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How The United States Got Hooked On Foreign Oil

616 878 views | 14 Jun. 2019

The United States is

The United States is predicted to become a net energy exporter by 2020. This will be the first time since 1953 that the country exports more fossil fuels than it imports. For almost a century prior, the United States of America was the largest oil producer in the world. So how did the United States get hooked on foreign oil.

Every American president since Richard Nixon has pledged energy independence as a way to strengthen us geopolitically, make us more secure, or boost our economy.

The story of American oil begins in 1859 in Titusville, Pennsylvania. Small amounts of oil had seeped from the ground for a long time, but no one knew how to extract it. Until, Edwin Laurentin Drake, a former conductor, was hired. After many failed attempts, he finally struck gold -- black gold.

The next FEW decades, major oil finds in Texas, California and Oklahoma contributed to U.S. emergence as a major economic power. The 1901 Spindletop gusher in Texas nearly tripled U.S. oil production.

Henry Ford’s Model T invention in 1908 - the first mass-produced car - made America the most motorized country in the world. Other industrialized countries like France, Britain and Germany were ways behind.

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How The United States Got Hooked On Foreign Oil (Part 1)

Hayder Abdulridha

Guys Texas wants to be it's own country, let them. Then we invade the country of Texas because they'd have a lot of oil.

Zoha U.Ghani

We think now U.S. needs some freedom by the Soviet Union.
Remember that Simpsons is always right.

Cedric Clark

Energy independence is increased by simply producing more energy. Most watts of energy are produced from coal,fossil fuels,and atomic power plants,with renewables such as solar being the minority. With establishment of both renewable and non-renewable plants(With Renewable Energy Taking The Lead) America can possibly work towards and/or achieve it's energy independence.

Assi Assi

did he say foreign enemies? lol

Mariame Maouhoub

So now the US can invade countries to force them to buy its oil...Yaay, good for us.


America needs more nuclear power. Cheap, clean, sustainable. And before you start talking about wind and solar, please read up on the negatives from those.

Wayne Collins

Why in the Hell are we exporting any kind of energy?


Wait wait,, so the prediction of run out of oil always comes wrong?

Mirza Ali

I just want to know that Do American's feels ashamed that there country invaded other poor countries for energy sources


"Thats when oil was cheap, like a dollar or two a barrel"

2020 be like, "Yuh oil is now -$100"

Deepak bhattarai

America now : Why we invested military base in Middle East ??

Roberts TV

Add LNG to oil and we are and exporter. CNG is also driving the chemical and plastics industry. Trillion dollar impact.


Not quite, Oli production started in Poland

Why We Love Film

Okay, now can both sides come together just for 1 second and all agree that President Trump is doing a good job with handling this? Just this one time? Please?

Cash Cash

This is thief country , bullying and stealing is very easy . A powerful military and sanction combining is a perfect weapon of robbery .

emall low

How did the US get hooked onto foreign oil, this documentary did not answer it even a bit.

Yuvraj Nigade

looks like only trump came true on his promise :)

Under God1776

Fracking saved united states

USSR ball

Looks like somebody needs both freedom and democracy?


And there still, there are Venezuelans that still think that the US wants to steal even the last drop of our oil. I'm born and raised in Venezuela

tst t100

The cost is too high

I am a real gamer


Spencer Graham-Thille

How else are we supposed to get around, though?

Victor Schofield

Waiting for the day when America starts WWIII


If the U.S. wants to achieve energy independence, It needs to focus on alternative energy, (EV) cars and solar powered electric grids to make up for shortages in the energy market, shale oil and other filthy fuels produced locally have their limitations making the the U.S. energy dependent on foreign oil extracted from hostel hot spots around the world, otherwise it will be a never ending story of wars creating a catch 22 situation of rising oil prices as a result of wars thus high risk speculation.

qwerty LS

8:20 accidentally told the truth

Ashik M

KSA: How are you?
USA: I'm oil

Cedric Clark

Also infrastructure,particularly the U.S national grid infrastructure plays a vital role in America's energy independence. If the plants producing the energu as well as the very entities receiving the energy are malfunctioning and out of date,that can effect the entire U.S national grid as well as its energy independence.

Justin Boudreau

At 11:30, the natural gas price is off by a factor of a million. Should be dollar per million BTU (MMBTU).

Iyoow Abukar

Project independent more like invading other countries and stealing the resources and calling it a day.

Dave Bass

Anamity of a fail, ShakeUp!

berky smith

No mention of petrol dollar

Foysal Ahmed

Yeah, the very first customers of this new US oil could be Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and others.......

Asaad Dennis

Looks like Elon Musk will end America reliance on foreign oil... and oil PERIOD!!!

Natil Cort

USA: Fe Fi Fo Fum I Smell OIL

Peter Russell

Cheap Saudi oil for American blood



people of life

We are fracking now and we get a lot of oil from Canada anyway.

Just a Regular Guy

sniff sniff I smell OILLLL


Nuclear is the best

Ann Droid

Additional footage : Getty

Getty once had a oil business


The largest sources of U.S. imported oil were: Canada (40%), Saudi Arabia (11%), Venezuela (9%), Mexico (8%), and Colombia (4%).

Stacy Clarkson

Frack, baby Frack!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

American Cowboy Capitalism,Wins again!!!

America is Golden,millenials are the Largest Generation ever produced in the USA!!

As Europe/China/East Asia/Russia/Canada enter a Demographic/Economic Death Spiral 2020 forward!

Biswayan Banerjee

They are stealing oils in the name of fake war

Charlie Mac

??Fracking liberated us! ??


Drill baby drill

Ricky Cornejo

Anyone know if part2 has been uploaded been looking but no luck

Botol Air

Oil is one hell of a drug

Jatin Kumar

“Mother nature has enough resources for everyone's need but not for anybody's greed” – Mahatma Gandhi.

Lauren Middleton

Thank God for Trump. He Saved America.

Eren Jäger

Oil is a drug for the U.S.A it’s gets you high

Erwin Lbj

MY FATHER DONALD J TRUMP............ AND SENATOR ERWIN TRUMP............. ( SENATOR WILAYAH INDEPENDENT ).................................

Cedric Clark

One more thought nuclear energy in terms of reactors and hopefully nuclear fission in the coming years can and will skew America as well as the rest of the world into energy independence

Hemza Online

02:56 smoking while extracting oil, aaaaah Old times

Martin Scott

Funny that Trump would take credit for a bad Obama era policy. Self sufficient the USA may be but how they get that oil is the issue.

Krishnan G M

Clearly this video doesn't takes about the aftermath of FRACKING and it's effect on environment

Cheesy Studio

America bring freedom to this world
World: What does it cost?
America: Oil

Martin Ahmad

9/11 scenario for all oil Middle East

600 Herb

Lol yall done take everyone oil now trying to sell it back ? slick mfs

Erik Garcia

This is not independence, it's insanity. Oil is dead.

Moyin Adegbie

U.S.A, China, India, Russia consume the most fossil fuel. Now correlate energy consumption to population by countries & there’s PART of the answer. More people = More domestic/international energy demand.

Rakija Enjoyer

The only reasom U.S starts wars is to get that juicy oil...

Michael Ali

I’m hooked with these fact filled edutainment

Sifiso Mavimbela

"Confessions of an Economic Hit Men"

Regular Dude

Is hard to explain how big of a deal this is. Many of our foreign policies are currently based on our energy needs. This changes everything.

Abhijeet Debnath

Because invading countries are cheaper than drilling in USA. Also you want to save your reserves and finish them elsewhere.


Hooked onto foreign oil daudi and iraq have no ties with usa.

Rakija Enjoyer


Mr. Americana

We actually have enough oil in the USA stockpiled to last us a while, we just go abroad so we do not deplete our own reserves. Many things are made from oil and even "green energy" uses fossil fuels as power (wind turbines come to mind). I don't see the issue with finding more oil as long as we do not go to war anymore, we cant afford it.


"Out of gas, Rent a bike" Imao

Aldo Rizkiawan

Fracking? Lol let's see how it would hold on from growing demand and environmental stand point

survivor survivor

not only are we hooked on foreign oil but now we are stealing it from Syria.

Salman Sk

United States is the blot on humanity

R. Lobo

Great video and information. Congrats.


0:37. lol, look at the facial expressions of Pelosi and Pence. My day was made.

Zain Khalid

Fun Fact : When US run out of oil again in futute then somehow wars will break out in Middle East and USA will be there to save democracy.

Mark Lewis

Lets see America is dependent on forign oil because democrat environmentalists get laws passed forbidding drilling our own oil.


Best part: 5:07
DO do do do DO DO DO! ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

Id also like to take this opportunity to say if you press 4 on your keyboard it will repeat this section. Try it before you leave, it is a really great feeling in this sound.

Khalid AlAli

As an Arab from Arabia, born in the late 80s, raised through the 90s and early 2000s, I’ve always been fascinated by how nations like the United States and Britain have allowed countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, and Kuwait, the right to own and run these valuable natural resources, be they oil or natural gas? Especially when one realizes that American and British expertise was used to find, extract, produce, and refine etc and then simply handed everything after certain contracts were expired. Was it the civilized manner of honoring treaties? As I cannot fathom why nor come up with a reason on why Truman’s America for instance did not take whatever it wanted under the shadow of military might, against nations of illiterate people with rusty rifles from the Great War, also built in The West? Or was it the Cold War, and the looming menace of the Soviet Union that allowed events to unfold in the manner they did?

Shawn Green For US Senate

It's time to start Reservoir Fortification where we buy petroleum products for pennies on the dollar in underserved economies and store it domestically in depleted reservoirs.

impete r

9/11 was planned by George Bush so that they can use it as an excuse to invade iraq and steal thier oil

Nilanjan Dutta

12:1 Saudi America ✌️✌️✌️

Diveen Varma

I came here to read the comments.


And then corona came and us was screwed

Diontae Daughtry


A Hadith A Day Makes Life Easier Everyday

Only if Elon was born back then. Renewables would be the norm.

Peter Russell

In 2020 American crude oil prices were in the negative dollars under Trump and American crude oil production stopped. because of American blood for cheap Saudi oil


Then Covid 19 happened. :3

Sports Talk with Sam

Except the U.S was energy independent under Trump, and we were producing our oil, rather than importing it from other countries

markste in

1952: We gonna run out of oil by 1970
2020: Negative oil price

Mark Maxwell

Fossil fuels
Natural gas and petroleum won't last forever we all have to think outside the box and reduce our reliance on fossil fuels.
I'm not going to get into climate change as it is blamed for nearly every catastrophe these days.

عبدالله المهيري

Saudi king Ibn saud? lmao makes no sense 4:20


I just hope U.S. companies can discover oil or natural gas or other natural resources in Central-America...That place would be idealistic for the U.S. to get fossil fuel from, both distance & cost would benefit both parties. I'm optimistic fossil fuel could be discovered there!


Trump increases oil production, look at the market today. OIL WAR! Trump 2020!

leo da cos

Does America still have that oil reserves in Texas until now or they are exporting oil they stole from Libya Syria iraq


I hope america just uses electricity


and they want to ban hydraulic fracturing?


He protekk
He seen oil
He attakk


CNBC Staff, This video is a great overview. Many thanks for uploading it.

Anaz Nizar

CIA knew OPEC countries getting together friendly is a problem for the USA's oil demand. So they started coups and insurgents through out middle east. Intelligent! Divide & Rule!

Is petroleum

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Is a Petroleum Engineering Degree Still Worth It?

92 783 views | 26 Aug. 2016

We get this question from

We get this question from a lot of our viewers: With the recent decline in oil prices, is a petroleum engineering degree still a good idea?

Catherine Roberts gives us an answer in the latest IE Questions.


Is it hard to get your degree?

Viral 10

i want information about aeronautical engineering??

Shaan Singh

hey .. m a girl of 17 m planning for petrochemical engineering in future ... wud it be fruitful? nd one more thing i decide to go abroad uhm ! in canda ..for e first few years 1or 2 ..i shall adopt for a diploma ..nd than pursue with degree ..could u suggest some .. useful diploma .s regardi g thid which could give me job nd .... useful in mah degree tooo ...... m really in need of a reply ..

Abishek T Sajeev

hey i am doing pe in india..i had a doubt regarding my job.. now i am a bit relaxed

JeSal Christ

Just go for nursing anesthesia instead, same if not better salary and a much more stable (and easy) job

Godwin Okubal

As a 17 year old picking a future career, PE seems interesting, BUT I know we are eventually going to run out of oil or the cost of getting oil will get so high we'll simply move on. My worry is, will this happen during my lifetime?

Arthur Faler

Hello ,
Providing highly experienced personnel to ensure quality, efficiency and cost control in project execution.
Take A Visit Here For Further Details - http://cbwresourceconsultants.com/
#PetroleumEngineer #PetroleumEngineering #PetroleumEngineeringCalgary


The comments make me sad. I know that school sucks and we work towards something that ultimately doesn't have much of a future. I was majoring in biochemistry. I changed to Software Engineering. For us, future is very bright. If you do not know what you want to do. Software Engineering is the way to go.

BasedBran361 _

Hi, im a junior in high school right now and i was thinking of majoring in PE, what are the chances of me getting a job outta college in 5-6 years?


I was a petroleum engineer that graduated with B.S. in WVU in may 2016. I never got a job and I gave up on the oil industry. I went back to school, doing a M.S. in mechanical engineering in 2 years in the automotive sector. I graduate in about 6 months and I already have one job offer lined up (about $70k/yr). To be honest, if you went to one of the top schools, such as Texas, A&M, LSU, OSU, or MIT, it's fine. However, if you are going to an average school, I would never suggest petroleum engineering, just go into mechanical.

Saul Elizondo

If I graduated from Texas tech with a bachelors degree in PE. What are the chances of me getting a job in first 3 years out of college


I was a petroleum engineering major and I did not get anything, not even an interview. I changed computer science and I have 2 internships lined up.

Gilberto Guzman

HERES THE FUCKING PROBLEM FOR ALL. You think oil will run out of find a better way within the next 10 to 20 years nope we will have it around for centuries more to come. Now the world turning green the hell with that oil will always be more valuable to humans it's our black gold. Take a look at it this way MILITARY will always prefer their mechanical stuff running on fumes than a piece of shit running clean energy solar power whatever all electrical that can be simply be wiped out with a magnetic blast. Now PE can get jobs all over the world if you plan to graduate and stay within the US your wrong unless you want to move to Texas and compete with the rest of the PE graduates FYI almost all the oil in the US is in Texas. NO MOVE OUT INTO THE WORLD oil is everywhere NEW ZEALAND needs PE CHINA, JAPAN, AUSTRALIA, FRANCE, Mexico has a very valuable oil reservoir but since PEMEX IS the only company taking it out and they pretty slow so Mexico is opening it's door to other companies and which means they need PE's. All is don't graduate and give up if you do the find a job local venture out and you'll see

M Vishal

Hum petroleum engineering private college say KR rhay h tik h


People land jobs without internships and the pay is at 50k but with an internship is about 70k

Smile Kick

What type of risks


No it's not. Fossil fuels is a dying market and thus the future need for PE's is limited. In about 10 years most cars sold will be electric so you can understand what that will do for oil demand. Likewise, other forms of transport is moving away from oil too although it may take a few more years.
Fracking is killing coal but cheap renewables will soon kill fracking. A new generation of solar technology is about to come on the market which will cost a fraction of today's already dirt cheap solar. Energy storage is a business in its infancy but with huge potential, that will help enormously with killing fossil fuels.

Why do you think oil-rich countries like Saudi Arabia or Qatar is betting big on renewable energy? They could use their own oil but they go with RE, not because they care about the environment but because it's cheaper. That should tell you something.

June Latil

im a high school student about to be accepted in west virginia and i want to major in pE should i do it??

The Stockmarket General

Dont do it, its bullshit literally chances of getting internships and jobs are slim to none at the moment

Kalpana Acharya

what shall we need to study in 12th bio or math

Leandro Creature

I'm thinking to change careers and go for this whilst I'm still in my 20's...never too late, right?


Rig money

José Alonso

How could a mexican recent graduate (petroleum engineeringt) get a job in the oil inedustrie, in the US?

toe jam

yeah, but you cannot get a job now or in the near future.... maybe for those entering in 4-5 years things will be ok, but right now its depressing af

Aisha Ishaq

Please someone help should l do petroleum engineering because l heard in the next coming years this degree will be useless is it true??

Gonçalo play list

When the world is doomed, what do you do?
You'd try to alert people so they could take action to prevent the death of the world from happening, right?
And how would you do it? With news stories? Scientific data? Good luck. Most people would rather turn a blind eye to any environmental issues and just watch Walking Dead reruns to get their minds off it.

People would rather resign themselves to a boring future where they never do anything of value for one reason: Because it's easier. The future where we've solved world hunger, ended prejudice, and achieved world peace is hard. Achievable, but hard. And the future where everyone is a lazy glutton that does nothing but eat pizza and watch TV all day is easy.

So yes. We saw there was a problem, and we tried to warn people. But they just ignored this warning like all the others. Why? Because they want to be lazy. They gave up.

Dzeana Mishaelle Edulan

I'm 14 years old and I am very interested in PE. Someone motivate me please.


Isn’t chemical and petroleum engineering like the same thing

Tatapudi Kishorkumar

I did petroleum engineering in my undergraduate in 2017, now I would like do Masters in Information Technology.
What kind if jobs shall I get after completion of my Masters.

Deonisio Yohanes Wilfridus Hornay

If I am study in China University of Petroleum. After graduation Am I will be have Chance?


Trouble with PE is that it's well out of date and based on 1950's teaching , has very poor basis of approximations and is still stuck with Oilfield Units, Barrels, Ft etc. PE needs a good reboot using SI and sound engineering fundamentals integrating all disciplines. Reservoir Engineering is a black box and full of anoraks , If it was based on real mechanical engineering principles the Industry would be different. The industry is full of siloed camps that hardly talk to each other Drillers , Completion Engineers and Subsurface and Geo guru's.


hi am 35 thinking of a career in PE what are my chances

Harsh Patel

After diploma complete in mechanical enginerring than how to get admision in petrolium enginerring??

Akash Jaffarson

I'm decided to become a petrol chemical engineering but there is genetic problem caused through that some i am thinking about it

Is petroleum

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Science - How petroleum was formed, its extraction, refining and uses - English

529 600 views | 28 Sep. 2016

This video explains how

This video explains how petroleum was formed. It describes how petroleum is extracted and refined and explains why it is called “liquid Gold” through showing its wide variety of usage.

About us: We are a social enterprise working on a mission to make school learning interesting, relevant and affordable to every child on this planet.

You can watch our FREE online videos at http://www.bodhaguru.com/watch and download our practice application/games - just visit http://www.bodhaguru.com/play

If you like our videos, subscribe to our channel http://www.youtube.com/user/BodhaGuruLearning. Feel free to connect with us at http://www.facebook.com/BodhaGuru OR http://twitter.com/Bodhaguru

Have fun, while you learn. Thanks for watching


Team BodhaGuru

Pooja Patwari

Very useful video

Devamma Mandepollu

Wonderful. Message. Madam. Thanks

Simant and Shreya sahu 8135

Thank you mam

Rajendar Varma

Thankyou for this video

asa latha

thank you mam

Akash S

Amazing video. But can you please tell which editor you use for animations

Debabrata Das

Thank you ma'am ...i understand all points

rigo esamor

Im3 not and scientists at all, but I always had provlems with this theory.
I'm more comfortable with the theory of Thomas Gold which explains that oil is produced by the movement of the tectonic plates.

A triggered gamer


Neeraja Kumari






Cliffs of Moher

It's better to learn on the internet than books because books are made of trees and if we cute them then it effects the emission

Mohammad Moin Uddin

Hello, sorry to say but the image of the several fractions wERE incorrect as the order of fraction obtained goes like -1. petroleum gas
2. gasoline /petroleum
3. naphtha

K. Karis

Mam thank u

Lakhyajit Kalita

Very useful video Thank You

gagana gowda

Good morning friends??????????????????????????????☺️?????????????????????????????????????????☺️????????????????????????☹️??????

Superman Truth speaker

Pleez WORLD NEEDS POLPULATION CONTROL....othrwise we will consume earth's oil...steel...copper and other minerals...inderctly we are cutting our own earth....think abt it....!!!

Jatin Devan

Petroleum is called Black Gold because it is very valuable.


Don't use the image of rapist gandhi

Meher Madhavi Latha

Thank you mam

Nikhatun Ansari



Are you reading it from school book?


Not good




Please pronunciate etc. as et cetera instead of Exectra

Samsng Device

This channel is complete garbage and the woman narrator is stupidest a post and doesn't know what she's talking about

shane cann

Punjabi petroleum

ord gamer

Very nice mam

Ravi Harsha

How can a language

Iqra Binish

Ma'am thank you ???❤️???


I like your indian accent ;)

ruchand Choudhary

Good concepts are clear in this video

Beer singh Saini

Thanks for this wonderful video mam


Thank you ma'am

Paramjeet Kaur

Thanks mam????????

Shilpa R

Hi Shashank Laxmi Nagar chinnu

YOGESH Raguvanshi

Nice mamji

Illusion oce

This is verry epic


Thanks mam ➕➕???➕➕
?? ???
?? ???
?? ???
Back to school!

Mehnder Kamboj

Thank you mam ?

Funny Mems

Don't blam mam,she had teach us very well.
If you are having problem in her speed of voice,then you can increase the speed of her voice to 1.5x.
YouTube had granted this option in free of cost.
Mam you are great.

Sabnam Sultana


YOGESH Raguvanshi

Super mam

Bruh I am no gonnna


Soutam Bhattacharjee

thanks for your message

Debraj Mondal jnv-1 mkg

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NoobGuyAD !

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Ravi Harsha

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Ishwari Mane


Vinod Thakur

You are very intelligent

Boby Tiruwa

Thanks for eaxplain

Sapna Gupta


Michelle Schu-blacka

I didn't know kerosene had a higher boiling point than petrol.

I assumed it was lower because it needs to give more energy and more efficient energy, and not need more energy for it to combust.

Jatinderpal Singh

Tysm mam

Ganesh Randhari

Thanks mam

Nilesh Mathkar

quite useful

Divyansh࿐ Tiwari༒

Thnku thnku thnku

ɾιƚιƙα Sharma

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Sarita Mishra

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A triggered gamer

This is a nice video

Akhilesh Kumar


Sukumaran M Periye


DY Talks Official

Love From Kerala

ARON Kurian

St marys school I'll ninnum video kannuna arakillum ondo


Thanks mam for explaining

Riya Diya

Tomorrow is my test I was so worried because I haven't learn anything but after seeing your video I understand whole the chapter. Thank u?????

Jharana Nayak

Thanks you for Mayan thanks for so much because is conspet are very easy and very interesting ???

Dharmendra Shah

Hello, sorry to say but the image of the several fractions wERE incorrect as the order of fraction obtained goes like -1. petroleum gas
2. gasoline /petroleum
3. naphtha
4. kerosene
5. diesel oil
6. fuel oil
7.lubricating oil
8. residue
and also paraffin wax is another for lubricating oil not for residue.
The respective channel should improve and include more information about the topic.
it was just a feedback rest the video was nice and the topics were well explained.

Archita Pradhan, puri

Thanks a lot mam for understood us this chapter

pro gaming

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I love it

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Gour Mondal

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Gaurav Agarwal

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Nirmala Kumari

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This is what's fucking the world up