Photo light therapy

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LED Light Therapy Facial: Before & After

69 683 views | 5 Jun. 2017

Got an amazing LED Light

Got an amazing LED Light Therapy facial. Check out the services available at the Skin Agency for more.

The Skin Agency

10220 Riverside Dr Suite A,

Toluca Lake, CA 91602

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Kelly Wolfe

remind me of Egypt The Mummy mask I'd say do it in a heartbeat

Charlotte Aanonsen

You Are so Pretty❤️❤️

Chidy Chyk

Oh! How I wish that was my face being pampered. Looks great!

Dean Road

Ani you looked positively glowing afterwards, wow! ?

ashley tate

I got one from therashield.la it's a bit different but basically the same concept. Much much cheaper. I saw the Kardashians and Serena Williams using it so I decided to give it a try. Will update on the results!

Graciela Delacruz

this is cool! I would love to try this

Gloria Lagroon

Great video, would love to get this done. Ani what is the cost for this type of facial?

Michelle D

Anyone else distracted by Ani's lashes? They are so long. I'm jealous.

Qatari Man

Infrared infra red therapy needs 60 days of daily 20 mnts to notice improvements

Sven Huber

looks worse

R Imad

u can easily see the difference ani*s skin looks so much better...not that it was bad previously but the best just got better?love u guys

M&Ms •••

Lol no difference

Stephanie Grey

Got a similar device from therashield.la after seeing some comment on here. Been using it for about 5 weeks now and it ACTUALLY works very well. Was pretty skeptical for a while but I kept seeing this pop up on my recommended and started doing a ton of research. There's some masks out there that are over $200 which is ridiculous. I've done weeks of research and TRUST me that this is the one that you need to try. Worst case scenario they have a trial period where you can return it if you don't like it. Hope this helps some of you out :)

Monica A

looks awesome! ☺☺

Kirsty Macfarlane

Your skin looked great before but it definitely looked more bouncy and plump after! I'm an at home facial chick and I love it when I find a good collagen mask, I can't stop bouncing my fingers on my cheeks!! ? ? ? xxx


Super cool!!!! That's mask is kinda scary lol

Anna Grabowsky

You should try a lot of facials. I always love watching these

Guddu Gupta

looks super exciting!

Ali S

My skin has changed totally using LED face mask, I got really good results after 2 weeks.I got it in sale from ​elsanar.com

888 888

Beautiful lashes

Malak Amari

Your skin is glowing

Hira gohar

Love the video ! You have so nice skin!!

Lokesh Vardhan ghUYcrXjyp

how many of you fell that she looked more pink and oily after the treatment??


Oh my gosh! This is is so cool it reminds me of the tin man from wizard of oz lol!

Crystal Cortese

Wow, this is more in depth then I thought it would be. Is this an affordable treatment or is it on the pricier side? Ani you are so beautiful.

Summer of Kitty Love

Mask looks evil & scary

Jazmin Cano

Lol Ani I love your little dance hahaha that made my day! this treatment looks amazing ??? I need to go to Cali and check these things out!

A z

the before was better

Ahbie Abrenica

Ur after looks amazing! But cant help but admire those lovely lashes??❤️❤️

Sarineh Almasi

I love that place! I go there for my eyebrows but will definitely go back for this LED facial, thanks Ani ?? you guys are the best! Xoxo


ZERO difference!!! And you paied 100 bucks for this?? I msrry but all three tools used are sold on aliepress! The exat same ones!!!!!!!! The ultrsonic scrap can be bought around 20 dollars, the high frec wand also 30 dollars, and the LED mask 50 dollars. For a 100 bucks you can buy all three devices yourself and do it at home regularly so you can actually see REAL results instead of this overly dramatized fake fancy 'facials'. Spas these days offer ZERO to customers! There is nothing that they do you cant do yourself at home with better results! Skin no matter what concerns is a gradual thing that needs accumulation and routine! What do you think a 1 time 100 bucks treatment gonna do for your face?? Pah pleeezzz! It always maeks me cringe when i hear those beauticians say this is gonna boost collagen and this is gonna do that and this is gonna do that! I m like bitches stop fucking reading us the damn manuel of those devices and its claims! These non invasive beauty treatments actually need A LOT of repetitions in order to see very mild results! You often need weekly treatments for months in order to see mild results! Never more! You cant get any higher than mild with non invasive! I feel that beaut spas are only usedful for mostly people with acne and oily skin types that need regular extractions and stuff! And even then, people can extract at home. Non invasive stuff like these massages and masks DOES ZERO! All it does is temporary moisterize and calm your nerves! You look good that day or the next day but thats it! After you wash your face a couple of times that fake glow is gone and so is your 100 dollars! For 250 bucks you can get an actual photofacial for pigmentation, redness, pores and overal rejuvenation. I will never ever pay more than 20 dollars on a non invasive procedure! ITs a waiste of money!

Christian n Pablo

Yeah this is great content. We just got this in. I would say we ordered uhm two weeks anyways we got it from fyre2.com if anyone was wondering

Suzanne Campbell

You look so awesome. So glad it has helped you. Love your Beautiful lashes.....

Qatari Man

Before better than after

Diana Robertson

Cool facial. What's the update on Nora laser treatment for discoloration? Did it work for her? Or has she not finished the treatments?

iAms CL

Bruh her skin looks good

Mariaxxaa X

Super cool video!

Joan Gonzales

The after look, looks good.

silam mariya

how many money pls tell

Jemma J

ani has a great skin either way ?

Mohammed محمد

“BEFORE” was better than “AFTER”?


You look so pretty!!!!!

Maya Malik

Can you plz tell me what is the name and source of this LED mask?I am license Skin therapist and looking a good one.Will appreciate your help.Thanks in advance,

Domer Laser

The Led Light Therapy can be used for acne, wrinkles, skin rejuvenation, whitening, remove dark under-eye circles, crow’s feet, for prostate, impotence, premature ejaculation, urinary frequency, gynecological inflammation, mastitis, cervical spondylosis treatment. https://healthcaremarts.com/products/led-light-therapy-for-beauty


The before is better.... sorry.. I don't think you see the difference in one session. You should see it in a month with 2-3 sessions a weeks.

Megan Pearl

This reminds me of cleavers beauty trippin

Photo light therapy

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MY Eczema Journey so far | Light/Photo Therapy

967 views | 16 Apr. 2019

Hello guys new for Vlog

Hello guys new for Vlog Tuesdays! I update you on my Eczema Journey and my new treatments. Don't forget to like and subscribe! PEACE xx


General Inquiries: [email protected]



Follow: https://www.instagram.com/som

Orlando M

The best cure for you is to soak in the DIRECT sun for 3 hours a day. This will clear up your eczema. PERIOD!


Vitamin d supplements, cetirizine, exfoliating gloves with diplobase in the shower, Mary Kay body and face products (night emollient for face, body - night and day gel and lotion) have helped me significantly improve and I haven't even started light therapy yet! I was pregnant and allergic to my baby and broke out everywhere and couldn't be treated with allergy medicine or steroids at all throughout the pregnancy and immediately after due to breastfeeding. Also, had major skin staining from iron transfusion. As a light brown skin woman I got huge dark marks all over, it was dry, and in places resembled alligator skin. Now, with just doing these things my skin has become softer, smoother, and lighter. The skin staining is still bad but the eczema is sooo much better.

Caitlin Pau

Wow interesting to hear your phototherapy experience! You’re right ever since I started phototherapy my skin has gotten much drier and I started itching more so much so when I wake up I see my skin flakes everywhere which is gross! I have eczema from chest to my legs so I haven’t seen any dramatic changes. But yes one thing I have noticed is gluten triggers my eczema so bad! My face and neck is usually clear but when I eat gluten it I get a really bad rash all over my face that takes a 1-2 weeks to settle I’m so over it I just want nice skin :(

ali ahsan

I`m amazed at the efficiency and power that this vitiligo treatment method “Fαkαmzοt Tαhο” (Goοgle it) got. The vitiligo mark is no longer visible on my face. Those who are struggling with vitiligo and have abnormal skin pigmentation could try this awesome product that I personally advise..

Aleksandra Wojt

Hi Sommy,
Do you see any progress? I am starting the treatment next week and was wondering how is it going for you!

Photo light therapy

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Psoriasis Treatment Photo and Light Therapy

16 052 views | 11 May. 2017

Ultraviolet B (UVB) is a

Ultraviolet B (UVB) is a very effective treatment, especially when used in combination with topical treatment. UVB is typically given 3 to 5 times per week. Tar preparations and skin lubricants enhance its effectiveness. Side effects are burning, premature skin aging, and skin cancer. Narrow-band form is more effective than broad-band UVB but less widely available.

Psoralen Plus Ultraviolet A (PUVA) is given three times per week until the skin is clear of plaques, and then it is tapered off. Patients take an oral photosensitizing psoralen 1.5 to 2 hours prior to exposure. Indications are for symptomatic control of severe, recalcitrant, disabling, plaque psoriasis.

Side effects include gastrointestinal intolerance of drug, sunburning, photo-damaged skin, cataracts, and increased skin cancer risk.