Skin off my nose

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? It's No Skin Off My Nose - Vocabulary Builder 3 - ESL British English Pronunciation

1 783 views | 24 Mar. 2014

http://www.iswearenglish.com/ An explanation of the informal phrase it's no skin off my nose (US it's no skin of my back) meaning something doesn't affect you , it is neither bad nor good for you , it is not your concern


It's no skin off my nose if you don't take my advice.
It's no skin off my nose if you like Sushi or not.
It's no skin off my nose if you do not like Danish beer or not.

yang qin

You have always been one of the best English teachers on Youtube!

jose gonzalez

if you stop making lessons it's a skin off my nose because your teaching is a big help to us. LOL  I think that's bad example. 

naziha ibrahim

U could also say no skin off my teeth it’s a synonym.

T.V. Bogomolova

Interesting one! Many thanks!

Angelica Lima

i was looking for this sentence, a lot of thanks

ali Bechia

You are the Best !


Thanks teacher!!!!!!!!


You are the best ... ♡ Thank you ...

Abe Thomas

I don't care


Thanks for helping me to improve my english so good!!!!!!!

naziha ibrahim

Can u explain I HAVE BITTEN OFF MORE THAN I COULD CHEW I hear it at all times but I don’t understand it.♥️love from UAE.


very interesting..thank you .

Skin off my nose

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ONE-MINUTE ENGLISH: It's no skin off my nose

430 views | 22 Sep. 2020



Today's -ONE-MINUTE ENGLISH video was inspired by a discussion in class about political correctness and the groiwng use of gender-netural pronouns.

This is a short video explaining to English language students how to use the common idiom / expression / phrase IT'S NO SKIN OFF MY NOSE. We aim to show students how to learn English fast – and provide an easy way to learn English. This video is designed for Intermediate, Upper-Intermediate and Advanced students learning English as a foreign language and is part of a series that looks at everyday English and common words, chunks, idioms, phrasal verbs, phrases and expressions used in spoken English - and British English in particular. It includes a story, an explanation of the common idiom and some examples which will help EFL and ESOL students understand and use the lexical item. It's suitable for students studying for the IELTS, Cambridge First Certificate (FCE), Cambridge Advanced (CAE) and Cambridge Proficiency (CPE) exams. It will also help anyone who wants to improve their knowledge of English idioms, English vocabulary and English grammar. CELTA- and DELTA-qualified English teachers may also find it helpful, especially teachers who use a lexical approach.

Тома Ткаченко

Mr Dellar, I was wondering if you could tell me which of the following example sentences is correct.
1. It's no skin off my nose whether or not she is on board.
2. It's no skin off my nose if she is not on board.

Jo To

I used to be a bit concerned about LGBT stuff but now it's no skin off my nose

Sara Pi

Its no skin off my nose who do you marry with?am I right??

Skin off my nose

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223 views | 29 Mar. 2017

My mestie & I do the bean

My mestie & I do the bean boozeled challenge with some complications from blackhead strips, & masks!



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Tiara Neshae

hahaha "mestie" love it. what?! licked a palm tree? ahh it looked so painful when you were taking it off your nose. You two are so funny! Great video

LB McGill

lol Christopher should be in all your videos- this was hysterical

Atholl Mills

This was so funny when you got the rotten egg one hahaha! Omg I felt your pain when it took the skin off of your nose! Omg "is it lady fish?" hahahaha! I love how you got all of the bad ones! Like seriously your luck was seriously bad! You guys are so funny together! Please have Christopher in more videos!!

Amanda Hibshman

"Lady fish?" "No, dead fish" lol! ❤