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USAW VS NAMW | USAW VS NAMW Dream11 | USA W Vs NAM W Dream11 Team | Women T20 Match Analysis ||

666 views | 7 Sep. 2019

USA Women Vs Namibia

USA Women Vs Namibia Women Dream11 Team

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Hy Friends..!

Kaese hai aap sabhi hope ki ache hoge iss channel p aap logo ko daily hr matches ki dream11,Funtasy11,Halaplay or other fantasy site k team ,Playing11,Player Stats and performaces sabse phele mil jaya karegi to hamare iss channel ko subscribe karna na bhule.

About this video::


Iss video m maine aap sabhi ko USA Women Vs Namibia Women Dream11 k match ki analysis dono teams ke player performances or GL Cap & Vcap Choices or bhut kuch mention kiya hai ,Isliye video ko last tak dekke.

Agr Apko Video Acha Laga To Video Ko Like Kare,Share Kare or channel Ko Subscribe Kar iss Channel Ka hissa Bane.

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Aim of this Channel is only to guide you to make a better Dream11 or Other Fantasy Sites winning Team. It's only our Prediction we will not force you to go with our team.But we will our level best to give you a winning teams daily.

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Surge vs uD (NA) "MW Competitive Sniping" - Powered by CSL

3 233 views | 5 Nov. 2019

Watch the Competitive

Watch the Competitive Sniping League official promo!


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- Check out our Website here: http://competitivesnipingleague.com/

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1.) Make sure you video is put on Creative Commons

2.) Submit your video here: https://competitivesnipingleague.com/youtube

- Don't forget to connect with us: https://twitter.com/CSnipingL

- Have any Questions or Concerns?

Contact our moderators here: http://competitivesnipingleague.com


I host comp sniping lobbies all the time. Add me on Xbox: J0DA (with a 0)
Activision Account: JODA (With a o)

We don’t use marksman rifles. User friendly ass guns, that shit is trash.

Piranha man

Who edit this???

King Adoni

X dTanK here from mw2 sniping if anyone recognizes my name add me on ig Adonig

Aauly 最大

Gs! Check recent


That dude using the 3.5 scope XD since when has any acog been allowed in comp sniping lmao come on now


Add me YT_xxviibullets PS4


How do we join teams I just got back into playing since 2016 I quit and I don’t have any friends ? I miss qs


Add StarDrip9 for PS4 Na

Sir Chiz

FFA Competitive Sniper MW2 days SignatureSnipers looking to create a team and compete against other teams. Gamer tag is Sir Chiz get in touch. Can the owner of the channel hit me up aswell please

Drifzy BMW

Who remembers TPSN & 50BestRanks damn those were the good ole days back on mw2 & mw3


Add me up been comp sniper since cod4/mw2 been in epic xero dmg ect psn ; GOATINHO777

Camioo Chambers

ZewKo here add me for scrims or w.e


Anyone wanna run a scrim msg eoniks on Xbox

elias stitou

Wsup guys, i really want to get back into PS4 comp, add me on ps4 or discord Venezzio

Oxar. CsMh_

This doesn't look Competive and so many shots are missing.

Harry Maxwell

Awesome vids! You have a new sub. Do you know of SMZeus”dot”com??! You should use it to promote your videos and grow your channel!

Mr Fillyaw

Any teams recruiting

If anyone is trying to start a squad

Add me me mr fillyaw

Akita beats

none of these kids could hang with any low tier mw2 SLB team tbh lol


That weird ass gun should be banned

Christopher Fisher

PSN : Chrifishxr
Eu add for scrims aX-50 only


Mertynn ?


Damn, I was introduced to comp sniping in mw2 and I'm just now trying to get back into it. This brings back memories

Roberto Stracquadaini

hi am italian and deer a competitive clan sniping and since i am not in italy can i join a clan of your community?

VizuaLz - vL



who remember blackscoping and dragscoping lmao. GG GoML no ReRe lmfaoo. I wish they would remaster MW2

Marcos Cirilo

i want to play CS, need clan!

Matthew Walker

Ohh say it ain’t soo

eRa Droid

Ahhh I love this still and these maps are perfect. Now crash and vacant are back, too. No reason this shouldn’t be popping off right now.

Maybe it can be big again.


If you're looking to find games come to our discord! We would Gladly like to see new teams come involve in the community that we call CSL!

Nathan Lopez

It should be HDR only tbh, i use to snipe on the ps3 was an mw2 OG and use to edit as flygon edits with LVD and Relic, was #1 marathon on ps3 if anybody wanna put me on this game add me on ps4 - rollweeedtime

Teh Alvarez

Good to see people still play for fun <3!! Comp 2019


ew the sniper

Matthew Walker

Competitive sniping will never be like it’s was only MW2 take me back to that


Why is the site down

King Skarekrow

This makes me feel so nostalgic. Glad comp wasn't completely forgotten. Where do the years go, daaamn.


I'm making cs clan if you intrested put your activision account id in comments!

Scott Resh

How do I find people

Lewis Barnes

ps4 anyone?

More Presence

Looking for EU team! Message me through YT :)

More Presence

Good to see comp is still a thing nowadays!! But why no ax-50? Might take some more skill but that's more fun!


I love that it isn’t dead but the carbine shouldn’t be allowed..kar, ax, hdr

Hunter Sims

Looking to join a team. Been quick scoping since cod4. Was part of project 7 and iNK back in the day. Paruh_OG ps4

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Umviriza indirimbo yatahukanye ikibanza ca kabiri mw'Ihiganwa "Agahogo 2019" ryateguwe na #AFJO

3 147 views | 16 Dec. 2019

Umviriza indirimbo ya

Umviriza indirimbo ya NIYERA Ines yatahukanye ikibanza ca kabiri mw'Ihiganwa "Agahogo 2019" ryateguwe na #AFJO ku civugo : “Twese hamwe dushire imbere uruhara rw’abakenyezi n’urwaruka mu gutsimbataza amahoro n’iterambere.”