Tight curls natural hair

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Natural Hair: My Hair Type-Thick Tightly Curly Coils- Alicia Mendsey

55 163 views | 30 Apr. 2011

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My hair consists of a mixture of textures. I talk about hair types. Andrea Walker came up with the hair typing system. If I had to classify it, I would say that it is a little 4a and 90 percent 4b/4c hair. It is coarse tightly coily. I am showing that I have tightly coiled hair and other textures.

Check out my length check video. In the video, I show seven months of hair growth. Here is the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JV-1Qjdm3rM

Check out my video where I talk about how you can grow 4c and 4b hair. I talk about consume nutritious foods. It is good to eat spinach and other veggies for strong hair. I talk about natural hair growth and hair vitamins. Here is the video below.


Check out my first video in my wedding series. In the video, I do a formal updo and wedding hairstyle for a braidsmaid. Here is the video:


I explain in other videos why I went natural. Check out my natural hair style videos.

Check out my wash and go videos as well. I also have videos on different natural styles on my hair, which has a mixture of hair types.

Quintia Haughton

@stop08it my hair is EXACTLY how you describe!


YOU'RE MY HAIR TWIN. Oh my gosh, that is just too cool.

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

Hey there Alicia,
For some reason, there is not a reply link on your comment. But anyway, I would say that I have a mixture of coils in my hair.

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

@Rx2D Hey there:) That is great.


yes we have the same hair type!


My hair looks similar to yours :-) Lol, but I have a weird hair type though, I have 3C/4A/4B/4C with some type 1 hairs (Yes, I have straight strands that grow out of my scalp). I think everyone has a mixed of more than one type because a lot of US do not fit in one specific category.

Brittany .

Omg this looks almost exactly like my hair!

Anita Thompson

Okay. I have read all your comments and I too have the same type of hair. I will try the coconut oil mixture because I have a challenge with frizzy hair too. Thanks for your videos!

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

Hey there, I have been natural for four years. It will be five years in February. If you have any other questions like about transitioning, just let me know?

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

Thank you for all the sweet comments ! You are the best ! For more of my natural hair videos, I have created playlists. View MY MOST RECENT PLAYLIST : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raKSlq3WPFY&list=PLhDy9HmIp5njkmRmp-EFn4gjzS7Gbkuz5

Dawne Chanelle Pierre

your hair is so close to mine it's scary. same tight coils around the back and sides and same frizz puff on the top with no particular curl definition. I have searched everywhere for someone with a hair type similar to mine and finally. thanks for making this video.


i have like 3-4 different size curls/coils in my head..it's pretty insane/awesome..


i agree i think you are 4a....you have a visible pattern...that can be defined with prodoct or water. i have 4c hair is no curls or coils, just a fro

Hexus The God

I got like random hairs that are coiled, it throws my Afro look off



Sis with the succulents Sis

https://youtu.be/VlrGwZ0cS4Y hey like and subscribe to my channel please


that's funny how everyone is saying you're they're hair twin! I specifically searched for THICK 4B hair, which is what I have, and you were the first to pop up. My hair is more defined when wet, but is almost immovable when dry. it's still in a twa stage. hope you make more videos. :)


Found my texture twin!

A. M. I.

HAIR TWIN! lol I couldn't find someone with hair exactly like mine! But now I did!

J Chanel

AT LAST! Someone who's hair I can relate to lol. My hair is a mixture of 4h and something else but get's springy when it's wet like yours lol

LaShanette Elizabeth

Yasssssss my curl pattern

Jazz Hooks

How long have you been natural?? I'm transitioning and seem to have a similar hair type!

Dee Musa

4a and 4b in the front just like mine

Vicky Zhang

Amazing!!! Do you need a hair extensions & wigs supplier?Maybe we can work together in this field.
WhatsApp:+86 178 0628 8089


lol i feel like everyone is saying you are their hair twin but you're mine too! haha keep up he videos so i can see your progress! thanks


My hair is tightly coiled as well but I am a 4a.

John 316

This looks just like my hair but shorter

Griffin Jackson

Fairy knots?!?

Roseline Black

it looks like 4a/b/c

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

@pajewa Another hair twin:)

Tonya Shepard

I have the same type of hair it drives me crazy when I can't do anything with it

King Royal155

nice Channel love the natural look subscribe for subscribe⭐??

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

@lucymae9000 Ok. I will inbox you.

Yolanda G

wow that looks so similar to my hair.. i am a month natural and 15 months post relaxer :D x

Mikey Dee

Amazing video, it's always good to support our community! P.S pls subscribe to me if you can. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9Xk8ENvrGA

Jet ,

mine is the exact same but shorter, like 6 inches in total.. what tips can you give me to control frizz and definition?? also what do you do in the morning ? i shower and condition but i want advice, please let me know every thing


Hair twin !!

Maria La'

Yes my hair is like yours. Thick super tight coils. My hair mats at night and gets dry, morning I go moisture crazy adding leaveIn and water.

Rahmat Sambolino

wow .... extraordinary, hopefully you will always be more successful and healthy, salm know you from Indonesia

Tiny King

Sooo happy I ran into this video! You have hair VEERY similar to mine. It's rare to find our hair type. Our thick hair density is the exact same and we both have a mixture of 4A & 4B. My tight coils are throughout my head tho. Thanks! ???❤️

Brandy Mundy

I think that 4b hair is the tightest coil and 4c doesn't have a tight coil. It just doesn't seem like a tight coil. It seem super loose yet cottony hair. I know they say it's so tight that you can't see it but that makes no sense to me. If hair is tight coiled it's going to be spriny and you wouldn't have to add any product to see it's pattern. Only 4a and 4b does that. My hair has a tight coil unless it is soaking wet. Then it actually expand and until it dries which is when the coil becomes tight. My youngest daughter hair is exactly like mine and you can look at her hair and see the coils. They are just thick cottony like. My oldest daughter hair is cottony and light with a coil that looks straight. I call it a kinky straight. It's also thinner than mine Which has more angles and coils like b but fluffy and full like c texture. In my opinion the LOIS hair typing system is a better way to determine your hair type than aundre walker system because it is not a one type fit all system.

Keep Your Crown

You hair reminds me of mine which is rare.  I'd consider your hair a 4b coily texture mostly and you have a clear mixture of 4a, 4b and 4c just like me :)


Im looking in a mirror right now....crazy. Its shorter than yours but the texture is a match! Now im about to stalk your videos! lol

meci hill

Finally!!! Someone with my hair texture ? I thought I was the only one

Melonie Does Stuff

Hey can I have my hair back! Lol

ET Davis

My hair looks so much like yours. Im newly natural and just today found someone with similar hair type. It is hard to keep my hair moisturized. I have about 3 inches of hair bc I did the big chop.


You are 4a according to the andre system because when you pull your stands an s forms,and they are very coily and small curls. for 4b has a Z pattern. Curl patterns are often best seen when you ahir get very long. For examplekimmaytube's hair looked 4b until she reach bra strap, then her curls had more defintion,and now she's more in the 4a category. another example wouldbe naptural85 when ehr hair was ur legth she looked 4b and not she is clearly 4a

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

@uniquebeauty1994 Really? Guess we are identical hair twins:)

Sharon Johnson

Love ur hair...very much like my hair...what products so you use?

ஐCrossing.the.Cosmos ஐ

I have 4b/4c hair too

Emi Aemi Sam

I too am natural soo hard...i have a clip on mu hair plz come visit thank u for coming!!! Thnk u

Mildred Wright

Your tightly coiled hair remind's me of my 4A hair. Have a blessed week Alicia, I love your coil's. :)

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

THANKS EVERYONE :) More videos to come. You can view my natural hair PLAYLIST HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=raKSlq3WPFY&list=PLhDy9HmIp5njkmRmp-EFn4gjzS7Gbkuz5

Enyatta Landreaux

4a 4b I have your similar texture

Barbara Jean Coward

Definitely 4a/4b hair. Not 4c

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

@BloodzBunny It depends on the style on how I control frizz. I use giovanni's serum to control frizz. I also use aloe vera juice with a mix of water and coconut oil to control frizz when I two strand twist my hair. If I am doing a twist out, I am careful how I untwist my hair to avoid frizz. Well in the morning my routine is simple. Once again it depends on the style.I moisturize with either coconut oil or curls moisturizer. Now as far as conditioning I am starting to do simple treatments.

Kyndra Dudley

Hi! I am 4 months post BC and I think my hair texture is VERY similar to yours! My hair is VERY thick and coarse! I have been struggling with moisture, frizz, and also trying to figure out the MANY MANY textures I have going on on this head of mine. The majority of my hair is just like the hair at the back and sides of your hair. It's tightly coiled and very defined coils/curls. As you move to the crown of my head you will find an EXTREMELY loose wavy pattern that doesn't really curl, it's just S-shaped. Then the front sides are and frontal region is very bushy, no true curl definition but not really kinky. Then I have a tiny patch in the center frontal part of my head that has perfect straw-sized curls. Whew! What do you recommend I use on my hair that you have found to work on yours? I really hope to hear back from you because you are the only person I've seen so far that has my hair texture. I really don't understand the hair typing system and I don't totally agree with it completely either. Thanks a lot! 


This is pretty much my hair

Tami Gaspard

This is exactly my hair right now after 3 weeks of BC curled and no definition in the exact same spots it’s crazy

jeanetta w

love ur hair


i think my hair might look like yours but it's still short. When your hair was shorter were the coils so tight that they completely wrapped in around themselves like a shrunken coil that sort of looked like a tubular worm? I wonder if my hair will look like yours when it's longer...

Cassie Best Ever!

Not 4c. 4a/4b

alexis gaines

omg omg my hair looks exactly like youurss but 3 in but my hair is in a faze were my curls just started to kic in so yayy


You're my hair twin! I'm subscribing!

S. Holliday

That's my stuff too. Multi textured very coily mostly.


I just love your hair it is so gorgeous.

Arialle K

I think we may have the same/ similar hair texture!!! It's so hard to find anyone with hair like mine

Sarah Lynn

I finally found someone who has hair similar to mine!!!! Thank you!!! 

Charmain Williams-Farrar

Thank you so much for doing this video. I finally found someone on YouTube who has hair just like mine. Yay!

Thalia Mullings

you are 4a where you have visible curl and 4b where you have less visible curls


Hello Friend .Very Nice Video . You Look So beautiful .I have Loved you,, Do love me back .

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

@loveLoveLiveLaugh Thanks:)


My daughters hair looks just like yours, she is 18 months old. What tips can you give me in caring for it. THANK YOU!!!


You have my hair!

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

@Dawnyele LOL! I guess we are hair twins then:)

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

@Berenice33eunice :) Let me know if you have any questions.

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Joyce Cannon

Finally found a hair texture like mines!!

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

@juskiddin3334 LOL!!

Tiarra Lee

It's nice to c a natural sista with hair texture like mines. What do you use to keep your hair moisturized? How often do you shampoo, condition and deep condition your hair?

Sabrina Rodriguez

I've finally found someone with my hair type!!! Thank you so much for making this video I thought I was the only one out here with this type of hair. Even though I know I should be proud of my natural hair I really don't like it though because it's really really hard to do a wash n go because after awhile it gets the texture of a Brillo pad rough and shrivels up severely. Also I can't sleep with my natural hair out or else it will start to form into my sleeping position and I will just wake up to find a matted Mohawk do you have any tips for this. Thank you!!!☺️☺️☺️?

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

@SimplyDafDaf21 :)


I am happy I found you. My hair is a lot like yours.


You're predominantly 4a. The very front looks like it MIGHT be 4b, but it's hard to say.


This is definitely very similar to my hair. It's beautiful btw!

Ophelie Dvx

thank you God , I finally found my exactly hair type on Youtube ?


A hair twin !! i am stalking your channel for sure :) in need of tips !!


hair twin! :)

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

@bjbrownbob Thank you!:)

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

@nucule112 Yeah I know what your mean. I get major shrinkage as well.

Betty Boop

OMG!!! Your hair is beautiful.

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals

@etaylor781 If you have any questions, just let me know:)

Tight curls natural hair

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Worlds Smallest Curl Wand on Natural Hair ?!

16 355 views | 2 Aug. 2020



Instagram: @ina90skindofworld

Products Used:

Rusk Hair Spray

Kipozi Thin Curling Wand (3/10 Inch) - Bought on Amazon

H K-Ta


Eva C

where is your necklace from? it's so cute ??


This came out so nicee? also could u do a video on where u get ur jewelry?✨

Healthy Lifestyle Living 60 Plus

Beautiful! You’re to cute ?
New subbie!
I’m going to try on my stunning silver hair ??‍?


Amazing as always!


So cute! giving me some ideas on my own hair


Already going to love this ?? ?. Your beautiful and I love all your hair styles ?. What are you going to do for sleep? Pin curls? A double pineapples?

Endy M

Super cute Love it

Eri B

Your face is so flawless?

Jasmine Washington


Michele Jackson


Tatiana Turner

I love your blue top!! ? Where is it from?

tricia gill

You are gorgeous!!!! So is your hair?

Lashawna Brady

Slam Dunk!!??????????

Natts Samuels

It looks really nice wanna try it on my hair but am so scared.. ❤️?



Monique Alexander

How do you maintain the hairstyle?


Ohhhh this is itttt! I’m def going to try this! ???

Shania Mitchell

Freaking love you gurllll??

Leila Dennis

These curls......?? YESS?

Kraxy Kam

Still beautiful as ever Alana! ♡


Your right on time. I’m looking for a curly fro style ?

Latasha Green


Monique Rene

So cute!!


Looks great!!! I wish my hair would hold a curl?????

Lamika Pope



You can never do wrong ?every hairstyle look good on you . beautiful queen ??.

la _blanca290

This was the cutest hair video ever! Love ittt

Blake Jael

I love this look sm! ?


Where is your bedding from?

Salena Pina

Came out stunninggggg & them brows still poppin ?❤️


It came out so cute! ?

Eldy Fajardo

Loved the hair! Great workout huh ?
I was conviced you were Raven Symone's sister.
Your eyes and smile and your face expressions makes it seems like if you two were related. Plus the name threw me off. ?

Roseonna Naturals Natural Hair Product Creator

Awesome video



seletha montgomery

You going to get those Tina Turner guns with this arm workout.

Ale Jandra

YESS QUEEN ?? you look incredible! You have so much hair, I knew you were gonna be tired lmao. But it looks really good!

TaRae D. Peoples

Beautiful ❤️ ?

Rebecca A Lipscomb

So cute!!

Christina V.

You can do no wrong with your hair...everything that you do is ? ? ?

Joy Lawson

This is super cute! I've never seen such a small curl wand before. Also, what type of hair spray did you use??

A -

You’re gorgeous! Love your hair

heather kowal

omg I love thisss

Margot A

I'm going to get this curling wand. I have medium density hair so I have to work in smaller sections for it too look bigger. I also think the smaller curls mimick my texture more than the big wavy ones

Mia R

gawgeous !!

Elise Wesst

Love this look on you !

Cheyenne Spriggle

I subscribed before you even said to?I will definitely be watching more


My! My! Girl! Your beautiful hair & your gorgeous face match your great personality! Thank you soooo much for this lovely video. ??????

Teliesha Tatum

I just ordered a small wand. Thanks for the video!!♥️♥️?

Temp Mcc

Please do a current skin and makeup routine!!!

liz Gladyness

soooooo beautiful sis!!!!!!!!!!!

Ebony Pieters

Too stunning!!♥♥♥♥♥♥ Your curls came out lovely Alana! Great video as always ♥♥♥♥

Sierra LaFaye

Obsessed ????

Taylor Smith

This was a great video. I love how your hair turned out. I just have one question why didn’t you use a heat protectant wouldn’t that damage your hair? I’m just curious since everyone say you must use a heat protectant

Chrissy x


Shala Wells


Starlette Berry


LaRhonda Grant

Ohhhhhhhhh cute cute!!!!! Now I have to try!

Marla Morris

You have great patience. I hope you had someplace to showcase that fierce hairdo.


I'd have to sleep standing up after all this ? otherwise it'd all be gone immediately


What brand is the iron?

Sonya Angels Ascension

It was like watching myself with how you were reacting to how much it hurts your arms lmfao I have thick hair too and it takes me hours but i love the curls on you so i just might sacrifice my arms as well?❤️

Aimee Rowe

Gorgeous! I just wish I had the patience!

Michelle Rose

6:17-6:18- God creating curly girls ?

Jess Kaplan

Each curl was so cute! It came out amazing!!

Sharon Stone

??? I wish my hair was banging like yours! Beautiful as always, sis ✊?? ?

Donna Mcknight

Beautiful! But no way could I do that, no patience! God Bless!

Simply Candie J

Looovveee this! ?

Jenny Melton

What do you do at night to protect it and keep the curls?


That looks way cool, but ow! I can feel the arm pain from here. lol




Super cute! Girl I would die if I had that much hair! It would have took me days! ???

Tiffany Stovall

I love that hair

Kendra Cabarris

Whoa looks amazing. I couldn't do it if my arms were still hurting after three days. I guess the saying beauty is pain applies to this hairstyle.

Zakiya Harding

Just ordered mine off amazon about to try it now can’t wait!!!!

Tyeshia Lawson

You have a very RICH smile and laugh lol idk how to describe it! Beautiful lady?

Monica Davis

Love it! What was your routine at night? Just a bonnet? Or pineapple it?

Courtney B.

Looks beautiful!


looks absolutely amazing!

Kierney Johnson


Danielle G

The arm workout was real!! This is a look ?

The awesome person Chuney

Really really really beautiful!!!?


Looks great, but why was I shrugging my shoulders and pumping my arms every time you said YOUR arms hurt??? LOL ?

Kaliyah chrisp

This was beautiful❤️❤️. How did you wrap the hair for it to last?


??? Beautiful!!! You’ve got patience BA-BY!!!

Matavia LaGarde

Yessss super cute! Thanks for sharing ?

Tykerria Prater

How'd you preserve it?


So pretty ??

Artist Pr

Gorgeous! I'm getting 80's/90's video vibes.. But definitely, a special occasion style due to the labor.

Sherri Okere

I really love how your hair came out. You go girl. How did you preserve your curls at night with this hair style


This is so cute! How did you maintain the style at night?

Anya Hayslett

KILLLTTT ITTTTT!!!! Once again. No surprise of course. ????? ?????


Yasssss! Werk it??❤️?

Jennifer Roberson

See now I’m doing this for my birthday next year cuze the slay!

LaWanda Harper

How long did the curls last ? Very pretty

Mz. Fab

You should have took some breaks,but it was sooo cute!

Chanell Rose

Gorgeous sis!?? #inspiration

Deborah Blackshear

Beautiful my sister. A lot of hair.


Wooooooooooooooooow! I’m not even exaggerating..... This is bomb!
I don’t have that length of hair but I wanna try this for my graduation photo. I think it can work. I’ve got confidence. Gonna take a whole 3 hours. Dang. Love it

Renee Gardner

You know when your hair starts looking real right while you're doing it, and you already start playing out the convo when people ask how you got it like that ?

Tight curls natural hair

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tight curls on 4b hair

102 577 views | 28 Oct. 2017

Watch as I curl my client

Watch as I curl my client that has 4b textured hair with my babyliss digital flat iron.

products and tools available at DeeperThanHair.com

music by @StrykerSPEAK



Busty Brown Nips!!



I absolutely love your work. Beautiful trim and finishing curls. I hope you have educational classes soon for stylists....I'd love to attend.

Jenny Oyster

Yasssss hunty. ??❤️❤️✨✨

Monique Wright

The curls look pretty undisturbed ????????

Tiombe Davis

✂️✂️Get it girl get it!! I love watching ppl get their hair trimmed


Love your videos. ?


Very nice


‘Tis Woman knows exactly what she doing!

Netta Bear

You palm your shears the same way I do

M Bell

Awesome job and trimming does make a world of difference, thanks for showing your talent and education...your voice is so soothing to listen too also...thanks


where can I buy these products

Lisa Jones

The trim is my favorite part! My stylist knows to go in and get rid of those dead ends lol


I was not ready for the way you handle those scissors Sis!!! Very impressive, you are AMAZING ?❤️


I LOVE the way you do curls. Its so satisfying.


I like steam rooms so this will not work for me.

The D and Z nation

but not curl

latoya banks

Those curls are EVERYTHANG,OKAAY??‍♀️???

Teresa Davis

You do beautiful work

Jacki neal

She's bad with the hair

Darlene Garcia

i wish i could have you do my hair :(

Kiaaj contour

Love it

Shrimp Tempura ASMR

This is a little over a year since this vid... I went to get some satin shield and it’s sold out lol ?

ARD Scholar

Where you specifically located now?

Nikki JesusIsLord

u mean 4C hair

Tamala Austin

How do you make it soooo smooth with the blow drying i tried it and the hair was so thick and ends frizzy

KittiiKamii •

She is my hair twin

Maderian Johnson

Ooooooh I wish that this "Awesome" professional hair stylist could do my hair! She is "BOMB"!!

It's Katosha


The D and Z nation

my hair just like that

Chanju Mkandawire

I haven't found a good hair dresser yet .. and I love you already. Wish I could travel to you. ??

listen CLOSELY

Finally, 4b! I want to watch you take on a challenge and witness the beautiful outcome! So grateful that I found my concentrator attachment and I have that Denman brush, not the paddle version. I'm close. :P

Anointed One

Do you ever travel to St. Louis Mo.?

Raquel Levy

I love how she flips the scissor.

Denise Johnson

I'm in Texas and the humidity is waiting at your door to come outside just to revert your hair. You basically have to wear a hat or scarf until you're inside. No seriously. I was so discouraged that I bought a 4lb bucket of affirm relaxer. . I haven't put in chemicals I'm contemplating. If I put a relaxer in its normally 3x a yr. My hair is really thick and has an s curl singlet pattern. When I was in Chicago and I moved back I put a relaxer in. In 2012 I let it grow out and nourished it and have been natural ever since.. I like the fact that you pass 1x. I see a lot of heat damage on natural hair. Please let me know if your products are vegan for religious reasons. Keep up the great work

Loner Lewis

Love your channel

Kerri Janelle

I know this video is a little old but I would love to see a picture of when she unwrapped her hair if she could send one in❤️

Mary Croffie

Hi!!! I absolutely love watching your videos and you've totally inspired me to wear my natural hair proudly.
A long shot, but I'm a bit sceptical of which hairdresser in the UK (London) is as honest and reputable as yourself. Do you have any suggestions please?
Mary x :-)


I think my hair is 3c/4a idk but anyway i can never get my hair that straight with the blow dryer ?☹️

Monique Wright

That's 30s 40s 50s. Hollywood glamour

jailyn brown

do the tip of your blowdryer helps straighten the hair or we can use any blow dryer

Vashti Williams

you are so talented. love your videos.

Yolanda Payne

Yesssss this was so pretty jus like this loveeeeee it?

Miriam Eclipse

the only "healthy" step of this process was trimming her ends. but flat ironing and blow drying our hair is not healthy no matter what products you use. If anything the serums and such prevents your hair from being ruined entirely but it does not promote growth.

Amayia Terry

Wow ? I need to go get my hair done by u cause wee ooo u can do some hair mannn where is yo hair store at tell me when quarantine over

AppleHead Jackson

Would U mind giving me some hair tips. Cause its very dry and breaks off all the time. Like it was never in to begin with


How long have you had your flat iron, I’m interested in making a purchase, are the babybliss flat irons worth the cost?

Brown Mocha

Her hair looks good

Brown Mocha


Anita D

I could watch you all day (if I had the time)! ??

Claudia Barrios

Is it just me or am I the only obsessed with how she says “serum” LMAO it’s weird ik! But it’s so satisfying


This just appeared in my timeline today (2/2/19). Her hair turned out beautifully!!??

Zo Mama

I never clip my ends cuz i hate the blunt look, i dont wear blow outs or silk press. Either straight natural (twist out) or braids lol

Nandi V

Cute and simple

Cecilia Melo


char char

This is exactly how my hair is!!

maria aparecida barbosa da silva

Beautiful hair!

Pamela Carey

Hi I Love your work.

Katie Waters

I absolutely love watching your videos. You have a very soothing voice!

Gwendolyn Thompson

Her hair was. Beautiful. ?

Thankful for each Day, learning and growing

Love love your work, I wish we had a professional like you here in the U.K.
Keep these videos coming??

Nurse V

Love It ? ? ? Yes Maaaaa'am! You did that love. ?

semira adam

What blow dryer do you use?

Nayra Varanis

wonderful!!!parabéns,lindo trabalho!!!

james kirk

how to buy this product in Brazil? There are representant here?

Alicia Mendsey - Natural Hair Journey & Goals


Sunlight Artistry


Cherella. J

Dame if her hair texture is 4b ...then i must be a 3c with a little bit of 4b, my hair texture is loser than her hair texture....I’m learning a lot from watching this channel


seen the thumbnail thought.."mmm i gotta see this, that stylist is bomb". Of course its the talented deeper than i love watching you slay our kinks and coils with such care and love!!!!

Diana Young

Really pretty curls

May m

You really be changing ppl lives lol. I am shooketh

Shayla alyahS

How can ANYONE ?this video?

Melissa Xavier

U sure that’s 4b type hair ?

Eurasia Shakai

I definitely weighed my hair down lol I put a whole bunch it wasn't flowing through ????


No ma'am...no 8-10 weeks trim for natural hair.


As alwayz nice job??


Ohhhh so pretty?

Tameri Harding

Yes!!! ?? my hair texture!!


Amazing. I think I have this type of hair. Those curls are perfect. Think I'll try that when I find a black hair salon in Vegas.

Shannon Armstrong



That looks good as hellll

Shannon Armstrong

Went way back still watching lol beautiful just beautiful

Cocoa Beans

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You did an excellent job.


Shutting down all the people who made it seem like you only worked magic on people with loose curls.

Bev Carr

Cute. She has the exact same hair type as me

MiaNaomi Post

I looovve to see a stylist handle hair with such care! That blow dry was soothing to watch!

Mrs. FancyFitz

I just love your work sooo much!  You’re not heavy handed or love to cut! You ACTUALLY cut split ends throughly. Awesome job once again.




That's pretty

Kay F

Man her flick game with them scissors is sick lol

Denise Johnson

are your products vegan

popmom mom

THANK YOU My daughter needed to see this. I told her she has 4b hair .


Beautifully done KeKe! :)


This is what all my clients want everyday. I'm sick of this! Love them tho.

Necole Settles

Don't even wrap it just rock it... GOODNESS GRACIOUS IT'S SO PRETTY

Carrie T

I have question why Is It that when my hair starts to get long It feels drier? Like It looks dead I hate It! ?

The D and Z nation

can you please do mine

ام عبدالرحمن ام عبدالحمن

رووووووعة انتي مبدعة

Carolyn Brewster

If that's 4b, I think I have 4z then ?. But great work , and she has very beautiful hair❤