Makeup tips for older women

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Makeup Tips for Older Women : How to Apply Eye Makeup Over 40

174 840 views | 20 May. 2011

Applying eye makeup

Applying eye makeup involves taking into consideration things like consistency and coverage area. Apply eye makeup for women over 40 with help from a professional makeup artist in this free video clip.

Expert: Jessica Adams

Contact: www.PureSkinArtistry.com

Bio: Jessica Adams is a professional makeup artist and esthetician based in South Florida.

Filmmaker: Paul Muller

Series Description: Makeup is something that can be used and enjoyed by women of all ages. Get makeup tips for older women with help from a professional makeup artist in this free video series.

Crystal m

uh, what the hell was that?

Julie Willard

Eyeliner was awful!

Debbie Anderson

Horrible eyeliner job!

Meanah Brown

What a good sport the middle was beautiful too but the make up artist is a fraud. Didn't even prime her, and said play down her looks nope she has beautiful features. Shimmer her up!

Sue Solomon

Wow! That was incredibly horrible!

Sondra Wilkinson

Sorry, but this wasn't helpful; I definitely do better myself. Also, your comments about "older women" needs is very condescending. I realize it was a video about make up for women over 40 but we don't need to be reminded by you several times throughout the video.

Erin Harrison

The eyeliner wasn't remotely even and the shadow was non-existent. Yikes-a-hootie!

Liz Miller

I was looking for more mature look.But not like that awful.

Margo Here

I know a lot of people did not like the video, but I did. I think the lady modeling the makeup looked prettier after the application of the shadow and eyeliner. She looked natural, not artificial.


nice makeup, did you really use a brush or just dip her face in it all?

Anna Marie

that's sad

Greta Farrell

I'm sorry but that was sooooooo bad! And as a woman in her 40's, I found it quite depressing.


Terrible makeup I nearly got sick

Jackie Martinez

I am 42 and love color and shimmer and do a way better job then this!

MakeupWith Mel

The eyeliner messes it all up!

Starr Cormier

Who said after 40 you have to tone down your eye makeup I mean who makes up the rules


Why create such a huge socket? She's a real woman not a drag queen!

Andrea D

This girl is the worst "makeup artist" I have ever seen. I could do better than her! She can't even blend eye shadow or apply eyeliner!

Cathy Chafe

She's a makeup artist?? that has to be the crappiest application of makeup i've seen yet! That model must have been her mother!

Curly 1

Blimey I've never seen a tutorial like this. If that's the correct way to do it I'll stick with doing it the wrong way?

Erin Cooper

I'm sorry but this wasn't a very helpful video for anyone as far as I'm concerned. I'm a teenager and when my mum goes out I do her makeup for her and sometimes even do some of her friends makeup! I was browsing for some tips to help the makeup I use suit different ages and this video wasn't very helpful at all.

Teresa Pearce

I rather wear no make up than look like that! Dreadful!!!!!


Wow, in a bad way. I thought I would never be a make up artist because I'm not perfect, apparently that doesn't matter

Тамара Цветкова

Want to learn all about the beauty tips. Go to google and search: "Blast4beauty". You will get lot of new tips to enhance your beauty.

Deanna Jenkins

Is this a troll video????

Bryanna Mantanona

This. Was. Awful.


Sorry, but toning down your makeup has nothing to do with age. You'd want to tone it down if you're at work for example and you can wear heavier makeup when you go out. It really depends if it suits the individual and on the occasion. Most woman, once they're over 40 (i'm 47) have to deal with excess skin/baggy eyelids, making it hard to use the darker colours in the crease of the eye, because the natural crease is 'hidden' behind the folds of excess skin.


Is this a serious video??? WTF?????


I can do better eyeliner in my sleep - that was horrible! And not wearing shimmer shadows? Really?

Kathy Aay Beauty

OMG...lighting, application, black eyeliner are TOTALLY WRONG...are you serious? Looks like you are painting a corpse. Jeepers.

Kimberley H

terrible and unflattering for any age shes not a make up artist she couldnt even hold the brush right


I will wear what I like thanks. If I'm 90 and want to rock metallic eyeshadow I surely will.

Skinty Queen Wannabe

I’mma show this to my mom ‘cause she looks like this: ?????


Hahaha! what the hell was that eyeliner? You may well have just shoved her head into a makeup bag and shook it all the good that did!!! I will be fifty four this year and was just browsing for tips, got a good giggle instead!!!!

Júlia Szigeti

This is horrible. Everything she did was mistake. To apply eyeliner like this? A 5 years old makes better line.


As a M.U.A you should pay more attention to detail, I think..

Charmee pan

piece of crap

Ronda Lake

Terrible video. Who is this so called make-up artist? She says 'Don't use shiney shadow' then uses it?! That eyeliner must be the worse I have EVER seen. This poor woman had no eyelid after that. This video should be in the trash can

Анатолий Коваль

Hiya, this process seems to be too difficult, there's a quite simple way. Go to google and search: "Blast4beauty". Here there are very simple tips which will be very easy for you to implement.

Randa Swank

I would never let you do my makeup, your abilities leave a lot to be desired. Hope this isn't your day job....

Rubi Cabrera


Alanna Levins

As a makeup artist I was giggling at this. Black eyeliner?! Come on girl.

tarini samanta

Who let her be there ?

Татьяна Рябова

I believe there is a great way to find out more about beauty tips. Go to google and search: "Blast4beauty". Here there are very simple tips which is very easy for you to implement.

Nicole S

Take this down. It's pure crap and not helpful whatsoever


Dreadful job! My granddaughter does better on me....and she’s 5

Daisy I. Rocha

Finally, a simple and straight to the point video on useful makeup tips.


Are you serious?! O_o

despicable mia

my 6 year old could do a better job. a big no no to the eye liner and shiney eyeshadow? makes her creases look worse. very poor effort

Cynthia Thomas

To the idiots who think that they can do better -do the same video with YOU BEING THE Makeup artist,put it on YouTube and let's judge you and see if you are better. Karma is a bitch and it comes back to you.

Linda Gonzalez-Johns

I've read as we get older, we should stay away from frosty eye shadows because it highlights the wrinkles. And we should use liquid or cream foundations because our skin gets dryer as we age.

Chloe Winters

whoever hired her  is an idiot.. clearly not a professional artist


She has no business doing makeup that was the worse job ever

Empress Love

wtf did I just watch is that suppose to be makeup tutorial

Diana Levin




Cafe At The Cummer

Literally the worst “tutorial” I’ve ever seen! There is a big difference between “toning down” a look vs makeup for AARP members. And what makeup artist doesn’t start or recommend primer?!

Lisa K Troy

OMG. She says no shimmer but loads her up and that eye liner is so harsh.

Betty Graine

Horrendous job. Where’s the primer? You also used the same brush for all those colours. The eye liner? It looked like a five year old applied it.


Was this supposed to be serious?

Tracey Rowan

She is a makeup artist???? It looks terrible!

Debra williams

wow I dont think so that makeup looks bad and cakey sorry the blackeyeliner was to much not even a straight across line


A "thin" line she says?...

Cindy Marcela

Im very young and i think i can do better makeup on my mom then her, no one above or below any age should change their makeup looks because of age, everyone should do what makes them feel pretty.


Haha that was awful. Dear lord.


Sorry to say, You are just a ridiculous make up artist..Pls don't embarrass anyone with your stupid way of make up.. Thumbs down..

jodi gonyou

Worst video I have ever seen. Artist should be ashamed she treated that woman like she was too old for makeup so she did a terrible job of putting it on. She looked worse and older after! Holy cow bad bad bad tutorial.

Amber Matthews

please update and get a better artist.

Greta Farrell

Shockingly BAD!

Lovely Czarcazm

I am fifty and this video sucked. If you look at my pic here. It is my most recent and i apply make up that makes me look much younger. You just made thag woman look like mt grandma. Also her eye liner was completely uneven and you didnt even curl her eye lashes.

Stephanie Banks

where on earth does this woman think the crease line is!?!?!

Tammy Vrba

It is hard to draw a straight line when you have wrinkly eyelids

Jennifer Rohan

I think Jessica maybe has a teacher or friend thats afraid to tell her out right that the one needing to start matting down and laying off shimmers is actually her. I know it sounds harsh but its the truth and I couldnt just hold that in .

SusieQ Morrison

Was she in her 40's?And as for the eyeliner!  Was blonde bit in a hurry to go party as she didn't even try to match the first eye.  it was an insignificant squiggle over her lid!!!!  looking for eye makeup tips but this was a waste of....minutes...minutes I wont get back!  lol

That Chick


J.L. Mitchell

Professional makeup artist??? huh? A brown eyeliner smudged out would have look softer and better for her eye colour.

tammy toomey

This has to be the worst eye makeup video.

Drifting Fox

My son could have done a better job applying her makeup!  You suck!

David MG

it is the top.... not the "taaaaarp".

Amanda Rocker

So I'm over 40....that doesn't make us instantly boring! Wow, I find this ALMOST offensive! Lmao Ladies we can still be glamorous! Save this for when you're 80!

Makeup tips for older women

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Thank you so much for these tips! I love how your videos are to the point with very useful info. Thank you for sharing with us!

Lisa Hanna

I have been putting foundation on my eyebrows forever and will stop doing that and see if that helps get rid of those creases and wrinkles that I’m getting as I get older. Thanks for the tip girlfriend!


Sadly, it's incredibly difficult to do that dainty-upstrokes effect with brow pencil on yourself, especially if you have almost non-existent brows...

Barbra Luce

Very usable ideas

Linda Lincoln

I like to use a white primer on my eyelid as it really shows up the color of the eyeshadow. Tan colors for me don't show up the true color of the eyeshadows.

virginia janoulis

Nikol, You are the loveliest woman on the internet and have beautiful hair and style, especially your brows, and anyone that disagrees has no style or class. How stupid is anyone who tells you your brows are anything but perfect. I’m 72 and finally let my hair go gray. What is the product that grew your brows as I have very few hairs in my brows and barely any eyelashes. I’m getting desperate. I love your wisdom about beauty and please keep it up and don’t listen to the naysayers!❤️??

Ela Yari

Hi Nikol, what lipstick are you wearing?

Oxy Status

Please... never sing again :(

virginia janoulis

Nikol, You are the loveliest woman on the internet and have beautiful hair and style, especially your brows, and anyone that disagrees has no style or class. How stupid is anyone who tells you your brows are anything but perfect. I’m 72 and finally let my hair go gray. What is the product that grew your brows as I have very few hairs in my brows and barely any eyelashes. I’m getting desperate. I love your wisdom about beauty and please keep it up and don’t listen to the naysayers!❤️??

laura Sutton

Great tips, Nikol.

Sarah Manfra

Hi Nikol,
Thank you so much for this informative tutoria! All these years I thought I did everything right! Wow was I wrong!
I wish I lived near your studio so I could meet you in person have you do my face! The best to you, my beauty?!
Sarah - Boston?❤

Sue Ram

Wonderful, a nice summary
Thank you


Love the intro!!!! You are so charming!! Great tips... thank you for sharing xox


Great tips, Nikol! Thank you!

Ruza Zebeljan

I have gray hair too and I love it ☺❤

Renee Bloggs

This was actually quite helpful...and not too long either.


Love your hair

Cynthia Rogers

LASH LINE: Thank you for not being afraid to say "if you can't see very well, or if you have shaky hand ..." It's a fact of live as we age. Nothing to be ashamed of.


Love your video’s and products that I have. Would love to see some travel tips. I seem to always bring to much! Any tips would help. I am in your Mothers age group and really know I am bringing to much makeup with me!

E Colson

Great helpful tips, thank you so much!

Shirlyn’s Sleeve

Love Love Love this vlog. Thin hair & brows so covet yours! Thanks for the eye primer top & brow info

Lucy in the sky

This woman is stunning! I'm kinda frightened that the YouTube algorithm put this in my recommends as I'm not 20 but I just barely hit 40 so....I hope it's confused, I did get botox injection for migraines which worked!

Christiane Arnaert

It is such a pleasure to watch your videos! I love your upbeat spirit and your beautiful smile. Thank you for the tips. Always welcome!

الجواهرجية -مصرية في الهند

I thought you’re in your 30s

Miki P.

Love this! ?

Claire Tremblay

Smart & good tips as usual Nikol! ;)

Norma Jean

What advice would you give for improving / getting rid off marionette lines?

Wendy B.

Thank you Nikol! Such great tips! You are so absolutely stunning! I love your new haircut. Beautiful! And I love every one of your videos. Thank you for sharing. ?

Tania Khan

Thanks a lot ♥️

Melinda Rozas

Thank you Nikol, for these great tips!! Love your channel!!!

Stephen Livings

You are looking lovely, Nikol.

Joan Gentile

Great tips!! Thank you!! ❤

kim harrison

Had to go back and hear the 2nd one again. Foundation, concealer, primer....

Burger Mister

Thanks I do this any ways and less is more!

Stephen Livings

That was exciting. Thank you, Nikol. #ILoveNikolJohnson

L McCauley

Hi Nikol, you have such great videos and tips. I stopped dyeing my hair October 9th and I'm excited about it, just takes a great deal of patience to let the process happen. A couple of weeks ago I got a chin length bob and I love it, I will probably keep it this way. The longer hair (it was about shoulder length) wasn't really doing anything for me anyway, it looks better now I feel. I stopped dyeing my gray a few years ago but chickened out about 6 months into it but this time I'm going for it and not turning back. My daughter is not happy about it, she says to me she doesn't want me to look old. She hates it. Oh well...to bad! haha. She is turning 40 this year and I will be 59 this year. Been dyeing the grays since my late 20's and tired of it. Everyone should do what makes them feel good and we are all different. But I am really looking forward to being gray and natural and not having to spend all that money/time at the salon too. Have a great day. xo

Karen Crecco

Ever since I applied your tip for eyeliner, my eyes look so much more natural! LOVE your tips

Karen Kaza

I like these tips and being a quick to the point video. Thank you!?

Linda Marocco

Thank you so much for these awesome tips!!!... I can’t believe I have been doing all ten correctly!!!!... never have I ever thought I was doing any makeup application correctly!... you just made my day, Nikol!... you are fierce as always!... much love and appreciation!!!!!.?????

Jana no Lastivka

Nikol, nab van, super, super, super!!!! ?????????❤️??


Is it possible to buy your products in Europe?

Linda Daniel

Thank you Nikol. Very good tips

mary ann Gonzalez

thanks Nikol great tips !

Vivian Gerard

do you just add eyeliner and mascara to the top lash only

Julie A.

I've been using your eye liner trick for a while and it's been great!

Jane Delaney

I wish you would list the makeup you are wearing in your videos - so many lovely lipstick colors and I love your eyeshadow looks!


Loved this quick video and the helpful makeup tips ~ Thanks Nikol!

Eva Boldt

décolletage is similar in meaning to decollete but décolletage is closer to what you are referring to. ?

Mo Mo

Excellent! Thank you Nicole

Mette Mai Norr Christensen

Tanks ?❤


Great tips! Looks like I’m doing all these right.. You’re beautiful!

Sara Brown

Tried to put in order but would not take said credit card wrong which I checked 3 times and was good. Sorry not buying

Everything Home

Great tips!

Sandra Ayala

Can I wear red lipstick anytime of the year with my salt, and pepper hair?


Would love to have you do my makeup. You look gorgeous

Angie Dairou

Thank you for the great tips in record time. I went on your site thinking I’d order, but I’m allergic to phenoxyethenol. It’s so awful! Gives me a rash, so any product with that is a no go. Still a fan and will still be watching. Thx for great content.

Cynthia Rogers

I LOVE YOUR GRAY HAIR !!! Mine lacks any color. It's not even white. I hate it.


Hi, thank you so much for those tips. I'm 62 y.o and use my fingers but have been thinking about buying Tati's Blendiful...it is a sponge covered with very soft cloth and can be used everywhere on the face including those hard to get places, nose crease, eyes. I think it is at Tatibeauty.com I'm not a paid person, just watch tutorials an love yours!!

Sonia Gonzalez

Your hair..my god


Nice and to the point. I enjoyed the style of this video.

Katia LaManna

Hair goals!!!?

Holly J

Thank you! Great tips!??