Itchy leg syndrome

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Understanding Restless Legs Syndrome

803 views | 11 Dec. 2015

Some medical conditions

Some medical conditions are rare, some are dangerous, some are both. Other conditions are neither rare nor dangerous, yet maintain just as much of a mysterious aura. Count RLS as one such condition. It was first discovered about 70 years ago and is a serious and chronic disease with moderate to severe symptoms. But for several reasons, your doctor may not even consider it as a true medical condition. Today, Restless Legs Syndrome remains highly misdiagnosed – in fact, a proper diagnosis takes about 14 years to reach. For the 7 million RLS sufferers in the US alone, those 14 years can be agonizing and debilitating, negatively affecting every aspect of life. Because of the major sleep disruptions caused by the conditions, RLS frequently affects spouses and families. RLS frequently runs in families and gets progressively worse with age. Despite the fact that there is currently no known test for diagnosing RLS, there is good news.

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vsv nrg

pine or oak tree or grape seed extract fixed it for me. nothing else did. the gse is cheapest.

Itchy leg syndrome

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Webinar 2017: Neurostimulation and Restless Legs Syndrome

10 286 views | 13 Feb. 2017

This webinar was presented

This webinar was presented by John Winkelman, MD, PhD, Chief of the Sleep Disorders Clinical Research Program, Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. MassGen is the latest sleep specialty to join the Foundation's Quality Care Center network - www.rls.org/treatment/quality-care-centers

This webinar discusses the increasing interest in non-medication approaches to the treatment of RLS and the stimulation therapies that have been attempted for RLS. Stimulation therapies include electrical, magnetic, vibratory, pressure, light, and acupuncture. These have been variously applied at the brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerve. Learn more about the effectiveness of these stimulation therapies for RLS in this webinar.

All past webinar recordings can be viewed in the Members Only portal of the Foundation's website at www.rls.org.

The upcoming webinar schedule can be accessed in the Education & Events section of our website here: www.rls.org/get-involved/education-events


The Truth Starts @1:01:30.

Linda Haddon

Excellent! Very informative


Mine started after I had a neurostimulator implant, for my lumbar condition pain. Yet, elsewhere, I read that the neurostimulator is thought to help alleviate RLS.

vsv nrg

boring and wrong. pine tree or oak tree or grape seed extract fixed my rls. nothing else did. it is a blood disorder. i saw it looking down a microscope at a sample taken by a naturopath who knew the exact cause.

Jamie Mooney

I wanted to share the advice I would give someone with RLS because maybe you all could look into it. Here it is: If you have an episode of RLS try to have an orgasm in whatever way you prefer. If your episodes happen frequently, I would save some for later. =)                    This knowledge is of the best kind; comes from experience!

Itchy leg syndrome

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How to Tap for Restless Legs Syndrome - Faster EFT - Instructional video

727 views | 10 Feb. 2020

Connect with Pam here:

Connect with Pam here: http://pamwright.com.au and grab your copy of her book The FasterEFT Beginner’s Handbook: Simple Steps to Stress Less and Smile More -


Attend Pam’s next Happiness Seekers Online event: http://pamwright.com.au/product-category/events/

Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/FasterEFT.PamWright/

Restless legs syndrome is an irresistible urge to move the legs. Restless legs tends to come on mainly in the evenings, or when lying down and can keep you awake, draining your energy and vitality. Is there a cure for restless legs? Fortunately tapping (FasterEFT) can be an effective restless legs treatment. It helps by simply getting in touch with the feeling and then letting them go. It’s safe and it works.

There are other things you can do that may help. Getting up and moving around helps temporarily, but of course you don’t want to be doing this all night!

Restless legs medication may be appropriate for some, but it’s best to start with natural cures for this disorder first. Tapping for restless legs is a safe and natural way to addresses the emotions that may have caused this disorder. Tapping is not just a temporary fix, it’s a permanent cure.

Follow me as I demonstrate how to tap on restless legs in this video. Watch this as many times as you need to for effective restless legs treatment. Perseverance will bring relief.


About Pam -


Pam Wright is one of Australia’s leading stress specialists and happiness facilitators. She is a Level 5 certified Master in FasterEFT and one of the highest trained practitioners in the entire Southern Hemisphere. She was the first to introduce FasterEFT to Australia, personally inviting the founder of FasterEFT to the country to present his training.

Pam has given countless presentations to groups and organisations, both in person and online. She has also been invited on numerous occasions to share her expertise on radio. Pam has conducted thousands of hours of personal consulting, run numerous workshops using EFT and FasterEFT and has presented on everything from learning to love yourself to creating prosperity.

Before discovering FasterEFT and tapping, Pam found herself stuck in the corner of a room, rocking and wanting to die. She had been earlier diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, and had a number of negative references, memories, beliefs and emotions, not to mention a long and complicated family history of mental illness, to support this diagnosis. She was ready to give up on life!

Then, following a personal breakthrough during a therapy session, she discovered tapping. The path to recovery was instantly made very clear. Now, Pam is an empowered woman and 100% committed to her happiness. She is also living symptom free, without the need for medications.

Pam’s genius is assisting people to understand how they are creating their current challenges and then helping them to release and eliminate these problems from their lives.

Miekel Henderson

This has helped me SO much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Pat D

Thank you Pam. This is really helping me. You did great describing it.

AaH sIgH

I have watched many videos and some do mention that  women get it more. Hear me out most women have the house preferably heated. " "Too cold in here".

Here is one for you...Using hot tap water for drinking or cooking is a no-no, the Environmental Protection Agency warns. That's because hot tap water can leach harmful contaminants like lead from your home's service pipes into the water you might be drinking or using to prepare hot foods. I have searched and searched for multiple solutions for 10+ years.

You are what you eat,drink. Exercise more later on outdoors,with fresh air. Humans evolved to fill up the lungs for burst of energy. No saturated fat and all. If you consume high calorie diet. It makes healthy sense. I have failed myself quit often enough. It is easy to nonchalantly wash your hands using the  hot side in the winter, wash dirty dishes on the hot side then cook without ever switching. No reason to. Even now I am sure the last thing on your mind is cold water splashing on your palms. Cooking is a rush process. I hope this helps. Any way, I am fine. so far so good. The body burns the nutrients, or even pills because you make it so. Not by sitting on the couch.  Energy drink(s) is a great example but I am no doctor..experience look at the way we treat our lungs. We have heated "air" in energy saving tech room environment...good luck..it all boils down to this... Moderately let the body burn through exercise these nutrients.  The body will reward you when you go to sleep at th HS hour. Again, good luck

Filipina In Central Penn USA

That’s very interesting, nice video.

Maria Liebenberg

Thanks Pam..Shalom???!

Enne N.

Thank you! Good video!