Type 3 curly hair

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DIY 3 INGREDIENT Deep CONDITIONER For Type 3 Curly Hair! #Easy #Type3 #DontMissOut ?

881 views | 12 Jan. 2021

This DIY Deep Conditioner

This DIY Deep Conditioner consists of fatty oils like Olive Oil and nourishing ingredients like honey which is a natural humectant so your curls will look and feel hydrated all week long! This recipe is easy to make and most don't know that is is extremely impactful for type 3 when it comes to moisturizing their curls!

Ingredients for long or thick hair:

3/4 - 1 Cup of a CurlMix Conditioner

1 1/2 Spoonful of Virgin Olive Oil

1 1/2 Spoonful of Honey

Ingredients for short or fine hair:

1/2 - 3/4 cup of a CurlMix Conditioner

1 Spoonful of Virgin Olive Oil

1 Spoonful of Honey

Use this CurlMix Hydrating Conditioner:


Check out our DIY Deep Conditioner blog for more recipes:


CurlMix Inc. is a natural hair company that is dedicated to providing you with natural hair products that will help you achieve a true/defined Wash & Go no matter the hair type - yes that includes you type 4 kinks as well! All of our products are made of the most high end ingredients and are TOXIN FREE! Check out our link down below!

↳ www.CurlMix.com

Do you know your hair type? No? Let our beauty experts find your curl pattern and provide you with the best Wash & Go System from our line. Click the link below!

↳ https://curlmix.com/pages/quiz

Are you an influencer who would like to connect with our audience when it comes to curls, lifestyle, education, motivation, etc? Well shoot us a DM on our instagram @CurlMix!

Thank you for watching, if you have any questions feel free to comment down below!

Simone W. Morton

1-2 cups????

Type 3 curly hair

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A QUICK WASH AND GO!!! Using KC by KeraCare Curl Essence Products! (For hair type 3-4)

11 093 views | 22 Nov. 2019

Hey babies!!!! Welcome

Hey babies!!!! Welcome back to my channel for another informative healthy hair video! My quick WASH & GO routine using KC by KeraCare Curl Essence Products! These products are ideal for hair types 3-4! Super light-weight, yet moisturizing! Today I use the Moisturizing Co-Wash, Moisturizing CoCo Water, Moisturizing Leave-In conditioner, Moisturizing Curling Jelly, and the Moisturizing Healthy Edges edge control! And let’s just say, I’m IN LOVE with my results! All of these products can be found at Sally’s Beauty Supply Store! I also have a direct link below to where you can quickly purchase them!!!❤️

Watch in HD | please like, comment, and SUBSCRIBE!

Direct link to Products: https://www.sallybeauty.com/brands/keracare/

Social Media:

-INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/majikkmonet/

-SNAPCHAT : Majikmonet

music used:


| FAQs |

Name: Majik Mone’t

Age: 24

Location: Los Angeles, California

Hometown: Buffalo, New York

For business inquires, please contact at

[email protected]


Love the results! How did you get so much volume at the end? Did you diffuse or air dry? Thanks!


Love ?


how long is ur hair?

Sammy Da Goat

Oh my goodness I love that hair look and I love you too and you was born to be a beautiful black queen

Ur Mum


cassandra yocum

Loveee the end result it’s looks amazing ????? you did a great job

Sanaa Wilson

What’s your ethnicity

Thee1Aisha Seastrunk-Simon

LuV Your Hair Queen


Kera care was the go to line years ago, definitely gonna give them a try again


Your hair looks like magic ?

Organic Locs




Victor Goudelock

Motivation to men n women keeo taking kare of that body ??


Is this your winter routine as well? Beautiful results ?

Crisdy Heredia

I love how comfy you are, it's like I can tell you're okay with yourself & that is why I stayed the whole video rather than other thing, I loved your vibe, your hair. I JUST LOVED THE WHOLE THANG.
I'm subscribing now!

Dre Day

I love how you say "oil" it's adorable.
Never tried these products but I may have to !

Rita Aura

Your hair is getting so thick! Looks amazing xx

Edson ESP

Te amo <3

Chelcia Morrison

You are gorgeous. ?

Jaeda Rae

You and your hair ????

Lil Stick

Hi Beautiful #LiT

Jennifer Coleman

Gonna try this. My hair is so dry

Rachel M.

Watching this gave me the motivation to get up and wash/style my own hair. Slay Queen❤️❤️❤️?

Leila Stefanos

You’re so gorgeous omg love the end results

TammyNicole Jeter



You are one BEAUTIFUL creation.


I really like your videos girl keep it up ❤️❤️

Internet Junkie

how does this goddess exist? wow so pretty

Doris Mingo

Looking great beautiful??


Hey sorry if I missed it in the video but what do the products smell like?

ModelFace Makeup

Yes Sis! ????

Koconut Kirby

Gorgeous hair..are you cape verdean?

Blasian K Curls

Omg!! you and your hair is Gorgeous!!!??


This will help me with my daughter's hair. Im a single father thx

Type 3 curly hair

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Type 3 Curly Hairstyles for Winter 2021

2 962 views | 2 Dec. 2020

Type 3 Curly Hairstyles

Type 3 Curly Hairstyles for Winter 2021

Aesthetically Pleasing Hairstyles For Black Women


Pretty Fall & Winter Hairstyles for Black Women

Hair Ideas To Get Your Through The Week! Part 2

Winter 2021 Protective Hairstyles for Cold Weather

Chic Fall 2020 Braided & Protective Hairstyle Ideas

Fashion Forward Hair Ideas for Black Women

#hairstylesforblackwomen #braidedhairstylesforblackwomen

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natural hairstyles for black women

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Lita 'swen cheve natirèl'

They are all cute ? thanks!


Nice styles, I also really want that big bonnet thing?

Dragonfly Mix videos

Beautiful hair and styles I to love the bonnet/scarf wrap. I need that like asap ??

Kathy Colbert

Love all of the really cute hair styles & even some of the intricate wraps lol ?. One thing I Really Need Done Better Would Be The Product Descriptions in the Description Bar listed Style 1.) Product Names. Why Flash the jars, bottles, etc & I Really Can’t Identify them ??‍♀️. Very Frustrating, other wise nice video.

Jackie Randolph

Lovely hairstyles.