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FUNGAL ACNE | Best INDIAN Product | Dr. Sheth Review | Shivee Chauhan

9 361 views | 19 Sep. 2020

Today I bring for you the

Today I bring for you the BEST INDIAN PRODUCT to control FUNGAL ACNE. Can you guess which one?

There are other things that you want to be mindful of when you have fungal acne --

1. Do not let sweat sit on your face for too long.

2. Do NOT OIL CLEANSE. (see the video, you will understand why).

3. Do not over-moisturize.

Product here:


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Jenn Jack

This is brilliant, thank you!!?

mounika R

Hey shivee! What's ur thoughts about tribe concepts face cleanser? Have u ever used that??

rinki sardana

Mam, why have you written against oil cleansing in the description?

Deepshikha B. K

Please make a video on Vaadi Herbal products and MamaEarth products

Twinkle Starz

Could u suggest serum for fungal acne

Tejaswini Satya

Any bodyshop products on the way?


I have fungle ance on my forehead and cheeks what shell I do pls tell me

samiksha kr

Hi shivee, as usual honest review abt the product. Could you please suggest some good vitamin c products and Retinol products for sensitive skin. Also If possible pls do review Derma co 20% vitamin c product


Hyaluronic acid is a humectants. Can use as a moisturizer for excessively oily skin. It's enough?

Bhumi Sharma

Love these continuously coming video ! Every day Worth watching 5-10 minutes ❤️❤️
You r working so good ,
Many Thanks ? <3333

Srivarshini Upadhya

I have used this product and have seen a tremendous difference in my fungal acne! And you need the smallest amount and use it as a spot treatment. I had been looking for a sulphur mask available in India since a long time now!

Mahek Dave

Shivee can I use this mask for congested skin and closed comedones?

Yogita Singla

Hii dii
I do found some sunscreens,their ingredients seem good. Can you please check their ingredients for acne prone skin and are they fragrance free or not..
1. Suncros spf 26 aqua gel
2. Suncros matte finish soft gel
3. Curatio suncote
4. Curatio Photobloc
5. Sunprotek gel spf 50
6. Photostable bello spf 40+
7. Photo stable gold sunscreen gel spf-55
8. Adcross sunscreen lotion spf 50
9. All suncros sunscreens bcoz their sunscreen lotions are really affordable ?

Sham Ahmed

Doesn't this mask contains polysorbate?then what's point of using it for fungal acne if it contains ingredients that will trigger yeast growth?


Please do a review on lakme sun expert lotion

mahendra bhupati

Hey shivee✨✨
What are you thoughts on "The Mom's co." Any future upcomings regarding

Richa Jina

Hey Shivee m ur admirer .. literally luv ur work ..m 38 n nt married ..my skin strted breaking out all of a sudden from past 7-8 months.. I never ever hd pimples in my teens nt in my 20’s n nt till my mid 30’s... I donno wats d reason behind...plzz hlp...

Suman Sardesai

I saw the entire video. In the description box you've written do not oil cleanse but the first step of double cleansing is oil cleansing....will you plz clarify my doubt as to why you wrote not to oil cleanse in description box??

Pooja Sharma

Loved the video❤... but can u plz tell how to tell if we have fungal acne??

Swapna Modhimpally

How about oral dermatitis?!!

Shreya Singh

As always, an informative video by our coach!! BTW The colour of your top is one of my favourites. Please tell me where I can buy it from.

Riya Virdi

Here from Quora! Love your content :)


Ma'am sth for back acne! Please ?

monika varma

Actually I have a doubt dear. Can we use couple of organic powders for our face?? Like multani mitti sandalwood and kaolin clay. Or we shouldn't use these on face.

dev. jenny

This seems a good brand (but with fragrance) . I also have one of their product ( gentle peel ) , I like it ?❤️.. Thanks for this review ❤️❤️

Beauty in Simplicity786

Mam is there any solution for freckles?? Since an year m having n it's not hereditary plus i hv been regularly using suncreen too.

sheetal saraf

Yes they contain fragrance ....they do not disclose the percentage of ingredients used...they add essential oil....u claim this to be gud?....m confuse ....is it paid or collaborated ...plz don't get offended...jus clear it

Yasodha Viji

Pls recommend a good moisturiser for fungal acne.. I m going crazy here..

Deepika Chauhan

Love your vedio?

Bhavya b.s

Dear can u tell me whether myohoby Priyanka sandalwood mask is gud for skin

Anagha P Rajan

Hey Shivee di!Do you know any products that helps to reduce hyperpigmentation for ladies over 45 years ?

Payal Raut

Shivee can you tell me products which will be useful for forehead bumps?

Revati Tate

Thanks for such helpful video. I'm a 22 yr old girl with dry skin. I hv been treating fungal acne from months. I hv used natural alo vera and it does work but the progress is slow.

As a teenager I don't have much money to see dermatologist so i did my research and come up with some products can you just look around on these products?

Facewash - as it going to wash so it doesn't really matters
toner - Rose water (juicy chemistry)
Essence - snail mucin (cosrex)
Actives- salicylic acid (minimalist)
Ninacinamide gel( niamax d gel)
Face pack - sulphur base ( Dr. Sheth face mask)
Moisturizer - oil free ( simple, aqua oat)
Suncreen - ?

I hv found all of these but didn't find suncreen for fungal acne so do you have any recommendation? I want to give it a try if this routine will don't work for me I will definitely see doctor.

Jhinuk Chakraborty

Lip colour name?


Thank you Shivee, this video has a lot of useful and new information. I always look forward to your videos and it's so exciting to get these updates.

Doki Doki

Love this video! I would appreciate a complete hair care and styling video, Shivee. Also otc anti dandruff shampoos are great!