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Few pictures ofFr Raphson's parents (2020 was the 60 th Year of their wedding)and family members.

2 359 views | 8 Feb. 2021

Ruby Raju

May the Almighty God bless them abundantly.

manu 009

Blessed parents

Johnson Lukose

Happy wedding anniversary. MAY GOD BLESS YOU ?

Jincy N P

Blessed family?

Jose K D

May the Good God bless them to celebrate their many more wedding anniversaries .............. my humble prayers and wishes.

robin dhanya

Happy anniversary. May God bless...

Sini Jaison

Esho anugrahikatte



Lintu Shaji

Happy wedding anniversary ??

Sindhu Anu

ദൈവം അനുഗ്രഹിക്കട്ടെ ???

Jancy Shaji

Blessed family, ??????

Salipoulose Sali

Blessed family

Lissy Jolly

Acha may The God Almighty bless you & your family abundantly ??



Juni Antony

Happy wedding Anniversary May the good God bless you thank you Jesus ?

Edwin Joseph

ഹാപ്പി വീഡിങ് അnnversre

Thomas Thenamkal

ദൈവം ധാരാളമായി അനുഗ്രഹിക്കട്ടെ ???

Alice George

Lucky parents God bless you ?

amitha n

? God bless you
Appachan Ammichi ?
Supper song ?
Lyrics & Music supper ❤

Shine Ps

ഈശോയെ........ എനിക്ക് Ielts exam pass ആകാൻ അനുഗ്രഹിക്കണേ..... Amen......

detty p v

Happy wedding anniversary appa Amma ??????❤️

Smitha Jayakumar

Happy wedding anniversary ? God bless you

Suja David

Blessed family

Binny John


Lincy John


Jessy Joseph

God Bless You അപ്പച്ചാ അമ്മച്ചി ?? ....


God bless you Acha and family ??????

Rani Sreejith

God bless you acha and family...

sherin bobin

Blessed family ??

Jonson Antony

ഈശോ ഇനിയും ധാരാളം അനുഗ്രഹങ്ങൾ നൽകട്ടെ എന്നു പ്രാത്ഥിക്കുന്നു



Sindhu Thomas

God bless them ??

sindhujoseph wehelp

ഈശോയേ അപ്പച്ചനെയും അമ്മച്ചിയേയും ഒത്തിരി അനുഗ്രഹിക്കണേ അവരുടെ കുടുംബത്തെയും

Tressy Joy

God bless you and your family members .Thank God

My kutty Anexuttans channel

Father god bless you and your family???

Detty Babu

ഈശോ അനുഗ്രഹിക്കട്ടെ??

amitha n

Fr.Raphson achan and
Family Got a ❤
From, Amitha
കുടുംബം സ്വാർഗ്ഗീയ പൂങ്കാവനം സൂപ്പർ
ഈശോയുടെ അനുഗ്രഹം ഫാ. റാഫ്സൺ അച്ഛനും, അച്ഛന്റെ കുടുംബത്തിനും എന്നും ഉണ്ടായിരിക്കട്ടെ.

Sherly Joseph

Blessed parents.Thank you apaccha ammacchi for giving such a holy and anoited priest to the catholic church.May God bless you more and more.


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The 60-Second Video

1 153 594 views | 17 May. 2008

Watch my new videos at

Watch my new videos at https://www.youtube.com/user/NoSmallPartsShow

A follow-up to my 30-second video.

I created this entire song in Garageband. It really is an awesome program.


2:02 noobs

Elis Raif

Nope 1 extra min

7 0 3

American pie ( - ) ( - )

Janette A. Morales


Emily And Evan

On this one its 1:01


The 30 second was WAY BETTER FOR ME

Harry Walsh

Even 11 years ago people complaining about youtube

Orion Swanson

2020 is here


I just watched it to pass time for 60 seconds left of my PS4 update and found this ....

texas Aayan

Who's here at 2020?

Amanda St.Louis

Anyone else in 2020 watching this??


The 30 sec and this are 31 sec and this is 61 sec

Platønic Plagüe

Wtf am i watching???????

6mul #coolnsimple

This guys need to be subcire

Melin Meer

Now it's again 30 seconds long!

Your dadd


ThuWeirdSailor MCOC

2019 wya


Stream given taken and let me in mv


Wheat your board listen to this song lol

Marilou Sanares

stream dynamite


it is 1 min not 60 sec duhhh


0:40 I miss iGoogle. Lol

Aᴇsᴛʜᴛɪᴄ Txᴅᴅʏ


Văn Minh Lê

PC, 2019, been a boring day.
It was 60 seconds here btw.

Malky Molk

One more minute I wasted and I’m happy about it

Krist Singto Philippines

Teu-Hi!! Stream My Treasure ??


It’s 1:01 You disgrace!


tgis is 1:01

Yourboi 1234

Ur rhyming is lit


Hell nAH this video is 1:01 long! YAH I screwed you!! Lol

RG_ Shadow YT

Thanx for making my hard reset go quicker

Stacey Peters

The video is 1:01


This was made 1 day before my birthday o:

BJ Bobby Junior


Kevin Sierra

1 minute and 1 second

Christine Joy Lois Lacuata

for treasure


Wait this isn't 60 seconds its 61 seconds

that slide that shocked you

this isn't even 60 seconds! its 100 idiot



Flurry On Nintendo

2020 sombody

George Stavrou

Fun fact it’s 61 secs


61 sec

XxLil HuskyxX

Who would watch this kind of video!?

billie eilish stan

U mean 61 sec long ? why am I whavhing this in 2020


2020 28 December

Gamer Kids


i want sleep

ENHYPEN will make their debut on Nov. 30, pre-order BORDER: DAY ONE now!

https://t.co/XAhbRUN6Yl - link for preorder

Debut trailer 1: https://t.co/pNRNZv0aiX
Trailer 2: https://t.co/Qhip5zLakU
Intro: Walk The Line: https://youtu.be/FI-VaA40ua4

Ian W.

2020 anyone?

Barbara Mason

2020 where ya at?!

MTB mick Me

It’s 1:01 reeeeeeeeee ?

cool dude

And this one is 61 seconds long

chezdemonz ROBLOX ONLY


Regina Eliussen

Yes it's 2020 no i don't regret coming here


Mine says 1:01

cool dude

And this one is 61 seconds long

Olajoke Aro

It is 61 seconds second time for mistake


At 26 seconds, I miss that YouTube ?


fun fact:you searched “60 second video” now your here


Lmao im here to stream enhypen's given - taken

Alisa Timofeeva

this was made 2008 lol


But this video is only 1:01

Juke Remi

Is there like an hour eventually?

Emily And Evan

And on ur 90s vid it was 1:91

Noodle Monster

Anyone 2019?

Felipe Muñoz

Jaja lol

Nevaeh Harmony

Um sir this is a 61 second video NOT a 62 second video

sunny squid

Disliked for too many seconds


still here in 2020




Man, I just watched this. 12 years ago.

Nicole Quenaya

wtf is this

Pro Gaming

2019 ?
Just me ?

Mighty Gerot

So that was a fucking lie

Malky Molk

Why 61 seconds

Junghwan So

stream my treasure


Wow my like is still there, so many years later. Just wow.


This is 1:01 minutes long

Alyssa Scott

It’s 12 years later and I’m using this video for my planks and workouts

Malky Molk



This is 1:01

Sherman Hutchison



YouTube seems to be displaying The 30 Second Video as being 30 seconds now, so I guess the point of this being that the last one "was only 29" has aged like milk. It's a blessing and a curse.


2020 anyonee

Emily And Evan

For me on the 30s vid it was 3:01


We definitely came a long way

Krystal Malcolm

Duck u


This is 1:01

Cheese lol

2020 anyone

David Beitel

Its 101 lol

RiZe astro

Unacceptable , it is 61 seconds long

Хамза Даутов

LoL 61 sec

Lumea Lui Bebe

it is 2:03


Who’s here in 2020 searching 60 second long video cause bored I AM


Mobile= 1:01 seconds

Credible Ryanj7264

This is who much people don’t want to watch this


Maxinator Genesis

Me to

Fart McNugget

This is 61 seconds long

cool dude

It was 31 seconds


There’s a 1 minute unskippable ad... my fate has been decided.


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The 60 Second Heist

210 379 views | 9 Nov. 2020

Spending 6 hours

Spending 6 hours perfecting a 60 second heist where I have to steal 8 paintings

Join the channel! https://www.youtube.com/teosgame/join

Streams: https://www.twitch.tv/teosgame

Merch: https://teosmerch.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/teosgame

Second Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/moreteo

Discord: https://discord.gg/teo

Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/TeosGame/

Personal Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/photeograph

Gaming Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teosgame/

★ Teo is sponsored by Corsair! Check out their gear here: https://bit.ly/2OB6N4s

★ Seen the poster behind Teo? Get your very own here: https://rdbl.co/2xYfH2v

Editor: Teo

Music used:

Music & sound effects in video provided by Epidemic Sound https://player.epidemicsound.com/

Outro: Come Back from San Francisco (Instrumental) by Rameses B https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fBWaccRAdBQ Go check out his music! :) https://www.youtube.com/RamesesB


That’s was insane damn

Edd RH

Petition for Teo to speed run Minecraft!


Ngl this game seems really good

Darkus and Toast

The speed runs will be hype for this game


The most entertaining 10 minutes of my life.

Julian McIntosh

Teo: "Alright guys let's play 60 second heist."
6 hours later... lmao nice work Teo.
You are IronClad my friend.

Ninjacowboy 100

More please!


You absolutely Mad Lad ♥️

Ryu kiA_

Teo should try speedrunning :D

Elijah Oakes

this was a fantastic video

Arick Yumnam

Man you are fucking legend man..... I just never get tired of any teos videos.... Love you man


Editor: Teo

Looks like the last video was really telling the truth


Holy pepperoni ? face


This level , this level right here , this level broke me . I thought I was mastermind at this game until I got here and I settled after multiple attempts just to get the minimum . This should've been the final mission due to the fact it requires like the perfect plan imaginable to pull off. Props to you man!

Ace Sac

Teo, you are a BEAST!!!!!!!!!!!. I watch the stream halfway but Your determination is off the scale. I watched this video and went again to finish watching your stream that's how exciting your videos are. Some people that see your youtube videos won't know how much hours you put in. You have the best community and that's why i love all your videos. <3

Bannnanaaa Whaaa

Teo... What is this dokumetery


really loved the commentary over the video

Shoot Luck Gaming

Fun fact: The Fine Arts mission (played in this video) , The Devs couldn't even get all the painting in 60 seconds, The only few people that managed to do it had like 0.04 seconds left when they got in the boat

healbot 96

I love being able to watch all 6 hours as I go about my day and then the best pieces maybe something I missed given to me at the end of it! Thanks teo!


My god did it feel good after he finished it after 6 hours

Ms muriel

When he finally made it, it gave me enough serotonin to last me a whole week


My god 6 hours. That's real dedication right there


That was honestly really dope!

pyro x maniac

I could've done all that in 9 seconds noob


Me checking when teo just published a new video

9:40 .... taking some cola and chips.

Evan Vasquez

The life of a speed runner


Always surprising how he manages to keep a 6 hour stream of doing something over and over again so entertaining. I envy having that skill lol, I wouldve tilted after maybe an hour

Yukon Hero

Having now played this game and this level myself... what an achievement. This level is insane and I'm so impressed that you sat there and figured it out

Stephen villegas

Teo’s adorable little smile after Alex pats his hair lmao


Try breaking the material around the paintings and taking the part of the wall that it’s on and do that for the paintings, gather them together in one area and grab the all at once


isnt it just funny that the 60 second heist ended up as a 6 hour heist hahaha

Cho Koon

I bet Sammy left prior to that last run

Rakshith Swami

yes!!!! teo!!! stealing is so fun right?

Mr meme

I really liked this i hope you do more of this type of stuff in the future.


hope you make more on teardown it looks really fun

radiation degenerate

I really want to see someone trying to beat teo now ?


Teo has some gamer pride that I can respect from the bottom of my gamer heart.

Helge Holme

I just wanna point out that Teo didn't mention the word "speedrun" once


this is a badass video

Justin Welker

This put such a huge smile on my face at the end of the video. The most wholesome as always Teo :)


Smoth operator

Trusty McCoolGuy

I feel like Teo could have moved the donut painting with an object without setting off the alarm


I miss stefan

Da earth flat yeet

nice socks btw

Caleb Lee

Saw the clip on Twitter and was bummed I missed this live, but then I was super happy you put out a video about it!

Love your content Teo and Keep up the hard work man!


I've watched so many Teo videos and still don't know how much a quid is worth in USD

Dylan Field


Your Mom

Teo this is 10:24 seconds long, how could you lie to me?


0.6 seconds left on the timer.

Teo: The Perfectionist

xDaddy Diesel

I sat there for 6 hours of my shift watching this stream. So glad I didn’t stop watching after a few hours like I was going to. The adrenaline rush I got when he finally got felt amazing. So proud of our boy


watched it on stream until 7am in where i am. ngl its worth it! i believe!! :')


You make some insane videos Teo, love it!


I envy your patience

Gunther Stottlemyer

People are so lucky to have A pc

Julian _51

Ooooo with 0.6 sec left

Louis Albinus

This was an amazing stream it took forever so satisfying when you made it

The FilmAddict

Missed opportunity to call the video Gone In 60 Seconds

Louie Caballes

In this video, Teo really feels like FriendlyBaron which he does speedrun videos and commentates

Da earth flat yeet

watching teo blow shit up, smash through walls, have his little escape plan fantasies, and smash windows all at once is probably the most fun a person could have

Finn Reilly

this has to be a world record. Doesn't matter if it isn't the best time, it has to be a world record.


A physics based speedrunning simulator.


Hey man I’ve missed you haven’t been to the channel for awhile is good to be back

Ethan Blanco

Absolute madlad



KTS_ RisingPlayer

Simeone please make an edit of the run with the speedrun display

Bryson Richey

Coming back to this to say that this video alone got me into speedrunning. It also really leaves me wanting a lot more from actual speed runners’ personalities. I would kill for more content like this from you! Cheers

Bannnanaaa Whaaa

Is my life a dokumemtay

Mahek j

love odd socks look XD


Wtf when you said “tear down” my monitor crashes and I thought it was you. Next think I know my powers out


So you are saying you'll be 'gone in 60 seconds'?

TRfo OgZ

That’s the real only 1% people can do it the games company should learn about this game

Samir Salah

6 hours well spent in your stream


This was such a fun video dude! Hope you do more like this!

Fairest Nebula64

you know what really funny wen i’m going to watch Teo and my sister asks me what I’m going to do or my mom i tell them i’m going to watch my uncle Teo

CanonJoosh 360


J Flip

that was amazing teo!! you never disappointed me and that’s why i’ve been watching u for almost 3 years by now

Shadxw Wolf

I saw the final clip on your insta first and thought nothing of it but seeing all of the build up and practice runs in this video really puts it into perspective haha


Legend says never give up

Do it again and again, until you can get it right

?? it was true...


the movement of your character looks like you can B-Hop, or is it just me wanna see some more csgo gameplay .-.

DrunkenKiddo 101

Teo - 7:02 ‘That glASSHOLE dude’
I see what you did there Teo


I felt so damn proud and it wasn't even me doing it

саня козлов

So with all the little tricks Teo found in the process and with how how perfect run needed to be, he essentially became a speedrunner for these 6 hours, lol


Moral of the story: you can do anything below 1 minute




This game doesn't even make sense dude.

Cysgod 74

I litteraly raged for you

Michael Thomas

its definitely pronounced route not route

Death Sokol

Play payday 2 heist

Pel a

luv dis

Zack4Aerith Hheellzzoonnee

Practiced, Perfected, ASCENDED
Hard Work training into a Calm Beast


I was just looking at this game on steam. Crazy

Dee Palabrica

6 hours of planning turned to 60 seconds heist?


60 second heist vs 6 hours

kat blue

1:04 Route (Root) is, as an example route 66 on a road etc.
Route (Rowt) is a path determined by someone most likely to be fastest


The hype from watching Teo finally finish the run live, after sitting through 6 hours of attempts, was crazy and well worth it

Witty Euphemism

It was never two and a half hours of wasted time or failures. It was two and half hours of learning how NOT to complete the map.


This is speedrunning content ! Love it

jamie johansson

0:27 you were right

Abel Belay

Anybody else notice the different socks?


took me 8 hours, but i did it. awesome level, awesome game.