Lus hair product reviews

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LUS Brands DETAILED Review | Mom Hair Journey | Reviewing Momestly

1 950 views | 11 Feb. 2020

Just a mom trying to

Just a mom trying to figure out how to manage her changed hair. Angel does an honest review of LUS Brands' LOVE UR CURLS hair care set, after taking you through her hair journey and previous routine.

Do you have a similar hair story to Angel's? Let us know how you manage with your texture and the changes that motherhood has brought upon you!


Want to try this product out for yourself? Visit the LUS website and select your hair type!

LUS Brands: www.lusbrands.com

**This video is NOT sponsored**


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Website: https://www.momestlyme.com

Heidi Casey

Try more product and make sure your hair is more wet next time you use the style cream.

Brooke Tavajian

I'm sure you have been using it more. I did a transition from using regular products similar to Paul Mitchell, which have a lot of silicone and sulfates etc in them, which can cause a lot of product buildup making it look greasy. It is a transition to go to products with no silicone, parabens, and sulfates. There is a time period where the hair may be a little weird at first, but it gets better so hang in there! Also you could do a clarifying treatment and a hack for that is using regular dawn dish soap to replace shampoo and then use hair mask, I like using any of the shae moisture ones, and then style with ur styling product. I have been doing that like 1 or 2 times a month and it really helps! I would suggest trying that. Also, make sure your hair is soaking wet before applying styling product. It helps tremendously even when you think your hair is wet enough. Also, after getting out of the shower instead of rubbing your fingers on your scalp to losses the hair from the scalp flip your head over and shake your hair out. And when applying the products run it through your hair to get it fully covered and then scrunch after applying. I've started doing that and it helps the curls come through much better. And if ur going to use a bow dryer use a diffuser!!!. And again try the clarifying treatment I mentioned above!!

shorty e

I want to see a review on the shampoo and conditioner you were taking about.

Lus hair product reviews

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LUS Brands: Review + Tutorial / HONEST REVIEW

54 982 views | 4 Sep. 2019

[Watch in

[Watch in HD]

Hey Guys,

Welcome back to my Channel! yay

For todays video I'll be doing another product review!! Whoop Whoop. I'll be doing a review/demo on the LUS Brands: 3 Step System. I hope you guys enjoy!


- Step 1: Gentle & Moisturizing Shampoo

- Step 2: Hydrating & Detangling Conditioner

- Step 3: ALL-IN-ONE: Curly

- Scalp Vibrations Handheld Massager - Water Resistant


- Ion Blowout Vent Brush


- Denman Brush


- Microfiber Towel


- Hair Pick







- Diffusing vs Air Drying Curly Hair | Which is BETTER?


- CurlSmith 3-Step System / HONEST Review + Tutorial










IG: @Beautybyjennyfro

#LUSBrands #CurlyHair #NaturallyCurly


Ugh, I don't normally use a blow dryer and I wanted to see how & what tools you use to dry and you did it off camera ?

Family Odyssey

Your awesome !! Love it I need to try it

***Amy LeoGoddess***

Love this!!!!????

Melanie Cook

amazing!! so what do you do on day old hair??

Emily Torres

Curious to know how long you diffuse your hair for?

Veil Break

It just came to me who you remind me of, when your hair was damp...a young Charlene Tilton (Lucy Ewing)in Dallas! Anyone old enough should see it, you're a lot like her! She was bombshell in the 80s! Beautiful results btw, Ive been thinking of trying LUS, thanks!

Tierney Lewis

I love it!! I just order the styling cream today. Can’t wait to try it out. ❤️❤️

Vanessa Awobiyi

Can you please pass along the names and the brands of all the brushes and combs you used in this video please.

Stacey Lefeged


Carol Kappes

I see no frizz at all! You look pretty!

Laugh Love & Hippie

You’re too cute girl! So glad we found each other on IG!! Loving your channel and just subscribed ?


Such a beautiful hair! ?

gal suzanne

LOL the whole time I was thinking or just what if it rain simply


off topic but what eyeshadow do you have on?

Hazar Alsabagh

Holy sht! It’s like pure fkin magic! I have always had trouble with my curls and frizz, I just gave up and went straight or bun style for the last 12 years. I love my curls but I hate the fly-aways and the knots. This seems too good to be true but I will give it a try! Thanks for the detailed review!


For the rest of the week how were your results? Was it frizzy , did you need to retouch?? Also can you review curl essence by keracare products??

Wendy Zalon

Love product reviews

Linda Mathews


Vero V.

I love it

Jasmine Chavez

How do you get your hair to curl that way? I’ve been trying so many things but my hair just frizzes up and it doesn’t curl. I got my hair dyed a couple times and now my hair doesn’t curl the same.. idk what to do

Pam D

I love your hair! What type of brush do you use?

sarah simmons

you're so FUNNY. Adorable!! and thank you for the review! Gorgeous !! love ya!

Elizabeth Kassan-Bisbee

Very disappointing, the product smells AWEFUL! After dispensing just one squirt I could not go further and LUS will NOT Refund My Money!!!! This $44 Deep Conditioner is not mine to keep and Since they are cleverly out of the US, COMPANY IN CANADA, Beware...The shipping cost is INSANE and it's on you to pay it. So my $160 order, minus $44 will cost $50 to ship back. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM...I had high hopes, very disappointing.

Kathy Jones

Where did you get your shower brush? I need one!?


Your personality it so refreshing and natural lol love it

kathleen gentile

What kind of diffuser did you use?? Beautiful!!!?


I can tell you put a lot of effort in making this video for the review. Thanks! It was really helpful!


You’re hair is freaking amazing!!!! I wish my hair was as thick as yours ? I love this stuff!!! Been using this for over a year!!!

Amanda Bedal

What brush again did you use?

Makayla Rhayne

Ddaanngg I want my curl texture like that

Nadia Cardone

You're hair is gorgeous!!! Perfect example of a gorgeous curly girl! :)


Your hair type looks so similar to mine that I had to click! Great review :)


How often you wash your hair?

The Keto Sisters Goal

Yo amo estos productos pero son tan caros para mi borcillo especialmente cuando tengo dos hijas que me lo usan todo!

gemma ambrose

Great video ?can you please tell me your favourite cleansers/shampoos? Xx

Yesenia De Jesús Oquendo

Hey Jenny! I love your video and tips! I started to use LUS and I love a lot. My only concern is have couple of oils and I know that is not good for the hair because block the hair to received the water the most important ingredient. You have a long time ago using, so my question is: You see differences in your hair when pass the time that is dry or make it damage? Everything still good with your hair? No damages?

Meli Valenz

Hey girly. Absolutely luv!!! What type of diffuser do you use?


My mom got me this and i just looking up how to use it so thank uuu


Does this product work for someone with dry hair

Micah Chesler

Wow I was not expecting so much curl after you dried hair!

M. E.

You already have curly hair..i want to see someone that really isn't have curls??‍♀️?‍♀️

Wendy Zalon


Amber Screeton

What is your curl type? Your hair is so curly I love it so much!

F.A. Acosta

Thank you for this review, I've been thinking about trying this product for my teen (so she can begin to appreciate her curls)

Maria Vargas

Your hair is gorgeous! I was on the fence with this product, but watching the results in your video convince me

Marietta Castellanos

I want this product

Stephanie Ortiz

I just saw your video and thank you. Didn't realize it was posted so long ago. I will definitely have to try it, your curls turned out amazing! Love your videos. Keep it up, your doing a great job! Have a beautiful day ?

Claudia Diaz Rayo

Hi Jenny! I have really long hair and I have straightened it so much over the years my curl is dead. I have tried this product and it didn't work on my hair, however I didn't diffuse it.

Ivelisse Sandel

This is so awesome!!! I bought the travel size of this products and tried them on Monday....I love the smell!!! I haven't had to retouch, which I am surprised because I kind of thought I needed more hold.

Tania Garcia

Love love love it!!!! Ordered mine! Anxiously waiting!! Lol


wOw luv how you review the product... very informative and luv your curls... new subbie ?

Cheryl Boyd

Bought it and lovethe whole set


Your hair is so incredibly gorgeous! Just ordered this. Fingers crossed!

Alicia Reece

You look like 2 different people from wet hair to dry hair. That's so crazy. You and your curls are gorgeous! I've been thinking about trying LUS for a while now.

Yvette Silva

I love how you walked us through each step! Your hair looks amazing! I can’t believe you achieved this with one product. I think I am going to try the wavy hair one.


Great review! I've been using LUS for over three years. You described it well! I would say you can add water even to the shampoo and conditioner so use less. Even that is activated by water.

Jackie Camilleri

Hi Jenny I love watching your videos (yes I love you to) I love your content and personality Nd you are very helpful to us curly peeps helping us siftt thru products

Lauren Kurzman

Issues with customer service. No confirmation emails. No responses on the website.Only response I've received was on FB messenger once I realized they would respond here. They are offering me 15%off my next order on a shampoo with a faulty lid. These products store bottoms up. I lost the whole bottle.Photos in comments of my messenger connversation.

LUS Brands

Your curls look uhmaaaaaazing! ?Thank you so much for this review, Jenny!

Brooke Thibault

I love these products, too! One thing I do for 2nd and 3rd day hair is put some of the styling lotion in a sprayer bottle with some water and spray and scrunch it in my hair after my shower. Great for reviving curls!

Maya Arroyo Burton

"I did use a shit ton" SUBSCRIBE!!!! Lmfao that was hilarious.



Julia Russell

I am definitely following anyone who is terrified of puddle attacks!! Great video, thank you!!


She's actually hilarious! LOL

Stephanie Santelmann

Thank you for this video ❤️ Tried LUS in the travel sizes and I absolutely love it! It doesn’t knot your hair up in the back which was bugging me, it’s not super heavy or over hydrating it’s just right, and the best part I’m NOT allergic ? Omg it’s amazing! Finally! LUS please never change your formulation

Lus hair product reviews

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How LUS BRANDS Kinky Coily Line works on Type 4 Hair // FULL Wash Day Review // It was a struggle

1 138 views | 11 Oct. 2020

Full natural hair wash

Full natural hair wash day and trying out Lus Brands Kinky Coily 3 step system on my type 4 hair. This brand boasts that you only need to use this one product for styling! I definitely struggled at first trying out this product but when I fixed it, my hair came out much much better. I wonder why some products just don’t work with certain hair types and hair styles. ? All my curly girls, have any of you tried this Instagram popular hair care brand?

::Products Used:

Nizoral Anti Dandruff Shampoo https://go.magik.ly/ml/1178l/ *also in my amazon store

Kinky Coily 3 Step System https://lusbrands.com/

TPH by Taraji After Dark Overnight Mask https://go.magik.ly/ml/tify/




Whats wrong with my scalp https://youtu.be/tuPXHC8yzho

Straightening my hair https://youtu.be/RBhK6kNocu4

Updated Natural Hair Length Check https://youtu.be/cB0N-ZPAhlc


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Tripod https://amzn.to/3lG61QQ

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Spread joy. Spread love.

#washday #lusbrands #longnaturalhair

Sophia Mercedes

If you're using other brand products then LUS hair products might not like them so they react poorly and make it look like the products didn't work but it was just because LUS didn't like the other hair products you used, so the hair products did not go well together. That happens so it's normal. I'm currently using Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus Curl and Shine Shampoo, conditioner, deep conditioner, curling cream smoothie, and hold and shine mist. I'm also using Shea Moisture Leave-in from another line of products, and I have a few other deep conditioners from other lines. I wanted to watch this video because I have curly, kinky hair. So I have type 4 hair. I wanted to see what someone with my hair type thought of these products. But I can't because you used other random products and it effected how the outcome turned out.

Rachel Walter

So Nice ??????


The video is very good, complementary and interesting. same like share sub ...!!! Like 8

Katrina S

"I reached out to this brand and they were like mmmmmmmmmm" HAHAHAHAHA. your energy in your intros is everythinggggg. that overnight mask sounds LUSH. we do not like a tangling shampoo! thank goodness for the conditioner lol great honest review xoxo

arts قناة منوعات

Love your armpits ?

Lauren Kurzman

Issues with customer service. No confirmation emails. No responses on the website.Only response I've received was on FB messenger once I realized they would respond here. They are offering me 15%off my next order on a shampoo with a faulty lid. These products store bottoms up. I lost the whole bottle.Photos in comments of my messenger connversation.

Mechell Graham Channel

Your hands got stuck but your light-headed demeanor was fun to watch ?

Avocado on Everything

Wow this video was an adventure! But I love how your hair looked in the intro and outro ? also they couldn't even send you free product for the video?? ?