Two year hair growth

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Two Years of Hair Growth (Month by Month Updates)

453 533 views | 6 Dec. 2019

I started originally

I started originally growing out my hair in March of 2017, but chose to start videoing progress by November 2017. It took a lot of patience and I hope you enjoy!

Music: https://www.bensound.com


Dude really became a man after 2 years of growing his hair

Aye Gal

So what’s your Instagram I’m tryna see something


I'm doing the same thing and started some months ago, did you do something for your hair while it was growing? Like products or going to the barber or smth?


You look more hansome with short hair
Te ves más guapo con cabello casi corto ???
Give me a heart pleace am peruvian
And am your New suscriber

Braedon Durham

Sir, may I ask what your hair type is?

The Brick Lord 50

From Peter Pan, to Captain Hook


Hey man it's been 6 months growing out my hair....how much time it will take for shoulder length so I can rock Geralt of rivia style

Mayukh Bora

Currently i m at here 1:33

John Bartholomew

Literally I look just like this guy

Michael Rupolo

Great job

Yovanny Rodriguez

You guys should try Gorilla Grow hair oil

Aa Ggg

Your hair is beautiful
How can I longer my hair?

playboy 08

U look like Nick trapasso he's professional skateboarder ha

Mike Lawrence

I'm looking to grow mine like that! Awesome guy!

PaSdugaR 1416

Jajaja tiene como 10 pleitos jajaja jajaja se te ve bien bro aunque no tengas micho


The hair is really amazing, but I really respect the mustache

Michael Rupolo

Great job I love it

Giancarlo Cárdenas

Chris Cornell. Are you?

Rece Markou

harry styles?

Sugie Richy

I am so jealous!!! Damn!!! Damn!!!

His hair is so wonderfully beautiful. Holly golly..

sweggie boi

Step 1: Be good looking

Explore with Hamza

The Moustache Man ✌Great some tips for your lovers Buddy. ♥️

Laiba Faheem

Although, you guys can watch this at ×2 speed. ??‍♀️


This man definitely smoking that gas?

sanzhar tursunboev

What is the track??

Yukti Khantwal

you are BEAUTIFUL. ?????????? SO PRECIOUS ❤❤❤

Tahir Khan

Bro your shampo name

Enelio Guainora

Quedo pritty


I found this video randomly and i'm like hold tf up this is kylekomi from RS

Michael Rupolo

Made a mistake sorry it’s a great job I like

Hope l freya Mikaelson

Bro now get good jawline
And u will have everything a Chad should have

Hariom Gurjar

Kese bap ho yarr bal val ktvavo iske.....m iski ma hu???

Louie El Dorado

He odviously hit the gym. It's not all about his hair.


That sleeve ???

Sreerag N.P

When did the awkward stage began?? Coz me ain't seeing anything awkward..

Amjad Ali

close to Robert plant (rock god) vibes


Spoiler: you are NOT gonna look so sexy with your long hair

Matthijs Bog

you are a mix of aaron taylor-johnson and harry styles


I also started in 2017??

fatihalibout Du

تهبل اولدي عجبتني

Erick Méndez

its Jesus christ!!!

Brad Ferguson

You look older with longer hair... two years older.


Nice bro chang ur hair and physical health.i alos grow under cut but I decide to graw my full hair?

hello :D

I've decided to grow out my hair. Long enough that it would maybe touch my shoulders. Problem is, I was rocking the vintage curtains before this; having about 4 and some inches on top and [almost] a zero on the sides. So, now I have about 6 inches on top and 1-2cm of hair on the sides which makes me look like i'm trying to grow out a lotus off my head.
It needs to catch up alot but I really want to try out longer hair. Plus, I don't want to cut the top to help my sides catch up easily.

Should I just keep going as is


The Nose Ring didn't come back.


Anushka aa

Wtffffff !!! ??? an awesome fucking pair of eyes...


did you do any maintenance cuts in between?


Long hair looks awesome on you

phoenix careers

Yeah Dave, Hairzilla definitely works My cousins's hair went from really thin to crazy thick when he used Hairzilla


Did you use conditioner

bored Mockingbird

Rocking it man??

playboy 08

Nice hair man ?

Wahyu Blacksweet

Who grow long hair when quarantine ☝️

Caleb Scoville

With a face like that, it doesn't even matter what your hair is doing.

Gary Noone

Dude knows how to rock the locks. I hope he keeps it.


This is by far the best hair growth video I’ve seen.


how did you get rid of the mullet?

Abhijith Shinde

7:15 that music ♥️
Bro which song is that ?

Abdulhadi Alshehri

2010-2020 ??

Victor Saliba

Did you get trims or have any barber visits while growing it out?

bored Mockingbird

Love all the looks specially the mustached one look awsome

Michael Rupolo

Love it looks great I love longhair


my hair is exactly like that but i've never been patient enough to be past that stage you're at 3:09

JinBo Himself

Nice , finacial intellegence


After this vid, he joined the French Musketeers, On guard monsieur !

Ying Lu

you look like Jesus

Gui Rex

your starting point is my end goal lol

Salvo deus



i’m on month 4 of growing my hair out from an undercut :) barbershops closed yesterday due to the rona so there’s no way for me to get a haircut other than shaving it and i’m not doing that ?

Christopher Bobsien

Ketsikomi you look HOT with long hair .

Gabriel Gutierrez

great channel,very good advice and the best style,blessings for you bro

carmelcutecee vlee

It looks good


I hate when some women preach that guys need to have short hair because long hair is girly. I mean look it him. What about that doesn't scream man ? guys often have even more beautiful hair than women and they should own it! Sorry for the rant I'm just a girl with a long hair fetish ?

Michael Garbas

Bro I am growing my hair out and i watched this video like 10 times just for motivation hahaha


didn’t know FaZe Adapt grew his hair out

Chemani Oldair

I have 1 year and 10 months letting growth my hair (I'll stop at 2 years, maybe) and I love the results


omfgg i really like your hair and your glow up but the mastache didn’t do y well

Halim Miah

Your parents allow you to have long hairs ??

Crazy 2-1 ILZ

Hair is a gift from the most high and a beauty that we posses

Tim Drake

That's 17 years old Sirius Black right there, you're killin' it my dude!

Fahmi Samsuri




Bach Pham

Hello jesus

Prateek Nayak

Hey bro how are you ?
You are Good guy Really

bob fromsales

Imagine being so obsessed with yourself that you create a YouTube video about your hair growth. ? Damnit YouTube algorithm why do you bring me to places like this?


why does your hair take so long to grow? I can get that growth in 6 months

Suzanna31 Fish

He went from 17 to 26


My hair must grow faster than yours lmao

Una Mesa


Michael Rupolo

Hey Joe I love you too

Jainab Khatun

That stuff is STRONG! Hairzilla is such a good product.

Negative King

He is hair loss

myran slave

Now my hair is same at your starting stage. and I am starting today to grow it up

Kenneth Barta

Liked the "before" look. This longer hair is just about that. Doesn't complement your features at all. At the medium length, the curls were more prominent, especially in the back, and also helped the front and top stay together. The "before" looked complemented your face. The curly style suits you. Also, the beard, at your age, not so helpful. You've got your whole life to look "mature". When you're young, look handsomely boyish. Best look.



Monsam Khan

You're an inspiration for people like us ..it's been 8 months .. looking forward for a year more ..

Max Dose

Aesthetic! ?

Fadly Dicaprio

Did u have ever hair fall problem during that?

Björn Van der Auwera

What hair products do you use?

Two year hair growth

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Two Year Hair Growth journey TIMELAPSE

647 views | 26 Jul. 2020



Two year hair growth

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My Two Year Natural Hair Journey

69 270 views | 21 Jan. 2021

My natural 4B hair journey

My natural 4B hair journey is here you guys. i know its been more like 2 and 1/2 years but thats cool. I appreciate you guys' support thats why I'm going to start doing more give aways because you guys are phenomenal.

In case I contradicted my self in the video:

The first bit of success in my hair journey came from Shea Moisture. Then I upgraded to Mielle 's which i will still use every so often but for the last year and a half i have only used Rich Royals because they've given me the best results.

follow me on TikTok : https://www.tiktok.com/@kingbril252?source=h5_m

Follow ME on IG: https://www.instagram.com/_kingbril/

James Klaus

Two year hair journey. Faith bra

D1!! !!

I sent u what u help me get t



icon being

What typa Fade you get??

Vincent Edwards

100k subscribers

Jay's Wrld

2 year hair journey

UnrulyPrince Tv /Lifestyle

Moment of silence

Laidback Taf

Tiktok : kingbril252

Chris Brown

I wish I could get my hair like yours life sucks

Nicholas Johnson


UnrulyPrince Tv /Lifestyle

100k subscribers......

Mk bands

Please make a vid on the best products to use for hair growth

Jetshark970 Shark

I need a tutorial on how to pull the hair back and still keep curls because I mess up and it frizzles up

Castiel Emmanuel

no l don't know what you are saying


Crooked hairline

FaithByKnowledge FBK

“2 Year Hair Journey”, Tiktok: kingbril252, “Moment of Silence”, “100k Subscribers”

Joshua H.


Anar Ribeiro

november bro

Vincent Edwards

2 year hair journey

Sp3 Choppa




Vincent Edwards

Moment of silence

Nathan Pierre

“2 Year Head Journey”
“Naturally Crooked hairline”/ “Crooked hairline”
“Tiktok: Kingbril252”
“Moment of silence”
“100k Subscribers”

Daniel Gordon



Know wha I’m sayin


2 year hair journey

It’s Just Dorian

Crooked hairline lol



online cyber cafe

you talking like Nipsey hussle

Antoine Douglas

TikTok kingbril252

young bocar

2 year hair journey

Karl Philander



"2 year hair journey"
""Naturally crooked hairline"
"Tiktok: Kingbril252"
"Moment of silence"
"100k subscribers"

young bocar


Lissie & Jay

I only waited 6 months to get mine braided I’m at 2 years now but your hair looks so much longer than mine lol

Tori Frenchroll

Alot of men are not handsome until they grow long hair. But you're gorgeous with & without.

Shonen Punk

Moment of silence

Kendrick Daniels

I didn't know you was a que



DeAndre King



You'd love to see it everybody rockin their natural hair ?


aye where did u get yo chain that ur wearin in dis vid?

Yvng Tay

That chicken picture got bril lookin like roddy ricch smh lol

Kelly Jones

King brill252

Mikael Gomme

my man skipped November in when he was counting the months??

Shonen Punk


UnrulyPrince Tv /Lifestyle


Discrete Givago

“They came to the gym every month of October so I lost the bet” ??

Romario Reid

April 8th is my hair length rn and I just started growing my hair august 2019?

Emmanuel Massey

I just ordered from rich royals and only received one of my two items. I have the deep conditioner but didn’t get the growth serum. What is my next step?

Kelly Jones

2 year hair jenery

Shonen Punk

100K Subscribers

Karl Philander


Ahmed Mohamed Ismael

“2 Year Head Journey”
“Naturally Crooked hairline”/ “Crooked hairline”
“Tiktok: Kingbril252”
“Moment of silence”
“100k Subscribers”

Antoine Douglas


Kelly Jones

Moment of silence

Sp3 Choppa


Chris Layne

It's too late...I already got the back fade and I'm more than 8 months in ?

Musa Mhlanga


DTP Life


Jay's Wrld

Moment of silence

Ripped Zac

About to grow my hair back out again. Not looking forward to the ugly phase, I’ll just wear hats ?

johnny j5


Karl Philander

Moment of silence

Chrysalis Johnson

Ay I’m mixed, so somebody tell me when I try to do twist out with my hair, it magically turn to white people hair? Tf am I supposed to do to fix that?


2 year hair journey


All his pictures in 4K THEY CAUGHT YOU IN 4K

Chris Johnson

2 year head journey


two year hair journey


3 year hair journey iv been growing my hair for a while now


Moment of silence

Sp3 Choppa


Lil S


F1_ Manny

2 year hair journey
TikTok: kingbril252
Moment of silence
100k subscribers

Rasheed Dowling

I’m just starting out. At that same point not knowing too much so thank you for this

Juice Wrld

Croooked hairline

mike 1

do you still use honey on your hair? still

Young Davis 90

Great vid new sub ??

Marcoo TV

How did you comb your hair when u first started growing it?

Kevin Palmer

May 5th i was introduced to King Bril I was 2 months in thanks for the guidance

lulu lulu

J'ai tout le temps l'impression que les cheveux des hommes poussent plus vite que ceux des femmes

abdulrahman adus

bro where are you we need you back man

Karl Philander

2 year hair journey

Young Lion

i might be tripping but i think he should get dreads lol

dawit debesai

“2 Year Head Journey”
“Naturally Crooked hairline”/ “Crooked hairline”
“Tiktok: Kingbril252”
“Moment of silence”
“100k Subscribers”

Brooklyns Life

September 12 is my birthday ?

Dantwon Hall

2 year hair journey



johnny j5

2 year hair journey

The HomieBandit

2 year hair journey


“2 Yea

“2 Year Head Journey”
“Naturally Crooked hairline”/ “Crooked hairline”
“Tiktok: Kingbril252”
“Moment of silence”
“100k Subscribers”

Vincent Edwards


Karl Philander

"2 year hair journey"
"moment of silence"
"100K subscribers"

Ronnie Charles

"2year hair Journey" how can i get hydrated hair.

Yung Na215

Oh shit we got the same bday.. libra gang?♎️

Shonen Punk


Jetshark970 Shark

I would be further along but I went to get my ends cut and the barber jacked me up... My hair was the perfect shape and everything but I got fucked and my hair hasn't been the same...


Why don’t you just grow your sides

Antoine Douglas

Moment of silence

UnrulyPrince Tv /Lifestyle

2 year hair journey