Liquid exfoliant

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28 365 views | 4 Aug. 2020

Paulas Choice BHA!



Amazon Paulas Choice SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA LIQUID EXFOLIANT: https://amzn.to/3fnl9it

Website Paulas Choice SKIN PERFECTING 2% BHA LIQUID EXFOLIANT: https://bit.ly/2F1nS4u


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Millennial Lash

Hey guy's! Im looking for some product suggestions or treatments for the body! I have acne prone skin and I want to improve the texture and hyperpigmentation that I wish to correct. Any suggestions?

Saharla Afqarshe

I just got this in the mail yesterday ??? I’m hopeful it will work well for me!

Brooke Schaap

first video i watched from her & she’s already my favorite youtuber ??


Aren’t you supposed to wash it off?

Amanda Munch


boba hoe

you’re hilarious?


Shundara what is your favourite moisturizer cream because I am search for a great moisturizer cream ?????


So how often should we use it? I just started using it and realized I’m using way to little compared to what you used. How often should we use it? Everyday? Also do we use moisturizer after ?

nblake b

I literally got a advert for it on this video

Simple wife style

Love it ?

Junk Martin

Could you try & compare the Humane bha toner; could it be a dupe for this paulas choice product? It also has 2% salicylic acid, but the humane one has ingredients safe for fungal acne and cheaper at $17 for 4oz. Love your videos!

Najah Coppage

You have beautiful skin and your laugh is contagious.

Brandon Bowers

Can you use this product after using Cetaphil?

Hi There


El Younsi Salma

I love you ❤️

dyer sharpe

After it I use a essence then aloe Vera gel and my moisturizer then jojoba oil

Legend Luis

i love how almost all your reviews are hyram approved ??

Joyce Williams

I have Paula Choice and I like it.

Elizabeth Carr

Oh Gurl apparently they opted me in to them, i skip them now, I tell Paula she's annoying.. lol

Skincare With Kay

I still haven't tried this product I keep saying I want to but I start acting real cheap at checkout lol

Hibiscus Rose



I love your laugh

Irene Anne

I'm two minutes into your video and the ad just popped up ? it always comes up!


Didn’t you already do a video on this lol

Tina Cho

This made my clear skin break out too. Then the breakout cleared, and I stopped using it. Fast forward to this month when my face went crazy from wearing a mask. This didn’t really help my skin much. Didn’t do much for the blackheads on my nose either. I only bought the sample size, so I’m glad I tried it out. Will use it up.

Nerdia G

The 2% BHA LOTION is sooooooo good!!!!! I accidently bought it instead of the liquid and im loving it!! It soaks in to my skin quickly with no tackiness ive heard the liquid does.

Valerie Martinez-Miller

I loveeee your skincare reviews!!! This is like my 5th video I’ve watch of yours and I just love your personality and your raw opinions!!! Glad I subscribed ❤️

shikha Kaundal

I started getting pimples after using it twice everyday n then i stopped using it...

Saharla Afqarshe

Can you review the new Laneige cream cleanser? ???? I wonder if the la roche posay hydrating cleanser is similar? ?

Lee Liya

Can you use this product with other brand like cerave moisturizer after this?

Sierra Moore

your laugh is so contagious it just makes me smile :)

Nami Nami

i bought it but there is no smell at all.. so now i worry maybe mine is fake huhuhu


I just bought this a week ago! I got it on amazon for $10 and i thought, “omg what a great deal” and then it came and i was like, “wha-“ and realized its a travel size lmao. Either way im glad i could test it for $10 instead of $30 and have a bigger product that might not work for me. So far, i have noticed my skin a bit more glowy. Its only been a few days so i still have little pimples and bumps but i have also been using tamanu oil especially for my pimples i popped so they can heal quick and its working to heal. But so far i like it which makes me sad cos if if does help with my texture, blackheads and bumps, how am i gonna afford this?? but i do have some questions, for anyone who knows, i wanna use the cerave resurfacing serum and dr dray said they can be used together (i know i can dry out but im oily/combo) but i forgot what order to layer it.

Moaz Salih

Love your videos ???

aishwarya s.m

Cn I later it with tretinoin at night ?

Shundara Castion

Grammar Community Please forgive me on the pronunciation of Mila.... It's mi·lee·uh spelled Milia my bad lol ? ... But it really does help get rid of it if you have this issue... :)

Joyce Williams

I use mine once or twice a week, and it works great.

Paige Livesay

I love your positive energy!!?

Graceful Beauty

This is a Holy Grail for me! I've used this for 20 years. Your skin is beautiful!!!


It tastes like a sweet chemical! ??
It gives you a nice glow you don't look oily. Just a nice glow


Do you think this is safe to use on breasts?


With the break out use hydrocortisone cream and a topical antibiotic(both. Over the counter) it will be gone within a day or three lol......and SA usually causes breakouts

Dulce Alanis

i loveee your attitude so muchh! plus you review all the products i’m interested in lol

Piper DeYoung

I love your energy!! I love your reviews! Great video!

Soksann Khem

This always give whiteheads and more everytime I use this. Two weeks into it I cant do it. Its 2% exfoliatant. I have the Pharmacy 2% salicylic acid toner no problem. So this is not a toner??? Help! I have sensitive dry skin. So I know its a cult favorite but it didnt work for me. I want to try again.

Stine S.

New subs here.. Just wanna say.. i love your laugh..?????❤


You think 22% is humid? Come to Florida you get 99% on a clear day?

JulieRobin Vasquez

I use this product only on my nose because i feel thats where all the sebatious filiments are, and i just dont like how it feels sticky on the rest of my face, but it is a miracle product.

Charu Shakya boku no hero

You are soooooooooo sooooo energetic and you make me want to smileeeee everytime you laugh. Beautiful


Have you used this with a PC toner?

Shar Roon

Yay Shundara uploaded!!???

Lea- Lea

Hello. Thanks for sharing! You're so beautiful and I love your energy and beautiful personality!

Sincerely A'djuwaah

Heyy, I totally agree with you! I use to use it with my other Paula's choice products and my face didnt like that at all. I started to dislike the product, until I combined it with my Simple Skincare. I love it now :)

Melany M.

What if u only put it on a certain part on your face


I just ordered this product a week ago! I have a pretty basic skincare routine but I was wondering if I can use this and Niacinamide together?

Zeynep Kabak

i looove your posivity!!!


After using this should I rinse my face then moisturize or just add the moisturizer right after.


Can you try their non-greasy sunscreen?

Carmen Vobl

OMG...you are hilarious ??? btw I have the travel size and I use only 2 drops for my face ??? and I bought it 4 months ago ?

Sharron G

The Paula's Choice commercial was on this video at the beginning. The BHA Liquid Exfoliant is my Holy Grail Product. Keeps my pores so clean it gives me a glass-like look.


I have the little one oz size but have rosacea and was scared to use it just yet BUT then you said it helps your milia! I have 2 stubborn ones right now! So gonna gently try it with qtip. What else helps your milia or is bha the best for you?

Kyra Cabbagestalk

not nail polish teas???

Joon Fanatic

This video is really informative, thank you so much!! I subscribed to your channel ? Also, I have some quick questions.. I hope you can see this ?? I've never exfoliated before and I want to buy this.. I have oily skin & I follow the basic three steps for my skin care routine.. I'm just wondering when should I exfoliate? Should it be after cleansing or after toning? Also, the exfoliator doesn't have to be washed off after having it on for 20 minutes?? Do you sleep with it and wash it off the next day? Is it an exfoliator you should use every day? Every other day? Once a week? I also use the Indian Healing Clay Mask once a week.. is it okay to exfoliate after that or should it be before that or should I not exfoliate that day if I'm doing the clay mask? I'm so sorry if these questions sound really stupid but I've never done this before ?

Tara Valcimond

Would this be ok with a daily exfoliation from dermalogica

Steph Alvarez

Omg is in my mouth ???, girl I love your personality ❤️

Nicole Lowman

Are you gonna do a video on Naturium's bha exfoliant? I saw on Instagram on their video that you tried it? I just ordered it today cause I'm almost out of my PC bha. Love your videos!

Nathalie Aybar

I really love your laugh, jajajaja! I just ordered this product because i think i will love it and it seems that really works, thanks for your review!


I was one of the few that had the reverse effect. This cause massive breakouts for me. White heads scabs and I’ve never had those problems. I only used it three days week to try and introduce my skin to it and my skin was like nope. Not today not tomorrow not never. When I went to her website and checked the reviews, I found that many people experienced the say. Curious if anyone here has too. ? I used this along with my Kiehls skincare routine.

Fatima A.

I love your energy!!


I started with this bha but it would just sit on my face with an oily film that would never sink in. I purchased the isntree bha toner and it works great and actually sinks in. Will never go back to pc.

Angelo Scofield

Sometimes I don't care what you review. You just LIGHT me up. There is something about you that brings joy to my heart ? Love ya gurl!

Aaron E

This is the only non Korean toner I actually purchase. Really enjoy this product especially at night time for my oily skin ?

Moaz Salih


Liyaa Seals

i need help lol so do i use this as a toner after cleansing? or do i use it after my toner?


you’re so beautiful and i love your personality. subscribed (:


I’m on day 4 of using this. OMG it works so well. I had tons of white and blackheads on my chin and they are almost totally gone. Kinda wish they came out with a much bigger bottle like ummmm, I don’t think this bottle will last very long

Lucy Hale

I just love your personality ?

Corpse Stepsis


C Shines

You had me at thinning out chin hairs. ?

Larel Escoto

Question: So instead of washing your face, you can just use the PC BHA? after it dries, you're able to use a moisturizer right? I'm new to the whole taking care of your face thing. lol


Just bought this, but I'm lost at the application. How much should I use? I don't wanna waste money by using too much but I'm also scared I use too little to have no effects. How long does a bottle last you? How much do you apply on the cotton pad? I feel like it sucks up so much product

Ngan Hoang

That’s so helpful to me
Thanks a lot for your video ?


What a beautiful smile you have ??

imane gemi

Can i use it and go in with a moistrizer and sleep
Or i hav to leave it like a mask and wash it

Jeremy Wyche

This is a Holy Grail product for me. I will never stop using. This really gives you instant results. But don’t over use you have to work your skin up to it.


Have u try Fenty skin babe? ?????..... I’m sure u already got ur coins together.... hahaha

Bebop Rovina

Guuurl... I've got the same pimple in the same place right now! It's under the skin, it hurts...

Phylicia Wagner

Do you prefer Naturium or Paula’s Choice ?

Lea Alexandra

You are so cute ?


I’m watching your video first time but I don’t know why I’m giggling every time you laugh ? love your personality❤️ I’m scared to use this product, I have sensitive skin but I’m going try it tonight like you said slowly add it in my night time routine. Thank you for this great review on this product, keep smiling like you do❤️

Moaz Salih

Can you review for eucerin products???

Muser Fame

Girl I love you personality!!! ??♥️

M.T. Harris

I enjoyed this video! I had just ordered some Paula's Choice products including the exfoliant. Your personality is so refreshing . I felt as if you were talking directly to me! You have a new subscriber!

Sankalpa Kharel

WHO is meela gurl

dyer sharpe

How often did you use it. I use my skii essence after it. I have oily skin I want to start using once a day now instead of every other I feel like my skin is ready, I might do another round of every other day


I love this stuff and it works for those stubborn little pimples that makes your skin look textured but I can only use this at night and maybe once or twice a week. Any product with 2% salicylic acid causes me to get a weird rash on the sides of my chin, the lower part of my jaws, and in between my eyebrows if I try to use it daily.

Nathan Jackson

First time ever watching you, You are so funny and entertaining to watch!! Keep it up ?

Irwin R6

In what order do you use it in? Like cleanse first then exfoliate then moisturizer?

Miss Leo

LMAO the Paula's Choice ad after the video though ?? ... Also, she didn't say it so I will, but, don't dislike the video y'all!!!

Aliza Khan

Do you use it every day? Im not sure that I need to use it every dag with my toner or just 1or 2 times a week.

Liquid exfoliant

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Paul's Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant Salicylic acid

7 123 views | 31 Oct. 2020

Hello Everyone. I hope

Hello Everyone. I hope you enjoyed the video. Please Leave your opinions in the comments below ?

Thank you for checking out my channel. I post skincare and makeup videos. I upload thrice every week. Subscribe so we can be friends ✨?

Disclaimer - I am not a skincare specialist nor do I claim to be. I am someone who is really passionate about skincare and give my opinions and thoughts. Take my advice with a grain of salt and always do your own research .


Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid exfoliant

Let's be friends

Instagram- @arnakshi_kashyap


Mail- [email protected]


kashish sehrawat

So, my maskne is healing and as per your recommendation I am using SA from minimalist ( it worked great for me ) , now how to fade my marks ?? Any suggestion from the minimalist? And to also restore my moisture barrier ???

سهيلة Dr

Hi i have combination skin . Is it okay to start using this if you are new to exfoliation ? Currently i have been breaking out so badly on my cheeks and chin ? not sure if its because Of using TO niacinamide since two months ..
does this help with acne and acne spots blackheads? Please clarify !!! I have ordered neem bha serum from dr sheth’s! Can you use them together PC and dr sheth’S

Riya Choudhury

I was thinking of buying it now I will buy it definitely ❤️❤️

Anushka Pant

Happy birthday to you love??... You're doing great?... i'll wish this year bring much success to you... ? Your skin is glowing because of these skincare goodies ??... you're truly a skincare queen ???.

Jieana Nagpal

From which website did u order the product ?

Abantika Bhattacharya

Loved the video.
Please consider doing a video( in future) comparing salicylic acids you have used from different brands and of different percentages ?❤️

Pratichi Saxena

Does salicylic acid help in hyperpigmentation? Because i dont use anything else for exfoliation, just salicylic acid twice a week. So i wanted to know if that would be beneficial :/

Ri Ya

This one is great as a spot treatment as well. I mix two drops of it in matcha tea powder and apply it on my breakouts at night. This heals them in 2-3 days .. without leaving behind any significant acne mark.

Jackie K

I am literally OBSESSED with your skin! ? I really need to give this a go for my texture/blackheads!


Hey ! new view here ☺️ , I just want to ask , if I use this product and then niacinamide and hada labor mosterizer and biore uv sunscreen it is okay?

Saumya Gupta

How to apply this on my face? Nd did we should wash it after sometimes?

Sonal Singh

Can you pls compare the Paula's choice bha with the cosrx bha???? Bdw thanks for another honest review!! ❤️❤️

Dip Sarkar

You used 2 %salicylic acid in ordinary 30% aha and 2% bha Peel

Neeta D'Souza

I bought the same one and I love it. Will I be charged customs if I buy the bigger bottle on cult beauty for 2700 rs ? Because the bigger bottle definitely is more value for money.

Amina Shaikh

Please post some eyelooks here too coz tbh most of people of utube are not active at other social media accs

Amina Shaikh

Yoh are literally some one whom i believe completely after shreya jain, shweta vijay and mrs jovita.Please review sugandha's productt specially bha and niacinamide.

Status Point


Craz 1

Plzz rivew about minimalist 2% bha and 10% niacinamide minimalist

Neelakhi Paul

Hey, I have heard and also read on Cult beauty that Paula's choice is not deliverable to India, how did you get that from Cult beauty, please reply I also want the product

Rakhi P

Hi mine is oily skin, but no pimples. But have open pores. So using niacinamide from ordinary. Its effective but still not that to my expectation. Can i use this product.

Aishwarya Mathew

Belated birthday wishes gurl ❤️ ❤️


Thank u 4 this review. Will try it. What moisturizer u use with it?

Payal Raut

Any dupe of this? as this is not available in india

Gayatri Rathod

It's was helpful ? please review on ordinary aha bha peel

Afia Hoque Chowdhury

I've bought this and the ordinary Aha Bha peeling one as well.

I have normal to oily skin though winter it becomes dry. I have not acne problem but I have blackheads in nose which seems so irritating to me.

Can you please suggest how can I incorporate my routine with this two?

I am using cerave foaming cleanser and pm moisturizer. Also, Using alpha arbutin from ordinary for pigmentation areas around lips which we brown skin often get.

Puja Sinha

See your video first time❤️ new subscriber here?️
Want to know which chemical exfoliator good for beginners?

kashish sehrawat

P. S I just started following you on insta , thou I am not at all active on it but just for u boo ?????

Priya Das

I did the EXACT SAME routine yesterday at nighttttt ❤❤❤

R Swetha

Happy b'day Arnakshi !!! Hv a happy n blessed lyf ahead ...I wish your channel should grow much more in the coming years !! ..u deserve more dear ! Be happy always ...god blesss

Diksha Patgiri

Happy birthday mumpu❤️❤️❤️❤️

kashish sehrawat

Totally off the topic , but your insta page is so so so good ,those makeup looks !!! Damm girl ????? . You are great ??

Shumama Siddiqui

Heyyy I would like to say your content is so refreshing and refined keep up the work ❤️

Puja Sinha

I don't have any acne issue &I have dry skin can I use this product?

Shruti Pant

I was waiting for this video ???

Hasmina Bee

I have a suggestion ?‍♀️ how about a video on your favourite face masks for different skin concerns?


Hey! Can I use ordinary retinol after applying this?

Meenal Dubey

You are glowing ??

rebecca lc

can i ask if this product has pao? is it 12 months or less? thank you, such a helpful video!

Divya Didiwania

Can you tell us on how many times do you use this in a week?

Yusra Tahreem

Hey Arnakshi! How much have you paid as customs and shipping and all?


Do you apply this immediately after cleansing or is there a waiting period?

Sanjana Thakur

Hy i am using dermitecture 2% bha toner. I am not seeing any visible result.my acne are intact. Using that for 3 weeks. Do bha show results even later more than 3 week?

Salman Khan Crazy Fan

From where u get this product but cult beauty has not delivered any paula products in india . I tried to buy paula products from cult beauty .

Crosy Khawlhring

I have acne prone+oily skin with lots of blackheads on my nose.. Now I'm struggling to get rid of the blackheads and i really wanna try this product.?

Kaustav Dovah

Happy bday once again ???

Hasmina Bee

Also happy birthday to you? wish you more success and happiness ❤️

Maliha Chowdhury

Paulas choice bha / salicylic acid solution still rank the top in the bha game?

mehak S

happy birthday! and great video!

animesh soni

1st ❤️
Hey dii!
I have a request, can you do a vid for face moisturiser?

kashish sehrawat

Hey love ?, how are you ??
I love the new setting ?

Qurat Qazi

How long did this 30 ml bottle last?

Asham Virk

Hi Arnakshi,
This video is very helpful. But, after your video when I went to order it I am unable to get it delivered by Cult beauty in India. It’s showing that they don’t deliver Paula’s choice in India. Could you please suggest how can I get this?

Himani D.

Heya! Great to discover your content! I really value honest opinions! Thank you..

Manya Vittal

How did u purchase this product? As in it says cannot ship to your country when i try to purchase it from cult beauty..? Also love your videos?

Dip Sarkar

You can also find in Amazon India... Paula's choice...bha liquid and many more

Cherry Cola

Can we use niacinamide after applying this exfoliant

Selina Pashova

Hey :) Should I use this product on wet or dry skin? Also can I apply olive oil after to moisturise my skin?

Rahul Kumar

Nice video ?

Purbasha Ghosh

Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid exfoliant is not shipping currently in india from cult beauty. what to do now? is there any dupes ?

Liquid exfoliant

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2 MONTHS REVIEW + RESULTS | Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant | Skincare tries | sensitive skin

69 418 views | 4 Oct. 2020

So I tried Paula's Choice

So I tried Paula's Choice 2% BHA Liquid Exfoliant. I have this skincare series tries for my sensitive skin and as all acne sufferers know, having very sensitive skin can put our self-esteem down and trust me when I say it drives me crazy. Then I started watching Hyram and discovered skincare products that would help in my acne-prone skin.

So I decided to try PAULA'S CHOICE Skin Perfecting 2% BHA LIQUID EXFOLIANT (Salicyclic Acid) for 2 months:

✰✰✰Related Videos: ✰✰✰

✪Best way to chemically exfoliate - https://youtu.be/mgau0pxKR3g

✪ 1st month using Paula's Choice - https://youtu.be/FYMwSDhAA6g

✪ 1 MONTH OF THE ORDINARY NIACINAMIDE - https://youtu.be/7rk80_KqTfE

✪ Skincare routine for bad acne breakout - https://youtu.be/WXFeFBbTd4A

✪1 MONTH USING COSRX TONER - https://youtu.be/mgau0pxKR3g

✪ Hyram Inspired: Nighttime & Morning Routine - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n7KS0BPLNdw&t=17s

✰✰✰Where I bought it? ✰✰✰


✰✰✰ SOCIALS ✰✰✰

✪ Intagram: https://www.instagram.com/licaricah/

✪Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@licaricah

Please don't forget to subscribe :) I really appreciate your support! Stay safe xo

Let's also help with the BLM movement... https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/#petitions

Music by Clueless Kit - Rooftop - https://thmatc.co/?l=7468F945

Music by Mark Generous - Chill City Nights - https://thmatc.co/?l=BE5B559C

Music by Terry Saige - Late Night Bar - https://thmatc.co/?l=790E89D7

#HyramApproved #PaulasChoice #BHAExfoliant

#Acne #AcneJOurney Sensitive Skin Acne Journey Skin Care Routine Hyram Inspired Hyram Approved Exfoliate


If your concern is acne/pimples, use differin adapalene. This is more for blackheads.

S Mac

I'm so happy you uploaded this! I went through the EXACT same thing girl - and wanted to make sure I didn't just stop whilst I was "purging", 12 weeks in it didn't get any better ??I bought the product from the Paula's choice site too so wasn't an issue with a fake product. I feel like the Paula's choice 2% made my skin more sensitised, created mad acne that wanted to destroy my life and wrecked my skin barrier sooooo I've been focused on just healing my skin pumping moisture and ceramides and amino acids back in - what helped me (so hopefully will help you) is:

• Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser great for combination skin I have oily and dry landscapes so good for anyone really (so gentle and moisturizing, skin doesn't feel stripped but just clean and supple) with the niacinamide and hyaluronic so ✨✨
• Snail Ampoule - great anti-acne ingredients - snail mucin and centella asiatica, it's really started to clear my breakouts and calm the irritated inflamed skin that came with using the 2% ??? this is a gel too doesn't make me feel oily a little goes a long way I prefer this at night before my night cream / Pai rosehip oil as it does have a richness to it that I feel is better for night time
• finally Dr Jart Cicapair Tiger Grass Calming Gel - this is just heaven sent - it's super light and I feel this has helped heal the inflamed skin /bubbled up bumps etc that were forming round the comedones - I put this before my spf so I'm pumping goodness in before my spf (if that makes sense)
• Spf - La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume B5 Repairing Balm SPF 50 (side note tried all the Paula's choice spfs I wanted them all to work so much but they all burnt my face like they hated my soul and me personally for some weird reason soooo ???) on the other hand La Roche-Posay Cicaplast Baume has started to help with hyperpigmentation caused from the 2% and is specifically formulated so that you don't get increased pigmentation to portions of the skin that has been compromised, and for acne prone skin so using that will hopefully help in not damaging your skin further

With all that said make sure too you're reducing toxins going in your body - as much as I lurrrrve shoving a good pastry or pizza in my mouth we gotta cut the processed crap and the evil (but so goooood??) guy - processed SUGAR this fucks us up ladies, from time to time is all good but try and regulate - green tea is a saviour for detoxing - finally good food will not only help your skin but regulate our hormones as women we have to look after that so much ???

My skin is already going back to normal after doing the above ?
I hope this helps and feel better, rebuild your skin barrier and throw that 2% awayyyyy ??️?

Also as much as you can buy a million

Dewi Pamekas

I'm in LOVE with this product!
I've been using it for a while, morning and night every two days and the result is amazing
There're no purgings, breakout, and the cleared my acnes pretty fast (no more than a week). The only drawback is that it's very expensive compared to other brand's salicylic acid. But yeah, it's good for my skin and I'll purchase it again
Thanks for sharing your experience

Katherine Lee

Hey Rica im sorry this happened to you, yeah this exfoliator is not right for your skin, i had a similar reaction to it, i realized that i was using 0.5% salycilic acid, it was better than 2% it was just too strong for my face, also research AHA and PHA they might be better for your sensitive skin, BHA penetrates deeper into the pores and that is why it might be irritating to you.
Try researching other exfoliators, hyram suggested the kale-le-lu-yuAHA from krave that one is really good and gentle, yet affective and it has other calming ingredients in it. Or if not he did say Lactic acid from the ordinary the 5% is very gentle, and a lot of centella cream and toners to calm the irritation and imflammation.

Quiara Rosa

I have very sensitive skin. I spent a fortune until I found a product that is suitable for my skin type. Paula's Choice BHA did not work for me either. I highly recommend you to use Be plain skincare, also jojoba oil is very good for sensitive skin. It is the best skin product for sensitive skin that I ever use. I hope it works for you also. Good luck! I will let some links where you can find these products.

Kaitlyn Edge

Oh my goodness! I am only like 3 minutes in, but I really don't think this is the product for you! I am so sorry you reacted so poorly to it! I struggle with this kind of acne also, my heart goes out to you!

Kyle Quinto

NOTICE: Hi girl! Done watching your 1st and this video. I think your hair is casing your acne. Your hair is all over your face. Try to pony tail your hair. Your hair is the root cause.


Your acne seems like hormonal and topicals are not very useful for that

594 tany

I have the same problem and I bought it Original from site Paulas Choice! Thanks for these video!


Heyy, this product is for closed comedones and fugnal acne, I think you should figure out what your real skin type is. Don’t use too much tho! <3
Edit: I think it says its for all skin types but as far as I know it breaks out for the most people who have the same skin type as you, maybe try other products! :)

Julia Rose

This same thing happened to me!! I also have oily & acne prone skin, and thought this would help. It made my skin worse, and I’m now at the 10 week mark of using it. (Used it with SA cleanser, Niacinimide/zinc/vitamin E serum, and hyaluronic acid moisturizer).

Thanks for uploading and making me feel less alone about my reaction to this! I’m replacing it with a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide spot treatment now.

Maki San Gabriel

Hi, is this good for oily combi skin? my main concern is that i have visible pores and whiteheads plus oily esp sa t zone.

Gaby Sam

I think I have similar skin to yours. BHA doesn't work for me as well as surfer, Niacinamide, tea trea or benzoyl peroxide. I find that my skin gets use to the products after a month and it doesn't work anymore so, having to switch my skincare all the time. Ingredients that work for me are AHA's and Retinol.

NightStar MSP

Oh no I just bought this and now I see a lot of negative comments :(

katie king

I don’t normally comment on YouTube but I’ve been on a similar journey... I resorted to roaccutane but I now subscribe to Dr V Rattan who has a whole series on different products specifically for skin of colour id recommend watching some of her videos as something might work for you . She does recommend this product and says you can use it nightly if you follow up with a day spf so maybe 2 x weekly wasn’t enough for it to work .. I dunno

Tonima Amir Haque

Tell the usage procedure


Hey. How often should we be using it? Like how many times a week for a good result?

Carolyn Blanchard

What I do is pour about a teaspoon amount into my hand and then rub it all over my face and neck. It really does work, but I think you were too timid in the amount you used. BHA Is much better for sensitive skin. My skin is very sensitive, and I have rosacea. It has lessened that, too.

Qayyum Aqil

Don't forget to use Adapalene Differin or Benzoyl peroxide or any topical to treat acne.

Keillan Hadden

Mandelic acid is a good exfoliant for acne. Salicylic acid doesn't really work for my acne.


Kale lalu hyaha by krave beauty. Thank me later. It smoothen my skin and said good bye to stubborn acne


Only use it twice a week!!

aisha al ali

Maybe you have inner body problem like hormones or pcos .. when i was 19 i had bad acne i had to take roaccutane

Daniel Tju

Hi lica u use after cleansing ur face than just tap or what? After 2 month u use doesnt work? I want try cause ihave oily face n big pores and im confuse with many video i watch hihi tq

Nihal Singh

Plz visit dermatologist and get best products....


Dr. Ceuracle's Tea Tree Essense and Vita Propolis - lifesavers for my adult acne!

Andy Buela

We both have the same pimples on the same areas of our face :(

Alvin Sasabila

can u drop the am and pm skincare?:( i used this product but it didn’t work:(

brenna massing

i started using it a few days ago, and my skin is kinda dry.. i have combination skin. but around my nose and chin it’s itchy and dry. is that normal or is that irritation??


Hey! I had same on checks I tried goat milk soap + 3 drops of black seed oil In aloe.
The quality of the product shoud be great or it does not work (I expérienced it)
I highly reduced my acne
However I discovered I have intestinal problem, I am trying to fix it to get completly rid of any pimple

N.A. Aminah

Oh my goddd i have been watching your journey using this paula choice bha. Im about buying this product thank for your video and now im gonna cancel my plan ? maybe your skin are not suitable with it. U should try somebymi snail truecica to calm your breakout and strengthen your skin barrier again. Wish u good luck and for me too?


I had a few zits and used this, it gave me cystic acne and it was not purging. It's been a month since I threw it in the bin, the acne is gone but it left me with discolouration that is taking an extremly long time to heal. I've been using Klairs toner and soothing cream which saved my skin from this shit product. Be extremly careful before using this product, I would not recommened it to anyone.

Angela Billy

maybe it would’ve worked if you bought it off the actual website instead of from amazon

Temuulen Temuul

I put this just on acne

random person

I'm at the second day using it..my little bumps are still here but when I tell you my skin is glowing, it really is.


Try Benzyl peroxide instead of salicylic acid

lesly reyes

use it 2 times a week, and use a niacinimode after adding your moisturizer

Ritika Singh

What kind of skincare do you follow on days when you're not using actives?

Jovana Bekonja

You have pimples because of your wisdom teeth i know it sounds weird but read something about it may help you

Syeda Imbesat Akbar

What is your skin type?

Kdub kdub

Try Lactic acid

Marleen M

I use La Roche-Posay, you should look it up. It helped me a lot! X


How many times a week did you use this?

Laila Robinson

You should try birth control because you acne looks hormonal


I also have acne prone skin. Ever since i started using it I 've got so many and bad breakouts like I never had before. Maybe I should stop using it too ...

Victoria Guerrero

I saw a drastic change in a week. Even stopped my oily fucken skin lol

Ja pu

Omg I have exactly same reaction after using The Ordinary’s BHA or Vitamin C serum. I had to take accutane to clear my skin because my skin did not get better for alomst 1 year. It was awful.
If you have sensitive acne prone skin do not use any Acid based products. I have tried so many nth has worked out so far. I cried so much for ruining my skin which still have nit gone back to Normal

jenny pez

the product you got is fake. wanna know why? look at the cap its not symmetrical to the body. plus paula's bha comes in a matte finish bottle not shiny one.. i bought mine from paula's choice official store..it feels oily when applied and takes long to absorb like maybe longer than 30 mins and its fragnance free..


the only one i could get was 30 dollars and it just made my acne worst as it was clearing up i was devastated?. im just gonna stick to my old routine

Jom ie

I love the corsx bha and aha formula. Right now i only use the aha formula because my skin is also sensitive and i only use it once a week. I dont try to overexfoliate as well

Erin Budzyn

It didn’t work for you because you have hormonal acne. unfortunately that means that only way you clear your skin is through an oral medication.

kat yam

What about the krave aha toner

Kelli Lang

Looks like hormonal acne....your skin is probably too inflamed for any kind of exfoliant...if you don’t want to go the chemical route (accutane, spironolactone) there are ways to do it naturally....”Annie’s Forget Me Knots” has a great video on how she cleared her cystic acne without oral medication❤️

Iqra Madni

I think it might be your skin care routine that needs an over look too

Mrs. Chai Cedeño

hi try these simple tricks:
-do the 30-60 second rule: of gently massaging your cleanser on your face (give cleanser time to do its work lol!)..30-60 seconds..sing the abcs or something..
-followup with a toner DO NOT use a cotton pad; just simply use ur CLEAN hands
-and most important followup with a good moisturizer/sun screen to lock in moisture and keep from getting dirt inside your pores.

goodluck :)

Haidy Hatem

Have you tried pimple patches?

aishwarya khanolkar

I also started using bha serum 2 months ago i am still getting pimples which i never had before but now the amount of pimples reduced .... hopefully its working.... i am going through same phase ....

Handy Woman

The reason why this didn't work for you is because you have a weak skin barrier. That's why your skin is sensitive. You're over doing it. You need to go back to the basics and use a non stripping cleanser and non comedogenic moisturizer. Then work your way up to introducing serums.

Lica Rica

Best way to use a chemical exfoliant feat. COSRX toner - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlLJWNI9guc

@ 0:00 - iNTRO + FAQs
@ 2:37 - 2ND MONTH WEEK BY WEEK Results

*question to all* differin is not available in Canada unless prescribed, do you have any other recommendations similar to it that's OTC? ??

Sir Matthews

The one in the us that size wasn’t even sealed let alone came with cap for Application ?

Chhavi Srivastava

Fake niacinamide????

Annie McKnight

Yeah this product literally ruined my skin and same as you I did so much research into how to use it, what not to mix it with. I used it for two months because I initially thought it was purging but my dermatologist was like no this is no bueno for your skin. I know it works wonders for some people and I think that’s amazing but I think there should be more warnings about the adverse reactions it can cause

Andriana Dimitriou

Hello!! Please follow Olena Beley on YouTube , Instagram, facebook, Olenabeley.com page and you will learn a lot. She is a skin coach..Read about the 3 step mosturise method and some other products (Bioderma, The Ordinary, Paula'choice) that she recommends .. You will really see an incredible change !


this has to be fake loot at your packaging, its looks NOTHING like original packaging. different bottle and cap and all Paula's bottles are same design. you should be careful about where and from whom you order stuff

Angelica Moreno

Luca rica!? More like Rico Rico ?


I heard that dermatologist recommend salicylic acid ,adapalene ,benzoyl peroxide for acne

franciela figueroa

I’ve been using this product, it helped me like when I have an active breakout but not in unclogging my pores ( that’s my major problem) I don’t see like a LOT of difference then when a started using it ( since march) so I would probably not buying it again. A tip that I can give you with chemical exfoliants is that after you put in on your face wait 25-30 min and then put your moisturizer!


Dont buy it from amazon wth. Buy it directly from Paulas choice website

meow M

I got the gel version, I also feel like it didn't do much. But, nowadays I only get hormonal acne and it didn't work for hormonal acne. What actually helped me these days are avene retrinal 0.1. It just covers everything I need in a bottle; control acne, anti-aging, reduces hyperpigmentation, small scars and wrinkles, also smooth my skin. But, the price is hefty.

Mustafa Al Bazy

If you have sensitive skin then try PHA from the Inkey List or Azelaic Acid from The Ordinary.

Shaleena Faust

Same is happening to me! And I bought it from the PC Website. Your acne literally looks like mine and I watched what I ate too. This Sucks. My skin is flipping out after going off birth control and its been 7 months. I've only tried PC bha for a week but its really breaking me out worse and i dont think its purging. Like deep painful cystic acne.

Megmeg Sefrianti

Because i have sensitive oily acne prone skin...for exfoliant i use by wishtrend mandelic acid 5%..i just 2 or 3 times a week...

Rasha Aya

Check James Welsh's channel you might find his tips useful since he suffered with acne in the past and could treat it.

JiJi Mel

Is it suppose to make you purge?

Poiiisonouss Gaming

Its smell cuticle remover is that ok?

Lovely Seto

Acnes in jawline are actually hormonal and i feel you because we're the same. You just have to change your diet and exercise. Apply fragrance free and gentle products to not cause further irritation. ?

Mingyeong Kim

Thank you for your reviews, I really appreciate it! I also stopped using it after seeing the same results as you and my skin is finally getting better.. I won’t be using it until my skin is all healed and maybe get back to it gradually..

Dur Ali

It’s ok girl not all the products perform the same at everyone’s skin so I don’t think it’s good for you & start trying other products that might help you.
And don’t forget that your acne might be hormonal acne espically most of them are around your chin..

Tiffany vang

Hi I also deal with the same problem as you to I have hormonal acne .. and I break out every week like randomly . and I just barely bought this product but still waiting on it . I hope it works but I also can’t guarantee . Thank you so much for this video .

Angelica Moreno

Omg girl Amazon.. yeah it’s fake trust me Amazon has a habit of selling fake or expire products because o bought the same one but didn’t sound like anything people described to me if you also go to the BHA AHA chemical exfoliater in Amazon you look at the reviews it will just further prove that the product you bought is most likely fake

Janine N

As what they alway say, hndi naman porket effective sa iba ay eeffect syo.. So let your skin rest and try other brands. Make sure to also build a routine. Try The Inkey List recipe builder my review rin si Hyram about it.

chomp chomp

try dead sea salt, just rinse your face with it

Danielle Emma

Wow amazing! I love Hyram too! Does this product dry out your skin? Thanks


Dr. Dray has a great youtube channel

Michael Arellano

Didn’t work for me as well.Used it for 2mos. Then I switched to the ByWishtrend 5% mandelic acid . I use it every other night and Ive seen better results for 1month of using it :)

Julieta Meyer

I’ve been using it for months and tbh I didn’t have active pimples when I started just a black head here and there. I’ve noticed that after using it frequently, my blackheads and whiteheads become actual pimples as they come to the surface. To slow down the purging, I just use it twice weekly. I’d take a break from it and use it less frequently to see how your skin reacts to it.

Erica Pavia

That might be hormonal acne since you have them on your cheeks, chin and neck.

Nele T

Have you tried vitamin B5 yet?

Bree Cole

I actually read that this product does not work on acne prone skin! I would recommend using 2.5% or 5% benzoyl peroxide then work your way up. It may be a struggle in the beginning, but the 2 to 3rd month my acne started to clear! This product works good for hormonal acne.

Itsme Lelele

This one I have ??

Somana Singh

Hey hi, stop using any exfoliant as of now, just use a mild cleanser, go for a hydrating toner , cosrx bha u can try for like once a week, do use snail mucin essence by cosrx and then their centella blemish cream, it does work and u can see improvement in like 2 weeks.

manisha nat

Watch Dr. Vanita Rattan she gives good advice on this. But it looks like hormonal acne I know I had this. But I think there are products that can help calm them and improve them like azaleic acids. And a lumie light. Good luck I know it feels crap.

Silver Sassafras

If you wear makeup, look for non comedogenic makeup, which is makeup that doesn’t clog the pores. That’s might help

Stella Matutina

This is the only toner/exfoliator that has made a break through on my very stubborn maskne! I only use it 2-3 times a week, at night. Then i moisturize after with a cerave pm lotion. Been using it for 4 months now, I cannot sing its praises enough! Sorry that you broke out ?, maybe it's just not for you.


this isn't an acne treatment, it's an exfoliant that should be used like a toner; if you wanna clear out your acne go see a dermatologist and they will prescribe the right stuff. this is just a complimentary product for your skin care to help fade scars and even out tone. do your research. i would recommend you trying the cream form of accutane, i'm on it and have no more acne other than the odd period break out. i use the bha exfoliant just to even out my skin tone and on top i put a moisturiser.

Ain Najwa

hi is the texture a little bit oily? because i bought the trial one and i’m afraid its not original ..

Macaroni ooo

Purging should end after 2 to 3 weeks if it continues, then your skin doesn't like it