Space between nose and lip

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Lip lift: Alternative to Lip Augmentation & How to Avoid Duck Lips

154 745 views | 4 Oct. 2009

Lip augmentation is a

Lip augmentation is a popular procedure, but sometimes it can cause duck lips. Ever wonder why? Well, Dr. Rodriguez explains why some people need a lip lift instead of a lip augmentation.

Beautiful lips are defined by a nice cupid's bow and by having a certain amount of space between the top of the upper lip and the bottom of the nose. Interestingly enough, that space is pretty consistent regardless of other body characteristics like height and weight.

*Learn more about whether you would benefit more from a lip augmentation: https://www.cosmeticsurg.net/blog/2009/10/04/lip-augmentation-duck-lips-and-lip-lifts/

For additional information or to schedule a consult, feel free to contact us!

(Virtual consults are also available if you live outside the Baltimore/DC area.)


Ricardo L Rodriguez, MD

Board Certified, American Board of Plastic Surgery

Baltimore, MD

? 410-494-8100





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Lambs Lane

@gisellemartins20 the bullhorn lift? where in london & how much?


@gisellemartins20 Did you nostrils become more prominent after the procedure? i am afraid of my nostrils becoming larger. Thank you


Bonjour Docteur ! I have thin up lip and I'm showing my upper front teeth. But my white up lip is very long, more than when I was younger ( I'm 48 years old). I measured it right now: it's 1point 8 cm !!!! Do you recommand me only filler or filler and liplift? Merci beaucoup. I hope my english is enough good !

Pearls Dream

I had a very nice rotated upper lip with short filltrum but this changed a fter a rhinoplasty ! The surgeon liftted my nose tip made it shorter and did alevolar bone maxillactomy ,to seperate muscle attachment , and this changed my lip and fillitrum length now i have long lip !!!which i dislike the length is 16 mm

krishna krish

Hi doctor my upper lip and my lower lip are looking too big I want to reduce my lips size I am from India please suggest me best sugern

Ricardo L Rodriguez

Aso Paso: Men do get this procedure, but only about 5% as many as women in my practice. I do not know why men do not care about it as much as women do, me included. You seem to have a good idea on how people should spend their money, others differ. And that makes humanity as varied and wonderful as it is. You may want to put up some videos about your own skills and ideas, I'm sure others will find them useful.

Nunnuv Yorbizniz

It's a sin to use this Goldfrapp song for something like this.

Sandra Holt

I was interested in getting this procedure done my question is how is the scar on African Americans patients and do you have experience doing upper lip lift on transgender women patients the other question is what surgical technique do you use cause I like the endonasal lip lift because some of the scar is inside the nasal or is your technique around the nasal I would like to see a video of your technique. .!!

Shannavegana McInnis-Hurd

I there. It is 2019 now. Would you still do this procedure now with all the advances we have since you made this video? This is amazing.

ana z

what is it called

Goddess Divine Binky Ferrari

I'm doing that.

jane doe

@happypeace07 Hi there, I am thinking about having this procedure, has the sensation returned to your upper lip?

Jaela Conley

What is the proper distance from the bottom of the front teeth to the base of the nose? I want the lip lift, but I also have an overbite + a long upper lip. I hope that after braces/possible jaw placement surgery I will be able to have a lift done. I like the look of an overbite, but with the lip lift I think I can still show my front teeth after braces.

Tami H

I think I need this, instead of the constant filler touchups. Just need to find someone in my area who is good at this...i dont see it advertised much, i guess filler is more profitable;)

Amy Mk

Thank you!

Tea Time

Dr. Rodriguez, I am serious about getting this done, I fit the bill, but what are the risks regarding blood clots oraffecting circulation in the nose area? I had nose repair and hemmoraged from just inside the posterior area. I worry this could cause pressure in that area if cut under the nose. Thanks

StarSpun Enterprises

Very informative video.... The best I've seen on this subject! A couple of questions. Do you separate the skin from the underlying tissues? Why or why not? Also do you perform alarplasties at the same time as a lip lift? Thanks!


What can you do about having a permanent frown around the mouth? When the mouth is closed, it looks like a very sad face. The lips go down and long lines on each side of the cheek continue down towards the chin.

vyke dominguez

lindsay is not going to be happy...:D


Hi doctor, i was born with left cleaft so my upper lip is uneven, could you please recomend a procedure for this or just injections will do? Thanks

hayley Wood

daffy duck hahahhaha


How much is the fees for doing this? I have the same issue, I can't see my teeth when I talk and I would like to lessen the distance. Thanks for the video

Amy Wahbi

hi doctor,I'm interested to this surgery. i live in Dubai. where can I find you ?

Belinda Darlington

Ive had this procedure doine also & it is so much better than the lip fillers that I have had done before!

Dottie Ndots

i have rosacea and that scar basically looks like a bit of rosacea around the nose, so nobody will be able to identify it as a surgical scar. You can resolve the redness with laser anyway and then work on the texture of the scar etc with other procedures


I'm 24, can I get this procedure done? Will it get ruined as I age?


but they have big scars under the nose

Naomi Ruwaine Gutierrez Parrish

what is the ballpark rate for lip lift and lip implants (top and bottom)

Surgicaltoolbox RN Health Beauty

Is it local anesthesia?

Sandra Holt


better to look like Daisy Duck than like Hannibal Lector


Very informative thank you!!

Light in the Piazza

Hi, I think I need a corner lip lift and upper too. Do you ever do both procedures on one person? I think I read one is the bullhorn lip lift and corner? Thanks.

Mare McGee

How much is it??

April Ross

This was so helpful. Do you do botox lip lift?

Falansh Siddh

Dr. my upr lip is quite larger in size that the lower one....
there are no videos on YouTube to treat such lip. Every video or the website suggests to perform a surgery.But my age is 17 n I'm not eligible for it.
pls do suggest something. it'll be of great help

bby almond

is there any way to shorten the philtrum?


Dr. Ricardo lip lift work looks nice. Hope he gives natural and subtle look instead of the duck look which I hate. I have a full lips with nice cupid bow but I do not like the distance between teh nose and the upper lips. Wonder how can this be achieved without looking overdone

Lynda Feehan

Thank you for making this detailed video! Best and most informative one I’ve found so far .

nala melody

Please respond ,

But well my teeth do show a lot and I have a thinner upper lip and you said that type will be better with fillers but some fillers leave your lips looking really hard . Is there a way we can avoid that ?


I had the lip lift. My plastic surgeon did not take enough skin off, and I am very unhappy, I have gone back to him several times complaining that I am not happy, and he did not take enough off. He said it is fine. I had been his patient for 20 years and have sent so so much money getting plastic surgery for years. I am not the type to go running off to a different doctor, and I like him, but I am so unhappy, that I am very depressed about it. Please tell me what I should do.


Hi doctor, i was born with left cleaft so my upper lip is uneven, could you please recomend a procedure for this or just injections will do? Thanks


i dont have those lips and people tells me im prrety! this is shit!


Dr i would love to see and know the measurements under nose for lip lifting PLZ explain how to have good measurement before surgery ..thank u

Ashlynn ESP a Iola

I’m a week post up and I did a corned lip lift . So far so good going back for the inner part . Great location and staff

Kathy Rivera

Doctor, what is your thoughts on lip augmentation using fascia temporalis or with cadaver fascia?

Charlotte M



Price range?

Fertility Queen

I'm a bit over 1.5 cm but I'm still attractive. For anyone who may be more than 1.1 like me, don't feel so bad

justin baker

what about men??


I'm a male with significant long upper lip, I have nice upper teeth but they don't show when I smile, I hate it. I would consider surgery but a couple of plastic surgeons I consulted to let me know that the scar at the base of the nose will be always visible no matter what. Another surgeon told me that the scat could be fade it using mederma. Can you suggest any other procedure?.

nadia arroyo

How long does it take to recover, how much down time is needed before returning to work? Thank you

Azareal Bheri

Can lip lift surgery cause keloids?


Dr Rodriguez, I read about another (new?) procedure that is done on the INSIDE of the lip and nose, therefore leaving no scarring. Are you familiar or do you do this?

NotEasy 2Please

Is there any way to have any idea what the results will look like? Do you use a computer program to simulate the outcome? I stand in front of the mirror with the thinest sticks I can find, gently lifting my upper lip. It doesn't work of course.

Lori P

I feel like I have wayyyyy too much space between the bottom part of my nose and my upper lip, I kind of feel like a guy at times. But I can already see my teeth when I open my mouth and relax my jaw. :( Maybe I need to change it so that my nose is closer to my mouth?

Pedro Urrutia

Donde se puede ver el video en español

Trident Remixes

Hi how do I get rid of an overhanging top lip I don't really like it

Embrace It

what if about 1/3 of your upper teethe show when your lax jawed? Lip filler?


dr. I am contemplating rhinoplasty and chin implant. my question is should I wait before I get the lip lift? I hope it's not too expensive and I can afford it. Thank you for the educational video.

Anya S

1.1 cm she would be eating out of her nose

stine hansen

I m getting that! I have 1,6 cm and i dont show teeth. I had planned getting fillers. But i think this is better

Lubna Qanadilu

this is the best video ever, i searched alot for informations, but this is very informative , thank you very much you are great

Brenda Dedmon

If you ever need a model for this procedure I would love to do it!

Jamie world

can you recommend the BEST plastic surgeon for this procedure in Los Angles/Beverly Hills area. I have been wanting to do this for many many years but fear that i will not have it done right by a doctor that knows what he is doing or has ample experience with the procedure so if there is someone you know of in this area that is experienced with this and does outstanding work with this procedure, please let me know, i would greatly appreciate it, thank you

Ricardo L Rodriguez

I do not have pictures of my video.
I do, however, have patients that you may want to talk to if you are interested after having had a consultation with us. And yes, I have done transgender patients as well as African American patients. The only patient I had with a hypertrophic scar was an African American patient who had a history of keloid scars in other parts of her body. The most important part of the scar is not wether it goes inside the nose or not but wether it follows the natural folds and contours of the nose. The scar is better hidden in folds. Thus in some cases going inside the nose may look worse because there is a little roll of skin under the nose and going across it changes the appearance of your nostrils. If you are interested in pursuing this further contact Kelly at [email protected]
We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks!


Such a helpful video thank you doctor


I had braces and the arch of my teeth got narrower thus my lip gave my resting face a look as if I'm sad all the time. What do you advice abt this case?


I wish I could find a lip-lift specialist in Canada. I have VERY full lips - especially from the INSIDE. I've had plastic surgeons tell me my lips are perfect.. I have 'million dollar lips'... well my lips do look perfect when my mouth is closed, but when I try to smile? Awful. I actually look ugly when I smile, when a smile is supposed to make anyone instantly more attractive. You cannot see any of my lower teeth, my upper teeth barley show, and my lips feel so freaking tight and like they have no capability to stretch (sometimes I think it might be a dental/maxilla/mandibular issue). But even when I talk I have these two lumps of lip muscle at the corners of my upper lip that hang down and push forward ... giving me natural duckface :( Everyone says they'd kill for my lips.. and they are nice... I just wish they were normal when I talk/smile. I really think a lip lift would fix this. I wonder if the doctor will share his thoughts?

Ashlee Booth

I am worried that my top lip will look too full if i were to have a lip lift, but the gap between my nose and my cupids bow is far too long, also my teeth don't show barely at all when my jaw is slack like you said so i'm not sure what to do

moneca kay

All beauty standards that are completely made up by society and its seems evil to encourage people to give in to their insecurities instead of heal their mind nd soul internally. This video makes me sad

C Mickie

I have never had any plastic surgery, but this is something I have been considering for a very long time. I have beautiful teeth, but they are hidden , and only show when I smile. I don’t want bigger lips. I want my teeth to show.


Does Botox works for the lips


I am good looking young women but when i keep my mouth slighty open my teeth are ivisible. When i am talking as well. I hate it. I added some filer because i didnt know it not help me with lift my lip... it is exactly as doctor rodriguez said: more duck look :( i am strongly decided about a lil lift procedure. I hope i will find a good doctor in UK very soon. I want to he cut for me minimum 5mm.


Which procedure should be done first for best results, the lip lift or rhinoplasty?

iNdiA_ Daws0n

A lift or implants are much more cost effective. Lip filler is addicting and adds up over the years.

StarSpun Enterprises

Another question DR.! How would a botox lip flip compare to a lip lift? Obviously it won't shorten the area from the nose to the lip, but will it give someone a bit of a preview on what a lip lift would look like on them shapewise? Does a botox lip flip show a little more upper tooth? Thanks in advance:)

Dr Paul Charlson Skinqure Aesthetic Clinic

very interesting and informative blog. Love the tip about how to avoid duck lips!

top tip

You're the one who needs lip lift, urgent!!!!


I can see my teeth when I relax my lips but I also have like 1,8 cm between my upper lip and nose. What's best for me? My lips are so small, I really want to do something about it

karey lester

so if your NOT showing upper teeth a lip lift is ok?


I've always wondered if a lip lift pulls the tip of your nose down. Does anybody know?

Selena Verwey

You talk about the top lip like you really know your job and have a lot of experience. I would really love to know what can be done about the bottom lip when the middle part is higher than each side, is there not a procedure where the bottom lip can be turned outwards. It is a very  common problem and there are many people whom would take advantage of such a procedure.

Valérie De Roeck

This is very Well explained!tfs!


Ricardo L Rodriguez I’ve seen this leaves noticeable scars at the base of the nose, especially younger women. Are you saying that is not true- there are NO visible scar(s)?


@rockisbetter it's not that simple. As the man said, open slightly your mouth - if you can't see your upper teeth, then you have (not so) beautiful or even ugly lips and smile. This is basic geometry, so instead having lip augmentation... it's better for those people to have lip lifting


THANK YOU Dr. Rodriguez!!! That is exactly the info I was looking for! Great Video.

Vero vè

Is it still possible to have a lip lift with a short upper lip? I just really don't like the idea of lip injections at all, will it just make me look even younger even though it's not ideal? I just want my upper one match my lower lip so that they will both look medium sized, my upper one is not super thin but I'm not content with it. I'm 17 if that helps.

Cesar M

My philtrum distance is already short but when mouth at rest or when smiling my teeth are not visible, my septum part is a little bit lower which prevents the upper lip to go up when I smile so I kind of have that U shape upper lip when smiling where the center is lower than the sides. Can a lip lift fix it?

Charlotte M

I have a thin upper lip and when my jaw is slack I can see my front teeth, I measured my upper lip distance from my nose and it's 1.3 I've concurred an upper lip lift but would that make my teeth too exposed?

Sara Aziz

I had Rhinoplasty almost two years ago but it left me with longer distance between my nose and upper lip. I also have a piece of bone sticking out under the upper lip ( right under the nose) when I smile, the left side where the bone is sticking out does not allow the upper to crease like on the right side.

I asked the surgeon but he keeps saying it will resolve!
I went for a tip reshaping and came out with a Barbie nose with narrow bridge and a dip in the middle ?

But what bothers me most is my upper hanging lip.

Nunnuv Yorbizniz

Goldfrapp music intro. Wasn't expecting that ?

Space between nose and lip

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34 700 views | 8 Dec. 2018

Get a shorter philtrum ?

Get a shorter philtrum ? POWERFUL


-shorter philtrum

-bigger upper lip

-added booster

Philtrum: space between your nose and lips

There are no lyrics so your subconscious mind doesn't pick up those if listening overnight.


-drink water

-eat healthy

-don't listen to this any higher than 70% volume

-believe you'll get results

-don't check too frequently

-listen for about 30-60 minutes, but stop if you get overwhelmed



Video link: https://youtu.be/qLNczbHKTpQ

I do not own the music. Credits go to the owner(s).


thanks, i’ve been using this and my upper lip is noticeably bigger after a few days

sammy draf

Is this serious? Like is this serious? I've never been confused in me life?

Kpop Edits

Wow this was fast


hey girl?how long will it take to get full results and how many times do we have to listen x btw love this?


are there permanent affirmations?


does it make my upper lip get fatter? or only lift And then it looks like it's bigger ?

I need this to get me a fatter upper lip :(



Emily Simpson

I don’t know if you take requests or not,but could you make a subliminal like this but also for a smaller,rounder,upturned and straight nose?

Taylor Goldstein

Broo I feel my lip twitching this is stronggg ??

Deva Krishnan.p.h

Plz make me a subliminal for slim philturam and heart shaped thin lips
My phitrum was very big in size
My upper lip was not any shape and very big
I heat this type of lips and phitrum .
Plz make a subliminal for me.
Sry for my english
My mother tongue is not english
Plz help me plz......
I hope that you where accept my request

Ica 73

Thank you for sharing and finally someone that doesn´t put lyrics in their sublimal : )
Sometimes also the music could be overwhelming if you put it on a loop but this one was okey..

Nil Kaya

is this safe and permanent

Offical princess pink

How many times do we listen a day?


Would I get shorter lips coz my lips are long

Space between nose and lip

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Look Younger (Shorten your Philtrum)

22 849 views | 22 Jan. 2018

Here are some ways to

Here are some ways to shorten your Philtrum, that divet between your nose and your upper lip. As we age that area gets longer, giving away our age. Here are 4 things you can do at home to shorten that area and make your face look younger.

YoungerLift Skin Care



Look Younger with Debbie

Thanks for your suggestion. I will try to be more clear in future videos.

addi asmr

you look like carole baskin wtf

Savannah. Lyn

Girl your looking good holy smokes !! Loved your video about MSM

Evelyne David

I’m 67 and no make-up.

Blogs en Acción

This LIP PUMP will enlength your PHILTRUM EVEN MORE!! just by doing this sucking it does pull your muscle longer, and it is really strong, so don´t do it! It just not only makes your lips plumpled but enlengths your philtrum. Don´t do it!!


Oh great - I’ve always had a long philtrum, I never knew it was considered unattractive. Crap. I remember my mother commenting on it when I was younger as though it was my fault. I suspect its simply a characteristic from having Celtic genes.

solarlola 9

What if your lips are already big ..i don't want them bigger

Hanh Doan

Hi Debbie! I have a question about the 2nd exercise. What is the purpose of holding the corners of your mouth? Thank you!

Look Younger with Debbie

Thank you. Glad you like them.

Layal Watfeh

It would have been great if you explained In details what needs to be done! Like when you saying resist against it, I have no idea how to do that! Especially for when we put on top or below the lips

Komori Aimi

I've always had that a little long, regardless of my age. And I don't like it ?



Look Younger with Debbie

Thank you!

Look Younger with Debbie

I would just do the exercises which keep the muscles around your mouth firm. No lip plumping since you're already blessed wirh full lips. Thanks for your question.

Look Younger with Debbie

I'm sure you're beautiful. I'm of Irish descent also.

Marilyn Washburn

Except for under my bottom lip, I feel like I can't seem to achieve a feeling of resistance for doing the exercises ?..I guess it takes practice! I truly have always hated the length of my philtrum...and it has lengthened even more with age. It's kind of a family trait I guess but I really think it gives my face a masculine quality and I'm a little self conscious of it. I priced the surgery..$4k...can you believe it?! Ugh!!
But thank you for addressing this topic! You're absolutely lovely ?

Look Younger with Debbie

You're welcome.

Gussy Vangard

She is 43, she is lying she is not 60, she is my neighbor and that's her business lie ??

Look Younger with Debbie

Thank you so much! Here is my video about firming the neck

Look Younger with Debbie

Thank you for that information.

wal zu

holly F lol u r 60 !!!! merry meee !!

eda mame

Snake oil. No gadget can shorten anything. Celebrities get a procedure called bullhorn upper lip lift. that shortens the area between the base of the nose and the pink part of the lip. Cost 1.5-3 G

Look Younger with Debbie

That's so funny. I don't know you and I was born in 1958.

Michael T

Dear Debbie,
Is this the case with Arnold Schwarzenegger - that is has his philtrum become longer?

Yvonne Mariane

These are fantastic ideas ! tysm :)


your doesnt look bad at all! mines so long and ugly its over average and im only 13... please help me!! can i get plastic surgery at my age?

Ilovesesshomaru sama

The real secret is to shorten the maxilla in the face. You need to adopt a proper tongue posture. Like mewing. The philtrum lengthens because the bones in the face get longer with time. You also need to strengthen the muscles around the jaw and the nose. Facial workouts will do hardly anything without shortening the skull and and extending the maxilla. You can change this usually before age sixty. After that I’m not sure