Ingrown armpit hair

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130 278 views | 21 Nov. 2020



I’m so happy to see her underarm is improving and even more happy that my services are to thank for it ! ?

As always feel free to comment and let me know what you think ?

Initial video - https://youtu.be/IwfThnw3MDc

Update Part 1 - https://youtu.be/yIf3TbXCGc4


Marteiz Pickett

Try the Arm & Hammer. It's really good...

Islandlife Relaxation

Another FANTASTIC video!!!! Thank you for sharing ♥️♥️♥️
Also, don’t let the q-tip patrol lead you in the wrong direction. Q-tips are great in certain areas and they are terrible in other areas. Nothing beats a good finger squeeze where you have more control.

ȷοaɳiɛ ฬaяtοοth

I don't really think it's going to matter what soap/deo you use with hidradenitis. But I don't know because I don't live with this painful condition. My heart goes out to those who do! Good job btw!

*The hidradenitis tends to smell because of the fluid gets stuck in those tracks and there are open wounds that will leak during the day.
And girl write your channel name on your glove people love to steal videos! This is some good stuff.

Angelia Garcia

Does that stuff oozing out smell?

barbara thiago

What is that?? ???

Aiesha Mumford

In order to use natural deodorants you have to detox your armpits first.

Stephanie Fields

I've decided to transition to natural deodorant and it was suggested to me to detox my armpits first with Active Charcoal or Benoite Clay to clean all the remaining deodorant residue. I was told that this helps clean the lympnos in our pit area after years of using aluminum deodorant.


Yeah she def has HS

Aiesha Mumford

I stopped using deodorant. I detoxed my armpits with bentonite clay and ACV, then just swipe or spray lemon ? juice. No smell at all.

Deena Ordever

Great job


Lume is great.

Hagrids Mom

Enilsa Brown's earlier videos will be very helpful for you. She uses applicator swabs not q tips. The applicator swabs have a wood stick which helps you push better. She uses one a "wall" and pushes against it with the other. Q tips are not strong enough and don't allow you to so that. I think she explains it more clearly in her earliest videos - like with Daryl. The title may say something about ethnic skin. HS can be debilitating. It might be interesting to see what all can be squeezed out but it is not fun for the people who have it. My friend had abscesses in her groin and vaginal areas. Pretty sure she wasn't squeezing them out! Definitely interfered with her love life. It has nothing to do with your deodorant. I am a Registered Nurse and don't know all the details of this disease. But it's on my list of tings I don't want to have!


Im soo scared i have a cyst under my arm and it came out if nowhere and i dont want to go to the doctor

Elaine Chevalier

I Like your gentleness and kindness.

Daniel Mallette

??????????wish it was longer but I enjoy

Knitting Pasta

I see a big scar. Is this HS or just coincidental?

dolly ortiz

Omg so perfect

Kimberly Binder

Your doing a great job girl, keep at it!!

Exie Nikki

Wooden cotton q tips will help u

GJ Wilkins

That large sore looks like an opening at the end of the HS track right above it.? Looks like active HS.

Kristie Hutto

I hated the way the stick deodorant made my underarms feel. It was hard to shave and wouldn't come off when bathing. I started using the Dove spray and I love it! It has several different scents. My underarms are so much happier without all of that goo under there.

INK,etc. presents

Great video and you can see how much better her underarms look!!!

Britt Linsay

Ouuuuuu, Good Job!

osmara millner

Unfortunately, with HS natural deodorants is your only option. I carry one with me because they just don't cut it for my armpits but its so much better than having a breakout because of the blocked pores.

Jerry Tuck

Under arms are a goldmine

Sheila Hogan

Used a microfiber cloth that will remove the deodorant from the under arm but shave first

Debbyann Beardsley

great video!

Tizzle Tazzle

Has she tried Lume deodorant?

Nickcasey Pereira

This is so satisfying.

Teresa Salins

Good hint about deodorant buildup


Can't you do that eith something other than your fingers? Looks like you're leaving content in some.

Sheila Hogan

Thank you for sharing I like you videos

Mahogany Brown


Maddie White

Love your videos, but I cringe every time you use the qTips?

Cynthia Casados

Fitted gloves and clear video. U r a very humble and wonderful speaker!

Cynthia Casados

Use ur knuckles

Jerry Tuck


Kiki Mamass

Why are you squeezing like that ?

Suzanne Irving

Just found your terrific videos
Thanks. Just what I need to relax. Take the camera off auto focus. Then it won’t blur as much

Cynthia Lopez

You got it baby girl ????

Vegan Rush

Oh lord I'll kerl my body hair

Hot Wheels master Channel

Try putting your fingers on the cotton tips when you use them. You don't slip off the bumps so easily this way. If you go from the base, you can see when you get it all out.
Thanks for this fabulous video!
to provide

Encarnacion Llave

Great video!!

Lori_ 3033

I love your demeanor! You have a pleasant voice. Keep being positive we all can keep learning. ?

tiiny - xo

I just learned that carbolic soap is the red soap. I always thought it was special Caribbean soap :D

Jordyn Robinson

i’ve been waiting for this oneeeee?

G.D Malin

I have been using the Native brand deodorant and I notice that it does work very well and washes off alot easier than most other brands.

Cyndy Jurney

Good job.

Jerry Tuck

Do these problem under arms use anti-perspirant or just deodorant . I can’t use the anti P stuff

dolphins n unicorns

Shower daily..cleaned underarm with soap and water... then use fresh lemons as a natural deodorant and antiperspirant... it works the best

Jenae Smith

This is exactly why I use SPRAY on deodorant instead of SOLID‼️?

Teresa Salins

Have you watched Josefa Reina? She uses gauze to extract blackheads stuff. The gauze doesn’t slip & you can get way under the zit

Terrie Mann

What about the large red one?

Carole Drennan

Watch more of Enilsa Brown's videos to perfect your technique with cotton swabs. She stretches the skin out before she starts the extraction.

Shawntel Monroe

Great attitude regarding the constructive criticism.

Stephanie Mims


Makayla Findlay

Remind me when part 3 is up

Sheila Hogan

Hi my name is sheila from San Francisco bay area. To get all the dorant off the body use a micro fiber towel like some guy used it to clean there cars. Used that on your body it get the deodorant totally of from your underarm. Just cut the cloth in 4 and used one section Sam's clubs had the towels they work excellent.
I tell y like your videos

Teresa Salins

Great job using the wooden stick cotton top applicators.

Mermaid Squad

Love your video hon!

Mark Korenhof

G'day gorgeous from Melbourne, Australia do men ever have these underarm problem's ?

Nytea B Skee

Invest in a better camera, sis.

Joanne Brown

You need tighter gloves ?


This is hidradenitis suppurativa

Jenesis show Jennys Way

HS always comes back I even got my sweat glans removed and it just went to a new area. I am always pressing to get relief

Princeston Randall

I am just flabbergasted at what can come out of our bodies ??? like damn I thought some kind of Symbiote was coming out of her lol....but im glad she doing better tho.

Monica Mitchell

I noticed the color of the build-up has changed & that's good! Listen.... all she needs is a SPRAY, not a solid! I shave with a razor every 4 weeks, NEVER AGAINST THE GRAIN, and exfoliate daily. Not a drop of blackhead. Your diet can contribute to secretions and odor too. See if she's willing to cut processed foods & red meat. ??.


I just found your channel. You do nice work. It's nice to see someone willing to learn more about their craft. I appreciate you trying to help your customers and also entertain your viewers. Well done lady!


Great pops! New lighting will help.

Robyn Mawer

?♥️ Excellent Job!! ♥️?

Keely Ledbetter

I am loving this!! Just found you and I can’t wait to go through your videos ❤️


?Now that's popping? even the little ones❕ You did a fine job❕ Keep up the good work❗ I think it's a good thing that we women stick together and we will make it out of the rabbit hole. Have faith and in this day and age, it is a good thing. Make sure we do our best to keep the silver threads between us and we will see the light. I SAW THE LIGHT I'm sorry I just had too. No one will get my bad joke ?? LOL❗ Well, got to go, the gaming gods are calling❕ ??‍??M.


This quality is amazing ♡

Richard Stutrud

You need better lighting


Great video. This is definitely HS. A few times in the video you mention deodorant. Please understand that this has nothing to do with deodorant trapped under the skin. She may have it on her genital area as well. HS causes the pores to fill with sebum and they could turn into abscesses due to inflammation or contamination (especially by picking at it). Ask her if it gets worse around the time of her cycle? There are a lot of great products to keep the abscesses at bay like Hibiclens or Panoxyl wash. And Clindamycin or Epiduo lotion. Or whatever her dermatologist or doctor recommends.

Sandra Solaligue-Pérez

Hi! Don't underestimate you. You are amazing! ???

Sioux D

Hi? I love your channel.
I noticed your cotton buds didn’t have a wooden stick. On Enilsa’s channel I remember she said once that the normal cotton ear buds aren’t strong enough. The wooden sticked cotton tips are the best for extractions. Have a great day?

Adrienne Pandy

Lume is an amazing natural deodorant!

Chavonne Robinson

Wooden cotton applicator

Jenesis show Jennys Way

Having HS is annoying and painful

Rowan WildRose

This looks like hidradenitis suppurativa

Nick Moore

Poke a little deeper and move the needle around inside the hole to break up what's inside. Also the black thing you were unsure of is just a black head get these out too

Ndiza Nano

She must bath everyday

Sheila Hogan

It's dead skin cells. The smell could be from it being infected. Could be cause from food allergies

Mermaid Squad

You really show them how it’s done girl! Most people peck around with tweezers here and there , but you actually show what you do
And how you do it ! Great videos ! Keep up the good work!!


For extraction of underarms use a clean warm washcloth or gauze.

Sugar Ray Leonard

No! What I'm looking at, correct me if wrong, is a precondition to Diabetes

Teresa Salins

Great extractions 2nd round!!

Kyra Greene

I just needed one good video before bed and this was it ❤️

Rondale Smith

I have hs and dove deodorant works great for me


What kind of soap did you recommend

Tara Fays

Suggest she try Lumi or lume. I'm not sure about the speing. It's an all natural deodorant that not only works but it works for like 24+ hours. It's also available in a lotion form so no build up! Lume was developed by a dermatologist specifically for safe and effective use in sensitive areas including the lady bits!

Dave Carlson

Try watching Dr Pimple popper to learn what to do lol

Breanna Patricia

That’s GOT to hurt ? butttt the video was satisfying ?

alliyah dog


Susan Nailor

You did a great job. Love it

Kay Tee

Thank you for these extractions. They were so satisfying ?❤️

Linda Arbogast

If you used darker colored gloves the camera would focus more on the skin than your gloves.

Leslie LaRue

I think you really do wonderful job for being a NEW esthetician!! Don't let people's OPINIONS change how you do your job!! Everyone wants to BE THE KNOW IT ALL'S but in reality they have ZERO CLUE'S!!! Your explanation is very clear along with your knowledge!! I applaud you! I enjoy watching these type of videos! I have watched a lot of other Wax/Estheticians they are never clear about their processes nor do they stay on the task at hand!! No one is perfect but with practice you will only get better!! Thank you! I am looking forward to more of your video's!!!

Candy Woy

What did you use to put on the baby powder? Hope you threw it away since her skin was open

Ingrown armpit hair

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Ingrown armpit hair ep.1

3 996 views | 13 Oct. 2019

It oozing for awhile, and

It oozing for awhile, and I cannot find the hair, because there so much blood. This is after the pus came out and the oozing started to heal up. Finally i can see two hairs. ?