Scratch head

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Asian Babe ASMR | Here's the perfect HEAD SCRATCH! (Head / Neck / Shoulders Tickle Massage)

15 680 views | 4 Sep. 2020

Hey there! It's me,

Hey there! It's me, Ethel, your ASMR Asian Babe. Your gateway to pure relaxation is right here! Imagine having your very own perfect head scratch with delicacy and care. Come with me for a special ASMR experience in my tropical countryside as I focus on soft rubbing all over the back of the head, neck, and shoulders. It's sure to make your day absolutely splendid! ?

To my dear viewers, thank you for watching and supporting my ASMR channel. For further support, please do subscribe and share my videos with friends, family, and loved ones. Also, helpful feedback and recommendations are always welcomed and greatly appreciated. I send my warmest wishes to you all from the Philippines! ❤❤❤

Simone Guerreri

Amazing ???


I miss having a partner who'll tickle my neck, head and back. This is the closest thing to any physical contact I've had in 6 months. Thank you so much for uploading these so regularly

Matthew Funk

My turn!!! ??


Your voice is so sweet and pleasing!

Chris Clayton

Girlfriends and wives that treat their men like this...get treated special by their men.

Nana Mais

Can’t wait ???????

Alma Gabriela Cruz Cisneros

Lo más relajante de todo el mundo, quisiera ser invitada jaja ?

Jake K

wow, your channel is going to blow up! super high quality


Your movements are great and while I really like the quiet ones too I thought that the sounds of the kids in the distance in this one was nice because it made it easier to feel like it was happening to me too


there's kids in the way background

Giles Richardson

very good - always relaxing

Thomas F.

Mabuhay !! ???????

evan belknap

this is the most relaxing video you have ever done and i was hoping you could do more scratching videos featuring the neck, shoulders, and arms


She would tickle me so much!

JJ Silver

Very relaxing! Please! Make a complete video of ear massage!

Cephalon Stitch

I been Bamboozled there is like 0.05 seconds of head scratching and the rest idk just touching her new boyfriend

jennifer cox

More, more, more of this too please.

Luke P

I know I've said this before but he's a lucky guy I hope you treat her well!! Great video keep smiling


He needs to lie down for that

Miriam Denno

I can't wait xxx

jennifer cox

Honestly I wish you used your fingertips on his shoulders way more than you did. Can you you use your fingertips on his shoulders the next next time you have this setup? I love this setup where your sitting in front and he is filmed at close range like this from the shoulder up and your scratching his shoulders


I would've been so aroused

Peter Sutcliffe

Miss Saigon......or....Cho Cho San...

jennifer cox

Hey Asain babe Does Nate ever make funny faces to try to make you laugh? ????? that would be funny LOL

Scratch head

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Head Scratch Therapy with Soft Music

2 585 views | 31 Mar. 2020

Transport yourself out of

Transport yourself out of your house and out of your stressful life to a far away place of relaxation. This video features soft, soothing, head scratch therapy set to beautiful and relaxing eastern music. ~Enjoy~

?????? ?????

? ???????: https://www.patreon.com/lovenirdsasmr

? ????????: https://www.facebook.com/lovenirdsasmr/

? ???????: https://lovenirdsasmr.weebly.com


ASMR stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. It's that delightful spine tingle you get when your eye doctor clicks through the lens settings asking you in a low, softly spoken voice, "now which one looks better..number one.....or...number two?" Or when your physician gets in real close to see inside your ears and you can hear the crinkling of their crisp white doctor's coat. Although many don't actually experience the tingling sensation, a large and growing percentage of people still enjoy the relaxing benefits of the ASMR genre at large. Our channel attempts to create something for everyone's tastes. ASMR trigger videos concentrate on delicate, quiet sounds such as tapping, ruffling, scratching, whispering, soft speaking, tinkering, and crinkling. ASMR role play videos concentrate more on the performance and entertainment value of this art -- putting you right there in the doctor's office, video game store (why are they whispering? lol), or one on one conversation with a friend. Unintentional ASMR videos could include unboxing a new package, building a computer, or attending to some kind of personal care. Aside from ASMR, there are a variety of other video types here: those that offer you a strong sympathetic reaction of calm and healing, peace inducing nature videos, meditations and quiet music. These videos could include light touching, massage, nature views and sounds, wildlife footage, guided meditations, affirmations, singing bowls and other natural world instrument music. Whatever your style is, we hope that you'll be able to find something that works for you here on our channel. Thanks for visiting, for your support, and for taking some time for your own peace of mind and well being.

~~LoveNirds ASMR~~~


Head Scratch Therapy with Soft Music


All works used in this and all other LoveNirdsASMR videos are either 100% original or are without copyright restrictions and/or in the public domain. Also, the makers of this video are not medical professionals and none of this is intended to be medical advice; alas, this video will not cure your crippling fear of alarm clocks.

Germany in 3D-360

I`m beginning to believe Corona is a blessing since so many great ASMRtists who someday disappeared now finally come back again! ♥ Please make more videos again!


OMG this is sending the tingles into overdrive.


I agree with all these comments. So great to see you guys back!!

3R Triple R

Buen masaje craneal

LoveNirds Massage ASMR

Been a while! Thanks for your patience. We've had some extra time so looks like you'll get some new videos out of the deal: a gentle face massage tomorrow and probably a nature video or a shoulder rub video the day after. Thanks for tuning in. See you tomorrow. :)

Tammy Anglesey

Very nice! So relaxing! Welcome back ??

Lin Harbourne

yyyaaaayyyy xxx

Jacob Rowe

So happy to see you back! Please stay! ❤️



ASMR Padraig

It's great to see y'all back!


Ah we come so close to seeing your face ? glad you’re back!

Scratch head

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Happy Frosted 2021 ASMR: head scratch 'n' head massage

6 922 views | 7 Feb. 2021

Oneday during Winter in a

Oneday during Winter in a faraway land. A homosapien need his head scratched. #headscratch #headmassage #ivoryasmr

dipshikha roy

I love your video.bt your video uploading is to let..why?plz quckley uploading your video.


Too quiet in my mind

Zanda Claus

Your thumbnail looks like it got file corrupted just FYI

Abid Mirza

why you have stopped adding that part where you feed him with some snack or drink and praise his head and shoulders while he have that.....

please add that part as thats super relaxing

Jaay B

No sound


So relaxing ??‍♂️

Clazza 01

How odd! I was only wondering about your channel today ?

chris b

I know that's pink but never eat yellow snow

dorothya S.Casey

That’s great ? video


Nice video

Big Wiz

Man when that shit beeped I paused the video like dafuq?! My high ass thought it was here for 5 min straight ?


You should invest in some better microphones. I can barely hear the head scratches

Bobby Hurd

Gotta replace that battery in the smoke detector LMAO

Eating Booty

0:24 Wocky Slushhhhh

B Kingi

low volume

Clazza 01

Sound is very low and intermittent


So THAT'S what snow looks like. We don't get that where I live...