How to make eyelashes look longer

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Tips for How to Make Short Lashes Look Long

20 935 views | 27 Feb. 2017

Hey friends! If you have

Hey friends! If you have short, straight, and sparse lashes, this video will help you make those lashes look longer and thicker. Technique is KEY when it comes to applying mascara, and you can easily work with the lashes you have. Details on products I've used and steps are on my blog! http://www.xoxokaymo.com/mascara-routine-for-short-straight-lashes/

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XoXo, KayMo

Products used:

Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer

Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara

Two Faced Better Than Sex Mascara - Waterproof

ELF Lash Curler

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Audra Weber

Great tutorial! You're so beautiful!

Sabrina Storms

You should be a model you are so beautiful ???

Ravioli Macaroni

Okay but my lashes are shorter than yours ?

Frankie Hampton

In my opinion, anytime you can curl your eyelashes, that is not considered short. Your finished product looked great. Good advice.

Danielle Garrison

Your lashes are already long

Daniya Jaff

Girl I feel your struggle in my soul ?


BTW, your best hair length?

buzzard eggs

I am giving you a thumbs up because you are beautiful (the tutorial was good also)! ?

Debaroti Bhaumik

Short ,sweet ,to the point ..very helpful

Shadow 284

Use elf waterproof mascara I have lashes like urs but this mascara makes it look twice as long its amazing


It’s not the mascara it’s you! ??? this is amazing I can’t wait to try it!

Claire Richards

This is so cool, I hate mascara overall as I just find them rubbish but maybe this will help me

savannah huggins

i thought you said you would be using the same product on both eyes

Miss Pettigrew Review

Great idea for a video! Your lashes look bomb. I think this could help a lot of girls get lashy! love it.


Thank you for this! I have thick but short lashes, and this video would help! I have the Urban Decay Perversion mascara though. I’ll buy the primer next time!

Cee Dee

you're sooo pretty!

Author Anne Braun

What do you use to remove the waterproof mascara? I usually lose eyelashes that I can't afford to lose. Also, have you used other lash primers besides Subversion? Thx

Renae Anderson

great advice. thanks.u are Beautiful. u need to be modeling

Raevyn Rader

what if we dont have eyelash primer ? i cant afford any, does it still work without it ?

Dj 912 Sent

I like but mine still go straight after using waterproof

How to make eyelashes look longer

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All About Mascara: Make Your Lashes Look Longer And Thicker | MakeupAndArtFreak

163 508 views | 25 Feb. 2017

Learn how to apply mascara

Learn how to apply mascara to make your eyelashes look longer and thicker! Tips and tricks.

Products mentioned and/or used in this video:

L'Oreal Voluminous Original Mascara - http://go.magik.ly/ml/3r5j/

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Lisa Noelle

Great techniques!! I'm going to try them the next time I apply my mascara.


Yes! please do a tip on how to remove mascara if you mess up. Can you do this routine with waterproof mascara as well? Btw, I love your accent!


you have the most anazing eyes. Wow. Just mesmerising

Waheed Rahman

your eyes is nice

minnie mouse

This is how Ive always done my mascara, so glad to see its a 'thing'!lol! Concentrating on adding to ends is the real trick in this technique, works everytime.

Aynkirsten :P

I am right handed and I am having a hard time applying mascara on my left eye lashes. Any tips & tricks?

Lelanka ?

Once I line up my upper inner lashline, it always gets smudged on the bottom in seconds :| What can I do?

Rowan Hurd

Gorgeous eyes??

Renáta Gerencsér

Nagyon szeretem a videóidat,sok hasznos dolog van bennük!! Sajnos nekem is rejtett (csuklyás) szemhéjam van,ami ráadásul zsírosodik is ?,hiába teszek primer,akkor is 3-4 óra múlva már összegyűlik a mélyítő vonalban... köszönöm a sok tippet és tanácsot??!!!!

sweet sunny

i love ur eye color?


you have beautiful eyes??

Aimee Dawn

I love your channel! ??


I love this! your lashes are gorgeous!

Amanda Hill

Not trying to be mean, but you talk too much!!



Taryn Hartman

I always get mascara on my eyelid :( I would love to see a video on how to remove it! :)

Luna Wand

I find that if I apply a second coat it always gets clumpy. How can I prevent that?

sweet sunny

u have beautiful eyes?

Irina Sparrow



I use that wxact maacara so ima try this

Grow Lavish Lashes- Eyelash Growth

Thanks for the tips! I love finding new ways to make my eyelashes look even longer! What has really helped me is eyelash growth serum!


My eyes would never look like this but your eyes are beautiful & the makeup makes them look even prettier!

Annabella G.

Great tips thanks! ?

Arianna Bartkowicz

I just honeslty dnt get how she does not get any mascara kn her eyelashes???

gaming Queen

hey tine what's up how are you


That's exactly the case with me: I have black lashes with blonde ends! Crazy!


you already have long lashes though


Your eyes are soo pretty?


yes the life video

Denise Sheffield

Love your technique and will try it! I think I've tried Loreal Voluminous mascara before and wasn't impressed but it looks great on you! My favorites are Chanel Le Volume and Maybelline Falsies mascara's for volume.

Lisa Noelle

Can't watch her curl her eyelashes...lol ...wigs me out!!

Lidia De Gouveia

Awesome technique I will try this this afternoon when applying my make-up.



Diana Leon

Tina, your lashes are beautiful! I use 2 coats of the Loreal lash primer.. this ensures that my lashes are super thick when I apply my mascara:)

هدى هدى

وااااو ???

Janet Lorena Elizalde

love it thanks!!

Lauren Rose

Lash serums are really expensive. So far I haven't gotten much result with castor oil so I'm mastering false eyelashes. Your natural lashes are very thick and pretty long so all the mascara has to do is enhance them.

Mia Manning

You already have long lashes

Mariana Gonzalez

My lashes are long but they grow straight down so after I curl them they just last for a while?


Thank I've never seen anyone show this technique I'm gonna give it a try tomorrow

Robyn Walley

Your lashes look great with no mascara

Kim Baker

I wish you would have shown us the tight lining.


You are now my go to & how to YouTube makeup channels ❤❤

chloe j

Looks awesome. You have beautiful green eyes. Great video

ßasic luv

Starts on 1:30

Sherdon Mcewan

Love the tips and will follow ❤

Susana B

Just started watching your videos and love them! You're very talented. Please tell us where you are from originally. Your accent and dark hair are to be admired.
p.s. Thank you for using some drugstore products along with the higher priced ones. It makes achieving these looks a little more of a reality for me.


can you please do a video on straight and thin eyelashes. I have a lot of trouble making them stay curled and visible even after 3 coats of mascara. I would love to see your take on that. thanks x

Shelby Mack

Your eyes are so pretty!!

Kamill milek

I don’t recommend any product often but this product >> Pack.eyelashenhancer.pro is amazing! Have been using it before bed for probably a little over a month. I got eyelash extensions all summer and they really did a number on my real ones. This helped so much.

Daisy van Brakel - Molenaar

I'm so happy I found your channel. I have really downturned eyes and I always got so frustrated that make-up looks I tried to recreate never looked as good on me as on the person I tried to copy. Now I know why! Could you please tell me (or maybe you have a tutorial?) on how you do your eyeliner like you did in this video? Is it just smoked out pencil or eyeshadow?

strawberruy Wine

How do you keep your lashes curled?  Mine after first coat go straight, any tips?



Julija Klk

I do this everyday

Asrana Shakeel

Plz come to thr topic

Alyna Resendez


Kasey Minor

Your eyes are so pretty?

Bi Bi Yasmeen

I like your eyebrows

Sama RedV

This helped so much thank you?❤️

Viola Lozero

hai davvero dei stupendi occhi sono uguali ai miei praticamente


Video starts at 1:29

Lisa Fanucchi

Hi Tina!! ?


no hate, great video

Elaine Bines

any tips - yes please. adore watching you - always something even at my age I learn ?

Michelle Connor

But you have amazing eyelashes already to start with ?

Acroava 82


Audrey Wade

your eyes are so pretty love the video


Great video! I m interested in the video about mascara removal you proposed thanks ???

Ava T


How to make eyelashes look longer

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8 637 views | 26 Mar. 2019

Hey guys!! So don’t

Hey guys!! So don’t attack me because I know a lot of people already know about lash primer, since there are many reviews on it from years ago. however I personally didn’t know how great this specific primer works and I wanted to hip the people that are like me and didn’t know. The best thing about this is that you can use any mascara for this to work. I hope you guys enjoyed!!


insta & twitter: gabbstheqt

business email: [email protected]

Sammy Da Goat

The intro is great for your videos I love it I love everything about you your personality your YouTube videos to channel and your gorgeousness


Loved it.

Laura Gaudette

You are so beautiful and I'm loving the Mascara look.

Joy Bakare

What eyelash primer did you use?

Rose Marrie

Why are soo pretty??

Mickie Barthelemy

please upload your skincare routine !! ?


You’re so pretty! Lashes were good before and after?

Diamond K

you’re so pretty and have a nice personality, thanks for this , it’s so helpful!

Mia Veronica

I filmed a How To Make Your Natural Lashes Look Like False Lashes Using Mascara too!!! And it's so crazy how a few simple products can give off that effect❤️❤️


This is such a pretty look?? Ordering mine NOW!!!?

hazel baby

you’re so beautiful and your personality is so sweet

laneé m

you so pretty?