Skin tone color codes

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Fix Skin Tone with Color Pick in Photoshop

2 278 views | 14 Jul. 2020

►Fix Skin Tone with Color

►Fix Skin Tone with Color Pick in Photoshop

This Video Teaches Anyone how to use PHOTOSHOP Software to Design making use of all common and most used tools on the toolbar. At the End, you will Love what you see..

►Photoshop CC 2019 Software FREE DOWNLOAD HERE: https://bit.ly/2ZS5UZ6

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►Nik Software Color Efex Pro 4: ► http://www.mediafire.com/file/rmusmjg2et2vyub/nikcollection-full-1.2.11.exe/file


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Nathan Aibur

Cool tutorial mam, gagawin ko din ito, napakalaking tulong.

Edgar Bernaldo's Music

Thank you for sharing this skills on photoshop how to fix skin tone with color, i like your video.

Viral Miles TV

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Joselito De Leon

Love it

Letz tv91

Kaps dumikit na po ko..

Skin tone color codes

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11 832 views | 12 Apr. 2020

Purchase in the link in

Purchase in the link in the description box.


Yolanda Warren

How do I install them in procreate

Naveed Ramish

First Coment ❤️❤️

Sean Matson Baseball

I didn’t get anything after I bought it.

Alaa Abuseif

Good man

Sarjana Visual


Hello bro. let's go to the you tube channel I'll discuss the design too. thanks. creative greetings

Mohammed Azeez

Bro. I purchased your skin tones color swatches yesterday and still haven't gotten a message on google drive. I've tagged you with my comment under one of your posts on instagram but you didn't say anything about it. Pls help me fix this.


First like bro ? you are the best

Julius Robinson

OH SNAP! Thank you! I needed it for CSP.

Abad Bowbe Tahman

Hi my friend ???

Alethia Samuels

Hey. I purchased the skintones. I downloaded the zip file and saved it in Procreate. When I went to Procreate to open the file it says there are 2 items but it won't open. It acknowledges that there is a zip file but there's nothing there to click on

Humbert G.

Hey bro! I just bought the file but I thought that there would be a video explaining which colors were for highlight, foundation, shadows, as well as for lips etc. Are you planning on releasing it soon?

Troyz Art

Thanks bro, but common at least 30% off for the first 10 comments?

Troyz Art

I'm troyz_art on IG?, Sincerely man you've done a lot just with this


This is lit

strespro ssad

can you do a toturial how to use this shadows ? on real drawing ?


Why B&W vídeo?

Alan Deor

You are the best!! thanks for your work)) Respect from Russia <3
everything is working!

Sean Matson Baseball

I bought it and can't find it? Am I supposed to get an email with the details????

Никита Чернов

Respect from russia, bro!) Im learning ai with you)

Martinho Charo

the best

Male Jude

Have paid the 10 dollars but have not yet got what have paid for. I need help

JWE graphic design

Just supported my boy and purchased the skin tone palette! skin tones were the hardest for me and this just made it easy! thank you so much Chi!


Had to copy the colours manually but you know what TOTALLY WORTH THE PURCHASE you’ve done alot for the culture respect the hustle ?????


I mistakenly deleted your color file i bought,please resend: LARRYMORE MCKENZIE

Deandre Conners

Great video looking forward next video stay safe chiworld

Leonard wilson

After buying your skin tones the download timed out or didn't work please help

Niyi Adeaga

I just purchased the colour pallette but it looks like wen I downloaded it, my illustrator downloaded the colours too dark, what can I do

Ahmed Talaia

Great work from a great tutor ??


Is anybody willing to share the file they purchased with me please <3; help a fellow artists keep creating, but with ease!!!!! let me know please! God bless you all...


I already bought it, thank you very much with this I will improve my illustrations chi!

Mohamed Eltom

What’s your export settings? For Instagram?

Justin Bradley

can you make those swatches for procreate? ??

Cris Guintivano

thank you for the email. really helps me a lot on shading since i'm struggling on it

Jacob Acevedo

Love you for this big dawg! Much appreciated!!

Thuscul π

why is not free ¨

Marina Sanders

Been watching your channel for a minute, just subscribed and purchased the skin tone pack. Got it into illustrator no problem. Thanks man, also love watching your videos!

Abolfazl Mahdavi

Ayyyy sup brotha

Crookz Artwork

one love


Finally the skin tones, thank you a lot man keep it up!

Da Beatgod

hey i just copped the tones.. when do you send them out?

Noven Latigo

Bro I purchased your Color palette last Tuesday and I don't have gotten a message in my Gmail. I hope this reach you bro I don't have a Instagram to contact you. I have my reference number to prove that I buy it. Email me please . [email protected]gmail.com

L Pates 1993

Can I use this for procreate before I purchase.? I don’t use adobe

Johanna Denning

Agh, this is so awesome. I have had the hardest time with skin tones. Thank you!!


Man! You're cool. Learning from you. Respect from Bangladesh ❤️.


Nice, the video is black and white now (btw i didnt steal any color palettes, i respect the hustle)

Troyz Art


Skin tone color codes

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3 EASY skin tone techniques in Photoshop

102 982 views | 2 Sep. 2019

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▶ Check out my gear on Kit: https://kit.co/einfante22

In this video, I cover my color grading process to achieve nice skin tones. I'll show you three different adjustment layers that improve your editing.

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Itzel Torres

Me ha encantado tu canal, super educativo. Gracias por compartirlo.
Estare pendiente de los nuevos videos.

Gheorghe Falcaru

I have found a Gold Mine in your knowledge and ability to easily explain!
I only take landscape photos and have been searching for these color tones for ages!
Now I have finally found home with your movies!
It is perfectly possible to transform your portrait edits into super warm and pleasant landscape images! Love you man!
I did this entirely according to the explanations you give here.
Now I will go and follow yours on instagram also All the best to you! // George

Daniel Echo

Amazing content, super helpful :D

Pramod Editz

This Video Is Awesome

Lena M

Great stuff, and so well explained! Thanks for sharing!

Jonathan Torres

I send you a hello from Colombia you are great Man god bless

Rahma Kareem

I do everything perfectly from skin retouching when it comes to skin color i fuck everything lol. I watch lots of tutorials but I still suck dk what to do, help plz ?.

Tina Strickland

Just what I needed Eli! Thanks!

Van Damm Alvarado

hey there sir eli,, what is your laptop used for editing?


great tutorial but idk about 11:57 looks a bit unnatural to me

James Cason

Man I am still using a 6D and I use a 135 f2 and a 85 1.2 and I wish I had eye auto focus. I miss focus ? sooo much. 1 out of 10. I'm sure MANY of y'all know what I'm talking about.

Jared Silva

i cant seem to get all the color grades. any help

Melinda pham

if anyone is missing the photo toning here are the instructions
Go to Window > Gradients to open the gradients panel.

At the drop down menu (top right) choose "Legacy Gradients"

When you now use gradient map you will see a "legacy gradients" folder in the down arrow list. Click on that and the photo toning presets are there.


Ahuevo, todo el Pedo, carbón. Greetings and thank you for the awesome videos.


hi, i have no photographic toning gradient in my ps, which u used,
where i can get that ?

Veselin Vasilev

Thank you!


Thanks so much


Thank you for this tutorial I will use this in my next topic.

Andres Juarezc

I don’t see the option ( photographic toning) in using photoshop cc 2020

Gaston Shutters

Muy buen video Eli! Grading is an art on. It’s own. Keep it up and subbed. Fotografos y Latinos en ingles en YouTube !


This is a million dollar information. Muchas gracias Todo El Pedo :-)))

Bunarath FoTo

i love your sharing so much thank you ....

Editor Belal

very helpful

Navid Choudhury

Excellent tutorial on color grading Eli! You're getting more comfortable in front of the camera bro

Mark Tellez

Great content Eli! Subbed and followed on IG

Jesse Ngur

Just recently stumbled on this technique and have been experimenting with it on my own and getting great result but this video helped to brush up certain areas. Kudos man!

Marcin Zaremba

Thank you for this video.


Thanks a lot for this tutorial

LGs visuals

waw ...! this is so wonderfully for is a Nice tutorial ever.

Dave Cameron

Good but frustrating tutorial; why didn't you zoom in throughout the video so we can actually see these fine adjustments rather than squinting at the whole picture?

Ivan Reynoso

Soe as encontré tu canal y está genial, no hay canales de ésta calidad en español, as considerado hacer tutoriales en español?

DNS 4K Works

This is a perfect, I tried this and its perfect. This video is AWESOME! Thank you so much for taking the time and making these videos for us Eli Infante.

Fawad Jawaid


FlashedBySanele Makhanya

.. Your colors are alive maaaaaaaaaan LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT! Definitely gonna experiment with the selective color tool to come up with my own approach to color grading

Nazli Ahmed

Hello my dear friend, I have a question about Photoshop, how can I learn Photoshop?

Q liketheletter

Hey Eli,
Do you ever use the skin tone tool in C1 or use photoshop for everything skin?

Tc Valdez

This video is great! Great information. Your presentation is spot on! Love the vids keep them coming. Todo El Pedo!!! Love it!


Thanks Eli, super helpful video and all of the photos are ?. Nice work ????

Gheorghe Falcaru

you are the most simpatico on the youtube a pleasure to follow your knowledge! Bravo!

Robert Leach

This is your best photoshop video yet!! So clear. So helpful. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge. Love your work Eli.

Mark Stenhouse

Learnt a lot here. Thank you.

sandeep katkuri

I wanaa buy new camera which one is best Sony A7iii or nikon Z6?

Sandram Pillay

Thank you for this tutorial. Will be using in my next project.

Pihu Sharma

Thank you so much for this sir love from india ❤️

Dima Romanov

Tell me about FS & DB processing, please

Frimpeezzy Media

I subscribed after watching this. U rock

angel de la osa

Excellent tutorial friend, I really appreciate your work. But could you please talk about your camera settings? I guess they have a lot to do with the overall result. Thanks in advance for your response

Ejike Onwunabonze

✌You Mean Piss Out? ?????

Great tutorial my friend.
I just Subscribed.

Thanks for sharing.

raju asd


Joaquim Gonsalves

Is it just me or does PSHOP 2021 not have the photographic toning option?
UPDATE - Found the correct solution here: https://community.adobe.com/t5/photoshop/photoshop-2020-gradient-map-photo-toning-presets-gone/m-p/10713332?page=1#M274693

Frimpeezzy Media

How did u light up this video.

Martin H


Nuri Ucar

Hallo Bro can you please send me your all your photoshop Gradient thank you verry nice thank you

Da Vlogs

Good tutorial, thanks for share this video.

Rony Dey


Squadboi Tv

I just recently started using selective color after watching your vids, thanks alot very helpful on breaking out of my same old work flow and and adding more depth to my style. thanks



Its Moe

Ur the besssssttttt from ig @unclemoez

Tunji Studio


Giber Maza

Ojalá hicieras un tutorial en español ??

parvez photography

can u plz tell me name of adaptor you use for sigma lenses...
actually i m using adaptor but i get focusing issue

Leemon James

How do you get the skin to start off like that ? The skin starts off looking hi def?

Girl حِجاب

To the point well explained tutorial of selective colour.. Thank you

Juanjo Zárate

Great video with helpful content. Thanks!

Marcin Harkot

incredibly useful video! thanks Eli. keep it doin


Sir pls give more tutorial of adobe Photoshop editing

Abu Talha

Sir may I ask why don't you use carve for skin tone? If you like my question can you please make video on why do you prefer selective color


Hi Eli! I really appreciate you making these videos! Just a question...How do you deal with tan lines...skin discoloration from the sun and different amounts of tanning on different parts of the body? Always problematic. Thank you again for any thoughts on this. Abrazo desde Sud America!

Abanoub Azmi

great job dear

Bartosz Gizot

This is great. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us. I have a question about your setup to record this video. Lens and camera and light? and what focal lenght? Really like the way it looks. Thank you.

Eliot Young

Great work and I cant wait for your workshop in Dallas.

Gabor Webel

Do you have any idea why I don't see the "Photographic Toning" possibility in my PS 21.0.0? I tried to follow your techniques, but I cannot see that under Gradient tool, only change the view...

Nuri Ucar

Dwonload link Bro Gradient Mabs thank you Bro?

Lumlang Pohti

Thank you ???


One of the best photographer

Marcelo Ruiz

thank you very much Eli!!! you really give us "todo el pedo!" a hug to you. from argentina.

Hadi Zavarihe

how can i download raw files are this toturials?

Ashok Newkala

Thank you Anna (Anna means Brother ), this is from south india,
Andhra Pradesh !?!?!?!?!
You really Awesome guy !?!

Ram Gubbala

I don't see same properties window in my Photoshop CC version, 21.0.1, when I created Gradient map layer. I don't see photo toning gradient maps. how do I get those properties or photo toning gradient maps?

KidPro YN

Thank u, perfect!

BAY WAT រៀនថត-រៀនកែរូប

Great tutorial . Thanks for sharing this ♥️ support you from Cambodia ?

Yuri A Jones

This was pretty cool. Thanks Eli.

Adrian Castillo Jimenez

Esta chingon el tutorial vato!!


great explanation eli..


Perrrraaaaaaaa jaaja

Maggy Sæther

Wow, love that info. You are the best! Mucho gracias!!! :)))))))))))))

Ismael Zamorano Oficial

Estaría bien rifado que hicieras algún video explicando en Español, sería de mucha ayuda. Saludos desde México.

Tanuj Singh

2:24 adding yellow "It looks pretty cool"
I looks more 'warm' to me?

Ko Ye

Awsome ........ love it bro ........??????

Alireza S

Hi Eli;
Question: In "selective color" what's the difference between "Relative" & "Absolute"?
Thank you,

Sadman Chowdhury

Subscribed, Thanks. Bangladesh

Steven Means

great video thanks

Alex Dart

Deberías hacer un video #TodoElPedo” en español.

Jono Gonzo

Good video man!
1. We're these photos edited in Lightroom prior to taking them to PS?
2. For future reference, zooming in before you begin editing would be such a big help

Juan Navedo

I love how you reiterated that there is no magic number. There are a lot of amateurs that would purchase presets because of the illusion of a magic fix to their photos. Almost always getting shocked that the preset that was made in blue hour, isn’t working on their photo which was taken in golden hour. Some are even desperate enough to apply the blue hour preset to day time photos...I’m telling ya, I’ve seen some pretty sh!tty content when presets are horribly misused.

There are no magic numbers folks. Presets help but so much unless the photo you took matches the scenario in which the preset was made. Example, Blue Hour preset will work almost 100% perfectly on your blue hour photo.

Emre OZ.

very basic

John OShaughnessy

Great tutorials and fantastic Instagram Account ??????


you r my idol

dian febriansyah

thank you for your tutorial... very help me


good content