Rf device

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Home RF Device Radiofrequency Skin Tightening - 2020 | Results Update, Before & After + Tutorial

7 264 views | 22 Feb. 2020

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Hello Beautiful People!

Here is my 9-month Review since I started using my DIY Radio Frequency Device from Amazon. In today's video, I show you my results and provide an updated guide of how to use an at-home RF skin tightening machine. The device uses bipolar radiofrequency to tighten the skin and increase collagen production. It tightens the neck at home, keeps eye wide open and helps get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Is it a miracle worker? No. Does it work? Absolutely!

At home RF devices are a great way to get youthful skin and turn back the clock on mature skin. Mine is just a generic unit. I am NOT affiliated with the manufacturer in any way, nor are there any paid promotions or sponsorships.

Everything I include in this video I purchased myself. I do real reviews to help you avoid wasting your money, which happens to me all the time.


My other RF Skin Tightening Device Tutorials

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RF Half Face Test - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2u_zDrNO3s

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Plasma Fibroblast Tutorials and Before & After

Full Face Fibroblast - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQxwomgnTPk


Microneedling Tutorials & Before and After

RF Micronnedling Eyes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NsHPhkk5tto

Microneedling Mistakes to Avoid - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxyTY0Q_ahw

Dermapen Microneedling Tutorial - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1x0_iU8zQ4


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First thanks for all the informations!
I would like to know how often you use the RF? and over how long a period.

I’ve just bought one and tried it for the first time, my face got really red. Think I used it for too long on the areas or the level was too high to begin with.
Is it in general 2 to 4 min on each area of the neck and face? And as a beginner should I stay on level 2 or 3 for a while? Best Wang and thanks.

via Klave

Thank you for your wonderful videos. It helped me so much to make the decision to buy this machine. I’m so looking forward to combining microcurrent facial with rf . I hope you are enjoying keto. I have been on keto diet for 1 and half year. Love it. Good luck ☺️

first last

How often do you do it?

damini qazi

Your progress looks great. So if you keep moving in circular motions you will not lose fat in that area? Only if you keep it focused on an area you lose fat there? I ask because I want to start using this device but I don’t want to lose fat in my cheeks, I want to improve nasolabial folds. And improve jawline.

Sheila D

I just bought this device. Can it work for arms where the fat hang? By the way your face look great, i can't wait to start using it.

aaa aaa

Great video ?
Would organic coconut oil work the same as gel?

Leah Robel

is this safe to use when you have braces? please take time to reply.

Grace LI

Wow very nice can wait to Try mine also ?

miu miu

The snaps realy distrube me a lot..is There a way to avoid?


Thanks for making a realistic video showcasing these machines. subscribed your channel yet, Looking forward to seeing more. #mychway


Hey has this helped lose fat under the chin and chisel the jawline?


Hey so if I wanted more sculpted cheekbones how should I use this machine?


Using a Retin A cream makes no sense during treatment at all . You’re adding to irritation and wasting the benefits of a Retinoid product all together

Alicia Quintanilla

Hi mine doesnt warm up im i doing something wrong please help

via Klave

Thank you for your wonderful videos. It helped me so much to make the decision to buy this machine. I’m so looking forward to combining microcurrent facial with rf . I hope you are enjoying keto. I have been on keto diet for 1 and half year. Love it. Good luck ☺️

gillian lee

What setting did you put on for the jaw area when you first started and how did you titrations up to the current setting that you use?


Where can I get this RF device in America please help

Roberta Reid

Hi TJ, I saw your latest video and you no longer have any forehead lines. How did you get rid of them?

Robert Brandon

Hello dear friend and greetings from the United States I absolutely adore you're cheeky comments I'm using this wonderful machine received the Rio EMS stimulator and of course z Cairo RF frequency machines I have only been using this since the end of January I used the Rio four or five times a week and then every 12 to 14 days use the RF frequency machine it has done wonders for my skin I have noticed that the skin indeed is pulling up I do have the pelican note where I concentrate for burning fat under the chin and jawline and believe it or not it is for I am very disciplined with this look at it this way is Cher can turn back time I'm going to be doing the same I am currently using the CVS brand aloe vera which is clear Banana Boat is great but it does have alcohol pure aloe gel discount but it seems to be working for you and I am thrilled cheers mate with this coronavirus wrecking havoc all over the world we are all self self quarantining your skin but when you started it last year is amazing I use my device every two weeks and then we'll do a spot check on did the Joline and under the chin it is indeed working I have been to London many times in my life and I love your bright whipped cheeky which I simply adore may you please be safe social distancing very important use your gloves when going out and wipe them down when you come home door knobs door handles and put them in the trash re sanitize and put another pair of gloves if you decide to go out another helpful hint if you do have to go out and then what I do is I peeled the gloves off and put them inside of each other and put them in the garbage we all must come together at this point during the serious time stay safe my friend and again thank you for your wonderful videos chairs made from the United States Robert

Alisa Carrillo-Mohamed

What creams and gels do you use, and is it supposed to shock you?

Michael Christopher

Informative video thank you. 1) I use prescription Retin-a (tretenoin) 0.1%. Would you still use it prior to treatment of you were using the same 0.1% strength? . 2) I’m just starting out, can I start treatment weekly or stick with every 4 weeks? Your feedback would be appreciated.

Frank Ritchie

I just got mine today....do you have a video where a first time user can just follow your lead ? Thanks a bunch you are awsome


Thanks live best review on and rf device... How often did you use live i missed that

Sharon Benson

Hi, I've just purchased this because of the great results you've had, can't wait to use it however adapter is not for UK use, it's a round prong with 2 straight edges, can you shed any light on what I need, thanks xxx

La vérité est ailleurs

Thanks ?

virginia izar

I thought you posted the most honest reviews! What’s the name or brand (rf) you’re using ? I want to sure I’m buying the same one. Thank you my dear !!! More power to you ! Approx how much does ur cost you ? Thank you !! You’re the best

Anne Marie D'Arcy

How often are you using it? Once a month?

Angela Zeppetelli-Ali

Will it help with crepiness under the eye? Your face looks amazing and it looks taut. Thanks for sharing

Hannah Taylor

I was just curious about purchasing this for body, so thank you for reviewing!! Are the shocks bad when they happen, and if so does it happen often? Also during use do you hear the high pitched noise when it is against your skin like you typically do with an in salon cavitation device?

Sue Oconnell

Hi , hope this finds you well . ? You keep mentioning how you can control fat loss with this machine ?
So how does that work then please ? Many thanks ❣️


How often do you use this device per month? How long do you hold the attachment in each area on the face?


Hey guys, If you want to find this exact RF skin tightening machine used in this video; you can find the link on my website - https://tjtutorials.com/products-i-use/

Goh Cher

Hello there is it possible you summarise the steps for all of us the timing and power used on each part of your face . And all the creams and oilments you have used ? Thank you!?☺️

Roberta Reid

Thank you for this informative video. Wow! that's great what it has done for your face.

miu miu

Thank you ? great results
Can you share a link to your retin a?


Looking for the products I use? I've pulled them all into one easy to browse place on my influencer pages. Find them all at -
Amazon USA - www.amazon.com/shop/tjtutorials
Amazon UK - www.amazon.co.uk/shop/tjtutorials

Elizabeth Dickerson

Thanks so much for this video. I have been so curious about this device

Rf device

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NEWA RF Device 30 Day Review & Demo

7 673 views | 2 Jul. 2020


#aginggracefully #matureskin #skindevices

Aloha Friends!

In this video I demo, and give you my Thoughts on the Newa at home RF device.

Katie’s Video


Newa use Code ALOHA10 to save 10%


FTC: this is not a sponsored video, I purchased the NEWA, and all opinions are my own.

Discounts and links

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NEWA use code ALOHA10 to save 10%


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My info:Email [email protected] Come follow me on Instagram too:https://www.instagram.com/alohajennsbeautyblog


I wouldnt use RF on my face, it kills fat cells. I want a plump look! But to each their own! https://essencelaser.com/how-does-radio-frequency-kill-fat-cells/


it would be great to have a vid on incorporating microcurrent, led and RF.

barbie ken

HiJen. Ive been using NEWA for 2 weeks and my face looks thinIm afraid Im losing facial fat. I hecked theor website and they didnt mention anything and I emailed NEWA , they dont reply.Do yoi have info if this is causing facila fat loss?

Sarah Hagen

I may have to give this device a try. But, I’ll hold off a bit, as I just ordered the Myolift yesterday ??

Inq Sheen

Hi Jenn, can you please do a video on the differences between myolift and this device? Thank you in advance.

Atour S

Thank you for the demo and review. What would you recommend for someone who is not in the range for this device due to hyperpigmentation. What would be ONE device you would recommend for someone who does not use any now! Something on the affordable side? ??

l k

Thank you for such a detailed and thorough video. It was very difficult to hear what you were saying when the music was so loud.

Ann Porter

I wondering what your age is ? You look amazing ! Thank you for sharing. I did purchase the devise after seeming your video. I also want the myolift.

Thalia Aceves

Hey love i have a question i saw that you tried the nuface, did you like it? Or you think the myolift is more effective

Jenni Crow

Have you tried any ultrasound with LED devices?

The Anthony Family

Do you know the exact celsius temp it heats skin up to?

Guylaine Aragona

What devices cause volume loss?


You mentioned they suggest you start with level 2. How many levels are there?

Lanna Mullens

Hi, Just found your video while researching this device! I've been seeing some results from botox around my eye area, so just wondering if this counteracts or affects the botox in the skin? I remember hearing that we shouldn't micro-needle for a couple weeks after botox, so just wondering if this is the same? Headed over to look at you tension release video, now!

Gg Fla

Rf causes fat loss .How to avoid it ?


Hi Jenn!! Thanks for sharing. I've been debating getting the Myolift for some time now. I've put it off because I simply don't know if I'll actually be able to do it. It's seems quite cumbersome and time consuming. I have 3 young kids and not a lot of time, lol. This device seems a little more reasonable, especially with the cordless option. I just turned 41 and I'm noticing laxity of my skin, around my mouth....very similar to what you described. I'm also noticing volume loss in my face. I just stared taking the Osmosis Restore so I'm hoping that will help! If I could only get one device, between the Newa and Myolift, what would you recommend?


Both demo and results


Thanks for the in depth review. I just got my Newa and used it today. I am not prone to pigmentation but got some red dots on my jaw and near my mouth after the treatment. I wonder it that is normal.

Gg Fla

Hello.Could I use water or aloe vera instead if the gel it comes with?

daphne liew

Thank you for this in depth review jen! Would love it if you can try the latest tripollar x. It's an rf device as well and looks just as tempting.

megan jolie

I got mine and I used like once a week and I c a bit of results imagine using every day lol

jeannine kim

Hi Jenn! Love your videos, as always thank you for sharing all of your great ‘clean’ info. As a highly sensitive redhead, I sooo appreciate that!! Was curious if using this NEWA will disrupt the 2week collagen cycle that happens when we do Dr Pen .50 cosmetic needling? I wouldn’t want to over do it...and I have both tools. Any insight? Thank you again!! ?✨?

Emma Kate Dawson

I am starting to see skin laxity and the start of jowls. I also have fine lines what would you recommend? Xx

barbie ken

Is NEWA contraindicated when you use OTC retinold creams?

Brazilian Girl Channel

Hi Jenn, Great video as always :) I was waiting to see your thought on it. As soon as I'm done testing the current beauty gadgets I'm seriously considering getting the NEWA next. Seems really amazing! Thanks for giving your honest thoughts. On another note...I love your blush on this video. What is the color and brand of the blush?. It's gorgeous...xoxo

Kelly Ludwin

Nice. I bet that would help my skin that's gotten looser from my diet. Lost 47lbs so far and the skin issue and finding ways of combating it is what got me into skincare. Developing a little loose skin under my chin like the beginnings of a turkey neck. Have a Myolift mini and have been using it for about a month. I'm a late-starter at age 53 but I've learned so much from watching your videos and others including Kate the Organic Esthetician. Also, what do you think about the Nira? (for crow's feet)?

Rosa V. Nieves

Great video!!! I bought the NEWA more than 3 years ago. I stopped using it after I read causes volume loss. I really dislike the fragance on the gel. This gel is very expensive too. Did not know they have for sensitive skin.

Christine F.

Your skin looks beautiful. How do you incorporate the Myolift? Thanks Jenn?
Is it an absolute no on the tretinoin?

Jennifer Sirris

I have moles on my face. Not raised but they are brown. Is that something to avoid with the newa?


Great vid!! Oh but ridiculous you have to use their gel! I only use pure aloe vera never any breakouts or issues and cheap. Oh well and I was going to but one:(

Bridie Macdonald

just got it - the fragrance is terrible - excited to see that there is better options. You look great!


Can you use this device on lip lines above and below lips? Can you use it on the 11s?

Rf device

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DISCLAIMER: This video is NOT intended to provide diagnosis, treatment or medical advice. Content provided on this YouTube channel is for informational and entertainment purposes only. Please consult with a physician or other healthcare professional regarding any medical or skin related diagnosis or treatment options. Information on this YouTube channel should not considered as a substitute for advice from a healthcare/ skincare professional. The statements made about specific products throughout this video are not to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. It is important that you check the labels to determine if a product is right for you. Before starting any Treatment at home, consult a health care or skin care professional to determine if it’s right for you.

#nebulyft #RF #firmskin

Jette Liebig

OMG!!! Your hair looks amazing❣️


It looks great to try, but for me, it's way too expensive even with the discount. I'm glad it works for that money. It looks like it helps with circulation. :) Also, I like your new hairstyle. You remind me a bit of Lana del Rey. Take care. ~debbie from Ohio born 1971

Jesika N

Whoa ? new look I love it you look younger


Jen I’ve been traveling and got back home to find your hair has been chopped, and is platinum violet! It looks stunning!!!! You legitimately look 35.

Tanya Flynn

Thank you for this review! I'm interested in this. I love my myolift...but I know it's different.
You look amazing Jen! Xo

Jennifer Smith

Can you use it if you have botox? I have read conflicting reports about this.

Pretty Over Fifty

Wonderful video my friend! Definitely going to look into this device. Again, you look fabulous in your 'new do'!

Jenni Crow

How do you think it compares to the NEWA?

Korie Shaw

Oh wow! That seems awesome! I'll need a second job for all these DIY devices lol


That hair is AMAZING!!! U look fabulous ? xx

Tamara’s Timeless Beauty

Yay!! 22K! Between that and your amazing new hair...you are on fire ??❤️

x tian

At 42C you can only expect collagen remodeling - which is not bad anyway. For skin tightening the device must reach 55C

Niels Bandit

I can think of a con: it is totally overpriced

Ana Smith

How is this different from the NEWA?

Brigitte Brie

Because it is quiet expensive could you make an update as you mentioned ????

Fay Strachan

I am currently going through breast cancer treatment, had the surgery, got the drugs and yesterday had my “tattoos” for my radiation treatment. Your channel was on my recommended list and I have to say I just love it. I binge watched right into the wee hours. I’m in Scotland in the UK. I need inspiration and change and you have just inspired me to get that hair, skin and all round good feel factor going. Thank you! I have now subscribed and look forward to all your new videos ??☺️

don whildin

In your profile are those all the skin devices you use and work ? or do you have another list of all the skincare devices you like and use - the ones that work. thanks, Laura - Im making a list of everything I want to buy lol

Mimi E

Hi Jen- Can we use aloe Vera gel with it? I just ordered mine❤️

nagy captan

i like your hair color and cut

Deborah Hope

LURVE your hair Jen, it suits you and makes you look 10yrs younger! Even more beautiful now ??❤️


Hi Jennifer. Just wanted to update you on the nebulyft issue I had with charging. One of the reps from the company has emailed me, facetimed me and has asked me to save her personal number to reach out to her with questions. The device is charging just fine, but she has continued to help me and address my skincare issues on her own time. This is an amazing device. This is an amazing company I will share pictures soon. It's DEFINITELY working and it's only about a week-in that I am consistently using it.

Pamela Dante

Jen, wow ? seriously you look so young! You are Rocking this hair girl! I love it! What do you think about this device vs the TMP? Thanks for sharing! ❤️?


The hair!!! Unbelievable! I love it! I definitely am one of those women who has issues with cutting my hair but you have given me some confidence.
I was wondering if you can see some immediate changes with this device, like the small but noticiable lift with the Myolift?

Ms Nzbody

I wish you would do some treatments only on one side, so we can notice if there is a REAL difference. Maybe its the scientist in me. Need to have a "control"' Ive thought of doing my entire left hand with its thin skin in cogs. Then repeat in a month and see if eventually I can tell the difference compared to my right hand. Thats the kind of evidence I like. The rest is just subjective and lots of it is just swelling that makes us look better. But I love your channel. Thanks to you I do my own fillers and innotox so Yay.

Jolina Haz

Very impressed with your great new looks! And the nails in this video assorted as well! Almost like a new person, but luckily, its you! Highly interesting device, i will for sure look out to a future update, i was hesitating to buy the Newa, now this comes on horizon... Followed your advice and bought a dental brushing device + charcoal paste. Result almost professional! I keep love watching etc. your videos, many changes in my life thanks to your work, kiss from Holland

Mary Abraham

Thank you so much for sharing that I was looking for something at home to tighten the loose skin ..but the only problem is it’s kind expensive and it’s not enough days to try it ..I wish it was like a month or two that way you would know if it’s working or not.. so for me I don’t think it’s worth it.

Debbie Russino

This does seem like a very cool device but I just bought a Microcurrent LED machine from Lux lip lab so I'm going to see what results I get from that. By the way, your hair looks fabulous but again, I was holding my breath with all the bleach. I used the same product last year when I went from bright red to highlights with a brown base. As soon as I got all the red out, I hated it and changed it right back. Haha! I am a crazy hairdresser as well.....great job!!

Tabatha Tammaro

Do you know if Retin-A use is contraindicated for this device? I was told by the other popular “fast moving” RF device on the market not to use their device bc I use Retin-A. But I’m really hoping to find RF I can use with it. Thanks for the product demo & you look GREAT with the new hair. Be well.

Mallory Joiner

No way I could afford this, so I’m a jelly bean! ?. I do have an RF device I like a lot, but it’s not something I could use every day. Definitely not! If I could afford this, I’d probably get one, though! It looks super cool!
Still LOVING the purple hair btw. Love the silver blonde too, but the purple is SO so cool! ?

Sirbuddrick Tornow

Love RF

gina rose

Seriously working. Tightening up my skin for sure and using consistently for almost 2 weeks.

Cynthia Armstrong

Love your hair. Does this replace Myolift?

Donna Bowman

Do you have to also buy the serum that's $89.00 US dollars too?

Sharon S.

Hello, great review! do you prefer this over NEWA?

L Ahlm

TFS. Great info. Take care.

Ivona Glinski

Beautiful hair!!!!

DeNora Kuschel

Great video, looking forward to your future comments on this device. Have a great day

Reese Pup

Does this RF device remove fat from the face? I have heard this.

Go go

Do the blue setting lights stay blue while using the device?

ifyouknow youknow

Does this melt filler

Jai Eesse

OMG woman you are rocking that lilac, so glad you didn’t do the just grey look, it’s working with your skin tone , amazing ?

unlikely critic

Would this replace the Myolift Mini?


Your hair looks so Fabulous! How do you feel about this device compared to the Newa device?

Sarah Davis

You look like Julia Roberts with that haircut

Myranda Brown

How about a head to head with the Newa. One half of your face with this and the other half with Newa, for like six weeks.

Dawn Griffiths

Bet it's not available in the UK? ?
Still can't get over how amazing you look with you new hair, definitely 10 yrs younger! X

Niamh Byrne

looks good, you look glowing x

Leah Tequila

I currently use the “Tripollar stop X” it’s supposed to have three different radio frequencies if I’m not mistaken. Have you heard of it ? If so what are your thoughts on this device ?

Marie Dixon

HI Jen. Love love love the ahir. Am about to dive into RF. How does this compare to the NEWA? Do you prefer?

Amor alavida

Hello This is really expensive before I even consider purchasing this
Do you really think is worth buying it?
Am in my 5O's and have pretty good skin.
I do trust your advice.
I have try & purchase many things on your recommendation and very please with them.
Can you please tell me if you had a choice what would be the 2 skin devices you would recommend.
I can't afford to purchase all these devices that come out but I am willing to spend the money for perhaps 2 devices if it does what it say it does and if the device continue to work over time.
I like to keep my skin looking healthy and help with toning & brighting, pigmentation.
I have no problem with my age I just like to look the best that' I can and if a device helps and its worth the money.
I be willing to purchase.
Thank you for all the reviews..?

Susan Yakus

So can you use this in conjunction with the Myolift Mini, or is it too much? Thanks!


Seriously... If they can take of the price 50 %, that mean 499 dollars is a lie value. So, this brand lies to us. Enough please of liar ! Who can we trust at that time ! Amazing !

Christine Mack

Jen, I'm intrigued and so need tightening. That was very informative, thank you!

Ms Renee

Please save the music next time but thank you for the video


I am a Licensed Master Esthetician for over 20 years. I used it for over 6 months now. The gel, which is suppose to be organic and the only one the company says can be used with their device, has caused enlarged pores, excessive whiteheads and caused skin irritations on myself and my fellow estheticians. Please tell me there is another gel that can be used with this product. Customer Service will not recommend another product.


Hi Jennifer, im a bit concerned about RF causing fat loss, newa grantees that it doesn't cause fat loss but I fall on fitzpatric 5 so dont want to invest in that machine as its not for me. Do you know if nebulyft cases fat loss?

Jennifer Joyce Beauty

*Nebulyft RF https://nebulyft.com?sca_ref=404793.RDQmQsmU0x (code NEBUJEN for $50 off) (affiliate link)
GUYS!! I got us a $50 off not $30-- whoohoo! hope this helps defer the cost a bit
PS! I pre film and have been using this OVER a month now??

Theresa Jopson

Neat Device but unfortunately they of course only recommend their treatment gel which has lavender in it. I hope they are reading reviews because fragrance and lavender are troublesome to many. That will be a huge deterrent. If they want to make it so everyone can use it they need to correct this.

Liz Bishton

Got mine! Using for the first time tonight!!

Kyla Schaff

Do you think its better than a myolift?

Paula Cutrell

Oh my gosh where do you have time for all devices

Paulette Richards

Love your hair !!

Ann Hershey

Hi Jennifer, Can you use this on other areas of your body?


I’ll need to do a more research on this device. I’m in the market for one but there are so many products out there that promise to do similar things.
I’m not fan of the hair color but I love you and all the info you share.

Lori fri**

Omg I love your hair!!! And the length so flattering. I’m a hairdresser too ?

Myranda Brown

$500 ?


I would like to see you after a 8 weeks use and to see if you look 10 years younger

Heather Hernandez

Interested in your progress


You really look incredible. Man, so many devices. I found this one, but other than the reviews and before and after photos on the site (which are incredible) I can't find any information. I don't trust reviews from a company's website. https://www.skintificbeauty.com/products/copy-of-skintific™-advanced-led-therapy-light Curious if you know anything. It's expensive but if something works, I'm okay with the cost.

Sarah England

Hi, could I use this the same day as my Audro LED Mask and Foreo Bear?


Thank you, Jennifer for your honest review on the Nebulyft device! We are happy to know you like our device. 
We also thank everyone who watched this video. We provide a discount $50 OFF using the code NEBUJEN on our website: https://nebulyft.com/products/nebulyft-r1 Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Nebulyft.

l j

how do you think this compares to the newa? I was about to buy the newa but keep seeing these other RF devices and don't understand the differences.

Gloria Chace

I have a question about RF vs microcurrent. Is one better than the other? Also one concern I have is that I hear that one of these protocols can reduce fat in the face. Oh no!!! Don’t want that! Have you heard of fat loss as a result of using one of these protocols? Hoping this new device is our holy grail! ?
And I’m loving your new look!
Hate that all the photos I can find on the nebulyft show teens and twenty somethings using it. Come on. Get real.

Steffi P

Is this any different than the Newa which is RF

Donna Albanese

Your new hairstyle looks so attractive on you.

Chantal Sowada

I get this done at my beautician & when i buy them on special it cost me $50 a pop & I do them often? this could actually end up saving me money? FYI. your hair looks fabulous ?

Sheila Ann Striga

Jenn will this unit ship to Canada? Are you seeing results? I’m wanting to see real before and after results for 40 -50 year olds ,,not the young models they show on the website that Don’t need skin tightening,,lol,,give me a break,,by the way your hair does age you in reverse!..good job!

Stella Berling

Your hair is adorable. Can you come to Idaho and cut my hair like that. It is gray.

gina rose

Hi Jenn. I know I have to wait for at least a week after medical micro needling, before I use the nebulyft. What about if I cosmetic needle? I'd like to cosmetic medical at no more than .50, but I hate having to wait a week. Can I use the nebulyft right away or the next day? I'm assuming I don't need to wait if I nano needle. Correct? Thank you!

Gloria Chace

What is the beautiful song playing while you use this device?

Samantha Levinson

nice I had RFAL and fractora in 2017, my skin went from a ton of sun spots wrinkles and sag, to a tighter brighter face. My neck didnt see improvement. anyways, will look into this. thanks Jen

Susan Yakus

I see they are going to have a newer device that has 512 points on it. I suppose I should wait?

Deedee Smith

Thank you for review . It cracks me up that the ads for these type of devices show very young girls using it instead of mature women like us.?it looks interesting but I have just bought the tripolar x for radio frequency. I love my NuFACE and led mask. I keep increasing my arsenal!!?

B Live

you're hair looks SO GOOD

Vanessa Briggs

I’m waiting for mine to arrive and n the mail any day, I can’t wait to use. I do have a question......how can I use this with my NuFACE? Can I use both at the same time so I can get the most from the gel? If so which one should I use first or does it matter? And finally if I can’t use together what is the best routine to use both of there devices??
Thank you so very much ? I really enjoy your videos and all the info you share with us.

Marlene Harden

It looks great but I did message them just to ask about the chest and throat area! Just to make sure it will not enter fair w/my new pacemaker and defibrillator its hereditary...I have had it since I was 32yrs old but never had so much products come out for your face body so who new it was going to be a challenge...thank you my sweet FRIEND...XOXO for sharing..???

Teresa K

Omg!! You look so good with that hair cut and color. Just found your channel—watching all the Tca peels videos when your hair was red. You look 15 years younger with your short and lighter hair color.


I have melasma and even if I am told that it is not going to affect it, I prefer not to risk it. But it looks like a very cool device! It is very pricey but if it really does what is says it is a good price! Thank you for your review! ???


Can this be used if you have Botox?


Omg you look 20 years younger not 10!! Gorgeous!!!???❤️❤️❤️


Nice, but I care only about results. For this price, what exactly does it offer extra comparing to the competitors?

Karen W

I watched you cut your hair! It looks amazing! The red was too harsh after seeing it this color.


I think that must be feeling very nice... 42 degrees!! nice before sleeping ...???

Sweety Pie

You look like youre in your 30's OMG!

Anna Mota

Wow, loving your hair!! You look gorgeous. Nice device but a bit too pricey for me here in Canada. The exchange rate is bad.


Hi, how do you compare this to silk'n titan, by the way you look gorgeous and your hair wow!


I was going to buy the NEWA, but was very disappointed to realize they don't ship to Canada! What do you think of the Nebulyft vs. the NEWA?

Charles David Robertson

Hi Jen. Nancy here. The Nebulyft looks interesting. But I already have the Newa (bought used on ebay for $100), so I'll take a pass. What do you think of Lux Lip Lab's new $465 cavitation (ultrasound/rf/led) machine for the body and face? It's supposed to melt fat and tighten skin. I was told Bikini Iron Fitness will review it in a month or so.

gillian lee

Radio frequency can dissolve fat so I’m surprised you can use it every day. I have an RF machine that says once a month or every 2 weeks if the user wants to reduce double chin. Having said that I love my RF machine. I use glycerine for conducting but aloe Vera works just as well. I like what you did with your hair BTW.

Samia Mim

You look really beautiful in rosy silver hair...??