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Bello photostable review | Photostable sunscreen gel | best sunscreen for oily acne skin | sun cream

2 695 views | 2 Dec. 2020

Title- Bello Photostable

Title- Bello Photostable sunscreen gel Review.

Hi, I am Chitralekha. Welcome to my channel Beauty Melange.

About and in this video-

1. Bello photostable sunscreen gel Review. Honest non sponsored review.

2. sunscreen benefits for skin.

3. harmful chemicals in sun cream/ sunscreen.

4. oxybenzone.

5. paraben free myth.

6. best sunscreen. sunscreen lotion.

7. sunscreen for oily skin.

8. sunscreen for sensitive skin.acne prone skin sunscreen.

9. sunscreen for dry skin. (photostable is suitable for all skin types).

10. bello photostable sunscreen emulgel. It has a creamy texture.

11. best sunscreen?

12. how to apply sunscreen on face. how to use sunscreen.

13. sunscreen new filters- tinosorb s tinosorb m etc..

14. broad spectrum sunscreen. sunblock cream

15. doctor recommended sunscreen.

thank you for watching........

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thank you.....

#sunscreen #sunscreenforoilyskin #sunscreenfordryskin



Hii..nicely explained ! I have combination skin. Does it feel greasy and shiny? Also what are your thoughts on Reequil ultra matte spf 50 sunscreen and UV doux spf 50 sunscreen?

Harini Uma Muralidharan

Hey thank you! I read that you also recommended photostable gold. It has an ingredient diazolidinyl urea. Can you please confirm if it's safe or not?

Dharshana .c

Is photostable gold sunscreen or organic harvest sunscreen(oily skin )best for oily acne prone skin plz do tell??

Dharshana .c

Suncros vs photostable regular for oily to combination skin
Which one do u suggest for 2- 3hrs of continuous sun exposure with sweat
I want a matte finish sunscreen,min of spf 30,pa+++with water n sweat resistance ??❤

Mrinalendu Banerjee

No doubt, deserves admiration.

Maths Sutapa

Very useful video ❤

shukla vaishali

Can you tell the best sunscreen with best uv protection anti agening benefit whitening skin non sticky no white cast


Very well explained,?? I hv super oily skin, any sunscrren recommendation?

Gc Paul

Very useful as well as scientific information. Awaiting many more such information.

রূপবাণী yt

আমি ভাবছি এটাই কিনবো


Awsome information
Good work. Keep yourself genuine informer always..

Samadriti Paul

Nice video ❤

Mohana Sengupta

Very nice video

R Swetha

Very very useful video !!! Any gel based sunscreen recommendation? .btw ..u r looking too cute

Maths Sutapa

It's a very useful video.

Kalyani Paul

Useful video

vampire 20x

I hv oily skin...can i use this?

Munmun Das

This video is so useful. And I too think photostable sunscreen needs a lot attention.

Tinosorb m

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Hyperpigmentation Terminator

6 337 views | 18 Aug. 2019

Hyperpigmentation is

Hyperpigmentation is arduous to treat. If you seek the help of a dermatologist the gold standard treatment is hydroquinone and tretinoin. Not everybody can afford it and tolerate it. On today’s video, I show you how you can use over the counter skincare to treat hyperpigmentation. Be patient, consistent and don’t forget your sunscreen. I have linked down below videos where I reviewed some of the products in this routine. If you want the written routine read my blog post ?.

?? SUBSCRIBE ⎪https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCa31UDhhwVgtL30tzMHR5HQ

✍️My blog post ⎪ http://cyrillelaurent.com/2019/08/27/how-to-treat-brown-spots-hyperpigmentation-terminator/

? My last video⎪https://youtu.be/QXbiIbwkrLk

#hyperpigmentation #melasma #cyrillelaurent



Anessa Whitening UV gel SPF50+ PA++++⎪https://amzn.to/2Zc4cPC

Klairs Soft Airy UV essence SPF50+ PA++++⎪https://www.wishtrend.com

Anessa Perfect UV sunscreen milk SPF50+ PA++++⎪https://amzn.to/31wMmJ3

Anessa Perfect UV sunscreen mild milk SPF50+ PA++++⎪https://amzn.to/2KDCVlf

Ultrasun fluid SPF50+ PA++++⎪https://amzn.to/2N24gPy

Avene Fluid SPF50+⎪https://amzn.to/2YUAwLM

Avene B-protect SPF50+ ⎪https://amzn.to/2Mp4VeK

?Hydrating toner / essence

Hada Labo premium Lotion ⎪https://amzn.to/2Zc4upG

Klairs Supple preparation Unscented ⎪https://amzn.to/2ZbAWwH


The Ordinary retinol 1% ⎪theordinary.com


Elta MD Renewal complex barrier cream ⎪https://amzn.to/2zbIWip

Hada Labo Premium Shirojyun cream ⎪http://www.kirei-station.com/product/2759

COSRX ultimate nourishing rice overnight spa mask⎪https://amzn.to/2KFvjyz

Paula’s choice Omega complex moisturizer ⎪https://amzn.to/2KEkPQe

? Vitamin C

By Wishtrend Pure Vitamin C 21.5% ⎪https://amzn.to/2HeZxGF

The Ordinary Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate solution ⎪theordinary.com

NIOD Ethylated L-ascorbic acid ⎪niod.com


? Videos

Tranexamic acid⎪https://youtu.be/MPuWHo5-WZ0

Sunscreen extravaganza⎪https://youtu.be/ohQD55HOFGw

Alcohol in skincare⎪ https://youtu.be/8gjL2BJTKo8

How to build a skincare routine⎪https://youtu.be/GGUQEzNoJOM

My retinol series⎪https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL8EQNZLYr5sSwSnfiWSMndGMfT7paNUv6


✍️?My blog:

My website⎪cyrillelaurent.com


Website and blog: http://cyrillelaurent.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cyrille_laurent/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Cyrille-Laurent-165362471013722/?modal=admin_todo_tour


?‍?Music ?‍?

Music by Cults - Ever - https://thmatc.co/?l=C35EDBE3



Please note that I am not a physician. I only recommend cosmetics that are not medicine. A dermatologist should treat any skin disease. I try my best to suggest hypoallergenic products. However, you may develop an allergy and should consult a doctor if it is the case. If you have a skin disease, I strongly recommend that you consult a physician before testing one of my recommendation or routines. I am 100% independent. All opinions are my own.

Thank you for your time and support! ?

Much love and respect! ?

Nicole Barrak

Hi , Im trying pigmentclar from la roche posay (LHA) how can I layer it with this routine?

Saleh Omar

Excellent advice!! Would Bioderma Photoderm spray be good for keeping hyperpigmentation from darkening? It is spf of 50 & uva-pf of 33 and the filters are Octocrylene, Methylene Bis-benzotriazolyl Tetramethylbutylphenol [Nano], Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane, Bis-ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine

Jan Plum

Thank you for sharing your knowledge. Can you advise how to avoid sebaceous filaments (on the nose) from darkening (oxidation?) from vitamin C serum?

Nicole Barrak

Im not able to get the hada labo shirojyun cream , Im finding the lotion version , do you think it ll provide the whitening effect than i can top it with the cosrx sleep mask for the moisturizing part ?


So grateful for the effort and care you put into providing us all this information. I particularly appreciated this clip...being in my 50's & living in the Australian sun! Detailing the exact regime to follow is invaluable. Thank you ♡

banana milk

Hi. One question: Is it fine if I add on an Alpha Arbutin serum (the one from the ordinary) to the morning routine? After Vitamin C? I have very bad hyperpigmentation and I have heard arbutin helps

Martin Moore

Thank you fabulous advice I will learn to trust the process and curb my enthusiasm. Ah, patience, so elusive especially when required!

lala tesic

Cyrille,can we layer tranaxemic acid atop of Tretinoin ?

Julien R-G

Yes. We want more videos like this. Don't stop uploading your video are really interesting :)

Emma Gordillo

thNsk for this! so helpful

Ginger Badjie

Great video Cyrille. How are you getting on with the For beloved one product? I LOVE their copper peptide serum but the big size has disappeared and now the 17ml is over $45 so i can't go there. I can't find anyone in Europe who sells it either.

Rithika Rao

Hi Cyrille,

I've recently come across your videos and enjoy them as you really go into the science behind skin care. It's great information to have before using products. I am a 28 yr old with hyperpigmentation; mostly scars and dark spots from pimples and slight darkening around the T and eye areas. I don't suffer from active acne. I currently have a very simple skin care routine, and am confused if I should introduce a retinol OR an acid peel OR both to help with the pigmentation and dark spots?! Please suggest!! :)


Please dont stop uploading, we need more people like you who don’t fall for skincare trends. Great work!


Yes more videos like this, thanks ?

Noemi Bermudez

Thank you so much for your videos. I really appreciate them. I have melasma and it's so hard to treat it. I'm currently using a compounded cream of Hydroquinone 8% retinol 0.25% salicylic acid and hydrocortisone that I got from my dermatologist, but as you know. I have to take a break from it. So, I'm looking forward to doing this routine. Thank you so much. Please keep the videos coming.

Tina W.

Hi Cyrille, I would love you to do a video on ZO Skin Health. It’s controversial. EG: “don’t use moisturisers bc it’s anaesthetic to your skin”, use the scrub EVERY morning and acid pads 2x per day, even when using ZO prescription retinols which are super strong.. More reaction than tretinoin for me. Zein Obagi prescribes pushing through the pain of reactions even on the neck and around the eye area. Opposite of many dermatologists. Skincare advice is becoming as conflicted as nutrition.

What I love about your videos Cyrille is your emphasis on protection.

I’d also love a video about how to reapply sunscreen elegantly - this is a big challenge. Sometimes I find chemical sunscreens don’t sting my skin or eyes until I reapply.

surujdaye ramoutar

Very Informative, thank you very much...like the way you went in-depth with the explanation of the uses of the products....

Andre Duarte

Yes! Bravo my friend!


I am so glad I found your channel! Thank you for all the information! In this video, I am surprised you didn't add in Niacinamide, azelaic acid. Seems that you kept this as a simple routine? My am routine: after cleanser, Neogen micro-ferment essence, the ordinary Niacinamide and alpha arbutin, serumtologie's vitamin c serum (sodium ascorbyl phoshate with vit E and 1% Ferulic acid), the ordinary azelaic acid, then Youth to the People Airwhipped Superfood moisturizer. In pm after cleansing: same essence, Curology (.02% tretinoin, 4% Niacinamide and 3% tranexamic acid), the ordinary ascorbyl tetraisopalmitate, the ordinary azelaic acid, then Belif's- the true cream moisturizing bomb. Two months in and I'm starting to notice results! My hyperpigmentation from cystic acne 15 years ago is finally going away!


Hello cyrille, can I use the shonjiun lotion instead of the cream? Are they the same?

Tejiri Coker

This is the best video I’ve found on YouTube for hyperpigmentation. Thank you so much ?


why dont u recommend the granactive retinol because based on what ive read the hpr has the same action as retinol but without the irritation as the body doesnt have convert it to retinoic acid to have the effect? ive never use retinol before and i would like start one, so ur opinion would be very helpful and correct me if i am wrong

Dilara Özdemir

I discovered your channel and blog today, cant believe I'm so late... You're great please dont stop informing us!


Is it okay to use the cerave moisturizing cream as my moisturizer with this routine?

Denise Burnham

I am so grateful that I stumbled upon your channel and to you for imparting your knowledge. Purito recently released its less expensive version of Klairs that does not have orange essential oil for us sensitive skin types. So far, I'm enjoying it for everyday use. I took your suggestion and ordered Ultrasun and am hoping it won't irritate my eyes like so many sunscreens do.



You are worth your weight in gold.
Your knowledge you share... is second to none !
Thank You ?


Great video! I would love if you would be able to review the Frezyderm 50+ sunscreen! ❤️


My dermatologist prescribed me Azelaic acid foam 15%
My question is... can I use retinol along with Azelaic acid?


Love your accent :)

Tina W.

Love your videos. I have hyperpigmentation. In my opinion go for the big guns and get prescription 0.05% tretinoin and start using it in September. I have a lovely tretinoin cream I can blend with a basic moisturiser so it can be made more mild to start with. OTC retinol never did much for me. I even tried the zo health prescription retinol which cause ridiculous reactions. Good old tretinoin all the way, which has years of research for its efficacy.

Stephanie Gault

Thankyou Cyrille! Especially for your suggestion regarding the different form of vitamin C in the evening with retinol. I had avoid mixing my L-ascorbic acid with my tretinoin at night but hadn't considered that it could still work by using a different type of vitamin C. New subscriber here and really loving your videos :)


Please keep the videos coming!! I appreciate you for including sunscreens for darker skin types! I suffer from Acne and hyperpigmentation and I am desperate to have clear skin.

Clem Kimbembe

C'est super. Le contenu est très fluide et enrichissant. D'ordinaire je me lasse de suivre des partages en anglais celà me donne une certaine concentration. Cette fois ci pas du tout et je me surprends à vous écouter avec plaisir. Je vais commencer ma routine le 1 septembre en attendant que mes commandes en ligne arrivent. Merci

Nicole Barrak

I like the notes that you add to the screen videos , it helps get the info easier.

debra thompson

Hello Cyrille, skincare can be quite confusing sometimes. Is it okay to use a mild glycolic acid, such as the Ordinary 7 %, as a toner along with a retinol product?

Tinosorb m

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Are Sunscreens Safe

1 061 views | 10 Jun. 2019

Are sunscreens

Are sunscreens safe?

In this video dermatologist dr Steven Devos explains why he stopped recommending the use of sunscreens, and gives his recommendations to protect yourself from skin cancer and to get in enough vitamin D.

#theliftingdermatologist #hormoneoptimizationtherapy #liftingdermatologist


➤Subscribe for more free information on Fitness, Diet, Dermatology and Hormone Optimization: https://goo.gl/ZyfZyN


➤Connect with The Lifting Dermatologist:

⇨ The Dutch Channel / Het Nederlandstalig kanaal:


⇨ Facebook Group "TRT and Hormone Optimization Therapy HOT":


⇨ Facebook Group "The Lifting Dermatologist":


⇨ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the.lifting.dermatologist/

⇨ Twitter: https://twitter.com/foxpowerbase

Billy B

nasty sunscreens then big uv sun problem in Australia as you say covering with clothes best way but not always practical of course
??full viewed✅ supporting ??✅ we gave you our like ?????

Paolo Broccardo

Does this mean we should also avoid Mercedes Benz? Just kidding. I've heard a lot of bad things about sunscreen, so it's good to see you making this recommendation too, doc. Sunscreen is another one of those paradigm shifts you have to wrap your head around in this misinformation age of ours. You're led to believe that it prevents cancer, when in reality it more likely contributes to it with all the crap they put in it.



My Kitchen

Very interesting n informativ,thankk for share dear.


Go back to workout video

Divinely Guided Messages

I don't ever use sunscreen. It clogs my pores. I believe we were made for the sun and the sun was made for us.


thanks for this video, so true.

Karla Cook

I have never asked my self that question! Thank you for all the vital information and everything good all your videos bring! You know your stuff ???


Very interesting my friend

Anthem Fingerstyle

I lern something new every time I watch your videos brother. Great information

Real Dope Workouts

Wow everyone needs to see this video. I've said it before but I learn something everytime I watch your videos.?

Candy Dreams

Greetings from USA ?? so nice to meet you ?


I found one (for kids, baby and adults) from the brand Badger spf 30. You can find the products if you type the brand name on Google. Ingrediënts kids version*: Uncoated, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide 18.75%, *Helianthus Annuus (Organic Sunflower) Oil, *Cera Alba (Organic Beeswax), Essential Oils of *Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Organic Sweet Orange) and *Citrus Tangerina (Organic Tangerine), Tocopherol (Sunflower Vitamin E), CO2 Extracts of *Hippophae Rhamnoides (Organic Seabuckthorn) and *Vanilla Planifolia (Organic Vanilla). = biologisch gecertificeerd.


Very nice and interesting video !!


Wonderful share, very informative, I am always get something very informative over here, thanks for the share full view as always ????

Santosh shrestha fitness, mukbang vlog

Great video
Thanks for sharing

Louis Walker

interesting thanks

Neighbor Bob

All great information on the dangers of sunscreens/toxic chemicals. I see people slather sunscreen on daily on a beach and I ask myself why? Sometime back I did a video on Asthaxanthin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ujqBdY0aXGcI

I am about one quarter Norwegian, and as such am a bit light skinned. I found years ago that if I took just one 4mg's capsule of over the counter "Astaxanthin" that after about one week of supplementation. I developed this copper like glow and was pretty much immune to the sun. Astaxanthin is a super antioxidant and very good for inflammation and the skin in general. I call it my inner sunscreen. I take one 12 mg capsule a day every morning year around now for it's anti-inflammatory and sun blocking properties. Get yourself some, it will make your skin look and feel amazing. Great channel I gave you a sub!


Definitely useful topic right now! Thanks for sharing!

成嶋武Narushima Takeshi

Nice video!Good information!!

John S

I only use zinc sunscreen


wooow amazing video my friend! I was actually searching about sunscreen safety recently and also how to get sunscreen that are more environment friendly. I will make sure to check more the ingredients now and mostly protect myself with clothes! thanks for sharing!

Hannon Adventures

Hi friend, awesome vid and info

se ko

Great video?

Chicken Tenders

Great info dude, thanks for visiting my channel! Just connected with ya ???

Rom GD

Hello nice video sir!

Otto Oome

Fully watched for viewtime.
Everbody below agrees with your statement.?
It is strange that you as a dermatologist gives such advice.
I believe that there are EDC's in sunscreens and that those are bad.
But everything should be put in perspective.
People who are going on vacation to sunny locations are not going to wear a lot of cloths
because they want a tinted skin. This is of course against your advice.
Sun and UV are bad.
Sun and sunscreens are also bad.
But what has the most impact on your skin causing (skin) cancer.
Walking 8 hours in the sun or walking with sunscreen 8 hours in the sun.
I think you know the answer as a dermatologist.
Tomorrow, I go to a dermatologist which already removed a smal bad part of my skin.
And it was not caused by Sunscreen.?

Chayo Darling

I got news for you darling, those upf fabrics have horrible sun blocking chemicals! Please look into it!!!

Embrace Yourlife

Good to share this story because the stores only wants to sell those bad unhealthy stuff a shame not. Good details

Malek Malek

Good info, what's your opinion on melanotan to get An Tan ? Please.


Very nice and interesting video !!


Huge like 78?? hi from Canada my friend ?? keep up the awesome work

Cover Rose

J'aime beaucoup la vidéo superbe explication


great video as always

Bears and Butters

Hey LD!! It's interesting a dermatologist recommending not using sunscreen. We agree with wearing longer clothing and staying more wrapped up a bit. Where we live.. we notice the sun's rays are very intense, and so hard to even look at anymore!! Great video and we hope you have a great day!! Much love!! <3

Rom GD

Every video has a great information! Nice video sir!

Behl Beauty and Life

Omg I can’t say enough how much this video is helpful for me as I always used to feel guilty for not using sunscreen regularly as I only use it here n there. Yes somewhere in my mind I knew n have heard before that sunscreen is not that good to use but didn’t know or bothered to find out exactly why . U gave us detailed knowledge of the ingredients and how they affect our bodies and that why sunscreens are not good. Thank you for that. No more sunscreen buying now n u saved me dollars ??. But yes ofcourse I will protect my body from too much sunlight. I have 2 video requests plz if u can cover this :
1) How hair colours affect our bodies and do they affect our hormone levels specifically in women. What colours are safe to use?
2) Eye-creams : Are they that needed n important to address issues like anti aging, dehydration etc or like sunscreens we don’t need them much. Also what kind of eye creams are good or bad ( considering the formula, concern , ingredients etc)?
Thank you

Fábio Aiolfi

Excellent job!


Great video, thank you!

Trending Topic - Self Development Tips

Great information! I like the hat at 3:56 minutes.. ???
Interesting insights ???

Gareth Bretton

this is dope man! really enjoyed


This video was a paradigm shift for me. I had a very positive view of sunscreens, not realizing what dangers they actually pose.

Razz Val

Hello new member here... see you on my channel?


Thanks for sharing, valuable information. Let stay connected, I subscribed! Wanna sub me?

The Laughing Lion

clothing! lol, i knew it would be the best sunscreen

JMHC Updates

Very interesting and informative content. I learned new things from this. Keep it up ?❤️


Astaxanthin is also a great option!

Perpetual Comedy

Wow thanks for this information great video ?

Iris Bracewell

Took your advice and use only 50+ Mineral Sunscreen. Thanks great video ???

Familie Stoelhorst


Tento La Fortuna

Like per te caro amico ??

The Lego Collector

Wow this information is verry usefull thank you ?
I gave a like

OutClass Nutrition

Final someone talks about this. Sunscreen is very bad for you. I believe. This was awesome video and example a lot of issues with sunscreen! Thank you!


Amazing video my friend! Thank you for sharing <3 Keep up the good work :)

F&P Trains

Nice video friend support my new video

Clifford Starks

Thank you for the information friend!?

Phong Nguyễn TV

Your video is very good, wish you success


Good info. I hardly ever wear sunscreen for such reason. Great info. I will look into the swim clothes.


Great sharing my friend ???????????? isa

Mr. Superset

I know what 2 tell someone now if they ask me about sunscreen ace ... thanks 2 you big homie awesome video as always ace

All Around Vegan

Wow, I’m gonna stop using sunscreen ??‍♀️