Sulfur powder uses

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Sulfur powder uses, purchase lab chemicals from our store or on Amazon

1 221 views | 16 Jul. 2019

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Empirical formula (Hill Notation)- S

Molecular weight- 32.07

CAS number- 7704-34-9

Uses of sulphur powder-

1) Manufacturing of sulphuric acid

2) As a fertilizer

3) Used in pharmaceuticals

4) Used as fungicide and pesticide

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Sulfur powder uses

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Magical Brimstone/Sulfur

13 099 views | 16 Mar. 2016

katrina jade

We love ladygrave dancer


Thanks, this was really helpful


Awesome As Always ☺


I love using brimstone..lol but my first experience was not good.. I for some silly reason added it to incense.. yeah well you know how that worked out.. room STUNK for a while.. I still use it a lot now just with caution. Love your videos :)

MandyOf Marymac

Hi ~ Top O The Mornin to you.....I don't follow any path personally, but I enjoy all the informative videos that you put out, I really look forward to seeing them. I have a question . Do you know why can't I get any response from Sunshine? I've tried several times with no luck.....I hope she is well. I don't expect you to share any secrets, if there are any.... I was just wondering. Thanks lol

Tinkerbell MelRich

excellent! Thank you for sharing!

Charee Pringle

I enjoy your videos. thank you


When I ordered my sulfur .... man that stuff was everywhere .

Karen Russet

Can I use lime sulphur?

Aidan Sweeley

All that is evil will pay through the holy name of Jesus christ!

Awake Aware Targeted Individual

Yes indeed, Sulfur is a must have for Magickal workings.


Medicinally, it's also amaaazing for acne! The only proactive product that ever worked for me was the sulfur mask. Sephora also used to sell an acne spot treatment w/sulfur as the main ingredient too.


Awesome video. I was gifted some brimstone from a friend of mine. This video was amazingly helpful.

? BantuViking?

Supernatural has people so scared to use Sulfur because it was thought to attract demons. Thank you for your information. Had to come back again for the third time myself.

Kelly Ohl

I have been practicing for 15 years and I still learn things from you. Love your videos. <3

Aidan Sweeley

Jesus Christ will cleanse you!!!


I think my mom's allergic to it. there's lots in the water where we go for family reunions and she can't drink it lol. I'm not sure if I can find it locally, might try online. been wanting to try it out since I seen u use it :)

Connielisa Asad

I love these folk remedies, these stories, and Magick

hawk feather

Again thank you Ms. T.

pamela barajas

How would I use it for my mother in law

Shelly Swanslayer

Sulfur is a very strong antibiotic, and you're absolutely correct, many ppl are allergic to it, as many are allergic to penicillin (myself included-sulfur ok, penicillin no way :) But ages and ages ago, people also traveled to Sulfur springs/or Sulfur Springs (there is an actual city - in Arkansas I believe) which are HOT springs where people used to travel to and stay for however long in spa-like retreats for it's healing properties, which were varied and many, but one of the major claims was that it healed syphilis, which we all know was even more extremely serious hundreds of years ago. It's actually quite interesting, and you've inspired me to re-read on it, as I never knew sulfur had so many positive purposes/uses. (You wondered why it's not better known, I agree, as I only know 1 "recipe" using it, which is Goofer Dust, and I wonder if perhaps it's association it's overlooked by those who see things only in black and white and assume it's a negative substance in general, though been an extremely potent and beneficial healing aid for centuries, with far more positive associations. I also personally feel its somewhat overlooked or avoided for the simple reason that it's also,, as you said, known as "brimstone", which no doubt is an association you're familiar with. Apologies again for the lengthy comment! LASTLY THO, I'm curious as to your thoughts or knowledge of Goofer Dust? B.B. ;)

The Taxidermy Witch Lilith Revival

Ive been binging you the last 3 days, its like Christmas or yule to have you back!????

Whispers of Three

I've just recently found you and I cannot get enough.. I can tell your knowledge is just deeply engrained in you and I'm so thankful that you are willing to share! Thank you ✨?✨


thank you for the tips...BB

raelene scoco

What is this song you play at beginning of this video I love it!

sage october

thank you for sharing. I'm looking forward to hear more a about sulfur

Malcolm Moss pagan path raven and the wolf

i like this can you share my videos thank you

Наталья Гордина

Got sulphur today in the post and re-watched this video to recall what you've said before. It is very helpful. Lady Gravedancer. Thank you.

Thick brix

Thanks for giving us great ways to use sulfur especially on how to release negative energies! Can you give more info on great cleansing baths for cleansing our auras?

Angela Santiago

Sulfur is good for hair that won't grow and scalp problems too they have sulfur 8 hair products

Mariya Thorne

In ancient texts such as the bible it is called brimstone, and 2,000 years ago it was used as a remedy for skin disorders and other ailments.

You can buy flowers of sulphur at pet shops and animal stock feed stores. Farmers, those with animal stock, and pet breeders have used it for many decades, but the pharmaceutical and medical industries prefer that people do not know about it. It is too cheap and too effective.
When you look at Flowers of Sulphur under a microscope the crystals resemble flowers, hence the name.
Flowers of sulphur is not the same as MSM (methylsulfonylmethane), which is also a source of sulphur.

Flowers of sulphur uses / properties / remedies / treatments

Flowers of sulphur is an antiseptic and anti-fungal
It is suitable for use on humans, animals, vegetables, fruits, flowers and as a gardening additive in the soil. It is safe to ingest in the correct quantities provided it comes from a reputable source.
Skin. Dry, scaly, itchy, red skin. Relieves itching, reduces scratching.
Eczema, dermatitis.
Fungal infections such as ringworm, athlete's foot and jock itch.
Treats and heals nappy/diaper rash.
Metabolic Syndrome. Sulphur is critical to many of the body's biological processes. Without adequate sulphur, glucose metabolism is inhibited. You become glucose intolerant, energy is low, and all manner of skeletal and muscle disorders arise with pain and inflammation. This can lead to metabolic syndrome and weight gain. When sulphur deficiency occurs with a low fat diet, the problem becomes more serious as the additional sugars present in a low fat diet are converted to fat and released into the bloodstream as triglycerides which raise the risk of heart disease.
Digestive complaints. Relieves the tendency to regurgitate food, vomiting and chronic diarrhoea.
Pre-menstrual syndrome.
Ulcers. Dab some on a mouth ulcer (canker), it removes all the soreness and promotes fast healing.
Sore throat. A quarter teaspoon in a warm water gargle will quickly heal a sore throat.
Antiseptic. Kills bacteria and fungi on the skin. Can be applied to wounds, cuts and grazes.
Lice. Kills and repels head lice and pubic lice.
Mites. Treats all kinds of mites including demodex skin mites.
Insect protection (chiggers/mites, fleas, mosquitoes). Douse your legs and shoes with powdered sulfur before walking through grass or bush and you will remain bite free.
Mental problems. Helps with mental stress, lack of energy and willpower.
Sciatica. Dust the affected limb with powder and wrap warmly. Sweating should be followed by a reduction in pain.
Hair. Aids hair growth, assists healthy hair.
Nails. Healthy, fast-growing nails.

Animals - FOS treats most skin complaints in pets and farm animals. It kills and repels fleas, ticks, mites and lice. Treats skin allergies, mange and scabies.

Horses. Good for sweet itch, mud fever and skin complaints.

Bees. The parasite varroa destructor mite that attacks bees may be prevented or treated with yellow sulphur, though this is not a proven remedy and further research and testing is needed.

Ants. Pour a trail around an ants nest, sulphur is a safe way to eradicate ants.

How to use flowers of sulphur

You can apply flowers of sulphur directly to your skin as a dry powder. Shake it on, rub it in, or use a powder puff or a flour shaker. Use it like talcum powder (note: talcum powder harmful to both skin and lungs).
When using it on your skin, test it with a small quantity at first, and then use whatever quantity seems to be effective for your particular situation and apply in a well ventilated area.

You can mix FOS with skin oils and skin creams, for use on your own skin, also for pets, farm animals and poultry.

To make an ointment, use coconut oil, palm oil, petroleum jelly, olive oil, cocoa butter or any other skin oil as you need. Slowly warm the oil to melt it, add 2 or 3 tablespoons of sulphur powder to a cup of oil, mix well and allow to cool.

Animals. To use Flowers of sulphur in their fur, mix 1 part Flowers of Sulphur with 2 parts talcum powder. Part the coat and rub in gently on body, head and back of ears. Make sure you are in a ventilated area as talc powder is damaging to your lungs.
If you use neat Flowers of Sulphur without adding talcum powder on cats and some other animals, it makes their coats (fur) very dry and brittle resulting in breakage.
Flowers of Sulphur is also highly-effective when mixed with Pig Oil for treating horses and other animals. It will protect their coat in damp conditions and also treat mud-fever and other mud-bourne infections.

You can add FOS powder to animal's food. However it is difficult to add to their water as it tends to float rather than dissolve in the water.
However you want to use Flowers of Sulphur, please test on a small unaffected area first prior to general use to check for allergic reaction. If you or your animal should have a reaction, simply wash the area and apply a little cream, such as E45 or Sudocrem.

KayKay Witchy

Defiantly on my to get list thanks T for sharing :]


? valuable information...

Laurali James

Oh girl you are amazing, I did not know the powers of sulfur. I truly appreciate your kindness to share.
I do know about organic and pure sulphur (this is not the one you are talking about) has healing properties, a lot of people are taking it including myself, now as you said before many people are allergic to it.
Thank you again sister.
Blessed be


i have heard very little about brimstone,,, now watching your video it click,,, the energy is just flowing right now on how an what I can do with brimstone,,, when the energy comes to me like this I become very creative ,,, thanks for your input on brimstone,,, Anne

Bella Marley Royal Underground tv

Az the muzic turnz magazine
thank u very informative I need a protection house ritual I think I'll try sulfur I used it in my court case in the cow tongue an haven't used it since thank u for this video a must do

Janet Muir

Love your Knowledge on any subject u talk about


So much great info! Thank you!


i also used a spoonful mixed in my dogs food daily and they never got sick

Kindra Ravenmoon

Sulfur's great! Even if I've a high allergy to it ,I still carry some in a mojo bag on me always (:
Great video -I'm surprised I haven't caught it till now -better late than never haha (:

Marilyn Perez

Years ago... (MANY!) I had pneumonia to the point where NOTHING the doctor gave me would work.... I was going to die, as far as the doctor knew. My grandmother had a wood burning stove....she put sulphur on a tin plate heated HOT put a quilt over my head and MADE me breathe the fumes. I coughed and coughed....snot and phlegm came out of my eyes, nose and throat/lungs.. but I got well, then (obviously!) ....another little girl I was in school with, just had regular antibiotics, and she died. Our old grannies knew what would work. She made me cough everything out that was clogging up my breathing.


Pretty sure I’m addicted to your channel at this point


Thank you for being so open with your knowledge, I have learned so much. I will definitely explore the properties/energies of brimstone.


I'm very knowledgeable with Sulfur my mom has used this around the house and during certain workings they use to have actual sulfur candles but did away with them long ago it's not good to burn this in close proximity irritates the respiratory system & yes it stinks but it's the bomb lol. Also using sulfur soap for court cases is extremely Powerful sulfur and soap can be purchased from any any Mexican store.

Cathy private

Ive been watching your channel for awhile i love yoyr info i just figured out how to leave a comment lol


Thanks for sharing, I need some sulfur!!! I'll use garlic for now

Rae Bookworm

If you can't get powdered sulfur, you could overcook a hard boiled egg, and use the yolk (could work for a quick/easy biodegradable working that you bury outside), or look for dried fruit that it treated with sulfur dioxide to maintain freshness.

Aidan Sweeley

In the name of Jesus christ, in the power of Jesus Christ I bind all negativity off of this page. Lord I ask that you block all forms of witchcraft and leave these workers of Satan powerless against my words and bring the wrath of fire upon their evil deeds. Oh Lord Jesus he who died and has risen and conquered death i ask that you rid of darkness on this page and protect my soul and burn whomever attempt to do evil from this point Foward. In Jesus name amen!!!!!

Aidan Sweeley

The holy trinity will cleanse you!!!

Jessica Haislip

Thanks for doing a video all about Sulfur. I have heard you mention it in other videos but didn't know much about it. When you were talking about sprinkling some where an enemy has walked,c could you also do it on their property or mix it with dirt from their property?

Daisy Mija

Can I include it hoot foot powder?

Purple Broom Apothecary Presents:

I have mentioned brimstone in a few of my videos for both WOTM and my personal channel. I do not think it gets discussed enough and certainly not in many of the ways you have discussed here. Thank you for another excellent video!


Walmart, maybe CVS has sulfur at the drug store.

Mikey L

sulphur is good for acne. i have used a few Sulphur, Acne spot treatments and it was great. stinky but great. =]


I can't thank you enough for you guidance. Thanks to you I managed to remove an Hexe done last year by a bad character person. Only recently I discovered by astral projection that someone put a cobweb on me. I could feel stuff crawling under my skin and had huge problems to sleep not to mention the bad luck ever since( jobs losses, love and lack of money)
You were my saviour with your knowledge and information guidance.
Thank you for sharing this with people for a good cause.

Joya Palmer

Thank you so much for sharing this video Tequilla. One thing I know about Sulphur is that if Frankincense and Myrrh, Benzoin or dragonsblood don't work in clearing negative energies or spirits from your house, sulphur definitely will! My friend was moving into an old "haunted" house and these spirits just wouldn't leave but after he burned sulphur in there they vacated real quick!


Could you please make a video on a Narcissistic personality. This person really put me through hell in 2016. I feel like I want the person go through 3 times as much as I went through. And when he does I would like to see what is happening to this person, and he would get so confused he wouldn't know what hit him. A goes for others too. If you could have an easy spell for revenge I promise I will donate to your channel as a way of saying thank you. Thanks in advance. And I do have sulfur in powder form for the drug store at Walmart.

Another Gypsy Soul

Great info as always! Thank ya hun!

Wicked Jim

So sulfur, grave yard dirt, and cayenne pepper?? Hmm what happens if you mix all that together with hot foot powder??

Ancient Visions

Thinking of mixing it into my black salt recipe ??

Julie Mayer

how do we find you on facebook?


thank you this helped me ALOT

High Priest Phoenix Firestorm

now this is not my personal practice but i have seen books saying all circles must be marked out in sulphur and then burned for the magick to be affective again this is not my personal belief just adding it here as an interesting pov

Carol Cribby

Can you use the sofa from matches?

Southern Girl

My mother used sulfur and salt petpra all the time when I little girl. She never told me why but I believe you.

Marilyn Perez

Love your videos... would love to meet and talk with you. As for the sulfur, when I was 6,I had BAD pneumonia, and nothing was helping... (long story!).... so my grandmother burned sulfur on the top of her woodburning stove,and made me breathe the fumes...so... snotting, tearing up, coughing... my lungs cleared and I got well. The other girl who had it the same time, (who didn't have my old grandma), died from pneumonia. I got well. So, whatever it was, medicinal or magickal, my grandma saved my life by burning sulfur. Blessed Be!

Angella Edwards

Thank you for the insight abou using sulfer which has been on my mind for a while.Great video!!!!

Jessii Jai

What could I replace menstrual blood with for an abusive husband situation? I do not produce this due to removal of uterus & 1 ovary after birth of last son. Thank you!?

Rosa R

Hello Lady G. D., You badass you, Priss R. here ?. I know this is an older video of yours, but I figured you might be able to get to it still. So like since I've moved locations I can't seem to find my fav. ingredient, sulfur. Would you by any chance happen to know where else one can find it? Well besides the feeding place. I'll be running out of it like soon. Since I use it a lot. I'm like darn it where is the sulfur, around here!? ? Like wtf am I the only witch around here or like what's going on.? luved the video . Thank-you for your time ,effort in sharing this, and most your strength.Many blessins to you sis.
Priss Rico


Sister you are such a cool Witch xXx

Syren Song

Thank you.

Sarah Mcvay

thank you for this! I am curious now. good to see your lovely face. blessings sister

stephanie caddy

You're my favorite.

The Taxidermy Witch Lilith Revival

Ladygravedancer please please please do the video with sulfur and menstrual blood for your mother-in-law I need this video thank you I just got a bunch of sulfur under your request to do some of your videos I'm very excited thank you very much

Sabrina Miller

Hi my name is Sabrina the boy who lives next door to me put a spell on me what a red onion called me his onion wife came to me in a dream and told me all of these things he will not leave me alone I feel like someone is poking me with a needle in my finger how do I use this sulfur to bind him to leave me alone he does witchcraft but in the dark not the light I need help

Lisa Fournie

thank you for sharing .... Blessed Be!!!!

Gypsy Overton

You can buy sulphur at the pharmacy also

Connielisa Asad

Sulphur is used for farm animals in salves to stop blood flow, ease pain, and repel bugs. Be careful when burning - it can damage airways and mucus membranes ;)


Great information as always. Good ideas for sulphur use. I am super curious about your grandmas mix of sulphur birdseed and salt. What does birdseed represent? And did she mash up the seeds into a powder? I am really fascinated.


Great Info LGD!!?

Tee Lee

Thanks for sharing. What are your thoughts on asafoetida or hing?


Salfer is in a lot of the less expensive antibiotics


I use it around my house in ketchup cups to rid negative anything


It is so great being always learning with your videos!!

mei hara

Oh Thankyou so much again for the video ! and Thankyouuu again for all the precious info i really really need these, Bless you ??????

Missy Grey

Fantastic info! You certainly know your stuff girl...thank you so much for always sharing with us! Love and blessings...

Mona Payne

I don't know if anyone has mentioned the medical uses of sulfur, but it is generally used in topical applications for rosacea, acne, dandruff, and external parasites. It has great antimicrobial properties. You can buy sulfur shampoo and soaps, which are a 10% preperation. The main reaction is dry skin or topical dermatitis.
Sulfa drugs are different than actual sulfur containing medications, since sulfas are synthetic and created in a lab. Sulfur is one of those nutrients that are in many foods(garlic, onions, egg yolks, etc.) that people don't think of. I thought about doing a videa response, but I haven't carved out the time, so I figured I'd drop it here.  :)


Your video confirmed a lot for me. After finding out someone put a hex on one of my family members, I took it upon myself to do some research. I figured to mix black salt, brimstone, egg shell powder, crab shell powder and cayenne pepper to create the circle that you speak of around this house. Only of course after a deep spiritual cleansing of this home. Thank you for the other ideas, tips and spells.

Matt Mullins

Scotty Mullins: merry meet my sister's and brother's... thanks LGD for your video's I'm a elemental witch and a child of Goddess Hekate... idk you could use sulfur in protection I thought you used it to get back at someone who hurt you... but I have a fire pit on my deck the nexted nice day I'm going to try that protection spell... blessings blessings blessings to you all merry meet again Hail Hekate Queen of the Witches... ???

Silvina Brandy

hello lady gravedancer I'm new to your channel and I have been enjoying the videos that you have posted now I have one question for you not too sure if you have a post already but have an X going to go through a divorce but would like for a little help for him to give me what is mine? I would really appreciate your help

McKenna G

Thanks for the info! I have some but haven't used it. The only ways I've heard of using it is for hexing and cursing. I was looking for different ways to use it :)

Letitia McCracken

thinking a really good way to open a map???


Forgive them Christ for they know not what they do


so much to learn ...many blessings!!!!

Gemini Wolf

thank u so much for this video! :)

Patricia Kelly

Can i use this even though i rent my house?

cinnamon moon

This is good, I have a bag of it and I haven't known what to do with it! I got it years ago to sprinkle around the doorways for protection I think... I like the more obscure (I mean that in the best way!) topics you talk about.

Monica Bitch

you are so nice an calm .....love your ora ...

Karen Kelly

Brimstone can be purchased on Amazon at a very good price.

Love Lace Stone

thank you for your help and time

Sulfur powder uses

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How to Use Sulfur | Pesticide -Fungicide- Fertilizer | Sulfur Ka Use Kya Hai

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alis shaikh

Thank u izhaar bhai
Thank you for wonderful information

Manju Kalsi

Vry good information sir thnx seedling me kitni matra dalni hai iski

Saluu Garden

15th of JULY se jb hm seedling start kerain to kya us time sulphur wala pani dal skty hain???

Syed Usman Shah

Ketne time bad sulfur use krskte

Hassan Kathia bee

Mjhy app ka whatup number chaye

Ayan Khan

Rose plant m use kr sakte h

Ayaz Baloch

Pl zz rate bi baaata diaa karo

harmohan vasir

2 saal se aapke video dekh raha hoon pehli bar sulphur ke bare bataya hai....aajbkal ke mousam mein use kar sakten hai kya

Bibak Saha

Nice video

Mita Bishnoi Garden Tips

Useful information ?


Mein ek grafted lemon plant nursery se khareedna chahta hun. Plz ye batao ki konse season ya kis month mein khareedna chahiye taki wo jaldi se growth kare? Plzzz ans

Jankari ki Journey

very nice ...........bahut useful....

sumit pawan kumar

Izhaar bhai thankyou

Hamza Khalid

Thanks alot, u solve my problem

Saluu Garden

Good Afternoon

haxeeb vines

Boht lambhi video bannte ho

M Naveed

Izhar bhai mirch k pody phool girai ja rahe hai fruit nai lag raha .kya wja hai..
N.p.k dalo ya koi or wja hai

shaheen sarohi

ap watering k ley jo spray type cane use kertay hain us ko keya kehtay hain or wo lahore main kahan say milay ga. ap ki video up shoot money plant cutting main use hova hay ye instrument

A Saleem Butt Saleem

Sir please make a video of coleus plants how to grow from seeds plz plz

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Aap Rock phosphate par bhi video banaiye .........
Jisse hame ptaa chal sake uske use ke bare me

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How can we spray UREA fertiliser with pesticides on Citrus plants . Plz guide about quantity.

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Sir please make a video of coleus plants how to grow from seeds plz plz

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Bhai ya Humko ak chise Janna hai. 1= Jo koi v fruit Bala tree may flour lane K liye kya fertilizer de. 2= flour aane k band kya fertilizer de Jisse achaa fruit ban sake. 3= or flour aane k band kya fertilizer ya spray kare Jisse flour khilne k band na gire.. Aisa koi video kare ya SMS karke Humko balance. Plz

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Make video on kale leaves too

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Plese subscraibe my YouTube channel




Another informative video

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Assalam o Alaikum
Bete ap bahot achhi information dete ho Allah tumhe jazaye khair de Ameen
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क्या सल्फर का प्रयोग गर्मी के दिनों में किया जा सकता हैं ‌

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good information spider plant par video banaiye please ??

Sadia Fahad

Plz fb py rply kea kry daraz brandz1 sai use ni ho pata

Sonu Ali

Bai parrot pet video banao

Hassan Waqar

Adha chamach ya aik chamach 5 LTRs me

Abdul Hai

Sir please make a video of coleus plants how to grow from seeds plz plz

Imran malik

Plz can you tell how we make liquid of sulfur

yagnesh patel96

Make Willow plant video

jaswant singh

Kya npk ke saath use kiya ja sakta hai kya?

Saluu Garden


Abhay Bhujengrao Deosarkar

Liquid madhe pahije

102 mirza faiz

Please .bottle palm aur kinge palm pe video banyain .

Ijaz Rabbani

AA sulpher can be use as fungiside for adenium plant to avoid root roating or after pruning

Uzma Aziz

Gharo me aam tor per jo gandhak sulfur pani ki safai k lye use hota hy usko podo k lye use kr skty hen k nahi?

syed hasan

Nice Video ???


Agar vegetable plants mein use karenge to kya uske fruit mein chemical ka asar ayega?

Anwaar Aslam

Wrong information sulphur can never takedown ph level . Its a challenge u can check formula.

Rehan Ali Hameedi


Dear Samoon

Sir Please Ph And basic Alkaline Link Dain.

Fizo Shah

Sir pehle Desi tarika kia tha podo ki nisho numa k liye. ????

Zain amir

Falsa ki seeding kara

ਪਿੰਡਾ ਵਾਲਾ ਜੱਟ ਮਹਿਕਮਾਂ

ਲਕੜ ਵੀ ਵਰਤ ਕਰ ਸਕਦੇ ਹਾਂ

Saira Banu

Assalam O Alikum

Raza Ali

Ya daraz store pa available hain ??

nature touch

Nice sharing

Harish Khatri

Can we use normal gandhak which is also sulphur and easily available at pansar stores?

Mubashra Munir

Apki videos ka yehi to faida he k un me koi na koi benifits or informations sahi time pr milti hain.
Great Great Great

Sentimental Gaming

Izhar Sir, plz make video on Okra and Shimla mirch