Rose hip

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12 082 views | 17 Oct. 2019

This video shows you how

This video shows you how to make rosehip tea from BOTH fresh & dried rose hips. Then I show you how to dry rose hips for preservation so you can enjoy rosehip tea any season.




DEHYDRATOR (square shaped - see thru trays, stainless steel): https://amzn.to/2EmcPD2

DEHYDRATOR (round shaped - see thru trays, white): https://amzn.to/3j3pmtQ

TEA INFUSER STEEPING BASKET: https://amzn.to/3hpBMf2



• HOW TO MAKE PROBIOTIC WATER: https://youtu.be/CY9V648J9YA

• HARVEST CARROTS IN THE SPRING! : https://youtu.be/58OUpu7t3NA



3 quarts water

3 cups fresh rose hips

Bring water to a boil. Add the rose hips then turn the stove down to a simmer.

Simmer for 30 minutes. Next, turn off stove, cover with a lid and let stand overnight (not in fridge). The next morning, bring to a low simmer again on the stove. Simmer for an additional 30 minutes. Turn off and let stand until it cools naturally to room temp. Pour off into jars and place in the fridge. This tea will preserve in the fridge for months!


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ritwika chatterjee

Oh why didn’t I use them before. What a waste

Me Me

It is December in California and my rose hips are deep red but never get juicy any time of year. Can they still be used?

Danielle Petrone

This is exactly what I needed. To the point, and answered my questions.

Kae Jones

Does the tiny hair in the rosehip make it itch?..xx

Phanipadma Sivaraju

Can’t we drink rose hip tea with milk? Please respond.


Thanks so much for this video! I came across some wild rosehips on our last hike and decided to pick some. Thanks for the tips on hips! :D


I live in Albania and we find these in the hills. They have thorns not only on the stem but the bulb too. They have hair fibers on the seeds and noticed you ground them up? You don’t filter them out?


We decided to go with dehydrated for simplicity & time sake. Thank you for sharing your years of experience!

Donna Miller

what a beautiful looking tea. It has so many health benefits! Sounds like a perfect drink for everyone. Thanks for sharing!

Karamell Boman


Janella Pugh

Loved it. Thank you

Big Deaz Ent

super subscribed ??

Chamas Gêmeas De Amor

Your skin looks amazing, must be from the high vitamin C content!


So you pulverize rose hips without removing seeds? Interesting.

Laurentiu Toma

Not helpful at all. My family dose this tea gor 5000 years. They best to use when they ripe and juicy after that you can sun dry and store them in paper in a cold and dry place for later use in the winter when they can serve they're purpose to cure flu.
Also old live roots are used to cure injuries form wild dogs foxes etc Rabies in a mixture with mustard oil and chamomile flowers. YOU'RE WELLCOME

Jasmine Organics

How to dry without a dehydrater?


I find the tea has a slight fruity flavour that I have a camparable for but I just cant seem to pin it down. Great video!

The Store

I made Rose Hip Tea for the first time today... It tasted nice actually and there was a lot of flavor. I only let them sit for about 5 minutes in a flask and strained, I live in Ireland by the way... just wondering you said there was not much flavor !!! Mine had lots of flavor. they where soft inside when making the tea

Jenny Mo

Looks good! We find this rose hips anywhere here in Alberta Canada. Thought it’s useless and just full of thorns that’s grows with the bushes But my moms friend said yesterday that we’ll go for a walk and we’ll pick up rose hips. Send me the pictures and it’s this one. We went home with 2 bags of rose hips. That’s the reason why I search for videos on how to cook or make tea and found your awesome video. ? thanks for sharing.

Branden Campbell

Thank you, Your video was very informative and put together well.

Francesca S.

In my country there is a lot of rose bush and I always wanted to make my own rosehip tea! Thank you so much for the video!

Gillian Fernandez

Great video! How do you use the ROSEHIP TEA CONCENTRATE?

Abby Ingraham

Can you dry them in an oven if you don't have a dehydrator?

Laurentiu Toma

I never knew this is how Americans serve Rose hip tea.
YOU GUYS SHOULD search this "ceai de maciese" it is older then America Ottoman empire And Roman empire.
Maybe you fancy the original recipe..??


I've thought about preserving rose hips, but for some reason they are always hard, so when should someone pick rose hips?

The gardener

Thanks for the info. I harvested some rose hips this morning and wasn't sure how to use them. Your kitchen is really pretty.

Clean Food Living

Was this your first time making rose hip tea? How did it go?! -- Also, what other types of videos on rose hips would you like to see more of?

Adrienna Peterson

you make it look easy


I'm not sure if I can get this in my area but do you know if they grow from seeds or cuttings?
Great video, new subscriber

Virginia Schott

Fresh, I don't have a dehydrator. I'm still a beginner, so that's an expensive tool yet.

Rose hip

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How to Eat Rosehips

14 559 views | 13 Dec. 2018

We show you how to pick

We show you how to pick and eat rosehips straight from the hedge. Learn how to avoid the irritating seeds and hairs and enjoy tasty fresh fruit in winter with this simple method. Roeships make a great wild food that can be foraged right into December. This little known trick is easy once you know how.

Rosehips taste great and they're packed with vitamin c.

Support us on Patreon to make more videos like this, get exclusive content and learn all about nature and our connection to it. https://www.patreon.com/woodlandclassroom It would also make us very happy!

You can get more FREE resources to get reconnected with nature by visiting our website: https://www.woodlandclassroom.com

We also host courses in Foraging and Wild Food out in the woods. If you would like to know more, just go to: https://woodlandclassroom.com/events/

#foraging #wildfood #bushcraft #survival #wildfood #foraging #hedgerow #rosehips #rosehiprecipies

Bushcraft Not Minecraft

Great tips, thanks!

Nisha Halai

Feels strange to have to leave the seeds. Also what can we do with hard rose hips? Can’t they be used in cooking or best left to ripen / soften and then be eaten raw the way you have here?


Can you eat any rosehip or just the dog rose species?


Love them.We made jam this year and it is fab


The very first seconds of the video looks a bit nasty :D, I mean the pressing out part. BUT!!!! then after you try it, you realise it is a burst of not so common taste, which is something sweet, something sourish. But it does really taste amazing (even as we did today - to chew it all without the tip and than spitting out the seeds, it was not irritant, or only mildly). The rosehipis have to be after first frosts, that is the point!
We have tried it today for the very first time (28yo) and it was worth of trying!
What is more, I think it was in the times of WW II, when rosehips was recognized and recommended in the former Nazi Germany as a great cure. Give it a try! Greetings from Slovakia (where rosehips are ubiquitous :) as well as in other parts of world )

Pearl Sanborn

Can you eat all rosehips or only a certain variety?

Sandy Wieringa

I've been going about this all wrong! Thank you for the great tip!

Marie Morris

Thank you so much !!! I appreciate this............Thanks

Steve Day

The schoolboy in me is screaming out "it's a zip" ????

David James

@1:30 ho Dr. pimple popper got her inspiration

Simon Goldstein

Beautiful thanks

Wayne Warmack

Very charming lady! I wish we had this variety of rose growing here in the southern USA.


A great little informative video, thankyou!

hazel lucks

Must be better than boiling to preserve the vitamins ? I have planted hundreds of these shrubs on my campsite . I will be having a taste . Thank you .

Bilbo Bagshot


Klaus Sperger


John Smith

You seem such a nice person!


Thanks for this

I was always told as a you gather that rose buds were poisonous ??‍♂️

Free food in my garden

Vokun Ether

I've had a rose hip bush in my back yard for probably 2 years now and I had no idea they were edible. Right now it's August and their big and orange. I'm going to wait til they ripen more and until they turn a nice red. I've never tried rose hip before so I'm super excited to eat it and make tea out of it.

Dave d

Just had my first one very tasty thanks ?

Harrison Mac

It looks like you're squeezing pimples and eating the stuff that comes out.

Techie Fan

It's said prior to modern medicine, Rose Hips were used for medicinal purposes, but has kind of been forgotten about. They should be studied more.. Their extremely high Vitamin C potency may be key. It was also said it could cure rabbies or mad dog bites due to it's potent healing abilities. We should put more research in more organic methods instead of relying on harmful drugs. I also think drinking Aloe Vera gel with its vitamins intact should also be studied more due to extremely high vitamin C content, antriviral, antimicrobial, antibacterial properties.

Hanna's Garden


Maggie M

That looks so amazing!! I had no idea they looked like that or were squishy.

I've been very interested in buying rose plants to plant in my kitchen garden, with the interest of using them in cooking. (Nyponsoppa, etc.)

Does anyone know where I might get some plants that have good sized rose hips? I've searched far and wide over a lot of nursery sites and all of them say they have them and then tell me they can't order the plants anymore when I try to put an order in.

Mister Fister

She sounds like my art teacher!
A very nice and kind lady, and really enjoyed me visiting her to go berry picking, draw, or watch movies! And even went out fishing with her and taught me some very cool tips about fishing, drawing, baking banana bread, and even taught me about life’s lessons too! Gosh I miss her a lot, haven’t seen her in years (she’s still alive, just across the world where she was born and raised)

Rose hip

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How to eat Rose Hips - Important Tip

53 559 views | 31 Oct. 2012

Some of you may not know

Some of you may not know that you can eat rose hips but you can, after taking out the seeds and making sure that those tiny hairs like glass fibers have been removed otherwise you will get a sore throat for a week or two! But don't let that put you off as the flavor is great, sweet and fruity and you can't miss them now in the hedge, full of vitamins as well! Please join me on Facebook and subscribe to these two channels:




Thanks for watching and please leave a like, a comment, favorite this video and be sure to subscribe!

Draven Romero

All that Vitamin C and you are still sick lol

John Lamb

I thought you had to cook them

Andrew Lockwood

Useful trick to know, in case I try to eat some rose hips in the future - and it looks like I've found some.

Marie Koran

Funny everyone says the hairs are so irritating. I eat them right off the plant without preparation, seeds and all (which some people also say are inedible - cyanide). Research actually says cyanide from seeds can actually be good for you and I believe I have read it's used as a cancer treatment, can't remember specifically, look it up if you're interested. So, the rose hip hairs... Anyone ever had a problem with them? What's it feel like, stomach or mouth irritation? I don't know I've ever eaten more than 5 hips in one sitting since they're seedy.

laura boyd pendleton

good to know about the hairs, thanks for the information :)

Parvez Akhtar

I see these down the canal, u can make nice jam,



Paul Smith

thanks i would like to try this free food, what are the health benifits apart from getting the exercise going to pick them

Elane Horhi

Why can't we eat the seeds?  I have iceberg rose bushes in my patio, can I eat its hip ?  Thank you.


Please do share the recipe for Hagguebutte!  Great video.  


nice video, Can you eat any type rose hip?


Hey, Huw, cool vid! As a young child, I remember picking rose-hips with my mother, drying them, jarring them, and using them in a sweet rosy tea during the Winter. I've always had a certain nostalgia for rose-hips. I love seeing them covering the wild roses around here.

polygamous1 Sozou

Great advice thanks can u do this with only the scented roses or are they all good to eat cheers

Krys Call

Thanks for your extremely helpful tip that i did not find anywhere else. you saved me from a sore throat and a mistake in a manuscript. looking forward to learning more from you.


Shalom! Thank you very much for sharing with us the proper way to harvest, clean and eat rose hips.

Becky K

I just throw them in a smoothie, hair, seeds and all. No problems here.


Blow your nose!

Ramadan Bekirov

Can we eat the seeds too? for maximum benefits

L Heise

How do birds eat them if they have the sharp fibers? Can you take them from any climbing rose, and will different varieties have different flavours, like apple trees? I wonder how much vitamin c is in one rose hip? More than on orange? Thanks for the video! ?

Summer is on Thursday

Oh ?


might give that a try next year it's too close to winter now they have turned mushy :/ now I have heard of making tea with rose hips or a jelly but not eating as is. interesting thanks for sharing.

Cj & Lindsey Land


Huw Richards

Yeah they are pretty good for that :)

Perry Platypus

first time that i made rosehip jam the recipe never told me that there where hairs... my body itched al over after seeking the internet i learned they make itching powder out of rosehip-hairs!

Labourer Plop

i have a rosehip tree but is is rock hard, confused


Okay, gonna give that a try! Thanks! :)


You can eat the seeds its natural.. Synthetic cyanide is the dangerous one we ate these growing up, along with apricot seeds, apple seeds you name it in my whole town and no 1 ever got sick or died. Its a myth created by big pharma because these seeds kill cancer cells. No profit for the pharmaceutical companies if everyone gets cured.

Cathy Lewis

Super helpful thankyou so much :-D do you need to remove the hairs if making rosehip syrup?