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Bella D Design's Lantern Centerpiece! Half Moon Table Reveal & Questions Answered

4 891 views | 9 Feb. 2021

Hi Everyone! Sweet Bella

Hi Everyone! Sweet Bella at Bella D. Designs sent me 2 of her gorgeous open lanterns. I am so humbled and thankful and I couldn't wait to start working with them and I do just that in this video! See Bella's information below! THANK you Bella!! I also answer several of your questions in this video. I hope all is well with everyone today, much love and tons of hugs all around! ?



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Large Modern Black Rustic Lantern:


~Small Modern Black Rustic Lantern:


~Bella's Website's main link:





I am not always able to respond back to comments. On those occasions, once you see my “❤️” show up, you'll know that I have read your comment and taken it straight to my heart of hearts!! I absolutely read *all* comments. Thank you all so very much in advance! MUCH LOVE AND HUGS ALL AROUND! ❤️

Regarding any questions, I will either answer via commenting back, or I will add Q&A answers to the end of an upcoming video.

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Melinda Floyd

Hi Arlynn just wanted to say I'm just really enjoying these real time videos. Thank you so much for sharing with us. You truly help me with my winter blues. Sending you hugs Arlynn. Please know that I don't always comment but I do watch all your videos. Love you?

Penny Olson

S always such a great job I love it

Sandy McCoin

Oh the birds look beautiful in the lantern I need to order one from Bella I love the big one c u can put a lot in it

Carrie Karg

Good morning Arlynn! I'm having to do catch up on your videos ! I'm pretty busy over here , I don't want to miss your videos so I'm having to watch them later! What great surprise for you with those lanterns that Bella sent to you ! Really pretty ! I always like watching you decorate! You do such a nice job ! You make a lot of people happy ! Just being the person that you are ! So happy that you decided to do YouTube! Love you to bits ! Have a great day hugs ?!!!!

Lucinda Jones

Lanterns are beautiful! I agree that Bella has a wonderful YouTube channel! ?

Nancy Andrews

Hi Arlynn, You did a Beautiful Job With Bella's Lantern. Love Your Blue & White Baby Birds Too...
I'm looking forward to seeing how You decorate Your Other Lantern..... Love & Hugs, Nancy

Jeanie Turner

Wow they are beautiful. She is a sweetie. Thanks for sharing Arlynn . It looks adorable.


Oh my Arlynn, I also wanted to be a nurse sooo badly, I also had no confidence,and my math skills ..not so good... I couldn’t believe it when you were saying that.....you were describing me!!! I did become a medical assistant , but not the same. god bless

Artistry N Music by glenda harvey

Just beautiful...

Jennifer Lynn

You are definitely RN material (coming from an RN) ... you are kind, compassionate, hardworking & intelligent. But God had other plans and you bloomed where you were planted. ?♥️
Sending much love! Love your chit chats so much! ♥️

Traditions By The Seasons

Beautiful arrangements, Arlynn. You are so talented. Thx so much for sharing and stay warm and cozy the next several days! Xoxo ❤️

Karen Reyes

I love your hair like that!!! Is your hair layered!! I need a new style. My hair is longer also all one length. Hard to curl. I ordered several things from your Amazon store. One is the messy bun. Love it!!!

Maria Lopez

What a pleasant surprise to see you this evening Ms Arylnn you are truly blessed with all your great comments from your channel as all of it is so true. Blessings to you and your family. Maria.

Yolanda Marshall

Arlynn, you and Chris are so cute together. So much laughter. Beautiful lantern. I also watch Bella. Take care!

Paula Costion

I have Bella’s cookbook stand and cutting board,love them!


You and Bella are both so sweet!! The lanterns are beautiful!!

Rosalind Hambleton

Bonjour Arlynn, I dont have a question, I discovered you channel not very long ago and I love it. You are very, very talented and you do wonderful decor. I have to say, though, that what besides the lovely decor, what brings me back all the time to your channel, is your wonderful personality : you are positive, you have faith, you are very generous with your time, you are honest and natural when you answer questions. That being said, I find you beautiful inside and out. Thank you, know that you are truly appreciated. Be blessed, you and your hubby with good health, stay safe oxox

Cheryl Ritchie

Love the birds in Bella's lantern. So pretty.

Paula Rhodarmer

I love it!

Patty Cake


Duncan Burl

Arlynn,love the candle holders from Bella, which blueberries did you order from Amazon?

Connie Funk

Every comment here, so very true.I do have a question for you though.I am hearing impaired and I was wondering if there was any way to close caption your videos.Thank you.????

Norma Scalia

Hi Arlynn! Luv the lantern Bella sent u omg it looks amazing with your birds and greenery in it, luv it! Arlynn my sister was an RN she was amazing really I’m not just saying that she cared for her patients and stood up to the Dr’s when it came to her patients they were number one, sometimes the Dr. might not put his patient first, my sister passed away from colon cancer at 46 we have two genes that we inherited from our father for colon cancer, we both had surgery when we were 16 her first then when I turned 16 I had it too the Dr. took our large intestines out because of polyps that if were left in would have killed us both much sooner. I miss her so much I always turned to her when ever there was a medical issue I needed help with. The cancer eventually got her, her polyps multiplied and she didn’t keep them burned out and cut out soon enough and they spread to her back and other areas and the Dr. had to paralyze her because of the pain and then she eventually died it was heartbreaking to see her die from a disease we tried so hard to keep under control most of our lives. I have lost so many of my family due to this colon cancer gene my Dad most of his sisters my grandmother who I never got to know because of this cancer gene but that’s how we learned we had this gene was from my grandmothers death. Arlynn u would have made an awesome nurse u r compassionate, kind and u r smart girl u really r and yes u do underestimate your ability’s people would have really benefited from your compassion that u would have shown to them as a nurse. Okay that’s it I’m done with my rant lol have a good evening. Xoxo ???

Katie Hopkins

Beautiful Arlynn I just love your little birds and the lantern with the lamps it just looks Beautiful ❤️

Ginger Davies

Arlynn, you would of made a great nurse. You have so much empathy and kindness

Beverly Lones

Bella makes beautiful products. The birds are beautiful. The lantern is gorgeous. Don’t you just love glue dots!??

Debera Schroer

The blue and white is beautiful.

Sharyl blomquist

Love Bella and love what you did with the lantern

Melony Downing

Love your new lanterns, what a wonderful gift! The chubby little birds are so cute in there!

The Feathered Cottage Adventures

Love how the lantern turned out. Love the little birds you used it. XO❤️

Charlene Di Monte

Bella actually sent me here to your channel! You’re both fabulous and fun to watch!! ??

Diana Henris

Hi Arlynn! I’m so glad you posted a video, I needed a distraction because tomorrow is my daughter’s surgery. I am flipping out! I’m trying to stay positive. The lanterns are so nice. I loved how your arrangement turned out with the lantern, very pretty. The whole table display looks very nice. Glad to see your nails are lasting. Much love & take care! ?

Ann R

I love Bella. You are the one who turned me on to her channel a few weeks ago. Thank you so much. She is such a sweet lady as are you. It was so very thoughtful and sweet of her to send you the lanterns and I Iove what you did with them. They are in the perfect places. I so look forward to your next video. They just make my day. Sending love and hugs.

sandra brown

Those lanterns are so nice. Very nice of her to send them also. Hope you are feeling ok after your fall. My sister is in Kansas she said it was 9 degree's there. I am having a time with my hair also. I had a " Ablation" in January of 2020. About March my hair started falling out lots and lots. I have always had really thick hair. The Doctor said it was the Anesthesia . My hair looked so bad. So very thin. So I gave that Vegamour that I saw advertised a try. I read a lot of different reviews on it. Some good some bad. I think it has helped. Not positive will let you know if I have wasted my money. I sure hope it helps.

Cathrine Gilbertsson

How sweet of Bella to send you them what a beautiful ,kind and generous lady also they are gorgeous !! I love how you decorated them and the table looks amazing...Arlynn I see a piece of paper or tag in your scroll and I know I have said this to you a few times but you don't see it ...I really must be going crazy ..lol...Does anyone else see it at 37.09 in video ..lol...great video take care and many blessings to you and Chris x

Cheryl The Pearl

You and your husband were lucky to have been vaccinated already. Even though he’s retired you aren’t elderly or unhealthy. It just depends on the counties to get it done. So many elderly, sick and teachers still need the vaccine in our county of southern Md. All of Bella’s lanterns are great. A little steep in price for me at this time but you did great job decorating. Thanks for sharing. Take care.

So Blessed

How sweet of Bella. Those lanterns are beautiful and go so well with your decor. Love how you decorated them. ?

Andrew Walker

Looks fabulous,let it go let it go gray ,never happen.

Carol Hale

Thank you for answering my questions, Arlynn. I’m sure you would enjoy living closer to your daughters. I figured it must have been a career decision. Thank you for always sharing your life and home with all of us; you are very appreciated. Stay safe, we’ve been hit with a good bit of snow too. Good luck with your hair appointment. Your new lantern design looks very pretty. Bella did a great job with them, and I’m glad she made yours black to go with your Hooker furniture, which is very pretty. Have a nice week.

Rhonda Z

Arlynn, so gorgeous... Thank you, for sharing them with us.????

marylou rubright

Oh how very pretty love Bella Mary Lou from pa

Norma Smith

Hi Arlynn i love those lantern, omg hw u decorate that wow it's really lovely. Just love to watch u decorate.

wadda funiture


Barbara Jameson

The stand is absolutely beautiful Arlynn.The lantern with the birds is so beautifully done.❤️Barb

Rhonda Farmer

I'm new to your channel and really enjoying your videos. As you were embellishing your new large wood lantern from Bella, I noticed 2 white birds on a tray/table... would know where you found them... Thanks a bunch...God Bless

Kayla Kudick

Beautiful half moon table!???

Tim Zimmerman

Hi Arlynn!! What a nice surprise sent to you from Bella!! The lanterns are so nice and you decorated the big one so BEAUTIFULLY!! Also your half moon table looks so stylish & lovely!! Thanks again for all the work you put into all the video's you post!! I enjoy each and every one!! Love you lots <3<3<3 Treva

Eleanor R Kuntzi

The lanterns Bella sent you - you decorated each so well! The little birds between the two lamps on the half-moon table are perfection! I swear they look happy to have such a great perching place. lol You have such a knack and great "makes my eyes happy" placement for your decor. Thank you for letting us see your exquisite home!

Charlene Steverson

Arlynn Sweetie, Wow That Must Have Been A Huge Placemat! The Ones I've Seen Would Never Have Made That Much! It Would Have Made Big Coasters! (LOL) Have U Thought About Doing A Few Prize Boxes With Some Of The Stuff U Are Getting Rid Of! I Saw A Lady Do That On Her Channel Before & Her Subscribers Loved It! Just An Idea! Love U Girl! ?? Have A Very Blessed & Prosperous Day!

Rose Novotny

Hello sweetie is it brrrrfracious there cause it is here in Wichita Kansas ⛄❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️❄️?️?️?️?️?️?️?️

Pam Manley

The lanterns are so nice and Bella so thoughtful. Your embellishment and displays really showcased them perfectly. I was presently surprised to see a video today!

Pamela Tompkins


Heidi's Home

Hi Arlynn, love, love, love how you styled Bella’s lantern with the birds and ivy!

Mary Rich

Everything looks beautiful thank you for always sharing, you are so sweet.

Jackie Davey

Hi Arlynn, I enjoyed your video and also the beautiful lanterns that Bella sent you.

Sheryl’s Frugal


Linda Duncan

Love those lanterns! And birds are always a favorite for me! The blue/white is beautiful!

Lola McLaughlin

Beautiful lantern, great job as always!

sandra nichols-rambo

Your half round table is so gorgeous! I am on the lookout for one to use in my foyer. It has to be quite narrow so no luck so far. I have your lamps. Love them. Dear sweet Bella. I have purchased several of her pieces, most recently her charcuterie board. (Like we entertain so much) I think I may switch out my dough bowl on my island. Cant wait to receive it. And yoir highlights hide your gray. Not noticeable at all, you lucky gal. ❤️

Jcatlover D.

Loved this video...thank you both for great information!! The wooden lantern turned out really cute and love the birds ???? ? ? ?

Mehri T

Absolutely everything so beautiful I love it .??????

Nelda Rust

Arlynn, I love Bella's lanterns and I love how you style that one with the little birds. Your table is so pretty!! Bella is so sweet. I watch the same church you watch. I love Gary Hamrick. He is an awesome pastor. That is an awesome church!! I am still going through his Revelation series. So good. I used to watch Room by Room and it was very good. You should have your own HGTV show but your channel is awesome.

Glenda mclucas

Also order a glass nail file from Amazon to help get your polish strips off at the ends of your nails

Janet Brown

The lantern looks great there. Lovin the blue's ?

Melody Gipson

Love how it turned out!! You enjoy your week take care God bless you ❤❤

Kirsten Forrest


Judy Judkins

I just bought that same blue/white lamp. I love it! Great price and size. Be blessed, friend❣️

Sherry Dolen

Love it the lanterns are adorable

Deb Kelland

The half round table is gorgeous! Thanks for video, I look so forward to them!❤

sandra brown

I forgot to say also. I like the length of your hair. It is a good length to be able to do so many styles. Don't u think so? My confidence level is so low. You seem like you have so much confidence to me. Those bluebirds that you put in the lanterns so pretty. Love your videos. I will sign off I am sorry I talk and type to much.

Deborah Ruffin

i'm totally in love with the way the half-moon table turned out! Great job...

Brenda Edwards

Thanks Chris for your lawn info. I will surely give it a try in the Spring. Arlynn your lanterns from Bella are gorgeous! I watch her on occasions & she is beautiful inside & out. Take care friend . Hugs & Love!

Linda Lance

Oh yes I love Bella. I order from her a couple of times. She is so talented with her wood. Your lantern came out so pretty. Love your birds. Injoy Maverick Chronicles

Kristy Robbins

Hi, Arlynn! I ordered those birds from your Amazon store front after you hauled them. My living room is blue and white with a touch of yellow. I’ve been eyeing that black lantern from Bella for a while . Just love what you did with both of them!? Thank you for the inspiration!

Janet Hunter

Love the new decor piece along with the table and current decor pieces. So beautiful.

Becky Davis

Very pretty, good job as always.

Rhonda Farmer

Thank you so much....

Rhonda Farmer

OMG... How beautiful...

laura reading

Love this centerpiece and there's those big baby blue eyes again!

Lu G

Love your new Bella lanterns and love what you did with them! ?? I subscribed to her channel when you mentioned her not long ago, so thank you! She's just precious! ❤️

Bessie Tingas

My dear Arlene you are been bless and I enjoy your videos and you support Bell with all her nice pieces Yes she is gorgeous and what ever she make are the best God Bless you my friend for support others too You are the best friend as i see to many nice people That is a gift from God Thanks again !!!

Terry Obermark

Cute arrangement in lantern with the birds. When I was in nursing school oh so many years ago. We had on gal in her 40s with teenagers and married. Then one lady was late 50s or early 60 s who was in our class. She even lived in the dorm?. So never think you are too old, although truthfully I would not go back to school at this age myself.?

Gloria Abercrombie

Thank you for answering my question Arlynn! I too wanted to become an RN ! But motherhood took center stage! You would’ve made an amazing Nurse as you are such a caring and sweet soul! Really enjoy your channel! ????

wadda funiture

Very nice

Diane Shepherd

Looks so pretty on your half moon table .

Aswintha Steketee

Love how you did the half moon table. ??? So sweet of you Bella design to send those lanterns to Arlynn. You know they will be used in a wonderful way. ?❤️??

Karen Kilpatrick

Love how you decorated your lantern on half moon table.i have a question how do you store your mailbox covers? Have a Bless day. Enjoy your grandson ☺️.

pamela Reynolds

Thank you Arlynn for answering my question and donating to those causes is wonderful! I did consign a bit when I downsized but I did donate to goodwill also. Once again thank you for taking the time answering my question. Have a wonderful day!

Becky Schrage

Love the laterns Bella sent you. She is so talented and what a hard worker, oh an also very giving of her time on you tube. Just like you. Also I want to mention , that I am just like you when it comes to donating, I've enjoyed it, now it's some one elses turn and by donating it , it helps some one else.

Oriet Diamond

Oh, Arlynn, you are such a sweet person, and I'm so happy for you that Bella sent you those beautiful lanterns. Now they're on my list (at least one).I love your family photos and involvements. You look pretty with the blue and matching your decor!

Karen Muhlig

Beautiful blue and white
You and Bella are sweet
May God bless you
and Chris

Small red spot on chest

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Simple Breathing Exercises (Movement Matters)

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For Reflux, Asthma,

For Reflux, Asthma, Constipation, & Pain. The host for this episode is Christine Lynders. The guest for this episode is Joan Lynders.

Your diaphragm is magnificent! It not only breathes for you, but helps to prevent reflux, improves gastric motility to prevent constipation, assists with postural support during upright movement and, helps with low back pain. In this episode, you will learn simple breathing exercises to free yourself from back pain, reflux, and constipation. Also, you will learn simple exercises to help with asthma.

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Thank you Kim and Ali!!!!

ImuregenAloha Kim and Ali

Your mom is beautiful!! ?

ImuregenAloha Kim and Ali

I love your videos Chris!!