My tan

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huge glow up + getting my life together for 2021! spray tan, facial, nails, etc.

62 564 views | 5 Feb. 2021

hey guys! hope u enjoyed

hey guys! hope u enjoyed the video! xoxo sara


Insta: https://www.instagram.com/saraxjoy/

tik tok: saraxjoy

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/Saraxjoy/

Depop: Saraxjoy Link: https://depop.com/saraxjoy

snap; @sarajoy131

VSCO: saraxjoy

business inquiries: [email protected]


Music by Gil Wanders - Dreams - https://thmatc.co/?l=E350AC55

Music by Mark Generous - Orange And Pomegranate - https://thmatc.co/?l=543E066E

Music by frumhere, kevatta - warm feeling - https://thmatc.co/?l=6ACB0E2B

Local Elevator by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license. https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/

source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1300012

Artist: http://incompetech.com/

Veda Lou

She is sooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty ?

Joel Motwani

This is exactly what I’m gonna do today
Self care
Love you Sara?

Kate et

I love the nails there so cute


When she flips the towel over to hide the makeup and there’s makeup on the other side lmao

Notme Butme

Sara is Pinterest

Eryn Griffiths

where’s the starbucks mint cup from at 01:06

gabriela gray

? I think there is different types of facials ???

Ariana Zander

Is it just me or does she sound exactly like Megan fox and kind of look like her

Sydnee W

If you take the rose quartz roller and put it in the fridge so it cold and then use it on your face every night and doing so shrinks your pores and makes the inflammation of pimple go down it has worked wonders for my skin and under eye bags

Anna Krabbe

Your hair looks so pretty☺️

Elianny’s Diary

On your thumbnail in the picture to the right you lowkey looked like that tiktok girl

Izze Louise

the happiest and positive vibes in this video!!?✨✨✨



Lily Steele

love this!!


Thx for inspiring me☺️✨

My World

You are so pretty ?

Ryan Ivey


Jillian Murray

I love the new nails!

greta si

You need to use that serum before moisturizer

Bella Coghlin



Your Damon sweatshirt ?

Arwa Arwa

She's enjoying her life literally a goal

angelina hantz

where is your jacket from in the outfit before trader joes!!

S Nahar

The right way to use that face roller is from down to up.Otherwise your skin will be loose.

natalee long


Daniii M.C

saraaaa yess sis. what’s the name of the zara pants tho? help sis out?

Ryan Ivey


Dayna Young

you don’t understand how much joy i get out of watching your videos

Lina Vlogs

You are gorgeous ?


BTW you're not supposed to touch the ordinary dropper to your face ? you can put it on ur hands and then apply it, tho :))))

Mateja Polesny

can you do a bday what i got?

annie m

yall are so pretty ily <3♥️

Tessa Harrell

oh so no ones gonna talk ab what her mom was screaming ab when she abs ryan were eating breakfast? ok...?

Sophia Boston

she’s literally perfect.

Jessica Jones

no need for a glow up already stunning.

isha Shah

Love your nails!!!❤️

Savannah Kaitlin

I loved this and I'm also obsessed with your wallpaper!! Where is it from?

emily schreiner

obsessed with ur vampire diaries hoodie !!

Ana Martinez

OMFG I knew you looked familiar, you’re on literally all my Pinterest boards cuz your outfits are so cute!

Thaybah Croeser

Sara doesn’t even need a glow up????


lol I feel like shes been 17 for like 3 years.. does that make sense? Happy 18th tho!!!!

Pippa Sussman

Your so pretty xx

Kimberley Tran

you are so pretty
remember to apply hydrochloric acid when your face is damp or it will dry out your skin

Nica De Torres

Her mom as well


I thought I was the only one who is obsessed with Trader Joe’s mochi!! They are AMAZING!!!

Cara Quach

ok girl u don’t even need to glow up... u always look absolutely STUNNING all the time!!! ??✨

Anja Blanco

Advice for the serum, you can put it on morning, night, or both, but you should put it on before your moisturizer and then put your moisturizer on because that's how you amplify the hydration otherwise it will dry out your skin because it will pull the hydration from it.

Alisha Tabani

can you please do a what i eat in a week video

Gre Ta

hey sara
where did you get those oversize sweatshirts?
you're so beautiful and I really like your style!
anddd. .. happy 18th birthdayyy

Luiza Gonçalves

Hi!!! I'm brazilian and I'm learning english and is really good to watch your videos. You are so pretty!!! ❤❤??

remas alanzi

your soooo beautiful love youuu soo much

f. ddrx

ok but like how did she do a 30 minute workout LMAO I could never -

gabriela gray

this is definitely by far my favorite vid on your channel?


Since no one said it ⌛️⌛️⌛️

Ella Vlogs

i love you sara you are so perfect and so natural and just I LOVE YOU

Catherine Mae

Your mom is the cutest

Nevaeh Hartz

She doesn’t need a ✨G L O W U P✨

Veda Lou

Is a glow up needed for her


Lina Vlogs

13:01omg are team stelena or delena?

Caroline Allen

Amazing video.

Ayshi Das

Don't use the roller like thattt?? look online how to use it otherwise u can get face tears and wrinkles

Sara Aljunied

my name is sara too!

Shane Smitj

Love all of here videos ???

Elissa Buzas

what are those jeans from zara called ?

Haley Stout

Can we talk about how her outfits are all perfect like i- ?

Tia Garrison

for the ordinary thing u are supposed to pat it on your skin rather than rubbing it otherwise it's sticky and foams up

Sydnee W

I’m jealous on how gorgeous she is omg??

Kate et

your so pretty omg

Caroline’s Life

Girl! Where is that floral dress from?

Madeleine Ustruck

Hey, Sara! First of all, I loved the video and happy birthday! Second, I highly recommend the chocolate peanut butter mochi from Trader Joe's if they have it at your location! ?

Bailee Fox

Apply the hyaluronic acid to damp skin. And you can use it morning and night.

Salomé LERAY

You are too beautiful ??

Natalie Michelle

Beautiful girllll

charlize gail

okay, but sara is already gorgeous she doesn't need a glow up + her style is the absolute best!

Sasha w

Omg you're mom hyping up you're cooking is the SWEETEST THING

Nadyashani Igusti

Hey Sara! You are so talented and gorgeous! I love watching your videos so much! :)

B Goldsmith

Ok I'm on ,y dads account but I just started washing you again for a month and you motivate me to be healthy I love yo so much

Andrea Cordova

I wish I had the money to make a glow up like this

mikayla mags

i just got nearly the same nails too?? there so cute

Laney Ratchford

girl u didn't need a glow up
happy birthday!

Sabra's Random Dreams

Beautiful happy b-day

iiisxniyah !

your videos are just so calm <3


She’s too pretty

Angelica Budhram

Sara is literally soooo pretty and she has such a fun personality ?

Ryan Ivey

I LOVE YOU ??????

Cara Quach

girl i swear u and ur mom are literal TWINS ??✨

yasmeen is swaggy

for the ordinary product u got, don’t touch the dropper to ur skin! also loved the video and ur outfits are chefs kiss

eve ayla

I've been waiting for this!!!!❤️

iLikecheesecake o

Omg your eyes are gorgeous! Also love the nails ✨

Ariane W

sara is my fav youtuber now

Macie Michelle

for ur nails was that sns or gel ? :)

Mélia Paquette

I NEED THIS DRESS!! Where is it from? Btw you’re so beautiful ?




Sara making a very simple sandwich
saras mom cheering lol

Nica De Torres

I just love her!!!?


OMG hi sara i love your videos and i love your doggies and both your parents you and your mom looks the say and its so cute ilysm your my fav youtuber and i have been watching your videos over and over again pls reply my dream is to get a reply and a shoutout from you ilysm thanks for your time bye x

Charlotte Evelyn

tip for the hyaluronic acid - put it on only after you wash your face and before your moisturizer bc the moisturizer kinda helps w the stickiness and the slightly sticky feel also helps with makeup imo

jennifer R

She is a literal angel and so gorgeous??!!

engra salinas

sara if you are going to apply the ordinary serum just try to no not touch your face with the dropper


Bailey Kenner

Please check out my youtube channel

My tan

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Taking Delivery of My New Modified Beast Car!!

424 829 views | 10 Feb. 2021



Here I Got my Car Modified from

Super Car Care 503/1 Palavanjipalayam Dharapuram road, Tirupur 9842274717

Map Location: https://g.page/super-car-care

Watch Full Modification Video



0:30 Intro

2:15 Main intro

3:03 Car opening

4:08 Car interior works

5:57 Surprise for team mop

7:45 Car montage

8:37 Car care owner exploring about my car

10:18 Painting the car

10:25 Changing the wheels

10:34 Changing the windows

11:18 Changing the tail lights

11:28 Fixing the spoiler

11:53 Making number plate

12:12 Head light

13:00 Tan colour seat

13:19 Noodles mate

13:26 7.2 inch andriod system

13:46 Neon light

14:34 parking sensor

14:47 GPS Signal

16:59 About my dream

Views of rithik


Natraj Nila


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➽Subscribe to MOP⬇


➽Shop all our gadgets on amazon with special disocunt⬇


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➽Checkout our other channels

"Pimpom Lifestyle" https://www.youtube.com/pimpomlifestyle

"Mr puttu kutty" https://www.youtube.com/mrputtukutty

"VEDHA" https://www.youtube.com/vedha

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Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/mr_ooru_porukki/

Facebook page : https://www.facebook.com/Mrooruporukki/

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Twitter : https://twitter.com/oorumr


#MrOoruPorukki #Pimpomlifestyle #Mrputtukutty #Vedha



Butterfly doors is nice you can try it


Wow???so cute car??

Kishore Official

Modified beast??


Bro total amount evalo vanthathu bro naanu pannanum

Sudha Senthil

Nallathu ninaithal nallathagave natakum Anna.....Car Super bro

thamizh aravind

What is the cost of modification bro???????

Quarantine Entertainment

Bro u know to drive car ?


Congrats Bro All the very best


Congrats MOP n team , pimpom, paati n kutti ...

Arun Prakash

Y yellow bro

Karthik Raja

Bavani intro bgm super vedha

Anbu Arasu

How much u spent fr this?

sudevan its


Mani S

Total cost eavvalavu bro

madhus hacks

Congrats anna yellow colour my favorite ? super anna ?

Priya Jp




Syed Abuthahir Classic

bill yevalo bro

K.MURALI Krishnan

Ivaru vanity Vans ah filim shooting ku rentku kodukaravar aache. . . Car modification and sales um pannaraara ?


Hi bro very nice ? tell me the price of car you purchased price and modify rate total how much you spend for this

Joseph Christopher


Viji 0610

Super congratulations

Krs 7

Congrats bro ...

Bharat Kumar

Neege veere level bro!!❤️❤️❤️

Ashiq Aisha

சுத்தி போடுங்க bro....

Lalitha Kiruba


Kavin Balaji

Car modifier- Fan boy moment ❤️

royal naga

How much ji



Iliyas Iliyas

பூரொ என் கிட்ட மாருதி ஆல்டோ 800 இருக்கு இதை மாதிரி பன்னா எவ்வளவு செலவாகும் தயவு செய்து தெரிவிக்கவும்


Budget brother

Timber Clause

Bro price

Murali Murali


KrAzY Gamer

Bro blue shirt pota al vandhu First Caravan vachurundharu

Shivani B

My fav yellow ??

Bhuvaneshwari Bhuvana

Anna team la entha maari work pandranga......pls konjo sollungala ennoda husband unga team la sethupingala .......pls entha maari vela paakaranganu sollunga anna ..

Nikethana S

We r on trending bro??

Smart Pooventhar

?Nice ?


How much bro

Maha Recipes

Congrats anna no.11 on trending keep rock anna.?☺

Buke's Crazy World

First car is always special.. regardless of brand or model.. my best wishes

Nagalakumi Illam

Manjal endral mangalamae undaagum❤️

Joseph Christopher

Thalapathy Master????

Indhu indhu

Bro even I had same car I like to renovate evlo budget sollamudiuma pls


Congratulations bro......nice car

Prakash M

Tiruppur na supper ta bro i love Tiruppur

K.Kanbath Raj

Bro price solluga bro..??

Dinesh Jeyabal

Really that car modification shop owner is the true human being apart from everything what do u say..

Mallu JinN

Bro rain guard veynga bro Innum superaarkkum look aprom bumber scirting vey bro

Mr Joker

Suprr car bro

Vishnu Prasath

Bro car supara erukku???
Mop squad hit like??

Rachel Yonathan

Super anna

VC தமிழன்பன்

Ithu ready panna evlo price aachu bro

Praneesh mk

Dai pundi waste

angs thurai

i10 beasta..... ??

Joseph Christopher


Joseph Christopher


Chandru Ganesan

All the best anna??

Hari Arasu

Beast ??


Super car

பைரவி செல்ல பைரவி


4029-jerome Samuel

Car name enna anna

karaikudi chettinadu hotel cooking

வாழ்த்துக்கள் அண்ணா

Kavin Nidharsan

Nice yellow colour

Joseph Christopher


Gowththam gows

i10 fans hit like ?❤️

Venkatprasad Raj

Anna car semma clazzy ah irukku na ????

Joseph Christopher

Thalapathy veriyan hit likes????

s suresh


Ghost么 Rômàn

Congratulations bro
Car vera level ????

Sanjay view

Price bro


Which car is this?


Anna namma valarnthuttu vantha haters iruppanga don't see that. Boot boys

Priyanga Rajendran

Massuuuu ponga, semmmmmaaa bro ore yellowwww ooooo yellowwwwww finishing touch antha lemon kuda yellow thaan bro kavanichingala semmala, massuuu bro vera level ponga vetri mel vetriiii

Vignesh R

Super Anna super super super anna

Shanthi Uma

வாழ்த்துக்கள் வாழ்த்துக்கள் ??


Here I Got my Car Modified from
Super Car Care 503/1 Palavanjipalayam Dharapuram road, Tirupur 9842274717
Map Location: https://g.page/super-car-care

Siva Sabarish

Which place bro enna ku maruthi 800 modified pannanum bro

Shivangi _Pughal

தளபதி ❤️

Sheak Adham

Price sollave illa bro yanakum en car beats ippadi pannanum

bharathi ramani

Car color is super

J.kaviya Jain

Nice car anna

venom தமிழ் gamer

nice mop
same i10 i have
how much it cost finally

Aaron Shem

Great work bro
Congratulations ?

kapana seenu

Super anna..?


Congrats mop fam♥️

kapana seenu

Very nice bro..❤️

varshinihome varshinihome

Congratulations ? brother

logeswari stitching centre

Car sema bro

Prashanth Vishali

Really a beast mode car bro MoP????????✨✨✨✨


Love from Tiruppur ❤️

rajeshwari sridhar

Congratulations bro very happy for you

kalai vani

congratulations mop

Sachin smart


Dinesh Megala

Valthukkal bro ana unga life Patha enaku romba poramaya iruku bro enaku ipadiyalam valanum nu thonum ana enala vala mudiyala bro super bro unga videos yelame semaya iruku bro

S.A Nizamudeen

Put black stripes in center it will be super

Joseph Christopher

Thalapathy Master??

naren Dra

Super mapala car price. And after modification total price

Joseph Christopher


Sunil Karthick

A new member of mop family

My tan

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days in my life: new haircare, workouts, sushi date + current reads

6 410 views | 10 Feb. 2021

In today's video → I

In today's video → I finally try out the ~popular~ 12-3-30 workout, rescue Kole from the side of the interstate, share my current book I'm reading, haul a few pieces from Princess Polly & random things from Target, try the new Function of Beauty line, have a lil sushi date + more!


· leopard print joggers: unavailable online

· leopard print crewneck: unavailable online

· Lauren Giraldo (12-3-30 credit): https://www.youtube.com/user/PrincessLaurenTV

· *similar lululemon tank: https://rstyle.me/+QSryQD19FlI47P5VURkQbA

· *similar lululemon leggings: https://rstyle.me/+4KjDKKQLu9G_YIl2n9OQAA

· Loving Tan: https://www.lovingtan.com

→ use code JULIAKRISTINE for a free Deluxe Applicator Mitt with any mousse or gradual tan purchase

· Function of Beauty for Target: https://www.target.com/b/function-of-beauty/-/N-q643leattf0

· wine glasses: https://rstyle.me/+NaXpriq5mbnXyAxv7GRpUg

· Zara mom jeans: https://www.zara.com/us/en/mom-fit-jeans-p08197031.html?v1=78505848

· North Face gotham parka: https://rstyle.me/+bSyZdmLM58LIK4pcITruxQ

· The Couple Next Door book: https://rstyle.me/+WEIhqmdp5Kq1V0v3QbxL-w


· instagram. https://www.instagram.com/juliakristinek/

· website. https://www.juliakristinek.com/

· podcast: Unsocial Butterfly. https://open.spotify.com/show/2JBBQX0jjZWhDlDbYRcgYC

· etsy shop: The Golden Honey Co. https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheGoldenHoneyCo

· merch. https://teespring.com/stores/juliakristine

· pinterest. https://www.pinterest.com/juliakristinek/

· ???????? ????????? → [email protected]


· age. 24

· job. Radiologic Technologist

· camera. Canon g7x Mark ii

· editing. Final Cut Pro X

· music. Epidemic Sound

discounts. → save some $

· airbnb. $ off your first stay: https://www.airbnb.com/c/juliak6688?currency=USD

· uber eats. $5 off first 2 orders of $15+ → eats-juliak1151ue

· door dash. $7 off your first order: https://drd.sh/AsC0TH/

· lyft. $ off your first ride: https://www.lyft.com/invite/JULIAKRISTINE


FTC · This video is not sponsored.

Some links may be affiliate, meaning I may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Maria Mangion

I always look forward to your videos ❤️ I really admire you!

Brinley King

Hey Julia! First of all, we have the same Friends sweatshirt. And second of all, could you do a review for the function of beauty from Target? I heard that it dries out your hair a lot and was wondering your thoughts about it. Thanks❤️

mehana lee

yay! perfect timing for an upload. i just got home from a 12 hr shift after getting my 2nd dose of the vaccine. rough day ? this vlog is so relaxing ☺️?

Grace Nguyen

love this! keep up the amazing work


28 min vlog! Woo! ? always looking forward to them ?

Vivi Jørgensen

Love a long vlog ????????

Whitney Decker

You’re so pretty!

Lauryn Kelman

Love love love your videos!


Yay for another vloggg!! ❤️❤️

Sydney Marsden

Where is the little rainbow on your keys from? It's adorable!

Fabiola Suarez

Need to try function of!


Great video be blessed!!!

Tabitha Mars

I just got some Nike react infinity runs and they are AMAZING. SO CUTE AND COMFY. it’s meant for people running, walking or even training. So cute and I think they are on sale too?

Drue Ogden

Great video! Thinking of trying that hair care. ?

Shannon Grant

I like the “sneak peek” part you’ve been adding in the vlogs.. another great video as usual! ?

Camiron Schafer

For shoes: I LOVE Brooks running shoes... they are so cute and I’ve been buying shoes from them for years for cross country, track, and now road races in adulthood!

sarah b

I would love to know your thoughts on the shampoo and conditioner. Those jeans from zara looked super cute on you!


Julia: it’s -12 degrees, not bad
Me in Arizona: shivering when it’s 72 degrees out ?

honeypot films

how r u getting more gorgeous every video?! ?
- honeypot films

Jillian Daigle

I gasped out loud when you said what the weather was ?? and here I am thinking it’s cold in New England lol and all of your outfits are so cute!! ?

Jennie F

Hey Julia does Cole stream on twitch? My BF is obsessed with watching streamers ☺️

halina grace

so there is a next level of comfort to what you described. “freshly showered, clean sheets, warm comfy blanket” PLUS freshly shaved legs.. lol!!!! Feels so good!

Jordyn Gentry

sour cream on EVERYTHING please!

Allison Foxworthy

Where do you live again?!

We’re in the 30s and complaining about the 20s coming in Oregon ?

mariah canty

love the updo hairstyle with the bangs in the hair framing your face ??

Michelle Nguyen

when your bf opened his can in front of the camera after you poured your wine ? love your vlogs!

Tabitha Mars

What state do you live in that is -40 degrees?!!!

Elizabeth Oest

We have so many of the same things (great minds think alike) like your throw pillows, plant pots, wallet etc. haha I just replaced mine with a look alike it was looking a little beat ?? I’m so jealous you guys salt your roads. It was so dangerous where I live this morning and it def wasn’t treated with anything

Alessia Meloni

Just got off work, i can’t wait to see the vlog cause they always cheer me up! I hope you had a great day Julia?

Jenna Hong

LOVE the new art above the couch - completely elevates the room! ❤️

Sydney Gebhart

The way you turned the pillows a certain way while making the bed w/ your bf lol thats me ??

Megan Ringwall

Would you recommend the cookies?!

Sabrina S

So relaxing to watch your videos !!!!????


You should try Hoka running shoes! they're great and have many options in terms of support


I was laughing so hard....the heat is at 72 degrees!! Definitely a Midwest thing even a in minus degree weather!!

Sophia R

What size did you get in the Zara jeans?!! They look so good on you!

Ava Michelle :::



Best walking/running shoes: Asics, Saucony, and Brooks. Can't go wrong with any of those!


Watched this vlog during my 12-3-30 ? really helped get me through


Where's your coffee table from? Love it!

Brittany Trull

omg im shook function of beauty is in target now what - also love that sweatsuit ahh

Allyson Rose

the art piece is so pretty!! oooo thank you for the book rec!

Stacy L

Great vlog!

sidrah khan

‘So then it should be spotless’ LMAO i feel you girl!!

Libby Allnatt

I started getting the salted caramel cream cold brew from Starbucks after seeing it in one of your videos and it’s SO good ? Thank you for introducing me to this magical drink ?☕️

Love your videos!



David Parnell

Hi julia!

Lauren Warner

Something about your vlogs is just so soothing! Love watching you Julia!! ❤️❤️❤️

Limariz Morales

Love your vlogs ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Joana-Joy Meza

Heyy Julia I love all ur videos
Fun fact: I’ve never tried dumplings ?
I would love to try them, any recommendations on which specific ones I should try first??

Anyways I hope you’re having a great day today?

mariela guevara

I love your videos so much!!! I always look forward to them!
What kind of shoes are the pink ones you are wearing while you're working out??

Natasha Akhtar

Smashed this video! Love it <3333

Alli Berg

Did you drop the laundry detergent cup into the machine? I’ve never seen that done before! Does it wash the extra detergent out so you don’t put it back on your bottle dirty?

Nicky Daley

I love your vlogs, so calming and chill to watch.

Brittani Vaillancourt

Where is your friends sweatshirt from??


You are so cute ❤️

J Mis

I have been diagnosed with anxiety since I was 21 now im 33 but I first felt it in high school

Jordan Bauth

girl your booty is POPPIN in those jeans! when you flipped the sushi I died ? and I love that lil white lulu cropped zip up, it's so cute!

Alyssa Cruz

Love how you and Ashley mention each other y’all are my faves ? seriously always waiting for the uploads to watch during study breaks

Jo Stotts

Teach me how to make my videos this cute ?


Omg! Both you and Ashley Taylor mentioned each other in your vlogs and I'm living for it!! This was such a fun video. Watching your videos and listening to your podcast honestly make my week ❤️

Maggie Branch

Hey Julia

Ronette Q

I'm in the market for new walking/running shoes as well. I've been looking at getting Hoka's
They have a kinda cute all black or beige colorways Bondi 7, Clifton 7

Tatiana Esquivel

It’s been soooo cold in Illinois ugh I hate it. Your days are so organized& productive...mine are so chaotic lmao. I blame it on working afternoons one week and midnights the next ? but anywho those jeans are so cute ! I’ve been spending waaayy too much money shopping lately with nowhere to wear my new purchases to ?

Act Natural Nicole

"I'm gonna make all of them cuz who cares" ? haha yesss. Now I want those cookies soo bad gahhh. & yes I'm getting back into reading after a little break :P The pinky ring is sooo cute!!

Shanen Bautista

love your vlogs so much!!!!!!!

Kate Ramsay

Loved this vlog and the jeans you got are so cute ?

Megan Sales

Loving all the vlogs lately :) also I’m very impressed with your plant mom skills lol I aspire to be more like you

Katrina Stranzl

Adidas ultraboost and Adidas cloudfoam

Kay L.

How do you survive -40 degree weather?! And I thought our winter was bad, we’ve just been getting snow like every other day where I live!

Alexis Yaeger 8491

Adidas swiftly or no bull runners