarin

I would do my left hand then right hand

Alicia Moreno

Is there like a whole package with everything together or we have to buy everything separate

Stasia Decarlo

I love your nail designs

Gia Christian

Your sooo cute

stan talent stan super junior trax u-kiss laboum

algum dia eu compro poly gel pra testar, parece tão facil kkkkkk
já me acostumei fazendo só com tips + maizena + cola

Elizabeth Fabrikant

Your nails look super good.

Lana Meh

are you a nail artiest or what?

amira patterson

did you prep your nails or no

Sophia Forever

I thought is said no acrylic ??

LPS Aurora

your soooo preety

Evelyn avila The kpop Stan


Zau Sheikh Year 10

i would get my nails done by her x

Julia Timpson

By the way, they look amazing! :3

Danijah Patillo

Those are cute

Jeanette Rodriguez


3146themidnightsinger Donut

All these people talking about not being able to use their other hand and I’m sitting here awkwardly knowing how to do a lot of thing with both hands like writing and painting my nails HECK I taught myself how to use chopsticks with my other hand within like 5 minute....

Aliyah Guillo

But i still love her no hate or anything ?

Be Natural Herbal solutions & Tips

How do you remove these nails

Raven Austin

Does anyone know how to take the poly gel off when you don’t want it anymore ?

Erin Lewis

they look like actual paper

Lina Lar

uh, that’s not polygel...

Athenna Arroyo

you did that hecka gooood

Jocefam Faith

Mine don’t stay on long

Savitha palliyali

Very beautiful nails do you do any nail care routine please make a viedeo??



Jada Looney

You should do an asmr nail video cause I want to hear the file ?

Milly Forrester

3:40 she is on a call with someone

5:55 she's on a call again lol

5:04 she gets sent a RLLY long message and she replies with the shortest words lmao
idk how i noticed those thing lol

Roblox 008

Sooo cooolllll

Lol Sheepwonder

I can't even paint my nails

it's just angel

what's the music in the background?

Lisette Montaño

What uv light do you use??

Bogdan Vintila

2020?? Quarantine???

Maryam Aldirhem

This was so hard for me but after watching this vid it have helped me so much

chiraz bouassria

please tell me how do you do when you take a shit !!!!! with thise nails Disgusting

Maeva Kengne

I really like this you did a fantastic job you should be proud of yourself

Danijah Patillo

Also what did you use for your intro

Lele Draws

Whenever I see these videos I’m like

Sis ur doing it too hard what if u break it??

But turns out she knows what she’s doing lol unlike me

Alya Al Hashmi

will regular nail polish cure in the lamp?