How to lighten up your vagina

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How To Lighten Your Vag | Shaving 101

8 023 views | 30 Oct. 2019

On today's video I'll

On today's video I'll be covering how to get rid of vag discoloration so tune in ladies ?

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Supah jayy

You should put in the comments all the products you useeee

bonnie blanco

Are you referring to your bikini area because that is not your Vagina

kylia ballinout

Witch hazel .

Munching with KAY

Hey Fam. I need to share this video with Seanna. Cause she's crazy about her vag. Lol Wow great info... Thanks for sharing Fam ♥️?

Criss And Kay

Lol I thought I was the only one that used conditioner. It softens the hair's also

Criss And Kay

This thang look a lil darker

How to lighten up your vagina

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Whiten your Vagina Faster Using Natural Method ???

1 445 966 views | 3 Nov. 2017

This video, share with you

This video, share with you a simple home remedy to Whiten Vagina Naturally with DIY Potato Paste.This is very simple, easy to make, easy to apply and also, it is cost effective. So, follow this simple solution and get rid of this trouble. SUBSCRIBE this channel now.

Yeshet Gobena

Bleaching creams work the fastest.

Nikhath a

Peeled potato.????

Adrienne Biglin

Does this actually lighten the skin? I hope

natural beauty

How can you make a paste potato if you didn't boiled it? Can you show how to make a potato paste without boiling..

Lovely khatun

Does it work & how much time to take white V????

Akinyemi mutiat Adeola

Irish potatoes or sweet one, and how many days

Moni Morenz

the potato they boil it or direct to put in the blender

Kandacy Holder

Does it work though ? Any one tried it?

Juairia Rahman Ruhin

Mam, how long will it take to show the results?


How many times of duration?

Aminat Adedamola

Irish or sweet potato
will I mix water with the paste

Duchess Dynamite ONYEKACHI PEACE

Is that Irish potatoes? And when you apply, how long should it last before washing? I notice my armpits and vagina is getting dark
I need help please

Nilakshi Das


iela nabila

If the paste got balance after one use, can i keep it in the refrigerator and use for the next?

Florence Okolochi

Thanks ma to understand more how many times will I do it

Minion Shobi

For how many days i want to apply this

obe dan

Am laughing reading the comments about boiling the potato?? ?????? thatll be like mashed potatoes?????

Eita Langrine

Thanks ?❤️ love you and love video ??

Natalie Robinson

Why waste good potatoes when buying a $0.99 stick of cocoa butter is just as effective for getting rid of those unwanted dark spots on your bikini area?! I’ve discovered that most of the time those dark spots are just a result of not keeping the grass mowed and maintained properly. Keeping the bikini area nice and clean will keep away those darks spots. However, if you have them, try using cocoa butter consistently on the area while also keeping the area clean and you will notice a brighter difference!

Zaituni Musa

She did not mention anything with boilling. U people, why is it hard to understand such a simple and short clip???
Timming... she has said *untill dry*.
For how long?.. its a continuous thing as long as you see the dark skin appear, apply.

Mary page

What a load of rubbish .

Sadia Rahim

anybody use this ramady

shiroh k.

Stupid robotic voice, how do you whiten a vagina??

Devika p

I'm already try this. No change. It's not useful

Lily G

Jus use the lemon juice or tomato works in no time....

Kookie Lover

Is it effective if the dark color is very old???

Ebai Irene


Mary joy Torreta

How many days too apply it everyday or 3 times a week?

Sue kim

Can I use it for my dark under arms???

Joyce nalutaya


jazmeen Jake

Lord have mercy! I didn't know that we have to bleach Hello kitty, ???????. Hello Kitty is not happy and she don't need bleaching or whitening.

Anne Kutis Vlog

My friend use it in her face.but vagina i dont know

Sean Cook

Who's here for comments .....???

Jonalyn Delmoro

How many days using.

Sanzi Jathung

How to make it pasts?

Angeljhelie Bersabe

Thankbyou for your tiPs


Don't try these girls they are scamms

SA rana

just rubbish

Emerald Mmerife

What kind of potato? Irish or sweet potatoes?

Fatma Qadir

I will try tomorrow?

shalom king

only potato?

Jennifer Delavictoria

put in the belder the potato

Alpha Wolf Doggo

How long does it take until I see results?

Sabrin Akter Rinki

❤️I will try it.... and will share the result.... ❤️

Yeshet Gobena

Very informative

lara spijker

the song ??? so sad

Hina Khan

Ohh really

Teresa Thompson

Holy Mary and all the saints,whiten your vagina,?with potatoes,?there r people starving, eat the bloody things,dont give a damn if my vagina is green with yellow spots, get a bleedin grip people!!!!!!?????????

govind rawat

Hello girl who want to brighten vagina I have a useful remedy

Repent be baptized

Huh, ewww...

cynthia gonzales

Do I boil th potatoes

Lirpa Delapena

potato its a boiling

Chia Martin

nice if true

Ashley rose Cordova

It doesnt tells if how to do the paste by raw potato or by cook thru boiled its not clear the process

Metaphysical Mother

Iisten to sapien med skin whitening glutathione frequencies

Anne Dalman

That method are effective?

sabrina alam khushbu

how many times should use this paste in a week?

Alexandria Roxas

Does anyone tried this? Any results?

Shumail Yousuf

Its only greted potato...
Not boiled just peel it and then gretee...

Hardeep Kaur

Beautiful ladies use it rawit will make you beautiful in your skins use it on face tooanywhereit works we do it often it clears the skin too pototes are powerful ?????????????????????????

rechel basta

how to make a patato paste

Velmoore Humpa

Boiled potato or fresh

Kate Ndlovu

Why o why are we whitening vaginas?

Like Thompson


Getrude Kayombo

Its not alegic to there?

Ishant Bhatt

It works guys this is amazing but use potato juice instead of paste with curd and gram flour

Nengkholhing Haokip



This is so stupid.

Lilly Xanga

Can I apply the paste on my dark circles around my eyes?

sapna Singh

Boil potato paste or not

Corinne Hutt

Half the potatoes be boiled to make a paste or just grated potato is enough and applied

Jennifer Montanari

i wish i met that kind of guy ❤️?

Hawambo Selemane

Its boil it the potato?

Ishant Bhatt

And yeah also massage during application of this paste and leave it for 20 min until it dries properly


Whoever posted or made this video doesn’t know WHERE the vagina is! The vagina is a sheath INSIDE the body! You don’t lighten it! The video should say “top of inner thigh” or “Crotch area” - NOT VAGINA.

Top 10 & Kpop

For how many days. And is the potato cooked or raw?

Yashika Kalia

Kya es remedy S vagina portion White hoga

Ciao Mendoza

Fry the potatoes and eat???

Phil Dee

not rue.....

Muhammad Ayaan Ghaffari

Nice I wanna try

poor woman

does it really works?

Rose Paulson TV

Ok let me try if it doesn't I'll deal you ?

Amisha Karki

We can use in external also ??


Should i boiled it first?

Rand Link

Thank u sister

mahi malik

Any body tried kindly give reviews ?

Ishant Bhatt

It will definitely work try it then say anything

Rejanah Ls Mamatas

How to make potato paste?

Stella Mensah

Should I boiled the potatoes,or should used it raw.

Its Trudi!


RoMy Lacroix

It really works buuuut it tales at least 3 Months :(

Blush Amir

How do you turn the potato in to a paste?

sanda savi

Good video thankyouu

Princess Laurinaria



How could I use this voice in my video? is that allowed?

Stephanie Esprela

Do i need to boil the potato first before making it into paste?

Keshunna Reese

How do I make it paste ? Just boil it then take off the skin or keep it on ?

Nchang Jaysline

Wow , am definitely gonna try this.

Sa'adah Kendrick

I made potato paste & I ended up eating it

How to lighten up your vagina

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88 654 views | 26 Dec. 2016

Hey guys, todays video is

Hey guys, todays video is on how to lighten dark inner thigh. I hope you fine this video helpful. if you did SUBSCRBE to my channel, hit the like button and please share this video.

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instagram: @is-editorial

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ingredient used for the mask

rice flour

potatoes juice

ingredient used for the liquid

lemon juice


Jonabel Tovera

rose water is bot available in our area


Plz turn the music dowm

Bempi Chanu

does it really works?? very curious

Editorial Naturalbeauty556

yea it works

Chikuu Chikki

Mam may i plzzzzzzzz get ur contact no plzzzzzz

Princess Jenny

where can I find lemon?

Sam Malloy

I Editorial, I just love ur videos u r so professional, I just need to know where do I purchase rose water from ?

sitdown grownfolks talking

I'm proud of my skin color I was born with it naturally

Afia Ismail

Gd joke white vagina with black body so why u still black having said dt all ds remedies

Fatima and Zaineb

Can u use regular flour

Malati Limbu

How many times in a week??? We should use??

Princess Ufedojo

great one dr.

Genesis Nelson

Can I use for Elbows and inner vagina lips


Incorrect. It is darker there due to pigmentation. Friction may play a role, but natural pigmentation is the culprit.
And those areas get darker as we age.
Best to find all natural remedy to whiten as you don’t want harsh chemicals near your private areas.

Kylineching Caofreg

does it really work? and how long does it need to do to see the result?

Hamida Gulam

Plz make a video of DIY homemade deodorant

Patrizia No way

U can use this on ur v jay jay like the lips & etc?!?

nishanth kumar

Can we apply this on vagina area also???

sugar_cube_ tootsies

I love my color down there it's just I just started getting ingrown hairs and it left marks soo that's why I'm here

Rachana Jay

This is sad

Amatul Uzma

You are looking very pretty

lekgarebe sebotse

if you want a good results use white colgate and vaseline blueseal mix well together,then apply it on your inner thigh not vagina.you must wear a tight.believe me you will see a differeng in 3 days