S curl for long hair

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I tried S Curl on my 4C Natural Hair *life changing*

155 110 views | 5 Sep. 2020

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Also I love your video so much fun :-)



Koriander Yander

When I'm doing my hair, I watch youtubers do theres to encourage me and get me in the mood

Kiana Lane

My hair is just like yours, same texture and everything. It’s broken off really bad and I’m struggling to find what works to keep it moisturized. I also have struggled with alopecia my entire life (prominent bald spots on either side of head). It’s really hard for me to love my hair, pretty much impossible. I enjoy watching your videos and watching you grow to love your hair. It gives me hope that I will come half has far as you have. Keep doing what you’re doing Danielle. You are very inspiring❤️

Dog blues

oceans of blessings


Omg I was crying laughing at the beginning. She’s really funny.

Max Lucas

Everything was great


I love your personality

phat girl #2

Scurl is forknots I'm black I wear texturizer it seems the knottier the hair the curlier it gets

Seliah Hailes

It's "S" Curl!? It will work "alone" just be patient. Proclaim clear gel activator does the same thing and it's less expensive in a big jar.

Roberta McNeill

Love it.
New subbie. I’m about to buy the Scurl girl!!

Yasmin Barry

So much fun! Thanks.

Andreas Staufelberg

Magical. So sick

Delorita McDowell

Wet line +scurl is def a hit! Love it! Gorgeous!

Mstaylor talks

Love your energy!!!

Eustlene Bailey

You should try Wetline with Eco Styling cocktail!!!! The BEST combo for my 4c wash and go!!!!

s m

I like this girl personality

Melanin Mandy


Peezy Trafficante

personality * chef’s kiss*

imperial diamond

New subscriber!

Sunflower Soleil

Jerry Curl Activator will do you one way better and so will the maximum hydration method. Scurl has always been a let down.

Maya Dalton


S Johnson

Your hair looks fab that wash routine yr hair looked fluffy and healthy.

Sam Love

Check the ingredients if contains DMDM hydantoin, can cause hair loss. I just threw out of my products that had this!!!

Michelle Spina

Your voice is amazing actually???

Jenny Böjeryd

It's really ironic how she zooms in on the braille, but doesn't verbally acknowledge it.
Just something to think about next time. Love your vids!

Cosmic Blessings

I’m pretty sure I already subbed to your channel. But I’m gon go head and sub again cause I’m not sure what happened but glad I’m back lol.

Donte Thomas

This came out great!!! I think your Wetline and Scurl lol side came out better. Jim?


“Wow ! That looks extremely not different” ?? Instant subbie ?

Jazmine Dickson

girl you are hilarious ? you seem chill af your friends are lucky

hi ok

I tried this product and it doesn’t work for my 4c hair. I tried it dry and wet but still no luck. The product shrinks my hair sooo bad I look bald and there’s no curls what’s so ever.

Does this mean my hair is rejecting the product or ? In confused.

Noella Monyuy

I like you because you tell the truth about your hair, most people say I have 4c hair but their hair is either not 4c or is mostly not 4c.

So nastalgic

I love that?

Sloane Slaughter

Beautiful skin girl!!!!!!

Edward Fields

LMAO Me and my sisters call it Scurl too

CandaceD TV

Sis, those little bitty pea sized amounts lol

Keni N

Okay girl.. finally i meet someone with my hair texture. Thank you for doing this video

Michelle Hood

Please do a part 2...I wanna see what it will do with the other products


The scurls Turned out beautiful
????????? ?

Ginnifer Carnethon

Girl....that looks good!!!

Anne M



You are so funny! OMG. I love it ❤️

Shani Pipkin

I thoroughly enjoyed this!! You are so beautiful!!

Airryss Yah

I really love you you're soo funny. Scuuurl???? It looks Soo nice!


at 13:25 when she said her hair was "mort" I was like wait what cuz "mort" means dead in french so I thought she was saying her hair was dead lmaaoo

Nappy Crown

The G stands for Gangster???guuurrrrl you rock!

Jessica Cannady

You are so funny.


The Wetline seem to give the best curl. I would just stay with flaxseed gel by itself as it gives the same definition without all those products


You should try it on water saturated hair. My hair which is a similar texture to yours responds much better to product if I put it on in the shower when my hair is totally saturated with water. No towel drying just shake your head. Then dry naturally or with a diffuser. Give it a go. No more finger coiling and 10 hours later! :-)

RC Perry

Hi! You know your channel is good when you can watch it more than once and still laugh. Great personality and content.

M Hunter

It was the eco gel it defines and holds the holds the curl. Activator only will only add weighted moisture due to the density of the oil residue.


Lol we need a part twoooo?

Donna George

Love ur personality and velvety voice.

Delphi Burton

OMG- I thought the voiceover for formulate was a professional!! You should consider voice acting in addition to the millions of other talents you have!

Chelsea McAvoy

Why am I just now finding you?!! This is amazing! This channel is amazing! You’re amazing! ?

C. Frank

Where did you get those earrings!?luv luv them


Loved this! I'm definitely gonna have to get myself some scurl

ayisha stewart

Intro is so cute ??❤️

Marvina I

Th anks for the video girl, your hair ,makeup is beautiful and so are you

Luminous Glory

This was awesome!!!! Would love to see a part 2 ^_^!!!!!!!

Telissa D

I’ve used it and liked it

Antionette Taylor

You are awesome

Shyreeta Allen

I like your thick kinky hair I don’t try for the wet curly look it’s not your hair type don’t make it do what it won’t do

Asadah Boyd

Your skin is so beautiful love your complexion

Koriander Yander

Lovely!!!!! Your curls are so defined


where are those earrings from? Also, you need to use more product. Your wash and go time will probably go down to 45 mins if you do.

Vident Productions

Daniel: Says Scurl

My Brian: Scuuuuuuuuuuurluh no you didn’t.


Me: finishes video

Also me: ...I’m about to go buy so damn Scurl...cause I think I should.

Eve R.

Scurl ??

Evelyn Dorman

I love it Star Puppy. I always thought it was me and not the product. Nothing so far make my coils pop and I am ok with my short fro, but will try Scurl and maybe Wetline instead of Eco gel, which flakes. Thanks for the tutorial. I don't have 4 hours to spend on my hair!

S Law

You’re adorable! Love your personality. I became natural during the coronavirus days and actually just purchased Scurl and that same exact eco-gel with the olive oil and thankfully it’s worked for me for several months now. I’m 4C and usually put it in twists then take them out for a few days. Your video gives me the courage to try it as a wash n go. Thanks!

Michelle Spina

I see your curls more separated and defined especially in the front as you were applying it. Very pretty?


I love your intro ?

Dahvia Wedderburn

Listen !!!!!! I stumbled up on your video and I just I just ! YOUTUBE this girl needs to be protected !!!! she is just soooo pure ! #subscribed #liked !

Lydia Krilich

definitely want a part 2 and my hair texture is closer to yours than all the other youtubers i've seen. I've been using finger coils as well

Rainey Townsend

When she pointed at the camera saying "something going on in that scurl" I hollered lol. I had to subscribe to her channel.


This is going to be an odd comment but I love your voice, I can literally listen to you talk all day. Thanks for this amazing and funny video and your hair looks great!


That dried down very nice.

jamee williams

ok u funny

Albernisha Bernard

I loved the second gel's definition with the Scurl. I would definitely love to see the other gels, especially the Gorilla Snot for some reason lol. Much love, Danielle!

Patrice G

So I'm gonna have to go buy the scurl + wetline extreme now???

Marissa Renée

Your energy and edits are awesome!

Kachenda Bolling

Do you need to have your post relaxed before add Scurl solutions?

Lydia Kato

You are hilarious, young lady, but informative just the same! I've been looking for a real 4C video with some real results; thanks for the "Science of Scurl"!


I love your personality and delivery. Very entertaining. ?
Also, I need to try this. I have 4c hair too. ?

Only One Dara

Scurl had me WEEEEEEAAAAAAK Lmaooooooooo


You weren't using enough of the gels!
You need to use more than that Star ??‍♀️ the curls look dry not being rude but other ppl I saw on yt that did this challenge with ur same type hair, it wasn't looking this dry ?
If you do this again PLEASE USE MORE OF THE JHERI CURL Juice and Eco one and use a detangler brush to define them more..

Luminous Glory

Curious about Scurl with Aunt Jackie's in particular =D!!

Telissa D

They have a spray too

itsvenise S

It’s the scurl and gel combination.

stephanie d

That turned out really pretty.

Melissa Smith

I hit like for “SCURL/SQUIRREL”, I hit subscribe for DeNile/Euphrates/Tigris - legit laughter was produced ??

kookie C

Love the glass skin girl☺

Shanelle Reid

I dont usually comment but this was....magnetic. New Sub.

Latrease D.

You're so entertaining! I love your videos!!

Angela Brookins

I am?seriously upset I love you but I just not happy about what's going on so if you plz get serious for once just once play to much

tati Nova

Part 2!!!?

Pamela Brown

Low porosity hair huh Dani

Ron Joseph

U cute

Courtney C

Ur intro ❤️❤️❤️❤️

S curl for long hair

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WASH N GO USING JHERI CURL JUICE! | Stying Natural Hair Using S Curl Activator

7 788 views | 18 Jun. 2020

Hello Loves!

Hello Loves!

I’ve been seeing some hype around this lusters S curl gel activator product, so I ran to Sally’s and decided to try it out myself! Watch this video if you’d like to see my honest review and my results after wearing this Jerry curl product. I was super surprised by the outcome, and let’s just say I will be trying this again...If you have any questions, comment below :) Don’t forget to LIKE the video and SUBSCRIBE to my channel!

IG: SimoneMonique__


Email (business purposes only) : [email protected]

Made with love!

Matthew 19:26

Brown & Confident

I want to try this product sooo bad !!! Your hair looks amazing sis ! I have subscribed to your channel ?


This scurl stuff is my new favorite product! It is amazing! After I clean my hair I did put on a leave in conditioner before I apply the S curl and then the gel. And I worked it all in one by one. And my hair has never been so hydrated. I absolutely love how this product leaves the moisture in your hair even days after. And no crunch after gel!!!!


I use Jheri curl activator with Schwarzkopf gel ..works wonders
.I wet my hair more than you did...but the key ingredient is glycerin which moistures the hair and back in the days ppl who used Jheri curl with the drip, their hair grew fast..??..

Mari Cherese

Can I ask what hair color you used, your hair is beautiful.

Vanessa Wilfrose

Just now finding out you have a YouTube channel. New subbie ?

Ry Ry

How come you didn’t use smaller sections

Simply Kenna

Just subbed! Thanks for the review. Never thought I'd say this but the luster's gel and moisturizer makes you hair pillow soft and topped with another gel brings out definition. I just did a video on it and I was pleasantly surprised. Check it out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aLNf0YSttt8 and consider subbing!

Tiarrea B Just Doing Me

Hey Queen. Here watching in full. We are youtube sisters now, just subbed. You are gorgeous by the way. Make-up on point. And your hair......??

Traci Russell


Shania Themen

I think that your hair should've been more wet so that the product would seep more into your hair.

Tammy Detrick

Beautiful hair.

A Woman

Please do more natural hair videos


Ooh I found another hair twin!! Your hair is just muuuucho longer than mine but it’s the exact same curl size and hair texture ????

g H

Yay we have the same exact hair pattern, deff subscribed! Your gorgeous btw

Shari GetzFit

Your hair is beautiful. How long did it take for you to grow it as long as it is. I'm thinking about trying the product too.

Klarissica Says It All

Omg guys I tried the jheri curl activator gel to do a wash and go!! And sis, It really does work!! ? My curls are popping!! Check out the video https://youtu.be/fM_wrep8BEk


soul glow!

Flawlessly Flawed INC

Here for support beautiful ❤️ I subbed I hope you do the same

Bridgette Nicole

I plan on doing a review on these products soon. Your hair is beautiful! New supporter here let's stay connected.

sewgeek designs

My hair length in another 3 years hopefully ?

S curl for long hair

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537 views | 8 Sep. 2020

hey babes!! in today's

hey babes!! in today's video im putting an s curl activator on my natural hair and you guys want believe what happens. i'm trying to learn how to maintain and grow my natural hair so let's see how this journey goes.

What is my curl pattern guys i literally have no idea???

LET'S BE HOMIES!! https://www.instagram.com/jadesimmone_/ ?


In depth skin care routine https://youtu.be/7xpkBeH5t9s

Chemical peel vlog https://youtu.be/Fl8DOpwVXP8

Music by Alpharo - Pastel - https://thmatc.co/?l=4FF3125F

Janice Morgan

Your hair looks beautiful I’m going to try this I love it yesss

Gina Martin

You have really pretty hair! Can't wait to see more hair videos! As I am typing this you just posted up one. ?

Gina Martin

Came here just to say hello! Will watch your video when I get off work. ?

Cecilia Amunyela

Most consistent person I watch ❤️. Your work ethic is amazing ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️