Old lady faces

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Old Age (Old Lady) Halloween Makeup Tutorial / Nishi V

39 772 views | 13 Oct. 2016

The one tutorial where I

The one tutorial where I actually scared myself.. and pulled a lot of funny faces!


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Ren Kretzmer

Music? Love! Great job on the makeup!

Catherine Ann


Miss Sweet & Chic

Omg I couldn't believe this was u!! Amazing ur an absolute artist ??????????????

LisaG XoX

Omg hun, I was absolutely in creases (see what I did there) your facial expressions when trying to get your makeup and lines right haha! Really loved watching this Nishi and wow so effective, it looks amazing!
Great job hun, loved it!!
XoX ?

Pug_ _Lover

Wish I could do that ❤️❤️

Eliza Armand

Giiiirl!!! This is unbelievable!!! Amazing look, looks very realistic! ??????


Damn you talented

Zizi M

please vlog more!!! :)


C'mon, no makeup is already an​ old​ aged Lady, why You even have to​ take​ a​ makeup.



Jass V

Woah!!! I'm really really impressed with this one! Such great detail and so realistic. At least I know what you'll look like in a 100 years time ?


wow this is so realistic !

Old lady faces

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2D and 3D Collage with Tom Walker

48 views | 10 Feb. 2021

An online class that

An online class that focuses on combining images and objects to create collages that blur the boundaries between 2d and 3-d. Unflattening the image and placing it into a 3-d context creates works that are uncanny and unsettling and challenges the audiences expectations of what they are encountering.

What you will need: Magazine images of faces and full figures, glue stick, scissors, paper, 2p coin.

Old lady faces

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How To Paint Wrinkles

38 520 views | 17 Jul. 2014

Dottie Gillespie

I'm enjoying your videos...thnx so much...you are a gentle man...


Eric I am sooo impressed with your artwork! In special when I look at that sooo thin brush you use. Wow! Amazing! Lots of congratulations and lots of thanks for your sharing. Blessings from Mexico.




Awesome video! You're a very detailed instructor! ;)

water 7light

thank you for your video, very helpful

Gila Morgan

You are amazing!

Jung Hee Roh

Have you ever painted with watercolor? I'm having some real problems with that. Could you please make a video on watercolor? That'd be really awesome. I really enjoy your work, man. Keep it up :)

Carol Emett

First time I have watched you, I really enjoyed this video so thank you I will check out your other work, God bless

Jayapriya Siddharthan


Lilian Doco

Sir can you teach me how to paint a blind Pilipine woman

Jaydean Jordan

First time seeing someone paint an Native Elder ❤️I’m native and I love this.

Lawrence Van Heusen

A very relaxing presentation with extraordinary info in a brief time.   Sticks to the simple basic steps without a lot of digression.   Not just about wrinkles even though that is a consistent focus of the discussion.   Shows sketching, translucent layering, contrast, achieving 3D, and an analysis of object in direct light and reflected light.   Very helpful to me.


Have you instructed yet on freckles?
Would love to see that, thanks!?

Tiffany Kooper

Beautiful!!!! thank you soo much!

Byron Darden

pure skill.. dai-sensei francis

Adrienne Woodward

Helped me alot


Another fabulous video!

Elise Gegauff

Great tutorial!

McCall G.

Good work and nice job!

gaurav Verma


Michelle Fernandes

Folds in clothing pleaseeee!!

Up and coming artists

Am Eric i want to no if you have your old video on sketch for begin ? 

Allison Prior

Amazing videos, portraits is something I love to do, I will be uploading a video tutorial soon and your videos are a big help and inspiring.

Peter Williamson

Fabulous thank you. I am torn between doing this kind of portrait with the hard work wrinkles require or going Alla Prima to get an "impression" of wrinkles.

arturo montanez

Love your channel and all your work it's awsome! You've helped me alot more than my college class ha and I appreciate it thank you! Oh I've always wondered Whats that thing you put before painting?


Do you as an artist paint the background first or last?


the way you explain is awsome keep the good work enjoyed your videos

Sweet Dreamers

On the shadow is it mars black u use or a grey acylic paint?I'm gonna paint an elderly woman and it's my first time to try painting this,i haven't paint a wrinkles before?But Thank You very much for all of your tutorials,this is why i learn so much in portraiting,If you have an IG or FB account please let me know i would be honored to follow you and your newest paintings?Bless You X


Your voice is very soothing. It helps me calm down.

cora deery

Do you have to do the wash if you aren't using canvas?

corey michael

Crazy good.

Chris Samuel

Wicked stuff :D

Leah Eppen

“frustration ruins paintings” yaaaaaassss


I painted my 1st baby this week and it turned out well then I was asked to paint and elderly woman next , this is all very new to me so I am greatful for video's like yours .. Thankyou for teaching us all


i wish you were my teacher!

Larissa Cato

so glad i came across your youtube.  continue to bless us... going to your blog now :)

Michele M

I love your videos! They have helped me so much with my AP studio art class. Thank you!!!

Kim Helgason

Great tutorial. Have learned something


Eric I am sooo impressed with your artwork! In special when I look at that sooo thin brush you use. Wow! Amazing! Lots of congratulations and lots of thanks for your sharing. Blessings from Mexico.

Shiva Bhai

Must watch ?