Plucking eyebrows

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Relaxing Eyebrows Tweezing & Plucking ASMR/ Shaping & Reducing Huge Eyebrows

155 121 views | 29 Jul. 2019

Hi everyone, we hope you

Hi everyone, we hope you will enjoy another eposide of our eyebrows tweezing and plucking serie. As my eyebrows grow fast, Sheila had some job shaping it and reducing it as usual. We tried new angles so that your feedback is what creates this channel. We wish you amazing tingles, fast sleep and great relax. Thank you, you and you for watching, liking and subscribing. Our first one thousand is knocking on the door and we are so excited about that. Thank you for encouriging as to continue.

Your LIKE and SUBSCRIPTION mean alot to us.

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she is faboulous,where is she?

Big 6


Jackie Grant

Wish she lived closer....I hate wax would hire her!

Moisés Correia

Nossa! Ele é lindo! Dá vontade de fazer carinho!

Tamiris Fonseca

Amo ❤?????

Sara Roberts

I know I mentioned this in another video, but I find it weird that men are now getting facials, etc.


Eyebrows is SNATCHED okay!! ?

Mezmerized4Life Jay

Im so jealous of his eyebrows lbvs

Gate Bear

Ear wax removal video

Metalking Hussle

18:54 when you shuffle the brows I get goosebumps every time ?


Another amazing video. Thank you!

Mr Man

Clean the ears too

amine Meftah

Me in 2019: a man shaping his eyebrows ?!!!!
Me in 2020: she is blowing on his face !!!!

Nona Da Silva

Que hemem ?

Newman On Gaming

Oddly enough.. to me having this done is therapeutic.

Ladilyn Barona


why tho?

My eyebrows are a mess ?

ChiTown Scratcher

Very relaxing! Nice work

Gabriel de Jesus santos

Gosto de mais de vocês ?


weirdly, that camera zoom sound gave me tingles

Bad gyal

I know he was in pain???

ShyneBright Yeye

I’m addicted!!! ♥️

Tonya Williams

Another great video. I'm next ????

Terry Silva

Awesome that she cleaned the tweezers prior to use

Leslie Warnell

Sis. After you trim his brows, puh-lease trim those dead leaves off your tree. It’s driving me nuts. ??‍♂️??


he is gorrrrrrgeusssss

Leonel Germogesti

Voce é uma profissional muito caprichosa...

Kainat Rana

I think he's asleep


I love your videos. Very soothing


So relaxing

Eliane Diana B

My fav videos?

Kagome Higurashi

awful mic and audio


I can't wait to see millions subscribe to your channel love you guys??

Bella Lethoko

My favourite couple!!!!

Pink dimples Forever

Love the video.GreAt one!!

Trisha Meloling

Do a face massage with a oil or she’s butter


Nose cleaning and massage please! Thank you

Moisés Correia

What country are you from?


Why do men get the best eyebrows skin and lashes?!


I’m so wishing I had someone who would do this for me lol so relaxing to watch

Leokadia Szynkowska

Please, don't change!

Kim Ham

Nice customer and good tweeze but the dying plant and lack of clean towel for the chair is distracting.

Mychael Madison

nooo whyyy leave your beautiful thick eyebrows ???

Ivo Xavier

Parabéns pelo seu videos, as vezes durmo vendo seus videos, muito bom!

Percy González

Muy bueno

Oumnia Abo malil

حرام صار يبكي من الوجع

suha thamr

سويدا مدلعه

Plucking eyebrows

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ASMR Doing Your Eyebrows RP (fast-paced plucking, mapping, spoolie)

611 views | 7 Feb. 2021

? Hello, beautiful

? Hello, beautiful people ?

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Hope you love this video!! I need to do more spontaneous roleplays lol they're so much fun to film!! Thank y'all so much for watching, don't forget to subscribe! ?

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? Business inquiries:

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eyebrow mapping

fixing your brows

personal attention

up-close whispers

fast paced

fast whispering

Kahlia Morison

Sooo good! ✨

Mahtab Heydari

Amazing ❤


hi faye ? imy ty for uploading, ur vids r always appreciated

jaime estrada

New subscriber. Great video and very relaxing.

Justin Keeling

Amazing as always!!!

David Parnell

Second account since sometimes comments don't publish on main account!

Zacky Y

You are so good at ASMR Faye! You are so talented! You truly are amazing! ?

deathcab 4smoochy

I'd let her get my brows right. She got them Khaleesi brows - ?

Vacuum Test

I’m so obsessed with your channel!! You’re gonna blow soon!!!

Eloise Serena

The quality of your videos are amazing

Plucking eyebrows

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ASMR Friend Does Your Eyebrows [Mini Roleplay]

358 views | 4 Feb. 2021

Good evening

Good evening everyone!

Today's video is a mini role-play of plucking your eyebrows for you. I hope you enjoy. This isn't my usual style of videos but I wanted to branch out.


My Other Channel (@KhlonnaSims): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMEbsElyh4Ig2Z6hnb-Is0w

Instagram (@Khlonna): https://www.instagram.com/khlonna/

Twitter (@Khlonna): https://twitter.com/Khlonna


Direct Donation: paypal.me/khlonna

(money goes to bettering my channel...thank you?)

Have a great rest of your night :)

Gaming with RichBoyMike

Nice job Khlonna! Do asmr Muah kissing and asmr singing videos??????????

lil cholio

Really good asmr I'm new to your channel but I love you videos alredy??

Levy Amorim

#vim pelo Mavisom


Great Job, Khlonna! Love roleplays like this!


I absolutely love your smile!!! ?
Whenever I get a notification that you’ve uploaded, I get soooo happy! I’m a single mom to a five year old and he has fallen asleep to your videos as well! (I lay with him & play them on my phone until he falls asleep) Thank you so much for the wonderful content and gentle whispers!! You’re my absolute favorite. I can’t wait to see your channel grow! You’re so close to 1,000 ?

Levy Amorim

Parabéns pelo video