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solve my acne

15 views | 12 Feb. 2017

solve my acne -

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'Solve My Acne' is one of the main asks by many teens. If you are one who is searching for a solution to solve your acne, click on the link above to get a perfect answer for your question 'solve my acne'

Solve my acne quiz

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Lifting The Veil on Teens in Crises | The Mum Edition with Rebecca Hanscombe

18 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Today’s talk was inspired

Today’s talk was inspired by current media attention on children and teenagers mental health. It is being reported that our children and teenagers are suffering a surge in mental health as they are increasingly isolated from friends during the pandemic and global lockdown.

As mums of teenagers, we are seeing an increase in screen addiction, and lack of a motivation and the media has recently reported that in the UK 30% of teenagers do not see a future for themselves. In the the USA a recent surge of child and teenager suicides. (The Defender, The Children’s Health Defence, February 21 edition)

As concerned mums we decided to get together and have an honest conversation about this so we can share our concerns with other mums, dads and carers and open up a discussion where we can support each other and share solutions.

Our special guest is Rebecca Hanscombe, mum of a Teenager and founder of School of Ecstatic Movement, Dance Movement Therapist and Drugs Counsellor who has spent 15 years teaching movement therapy in the UK Criminal Justice System and Category A Prisons; where people are serving lifelong sentences.

So between us all we share our personal insights on our children’s capacity to deal with stress, why release mechanisms are important for them (and us), what are the potential red flags are for us a parents.

We hope this heartfelt conversation between us mums inspires you and if you are struggling with your teens or struggling yourself let us know and as a community lets help each other with support and solutions, because together we are stronger.

We would love to hear your comments on how you are coping.

To get in touch with Becky about her dance therapy.


Books we talked about:

The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

Raising Boys / Raising Girls by Steve Biddulph

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Seagull by Jonathan Livingston

Lori talked about the Ted Talk and spider diagram of - What is important to me diagram.

“What Matters to Me” – a new vital sign | Jason Leitch | TEDxGlasgow


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Love Lori & Liza


Disclaimer: This channel is purely for information and enjoyment. We are not prescribing treatment; if you have any questions regarding your physical or mental health or want to make changes to your current care or treatment, please consult with your GP or registered healthcare professional.

Solve my acne quiz

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Acne and Bloating - What does it mean and how to solve it.

303 views | 30 Oct. 2020

Is there a connection

Is there a connection between acne and bloating? Well if you want to know

how to solve acne then you also need to know how to solve bloating if that is an issue for you. Acne and gut health are related and learning how to reduce bloating is going to help your gut health and ultimately what causes acne.

How to get rid of bloating is not difficult because gut health and acne are closely related. There are lots of gut health recipes that will help gut health and skin conditions. There is a strong gut and skin connection. Does bloating cause acne and what does bloating mean? It can mean that you might have leaky gut syndrome because leaky gut syndrome acne and leaky gut acne and solving it is the secret to a clear face.

For more information and to learn more about the root cause of your acne check my Naturopathic Acne Quiz, which will reveal what might be the cause behind your acne. Here is the link: https://go.bucketquizzes.com/sf/6e52701d

dr stacey shillington nd

naturopathic beauty

Tim Y

Hey doctor. Im a male acne sufferer. As I am a believer in your work, I would highly recommend if you can state what applies for females and/or for males. As a male viewer of your videos and 7 week course, sometimes I can't tell if some of your advice applies to me or not since some of the information only apply to women instead of men. Just my feedback.