Sesame oil for skin lightening

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Turmeric and sesame oil pack for a Bright and Moisturized skin | by Bees Unique Remedies

166 views | 3 Jul. 2020




This is your Bindhya...

In this video i'm showing you an effective remedy for your skin.

The Turmeric and Sesame oil pack i'm showing is unique which gives your skin a healthy look and glow...

To prepare this,

Take 1 tsp of turmeric powder

1 tsp of honey and

1/2 tsp of sesame oil

Mix the 3 ingredients to get a thick paste.

Apply this pack atleast twi

e a week to get the best results...

mahesh 1993


Haritha Balaji

Your voice is not clear

Haritha Balaji

Pleas speak in telugu

mandla srihari hari



Good pack

Sesame oil for skin lightening

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AURAVEDIC SKIN LIGHTENING OIL / Kumkumadi Oil (night serum) for spotless glowing skin / #Skincare

53 768 views | 28 Dec. 2020

Kumkumadi oil (Kumkumadi

Kumkumadi oil (Kumkumadi thailam) is an ancient Indian beauty oil that helps you get spotless and glowing skin. Glass clear skin is possible with this miraculous beauty oil. This natural remedy is very effective in removing pigmentation and dark spots. It also removes dark circles. The natural ingredients used in this kumkumadi oil recipe are very powerful. You can use it as a night serum.

Links for Ingredients used in this recipe :


Vetiver (Khus Root)


India : https://amzn.to/3rwf9ev

UK : https://amzn.to/2MgAetn

USA : https://amzn.to/2WSLRbC

Dashamoola powder :


India : https://amzn.to/2WUOb1P

UK : https://amzn.to/349uCpK

USA : https://amzn.to/3ptjAF6

Sandalwood powder:


India : https://amzn.to/2M66cIp

UK : https://amzn.to/3na1iIA

USA : https://amzn.to/3ryW63h

Liquorice powder :


India : https://amzn.to/3nSb9CV

UK : https://amzn.to/2SgDx3h

USA : https://amzn.to/3pq5CDR

Manjistha powder :


India : https://amzn.to/2WOr4pQ

UK : https://amzn.to/34iBXDA

USA : https://amzn.to/3rzxqaA

Saffron :


India : https://amzn.to/3mO5D2B

UK : https://amzn.to/2L01nji

USA : https://amzn.to/3mO76G9

Sesame oil :


India : https://amzn.to/2KHUwLA

UK : https://amzn.to/37RXZA3

USA : https://amzn.to/3nTnrLe

Subscribe for more Natural Remedies : https://bit.ly/2OptoSm

Visit my Website: www.writeapath.com


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Copyright (c): Samyuktha Diaries YouTube channel, this video is developed and first published on Dec 28, 2020 by Samyuktha Diaries YouTube channel.

DISCLAIMER: This video is for entertainment purpose only. This is not a sponsored video. Speaker is not a health professional. Please make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients used in this video. Viewers are subjected to use this information on their own risk. This channel doesn’t take any responsibility for any harm, side-effects, illness or any health or skin problems caused due to the use of our content or anything related to this.

©Samyuktha Diaries ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

ranathiga dhanasekaran

Mam this video upload Tamil also please ❤️

Shrimathi Natarajan

How to store? And how long we can store?

Immanuel Kantharaj

Neenga add panni irukum powders name English le iruku. Please Tamil la solla mudiyuma?because ennaku puriyale.

Recipes Indian

Hi samyuktha mam, please tell us the ingredients name in tamil too, as we cant understand. If u tell the tamil names of each ingredient it would be easy for us to buy each item from a tamil nattu marunthu kadai. Please put up another video in tamil. Your explanation is simply clear... But ingredient names alone not clear.


Hi mam.. why never do in Tamil??

Gayathri Devi

Hi sister upload u r another channel Chennai 2 London

Shruthi Hangal

Mam where do we get this roots

akshayaa Kr

Very useful video

Stephy Jeyapal

Eagerly waiting for this... thank u mam... plz share Nalpamarathi thailam also mam.

Jeya Lakshmi

Hi. Do you have any remedy for vitiligo (skin depigmentation)? Looking forward to your reply. Thanks.

Kushi Puru

Mam how long we can store this oil and how to store

murali nd

Can this be used for oily skin ?

Chonky Monky

New subscriber!❤?

Veena Naib

gonna try this soon and update!
thank you for this wonderful remedy
can we apply this to our body?

Vathsalya Tvs

Hi ma'am!! Is it ok to apply the oil overnight for acne prone skin?

Siva Natarajan

Is oil use in hand and body parts

Monish Monica

Combination skin with open pores facepack and routine podunga sisssssssssssss

Love Heaven

Do you sell the oils? Where can I get it

karthik kayan

mam ple tamil vidio ple ple

Nila K

Mam how to remove stretch marks?

Devi Shree Rajan

What is the shelf life of this oil.

Dhivya Dhivi

I'm waiting for this remedy mam. Excellent ?? thank you so much mam

High hope

Intha oil nan seyvenanu theriyalle.. but your all remedies are really amazing.. ?
Worth to watch, Thanks a lot.

mathavi R

Tq sister ❤

Durai Renuka

Oily skin use pannalamaam

Saisubhashini AV

I have oily skin can i leave it in face for overnight?

Saranya Seenivasan

Can we use this one for 9 and 5 year old girls every day?

Kavitha Suresh

Tq mam for sharing... I like all ur remedies and its really usefull to all

Usha R

I’m going to try this ?

Mariam Sophia

Thank you....how can this oil be stored ...and for how long

Akriti Design Studio

Ma'am,can we use this oil on oily and acne prone skin?

sanjai kumar

Akka indha video va tamil la post panunga akka plzz akka plzzzz



Neha Chandel

ur awesome mam? thank for sharing such an ancient receip ?
i have oily skin still i can use this?

Devnaren karunakaran

You are amazing dear. Thanks for your great efforts

Hema Honey

I trust her all her vedios are informative


O my god
U r awwwwsome namrata
Thank you so much

pree thi

Ma'am you are wonderful. I follow all your videos. This one's great ?. Please let me know if we have acne and applying this oil would help? ?thanks!

Ammu v

Right way u teach.. Sis compare to sesem oil, u used coconut oil means super results.sometimes sesem oil not suit all

Jeya Seelan

Happy new year may God bless your family Mega Seelan

Rajalakshmi Manickam

Madam intha tips namma Tamil channel la podunga. Plz madam

Bass Subash

Post a video on making of aloe vera gel

anitha durga

Please make video s for hands pigmentation.i need it most.

Mohamed Obaidulla Thaseen

Sis inda video tamil la podunga plz

Shruthi Hangal

Hi mam gud mrng. This facial oil is superb . I'll definitely try this. Can we use it for kids?

jeremiah fun universe XYZ

But hw do I get d oil or d powders

Maithri Mb

Thank u mam for this video mam

Rupali Rituparna

Mam can you give direct buying link of kumkumadi oil please?

Mercy Ekoko

Thanks Mam , will have to try this , for how can we keep it before it expires.

Pavithra M

Hai dear thank you for the natural night serum vedio

sanjai kumar

How many month use pananum akka

ndula ottance

Thanks Mum and please where can I have these ingredients? I have licorice root, sanda woods, saffron oil, Sesame seeds. How can I produce this oil? Is this oil good for all complexion?

Monika A

Super Akka like u r all videos

Kalaiselvi. K Kalaiselvi. K

Tq sissy

venkatesh yesh

Hi where can I get this oil pls share me the link

Luna Thara

Hi sis, how long it can be stored?

vidhya chandhu

Can use for oily skin mam?

Ishu Mandhan

Mam from where we can get vettiver or east india grass

Ashwin Daftary

Madam I have taken the Probiotic butter milk as per your advice for hight Triglycerides already for 10 days ...should I continue this...Please let me know.

ramya pavan

Oily Skin people can use this oil ah Akka

Kasturi Juturi

Can I use it for 1 year baby

Soma Kar

Very informative DIY

neelam khetan

? seems very nice recipe..I will try it..thanks a lot❤️

M aswii

Can we use this evn for body mam

sweet vini

Thank you mom

vijay yadav

Hello mam.....good morning?...men's also used this oil and oily skin one also used this ....plz help

Shushmi Mkr

It ill store outside.mam

Shruthi Hangal

Mam can we use it for body?

Kavita Banu

Y dislike

Jyoti Sharma

Plz tell for full body whitening
Like from face to toes
Everything is white ,glow


Hi dear, dashamoola you mentioned were out of stock in Amazon...?..also can you please let me what would be the best and simple oil for 11 months babies hair ...
For me your mom's mask is really helpful in reducing hairfall.. thanks a lot for that...

Vasantha R

Mam please say how to control body heat and home remedy for piles

keerthi keerthi

Actually for last few days...I was searching for this sis...tq for this vdeo

Naturally Glamorous

Wowww never heard of it but sounds awesome will try thanks love you ?

ramani r

Hi sister....I am ur subscriber....I need your help....I had a lot of pimples sister....I am in hostel now so please kindly put the remedy for this problem....I expect food items remedy it means like fruits.... please help me sister....???

Sabiha Khan

I'm sabiha akka. Thanks thanks thanks akka . Idatan naan ketukite irundhen

sudhi 79

Hi Goodmorning,
How are you.am going to try this oil and update the feed back.??
Wishing you happy new year to you and family in advance.????.stay safe and blessed???

Sharmila P

Hi Narmadha, thanks for this video. Shelf life for this oil ? Do we need to keep it in fridge ?

sanjai kumar

My age is 17 use panalama akka

Aymi games

Can u please make this oil n sell it to us please!!?

jaya shree

Wow super thank you Akka???

Saranya Seenivasan

Sam can u tell the benefit of narpamaradhi. Thank you

T Roja Venkat

1st comment

Reshmi Pradhan

For how many days I can store this??

Sivanayagi Kanesan

Thanks a lot happy new year

sankgetha sankgetha

U didn't mention the quantity of vetriver water :(

Meenakshi Patel

I hv every ingredients except dashamool powder. N its not available online to my pincode.. is it OK to skip that 1 powder!?? Or else it is the main ingredient!!???

Devayani Bala

How many days we can store it mam

Vijaya Manoharan

Mam can we use for 1yr girl baby

sanjai kumar

Yendha age la irundhu podalam

Dee G

Great recipe Narmadha? I love all your recipes, is there an email address that I can contact you on?
Also the links you have provided are for UK and US, can you please guide me how I can order from Australia?

srivalli Chintapalli

Hi dear.. I have heard that the traditional kumkumadi tailam has goat milk in it. How can I incorporate it into this. TIA

Manjula Bammidi

Just wow...please make a video on paprika powder face pack

saranya arasu

Haiii Mam... Can we apply this oil for about 20 to 30 mins before taking bath instead of applying overnight???

Sehar Speaks

Hindi name of all????

Yamini Naidu

Thank you mam.. For How many days it can be stored

vidhya chandhu

Pls reply

pixie pie

Can I substitute dhashamoola syrup for powder.?we don't have an access to buy online due to the pandemic?

Anusha C

Hi I have combination skin.is it ok if I leave overnight this serum on my face

Rinku Shah

Hi Narmada do you recommend any readymade Kumkumadi oil brands available ? For a first trial the ingredients you have mentioned are big packs and expensive in USA.

Sesame oil for skin lightening

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Super SKIN BRIGHTENING OIL with just 2 Magical Ingredients | REDUCE TAN IN 7 DAYS |

194 138 views | 21 Apr. 2017


DISCLAIMER - THIS SUITED ME BIG TIME, I aint liable if it doesn't suit u.


I am really sorry , the remedy wasnt shared by Varsha it was shared by Kalyani Pandere. Please forgive me for taking the wrong name.

DIY - How to make Pure Coconut Oil at Home for Skin & Hair | Priyanka George - https://youtu.be/jVffYKHGXkY

INSTAGRAM - mumbaiootyyoutuber

Instant Skin Brightening Fermented Rice Water / Toner for Flawless , Glowing & Ageless Skin - https://youtu.be/OYUm-XKabw8

I am Priyanka George from Mumbai, India who loves to make videos on DIY- Skin, Hair and Health care, Weight-loss tips and exercises, Healthy food and drinks, Makeup Tutorials ,Reviews of Products and Restaurants and lots more. So do SUBSCRIBE so that whenever I make a video you will get notified :)

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Copyright - Content in this video is solely owned by me (Priyanka George ). Please do not steal my pictures or videos for your use.

8.Rochel Gonsalves

Where can i get this powder pls reply.

Baba Shab

Aap bimaar he

Salina Aktar

can teenagers also use ur remedies

Saniya Khan

is oil ko kb tk store krsakte hai

Tia Momoh

where can I buy white tumeric?

Vanessa Cabrera

can I use olive oil answer please


Can you put this stuff under the eyes area?

Crissa Tagle

can I use olive oil

Jenni rrb

Nice videos babe

Priyanka George


Click here - https://youtu.be/q_EQq1ioGSE

2 Magical Ingredients for Instant Brightness in just 1-2 mins
WATCH HERE -- https://youtu.be/9isyoywszRM -

Sadiya Ahmed

Hope u r fine.. Looking so tired. Please take care...

arifa pp

hey dee can i use it as my facial oil means after CTM routine???

Saniya Khan

without tan wale use krsakte hai and is oil ko kb tk store kre

precious obi

can one use normal turmeric, because i don't know of this wild tumeric

Anwesha Dhar Sarkar

priyanka carry on u gusty girl.

Khadiza Tahira

can i use olive oil and raw turmeric as well as boil them to use?

Saniya Khan

mam is oil ko kitne din store krsakte hai

ayodele omoladunmi

can i used tumeric powder bcos I hardly hear what u are saying

Deepa Prima

Hi ur reminde very nice I have Divya kasturi powder can I use?


mam u r skin was glowing...!!!!???

Payal Chatterjee

awsome video priyanka....i jst luv to see ur videos....

Rk Rohan

kiya kasturi tarmaric hi calaga

Emman. B

is this true? anyone ever try out this recipe.... anyone. ...anyone pls tell me..

Saniya Khan

maam is oil ko kb tak store krsakte hai

time flies

may I add sandalwood powder too

Shahana sajjad

Bhonk le pehle

think genuine

My skin is oily..can I use it on my face and please let me know is this helps to remove tan on my hands


Love ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Vala Hemaliba

kya ham summer time ye oil use kr skte he???????

Saniya Khan

kya ise without tan wale use krsakte hai. maam plzz reply

ምናሴ ስለሺ

The truth is before with no much camera light and after with so much camera lights

Darling Akosua

You are so loving dear

Ayushi Gamit

Aapne pokhraj stone pehna he na mam?? Lekin left hand me kyu pehna he??? Please reply me

Dr Bajaj

very nice video ones again. Where can I find this powder online? If you could please attach a link

Crissa Tagle

can I use olive oil


Are u alright? Y are u breathing soo heavily?

Duaa Fatima

Ap ki skin kitni khran lg rhi.h.

swathy s nair

but why kasturi manjal is not having yellow color while ur applying

Manar 0.o

Thank you it helped me thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️

shabana rangoonwala

pls suggest

sumaia sultana

For how many days can we store it?

Rahima Akhter

actual video starts 2:32

Saniya Khan

mam kb tk store kre os oil ko

chombie hello

You are so honest?

Sakima Husain

Please show the video again fr skin cow ghee, almond, walnut nd

ha ha ha

You go girl! I hate getting a tan as well because it also makes my skin discoloured and patchy. Thanks xx

Beenish Aslam

coconut oil ky Sat kiya ha

Mayuri Thonge

Pigmention ke liye bhi koi remedy bataye

Shakila Hussain

The trick,was that she edit her pictures

ha ha ha

Btw, how long until u can't use it anymore and do we store it in the fridge?


People who use hate comments are dumb because the remedy is safe and beneficially healthy for your skin it's not like your telling people to add bleach and ammonia your helping us not killing us your doing a great job ?

ibu str

Mam kithni thin is oil Ku store karsakthe

Shraddha Pandey

For hw many days we can store it ?

Mala Mala

Mam can we use this for our neck too plzzzzz reply

sah jam

Hi priyanka I juz ask one question? My son side of the lips dark due to rashes. wounds are settled now but marks lefts remedy plzzz

shabana rangoonwala

hii can we eat this kasturi haldi fr skin fairness

Aliha Khan

princess Priyanka ap plz knuckles k liye kuch bta dy I love ur remidies..u r super baby...? ??

Sahana Gowda

How many days use for whitening face

Saniya Khan

mam reply plzz

ha ha ha

Can I just use the normal turmeric powder instead of wild?

abiha noor

intehxi chichori lady u r ?

Anu Anu

I depressed two years from my body colour please suggest best remedy

shabana rangoonwala

hii can u pls share sesame oil benefits if we consume in our diet does sesame oil whitens skin

Alina Naaz

Mam can I use a pinch of red sandalwood powder along with this?

Athira Sunil

You are looking so beautiful

haque Upoma

Aapki lipstick lagane ka style is very vulgar ?

Saniya Khan

is oil ko kb tk store krsakte hai r jinke tan na ho wo use krle isse

Halimah Sosanya

Thanks for this video. Pls can I use it allover my body and during the day. Thanks in anticipation

Ankita saha

Kasturi haldi nehi hai to kitchen haldi use Kar sakti hu?

Kim Essex

You need to lighten the dark circles under your eyes how do you do that

zee Zia

But y u not white?

Pavithra Shanmugam

Is it okay to mix almond and coconut oil and apply it on face? I never saw any videos where they mix both the oils.

Vaishali Shah

u talk to much....I like ur all receipe infact I loved it...but um

Aastha Singh

Mam I'm 18 , can I use lemon essential oil onto my face during night , can I mix dat essential oil wid alovera gel and apply ....plzzzz mam plzzzz reply ....i always watch ur videos follow ur remedies???

Bbygal Ankita

Love your thoughts ?❤️?

Diksha Chavan

M having just little dark skin plz tell me what to do

Elisa H

Hi,the skin is going to be yellow, no!? Because turmeric stains yellow ?

pretty padma

this was not pure kasturi manjal ?

Tina Sharma

lots of babies and superb.....words are so famous

isberth iris

how long should we leave it on the skin..


Week Mai kitne bar massage Kare??? Plz reply


This is good . You will get more better results in brightening when use pure organic kachchi ghani mustard oil , not that mustard oil which companies sell full of additives

Lhiza Llamera

it is true.you will benefits from coconut oil.
it is really good for the skin and hair too.

Shiela Dhee

this can use on body on scar

Kitchen Therapy

Does this lighten pigmentation marks?


Were you pregnant in this video? You look really tired and breathing so heavily ?

Noorzahan Noorzahan

haldi ( turmeric) hai pls send me

Khushi Tiwari

Kasturi manjal kaha se milega plzz btao di

Rk Rohan

kitna din take ham esa stor karka raksak ta ha

Suraj Wakpanjar

Does it remove dark patches

time flies

mam can I mix it in rosehip oil

Harini Siva

Tq mam

Radha p

What's the name of oil

Sujata Banerjee

You even don't remove ur lipstick while using your any remedies.... You look too bathed with make up... Coloured hair all the time lipstick.. Your originality is totally lost... I think you would have look much better naturally

Jahanara Sharif

ap jada faltu bat karta ha apka video aca nahi ha


You are very very beautiful ??


black skin white Ho jata h k

Tahseen Dingankar

ye haldi jaisa khaha milega

Saniya Khan

is oil ko kb tk store krsakte hai

Patsy Shinn

Can regular tumeric powder can be used?