How to have more hair

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544 210 views | 18 Jan. 2017


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Having amazing hair is not over-rated. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro says that 2017 can be the year of your most amazing hair yet!

Dramatic and Instantaneous Changes for Luscious Locks

1. Use T-Gel for dandruff

2. Change the length

3. If balding or thinning, take it off. Then, add detail or dimension with frames or facial hair.

4. Find a new stylist

5. Start taking better care of your hair such as conditioner, trimming split ends, avoiding high heat & processing.

6. Upgrade your hair products - cheap quality and inexpensive typically have poor ingredients which will dry your hair out and not perform as desired. Pete and Pedro uses high end botanticals, extracts, and anti-oxidants so the products perform AND are healthy for your hair. Alpha uses Pete and Pedro Putty which is high hold and low shine.

7. Improve your diet - get more of Omega 3, 6, & 9 (fish, avocado, nuts, legumes) and stay hydrated.

Timothy Brown

My hair gets fuzzy when it gets a little longer. Doesn't apply to me.

salman qureshi

My hair are very dry and curl and hair are going
Which shampoo should I use

Mohammed Jr

is the hair dryer bad for my hair ?

Evan Stone

how to shit like a gentleman..

Aditya Natu

hey alpha .m
please help me with helmet hair.

Muhammad Arith

I don't know what will you do when you will be OLD


I have his hair full of heights, how can I get rid? They prevent me to have a short, decent cut.


Close your eyes and listen ...2:16


Dandruff : dead skin cells . Add sugar to shampoo.

Avtar Rai

What hairstyle do you have

Abdulla Adel

my barber is an Indian guy

Hrishi Baney

How to have great hair?
Use Tiege Hanley! Because with better skin, your disgusting hair won't matter.

Luis Preciado

Dandruff shampoo is really good ok for a price like that amazing just get the shampoo that's good for you and get a really good nice kind as longest it makes you're hair super suave.

Chirag Jain

Hi alpham iam from india iam juzt 18 an i have grey hairs plz suggest me what to do plz reply

Hafizz Ishere

Hey Alpha M, i just wanna suggest if you could make a tips video about making our hair soft without using any conditioner. I dyed my hair n i have this prob where my hair get super rough n its hard for me to style my hair n it feels so uncomfortable when im showering

Marcy Hubbard

I am a licensed cosmetologist and I wanted to clarify a few things..... dandruff is actually a bacteria that causes a greasy scabbing.... now DRY hair is flaking. Some men should use a scalp brush, not scrub the hell out of the scalp, but lightly exfoliate and lift the dead hair and then use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Think of it, your scalp is still skin, start taking care of it with a good scalp and hair routine like you would your face. I love what you say about cheap hair products! But remind people too that a small amount goes a lot longer way. Another thing is some people, curlier the more true, should NOT shampoo their hair everyday. They should condition and use the fingertips to clean the scalp but if you dry your scalp out you dry everything out. Excited about your products and good luck.

Drake Watson

Congratulation 3M subscribe!! ?


Thank you for being our online dad

Dane Kunes

I use crew products. Shampoo, conditioner, jell and puddie. Good stuff.

yu kh

Is vo5 a bad cheap hair product manufacturer

Belal Iqbal

Hey alpha! How often do you use T Gel shampoo?


Dude I want Pete and padro but too exspesve

Preston Andrews

Do you think you could do videos about highschool and stuff? not just about hair but just in general

Vampis Zoonis

2020 soon another year to rip my resolution


Why put antioxidant in your hair? Like the ones in the Pete & Pedro putty?

papa donut

my cheap ass just uses axe

Nathan Harris

Am I the only one who doesn't use gel and/or wax?


try head and shoulders for ur dandruff

Jake Lamason

What's the difference between the Pete and Pedro products? Putty or promenade??? So many choices..


Wow, dynamite! Machine gun energy info. True entertainment ???

Marshall Waters

Dude! I am addicted to your Videos :D
I am like "Ok, last one." After it finished: "Oh, that do look interessting, too" and so on...
I do learn so much, thanks Alpha!


When you balding but can’t grow facial hair

Austin Ravi

hey commenters. need some advise. i'm 17 and starting to try new hair styles. to be honest i'm really enjoying it but the hair "holders" make my hair super dry and i don't like it. i want to get P & P but its really expensive. how long does it last? is it worth the $19?? or is there something i can use that's cheaper that will hold me over? Thanks!


how dress in home and how make muscles from home

Brandon Roberti

Revaluation smooshons????luv it and the vid


Tgel more like tiage hanly

13 Gilbert Hutomo Khonrad

bro i see a dendruff in your hair the side at 2:17


how dress in home and how make muscle
s from home



Jay McD

T-Gel is great, its so fresh and clean smelling, you know that shit's goin t'work from the second you use it.


What's this man's lengths? I have very similar hair but never know how short/long I should have it cut

Joel Byrd

I'm never satisfied with my hair. I'm nervous to change it but I really want something new. Trouble is I have no idea what would suit me.

aravind uu

what should I do for silky hair that not standing

Rex Xavier

I have dry hair with cowlicks all over. However, if I put any product, be it leave in conditioner, serum, etc, it makes my hair look oily and disgusting. I don't even use that much. So my hair is either dry, brittle, and frizzy, or it is oily and flat. What can I do?

Victor T.

Watching in 2020
"How is 2017 shaping up for everybody?"

Glenn Hickman

Can you please do a video for those of us that are losing their hair. Many men deal with balding and we need to know how to handle this. Should I shave my head or hang on to those last little hairs. This would be a great video.

Tiffany Graf

Have to say the T Gel does really work. I use to have dandruff bad and it was the only thing that worked. And yes it does smell but it leaves your head feeling tingly afterwards.


My entire family, except for my dad and I, have extremely thin hair. But my dad and I, have extremely thick hair.

Nicolas Stergiopoulos

Before I proceed watching this video I must write about how lighter colours suite you Alpha...

the_shorty 67

I love doing my hair


I use that shit erryother day! T-gel recommended to me by a doctor psoriasis dandruff and sebhorric dermatitis helps all

Takshya Sharma

I was watching it at 1.5 x & it was superfunny


how dress in home and how make muscle
s from home

Darby O'Gill

My hair is like Liam/Noel Gallagher, a sort of mod 1960s style. I'll never change it to another style because i love it. Once i don't over wash it it looks great; not too resilient against the wind though.

Timmy Rascal

does it look amazing? no
does it smell amazing? no

Timbo Rouse

He's the white Kevin Hart ? I love it. keep it up

Umair Afzal

Alpha m have oily nose

Josh Is Awesome

Danmm Arron is so funny (In a charismatic way).


I have good hair but I want it to be better to the point were I don't need gel

Timo's Archive Extra

this is the worst channel


you can be bald if your ripped

DalleLama -Zone-G

Mango Papaya, I could eat this stuff ?

DalleLama -Zone-G

I use pure jamaican black castor oil, not only for my hair, eyebrows and beard to ! This stuff is AMAZING ! Right Alpha ?

Bertie Pimplebum

Shiny, Healthy Lookin' Hair. It's obtained by brushing with a natural hair brush.
Have a dog? Brush his coat with a proper dog brush. See his coat shine. A well groomed man also has a well groomed dog.
See Denmans round plastic hair/scalp massager, £2.75. This removes ALL dandruff, guaranteed.
Be gentle with yourself.

Preston And Madi

Every doctor tells me T/Gel is terrible for you

shawaiz sheikh

how can i buy pete and pedro...there is no shipping in pakistan

Eric Ayala

yeah t gel is amazing and it actually smells great in my opinion?

Randy S

Thoughts on undercuts?


i personally don’t use shampoo and it works perfectly for me haha

Alec Near

Make a how to get rid of dandruff video

Prateek Singhal

1:44 I'm dead ???

Space Alien Jesus

Aloe vera
Twice a week


Its great tips and i find all the tips very usefull, and love your videos man. I just wondering about. how you colored your hair, becuase my haircooler is the one i were born with

First name Maybe a middle name? Last name

hey alpha how long is the hair on the top and on your sides ? I've been wanting hair like that but I don't know how long the sides and top is or what it's even called? thnx

Jesse Turner

My hair could definitely be better. Because it's falling the fuck out.


nice pijamas xD

Umi Tatsuya

1:46 "Change is good" directly quoted from Kha Zix in the game League of Legends

Rad iance

Patriots won the super bowl

Prashant Singh

Can you please do a video on weekly hair care routine??

Anna Harutyunyan

Unfortunately, T/Gel is highly carcinogenic.


10 months ago!!!!!! ?? where the fuck did the time go??

Mathew Emmanuel

What is you email id for me to share my doubts ?

Big Hero

I just ordered you’re clean shampoo/ conditioning! And you’re sea salt Spray!

olly s

anyone bought his products? any good?

Eddie Kababieh

[email protected] m. I’ve been watching your page for a while i wanted to know if you could possibly do a video of how to turn your hair from dead dry frizzy and just over all bad hair to u know nice straight non frizzed hair

Collin Ryan


eshan sharma

I don't really expect a reply. You've helped me a lot, Alpha M. But if you stopped promoting these fucking products for once, your videos would do much better.


Damn 3Mill!! It seems like only 5 months ago you hit 2Mill.. Congrats man? keep killing it ?

Rise Strategy

Can you make a video of what kind of color hair suits people better


does anyone know a good shampoo/conditioner

Mukul Yadav

how to get fair skin

Arion Starks

Who else is struggling to admit it's time to "grab it, squeeze it and take it off"?


I over here using Axe Products?

Mark Perry

The P&P Shampoo is okay. It gives you a bit of Tea Tree tingling, but not nearly as much as the Paul Mitchell product, which, BTW, is the same price for much more product. I didn't know that when I ordered the P&P shampoo + conditioner that it would come in a hotel size. I should mention, however, that the conditioner is REALLY good... probably the best I've used.


T Gel and not Tiege Hanley??!! I feel cheated.

Andrei Saigo

Which Shampoo is better for dandruff? The "T/Gel Therapeutic" or the "T/Gel Total Shampooing"?


Hey Alpha, just wanted to let you know that I just bought Pete and Pedro putty and within 10 minutes of having it, i am so much happier with my hair. Thanks so much. Its awesome and smells f*cking great!


Alpha..what brand shirt is that Henley?


What’s in his eye

Abhishek Patry

Hey Alpha!
Pete & Pedro costs upto $80/- (Rs. 5000/-) if I'm ordering from Mumbai.
That's super expensive, any idea how to acquire it at a more reasonable price?

How to have more hair

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HOW TO HAVE A GOOD HAIR DAY | 6 Tips for a Better Hairstyle | Alex Costa

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Here's how to avoid a bad

Here's how to avoid a bad hair day!

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Have you ever woken up and realized your hair looks perfect?

Having a good hair everyday seems almost impossible but I'm here to tell you it's absolutely not. Today we're going over how you can make sure your hair looks on point every single day. Watch the video and let me know which tips worked the best for your hair!

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How to Wash Your Face Properly - http://bit.ly/2CiIGk2

Healthy Hair Tips For Men: https://goo.gl/M1YiZj

How to Get Straight Hair Permanently: https://goo.gl/3IBiIB

Best Men's Hairstyle 2019: https://goo.gl/UUIBXk

On my channel you will find videos about men's fashion and style tips, men's hair, health, fitness, overall lifestyle, and of course, my personal life. This includes my friends and family, so please be mindful of that and maintain a positive atmosphere in the comments section. Don't forget to subscribe and make sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed the video!

Abhishek Shaw

Why r y lying, y haven't crossed 3M yet?


Alex, break down the hairs.....please they’re not suiting you!

F.H. Sohag

I think this is your best hairstyle

Dofie Channel

He grew his hair during quarantine I guess

Manohar Agamamidi

At 4.43, instead of shower cap, we can just do a bucket bath!


Hey Alex I'm loosing my hair I don't know how... I oil them n take care too.
. Help me? love from India ❤️

Krish Tiwari

Sir make a video on styling hair of a boyy

HSM_ Hadi

Man most of the products in the video are either expensive or unavailable in my country

Muhammed Roshan

My hair is so thick and hard and a bit like curly... it so hard to brush... is there any solution to smoothen it?

Freedom Panic

how does one work out every day, and not wash their hair every day? I have to wash my hair daily, because of how much I sweat during my workouts.

arun balaji

Fan,From TN?


Can’t wait new look book of AW 2020 buddy


I want to buy the forte series products but it is too expensive so my parents doesn’t buy me the products

Gamer Maddy

I always brush my hair before going to bed since 4 Years . That's why I don't need to apply any hairstyling products just wake up brush again hair set.

•M4RK •

Alex heart this if you love yo fans

kuttanadan mandan2

Alex will give me a heart


Then what we should do .... after a workout?
Bcz hairs become wet also due to sweat

Praz Magar

Good product for the hair treatment and informative video.


I use a beanie in showers that I dont wash my hair xD

Hassan Eweimer

This episode is sponsored by Forte by Cost !!!!

Sahil Jadhav

So how much time in a week we should wash our hair

Mahir Rayhan

Its to expansive.Especially the oil


I have thick wavy/curly hair so getting it wet is a MUST if intend to style it. No shower cap for me lol


This jacket is insane

mama mami 1234 yeet

Remember ''Less is More''..well thats convenient?


I liked ur last hairstyle moree

Yashwardhan Shrimali

Pls tell your face shape

Hans Aldrin

Aquaman Costa ???

Pedro Ascencio

How do you dye your hair? Please make a video about that ??


If we wash our hair daily mean what. Happen Alex pls reply


i always thought blow-drying your hair isn't healthy

Ayan Chatterjee

❤️ Thank you ?

Guddu Bairagya

I want to know that vitamin E and Biotin really helpful for hair grow?

Mihir Sanap

Make a vedio on increasing hair volume

zaid shaikh

my good hair day is the day i decides to have a haircut and then i always postoponds it ?

Directed by HM

what is this hairstyle bro...


Your hair is the best of any time in my opinion

Simone Tenenti

I don’t think the brush technique works for curly hair cause for me when I brush my hair it gets puffy and frizzy


Where did u get the shower cap?

Rihash myrnaa

Thank you so much Alex for this wonderful channel
This channel help me alot

Luis Adolfo Nancucheo Delgado

Corta tu pelo bro

Shrys Music

Alex literally uploads hair videos to promote his hair products.......


are you sure you are men !? look in your pants to see if you have what a man should have there ... you're in the mirror all day so I'd say you're actually a bearded woman! ?????

Dawood Amin

It's good bro ..I love it??

Dimitris Christou

I literally had a bad hair day today?‍♂️?

Shimron Benjamin

Could you post pics on insta with this hairstyle

Kamiyo Beats

Shower in the moring. Thats all.

Jony Singh

My biggest problem when it comes to styling my hair is the washing part.I have to wash my hair with shampoo every time I use hair products and that contradicts the “wash your hair less part”
Any advice?

Priyanshu Pare

Alex here's a tip use swimming caps instead of shower caps works the same way and your girlfriend won't be surprised as much

Kim Sun Young

I can't lie this man is a legend


For Dry hair is it good to oiling all day

Manav Gurna

Love from India punjab ??

Vinoth Seedhar

Bro i am from india how can i buy this products..?????

Josip's Life

I thought he got haircut?

Projekt Raven

Alex costa is tuening into a hipee

ankit singh


Project B

Do you go to the hairdresser now you have longer hair?

Omid S

Bruh. Your hair gotta go lol

All The Best

Hey Alex........i am Yuvi from India and following you from 6months........ and have improved my self a lot but one thing.........I really need your help only your help is that.............how get rid of masturbating addiction........... This the problem of many youngsters today........ Please make video on this topic........ Please


Hi alex love from India


how to avoid a bad hair day? Buzz cut LOL

Awais Malik

Make video on jump rope tutorial ?

AmmP CrazY

alex am always watch your video . love from india

Sérgio Silva Drums

Check out my new drum cover!!?

melu hasan

I love it your hair style❤

melu hasan

Alex you killed it man!!

Ams sh

I don’t have hair. Very less

Sachincj6 Sachu

Alex fans like here

Tapas Kumar

This will really helpful for every one.. thnku ?

Abu Samora

Alex you should cut your hair

Pranesh Pandey

Can I buy your products in india

oka rampa

Do you have an onlyfans account?

IDK Hades

You hair style is cool

Xavier Mora

One day I showed a photo of you to the barber, he saw the picture for like 10 seconds then said "ok I got it" and I was like, "but you need to have my phone so you can see the haircut, right?" Then he said "no no, I got it"
That day I walked out of the barbershop with a haircut totally different from the photo... My disappointment was unmesurable.

U.Hemant. Rao

dude can you suggest oils for Indian teens who follows your fashion .... is forte series available for India also.

Tana Roja

Hey Alex
Can your product be able to ship in India
Please reply Alex

Comment God

This guy is an ultra alpha male

Sarcasm !

Hey! Alex if u see this comment please reply to me BIG FAN!!!!

Chris Aldi

What if you have curly hair ?

Alex Costa

Don't forget to follow me on instagram.com/alexcosta for daily updates!

Thank you for watching and have a great week!


vishwa Kumaresan

My age is 16 ,i have grey hair?
Pls make a video to tell how to cure grey hair pls pla pls

jasper bajo

this got me motivated

Teddy Bear

What type of paste to use to keep hair long all day?

Krishna Gupta


артём баронов

Из России с любовью

Mohammed Taha

Can you pls do what on my phone with iOS 14 pls pls

mukul goswami

Hey please also make a video on bacne!

MC Guzmán

Hair be looking a lil g.... feminine

Suraz Only suraz

Tried everything and at last I remember m ugly af??.

Arya Mahendra Bhanushali

Please make a video on how to remove hair products from hair

N Ziiik

How to have a good hair day? ----------> Have hair :D
C'mon people, let's be real, have you ever seen a guy with a full head of hair having a "bad hair day"...?

Yash Singh

I want these forte series products so bad but It's a shame that I can't get it since its not available in India. Hoping you expand soon alex

Love Deep

Bro you are a nice guy?

PartyLateNight O

Oce é brasileiro mesmo ou é meme ?

Arya Mahendra Bhanushali

Please make a video on how to clean hair after an intense workout

Vines Member

I am using forte series all products for 3 months.... And really it did magic to my hair.... So try forte series ... It's the best?.... Love you Alex❤

Neetesh Seven

Muji promotion garxas
Talai jatha

It means
Wow nice video in nepali

C.W. Richardson 3

I wanna see more fitness content

Theory Worthwhile

Didn't like this style alex
The 90s was a 10/10

Kurrun Sethi

Have you heard of a agave hair treatment? can make a video on it?