Pointillism tattoo

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Dot shading tattoo work

2 407 871 views | 20 Apr. 2020

real time


real time

dot shading tattoo work.



pin-3RL, 9M



Mickey Sharpz

Dude that not even close to done . Don’t be lazy

Nika Liu

Jimin: ow
Me : is it just me or I can feel it

Melonstrong V1.0

How deep does a needle poke into the skin? I think im already used to tatoos without having one (no guarantee though)

Han Solo


Glenno LP

Wow that’s so good?

Charlie Buttons

I can do this style

Jesse Hernandez

What's a good voltage for this type of shading and lining?

Mateusz R.

thats a sick tatoo

Alex Scott

Would that hurt more or less? Its really awesome.


I would love to see this kind of dot shading on an American traditional style!! Totally my dream tattoo

Selenor Rose

here are dots of work

Paul Vimer Español

Hopefully next year i will start working in korea. hopefully to see and getting a nice tattoo from you. I admire your work, you are a great artist..

Medicated Pandaa

Do you use solid black throughout or wash also

Yörük Kızı Geziyor

Very beautiful

Andy MMA

Clean asf! ?

Erikaya uwo

I'm really curious to see the healed result tbh bc those first lines looked like u lighty scratched the surface of the skin, did they fade at all?

Palepetua Plays

Tat stippling


All shading is "dot shading" ;)

Ron Pain


Ariel Coppola

What kind of machine do you use

tok ywokserk

People do not learn tattooing from him!

Martti ink

Super Work ?

Юля Будникова


LLsuper girlLL

It'd be easier if the tattoo artist somehow knocked out the patient so you won't be moving around lolol jokes here.

Daniel Coronado

Crazy technique

Jordan Clark

You free to do one atm?? Ready when you are!!

North Nua

Super cool I want to be like u some day ?


I wonder how this felt? It looks like it would feel weird and almost like nothing simultaneously

prasad prabhakaran

Awsome sir !

Swathi Raj

Please give us details on what was used here pls


Imagine you're getting a tattoo and the artist says "woops"


How does it glide on your skin? Everytime I tat myself the needle gets caught on my skin and run out of ink fast

cookie killer

I. Love. Dots

Alexa Bell

Wait so if you just drag the tattoo needle doesnt it scrape on the persons skin doesn’t that hurt

sen pai

THANK YOU. Do you turn the voltage up with the 9 mag or leave it at the same setting? Do you ever use 5 or 7 RL's? I've wanted to try stipple shading forever but I have no one to ask about it at the shop I'm in. Appreciate you <3

•GeRTruDeYeET •

Okay. But that must have been brutal.

Grace Lozande

Hi sir is this 1rl needle only or 3rl?thank u?

Unoriginal Name Animates

Me: Hates shots and almost cries when a needle is remotely around my skin
Also me: "I should get a tattoo!"


The person who gets tattoos like this is the type of person who brags that they fell asleep during their tattoo

Meadow Galloping

That looks like prison tattoo shading. Kool.

Jules Ackleow

Wow incredible work!

Vladimir Kim

dude u are awesome
whats voltage u use for shading?

Daddy B-EATs

I want to know the voltage

Winatattooshop Las Vegas

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Pastel xXx Emo_

Ow. It hurts when i look at it.


Ink master: tHiS TatToO nEeDs MoRe CoNtRaSt In ThE bLaCkS

Everyone else: utterly stunning

Talon McLaren

I love it, it's like a permanently slow motioned tattoo

Me Michael

is that 3 rl?

Neil Patrick Salmorin



Someone should go on ink masters

sofia hendrickx

did you use full black ink or Grey? love it btw, this rlly helped me out <3

Silly Wild

I'm gonna get a tattoo and watching this makes me want it moreeee!


I genuinely don't understand how tattoo artists can do this. I'm too anxious of making a mistake and fucking up a person's skin permanently to ever do this ;w;

Jonatan Isaac arte

Es en tiempo real?

ggoD poonS

Isnt it called poinilism

Rachel Applen

I have very little knowledge on tattoos but how doesn't it like, shred your skin? Obviously it doesn't but how does a tattoo gun even work

סוסיתא בר susita bar

Needles and voltage or it didn't happen.

pero pero

What is the size of the needle I used for Shaver?

Rebecca Wang

With hands so unsteady I’m known as the person that also drops things and can’t draw straight lines, this is magic to me !


does this one hurt? or just a lil sting


Proud to have a dot shaded tattoo ☺️☺️☺️

Emily Poisson

so good

Riley Kowalski

Tatuar bien es un arte: amo el tatoo

Oblivion Lefty

Dammm, tracing it, things have changed, I remember it being Free-hand..

Lisa Re

Hi, what is the stroke length please? Thank you!


what is the machine ?

Blackout Cover

what size of needle is that and voltage?

Pernilla Artistic

Amazing!! ❤️


Thank you!!! That’s the best video on dot shading I’ve seen so far :)))


I need this

Rabid Bwah

Is it done in one sitting?

Marc0 Boggi0

Sooo nice, love it


Thinking about getting my first tattoo, any advice?

May Goodall

BRO THIS IS INSANE !! So cool !!!

Leonell Aroca

Your Instagram??

Rachel Graceful

Awesome tattoo

Warrior tattoo studio


Miss Mercurial

I wish we could see this in slowmo... It almost looks like sketching on top of the skin lol

hatecore ottc

??? Bold will hold?)))

SPik Cristian

what is the name of your machine , is so dope , i wanna buy one ?

draco garcia

¿Que calibre de aguja es?


Why people make always a skull? ??????

Soya Pudding

The video: tattoo technique
The comments: backseat driving
Me, who never plans to get a tattoo: InTEreSTinG

ascending deity

this is how i sketch #stippling ?
to have that tattoo gun would be so satisfying.

Atlas Russel

That's looks like it hurst

Crayola Clouds

Youtube, stop suggesting cool tattoo vids, I want another one so bad! ? I can't afford another tattoo right now and I don't wanna be tempted to get a tat during THE RONA

ellis o'neill

This looks great! Haven't got my first tattoo yet but im way excited for finally getting one.
Quick question, so is it the case that tattoos made mainly with lots of thin dark linework and details eventually end up being smudged or blurred over a couple of years? And is it to the point where it could become somewhat unrecognisable? Not saying that as any kind of criticism for this work by the way its genuinely just a general question, thanks!


Красота, с тенями отработал 10/10, видно что человек знает, что делает?

Kassandra Alfaro

How does this look so easy to do?? I’ve got much to learn....

Darja Dawn

How mich Volt do you use for this? I do everyone dot Single :D this Looks like Going mich easier and faster

Shy Guy

Why is he tattooing a ziplock bag filled with milk though

Werley Barcelos

Essa técnica é como eu uso pra faz3r desenho com caneta bic!

Dylan Pickersgill

That dot shading looks abit painful

Plastic Monkey

That's the coolest tattoo I've seen in a while


Vengo de el video de un poco de todo.
Muy buen contenido bro sigue asi

The Unboxing Reviewer

What voltage are you using? Is that a LR1 or 3?


433 haterz

Kym Dennett

The fact he can do dots like that one pass is so niceee

Philip Honaker

amazing work, but what is a pin-3rl? A standard 3rl needle?

Music, raw.

I have the sensation this work lasts one year then it must be remade

Pointillism tattoo

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Tattoo Stipple Shading in Procreate

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Other cool links


Heather Jennings

You just make it look so dang easy!


cool video cory looks awesome


So dang good guys!!

Kyle Phillabaum

Looks great Cory!

Aaron Dailey

No “Arf in ya later”?

Pointillism tattoo

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54 316 views | 3 Aug. 2017

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Don’t forget to like and subscribe :)

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MY TATTOO SET UP: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0PSy7A_Cqus&t=41s

rahYm SC

what is the technique for the dotted shading? we need a video.

calin merge

Good job dude ! This is a proove that an artist can make tattoos no matter where he is. Respect !

Wesche Tattoo

My favorite you’ve done ??

brian ayala

Where you located

alex johnson

Please can you tell me what colour your applying at the beggingn for your outlines it almost looks like no ink at all

Naund Duhund

How many hours for this session ?

Олег Саевич

Клёвая работа чувак!!Картину с канатной дорогой ты рисовал?

aendu berger



lil B bro you should keep the video recording how you had it at 3:51 where's your visible adding the new ink instead of having your hand cover it ! But other than that it's very good !!

chase smith

Aye bro I love your vids and your an outstanding artist! You should do a highlight video

Jon Large

Wow! Beautiful piece! The time-lapse display was too fast, made it hard to focus and gave the strobe light effect causing uneasiness and nausea.


Wouldnt mind a piece like this on me!!!!

Matt A


Lesly Aguilar

whats the song ?

Dan Jarman



wauw fucking amazing

Disengage Tattoos

Please dont tattoo people in unsanitary conditions. I mean a kitchen? Where people put things in there mouth and body?? And then having the baby exposed to the blood borne pathogens?! Doesnt matter how good the artist or the work this is really unproffessional and unsanitary.

Todd Barnett

Wow man! Totally should of drug that fresh tattoo across the kitchen sink! Would of made it look even more rad!

اضحك من قلبك

Where are you 2pac

Bryan Cazares

Fuck that stupid eye

Currencies Gone

Tattoo Kitchen,very Fun^_-

Agathe Antonio

Sick tattoo, and love your braids!!!

•kim Army•

Todo Mundo tem que tomar vergonha na cara e voltar prós pés de Deus que essa foto da capa do vídeo tem o olho que tudo ver e isso é do demônio então vai tudo queimar no fogo do inferno ?

Shane Mcman

He got a right eye on his left arm

Karloz Aguirre



bro how you move and tattoo so quick ?? truly amazing extremely talented artist ????


Is that your homemade tattoo machine ? Sweet ! It's coming out great only 4 min into the video !!! Let me finish watching it

Jessi cat

Not such a great artist when you have to steal designs from other tattoo artists. The original mandala design is by Siarn Engels IG: @siarnthecatwitch

Emerald Forde

another epic piece you are amazing man I would give anything to be half as good as you are

Nitu Singh

Yash raj singh


Fucking awesome

trunks g

short video was better


another master piece B!

Jesus Malverde

Everyone in this comment section, if this wasn't Lil b, yall would be talking shit how the cord isn't covered and how it's in a kitchen with a baby near the work area. This proves all u shit talkers wrong. Keep up the good work Lil B

Huy Phan


Bojan Kocev

lil b when did you start tattoing and how do you learn?

Gabrew 2k22

Useless. Srry

Andres Guzman

@lilbtattoo bro whats the last songs name?


what a fuckin tattoo !

Hemendra Mishra



Fcken scratcher

Angelo Carvalho

Greeeeeeaaaat. I realy like your tattoos Lil-B. How many time do you spent to do that tattoo? hugs.

George Khatchatourian

soooo fireeee

Travis Snyder

awesome work B! I've been wanting to do a mandala clock piece with henna tribal for my sleeve. maybe include some kind of cool rose compass into that?