Vaseline for dry face

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Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion Review|For Dry Skin

7 238 views | 16 Dec. 2018

Hi guys welcome back to my

Hi guys welcome back to my channel so guys today i'm going to review about Vaseline Intensive Care Deep Restore Body Lotion.

where i m going to share all the details about it like when,where and how to use this product so for all that you need to watch my vedio till end and guys if you are new to my channel then subscribe to my channel bez i review all about affordable product.

so coming to the review

this product comes in diffrent sizes the one which you see in my hand is of Rs. for 400 ml

this product claims that its specially designed for dry skin type but i think oily and combination skin can also use this product.

then coming to its pakaging its very nice yellow in color nd it has a pump which make it more higenic then it has a lot of ingredents with paraben then coming to its texture it has nice cream like texture and its smell is just like vasline products do have now let me swatch for you then its consistancy is not too thick or creamy it blends very well and after 1 mins it gets absords into skin.

guys my experience is that i use it in moring and night and if i feel more dry then i use it in afernoon too as cream moisture last for about 3 to 4 hrs i dont suggest you to use it on face bez i personnaly use my moisturizer but if you want to use you can do patch test then and only apply.

Guys i have also review about

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Sharmi Sanjay

We use this our face??

Ramesh Babu

It can apply on face?

sharmila jeyaprakash

Wt do u mean by patch test?

SAmmangi Ramana

Night use cheyala

Global Studio

I also got dry skin. Can boys use this as well?

Ronny Limbu

Can men use that too...??

Govinda singh Govind singh

Hindi hindi bolo

kesiya V J

Does it lightens body?

Andrea PĂ©rez

Once the Deep Store cream is opened, how long can it be used?

md uzzal mia

Cai i use it on face plese reply

Vaseline for dry face

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Dry skin treatment in winter|beauty hacks tips with vaseline on your skin in hindi

3 640 views | 10 Dec. 2018


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Yaa this is effective

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Wow! great

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Super, thx mam

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