Manjistha herb

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Manjistha - Top Ayurvedic Herb For Blood and Muscle Purification - by Vaidya RK Mishra

53 462 views | 10 Sep. 2009

In this excerpt from "The

In this excerpt from "The Wisdom of Ayurveda", Vaidya RK Mishra talks about Manjistha. One of the top ayurvedic herbs for purifying the blood and muscle tissue. It also helps in chronic skin problems, complexion, acne and supports the vocal chords. The full course on Ayurveda is available on DVD from www.chandika.com The information found within is for educational purposes only. It has not been evaluated by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Prayag Mahant

Hi there. Thank you for the wonderful video. How long can we take Manjistha for? Is there a preferred way and herbs to consume along with?

Prashansa Verma

sir manjistha ghanvati tablets useful for acne or not..plzz rply


Mr.RK Mishra. you are having knowledge and lack wisdom. A person having wisdom will not take bad examples like you have taken in this video. Guys there are many standard Ayurveda standard companies which gives genuine products. example : himalaya (website himalayahealthcare) . you can also find the research they did and details of what dosage should be used and purpose. Unfortunately guys having knowledge will make things complex for their personal benefit.


Hi Misty, Manjistha is not really a "skin" herb. It helps the liver to purify the blood so in that sense it's great with eliminating acne, however it doesn't help with scaring per say.

Khaled Moussa

Is it linked some how to toxicity?! I found some article suggesting that it has some toxicity and being a potential carcinogen?! 2:55

Misty Moore

Hi. Thank you. can the herb help with acne scarring?


I have psoriasis really bad is there a herb  or combo of herbs can you recommend to cure or at least help  my condition? I have looked at medication and the side affects are worst than the psoriasis. Thanks.


donny. please don't confine yourself to single knowledgeable person. There are many masters and very good contents on internet where in you can upload their videos. A real master speaks in very simple and straight language like a problem/disease its symptoms and solution along with dosage and any conditions. no need to demonstrate what is wrote in scriptures which is hindi/sanskrit (Indian languages). Along with knowing root cause of problem we need clear solution details.

Bhagyesh Mungara

can i use this for complete ligament tear?

midhun Shiva

Well explained.. But we indians dont cheat like you said. May be you end up with wrong assumption i guess. Next time we will provide you some of the finest manjishta.. ??

Lakshmi Arunachalam

I am 57 can I take manjistha tea


Mishra is not making things complex for his personal benefit. He teaching ayurveda from the source which is in Sanskrit. In ayurveda, sanskrit plays a huge role! If you're not aware of that you don't know ayurveda.

Jum F

is Himalaya Herbal manjistha tablet okay to take?

Misty Moore

like pit marks on the surface of the skin?


manjistha powder or bakuchi powder use in pregency?????? plz tell me I have a problem white patches


Wonderful! Many thanks and kind regards from Germany :-)

muthuraman balu

sir webmd site says chemicals in manjistha cause cancer is it safe to take


What you're talking about is not traditional Ayurveda. Sanskrit plays a very important role in ayurveda. You're mind set is that of allopathic medicine. Anyhow this is only 10 minutes of a 60-hour course. So yeah you're not going to get full clarity on the herb without watching more of the series. Better not to judge. I learned a lot from the full series!

Mumtaz Akhtar

Hindi mein baat krty hue Sharm aati hai ajj kal Indian ko

Manjistha herb

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4 Best Ayurvedic Herbal Blood Purifier to remove skin impurities- Dr. Phanindra VV

46 590 views | 24 Jan. 2018

People are often worried

People are often worried about their skin beauty and the blood manifestations are the reasons behind their skin problems. Are there any Ayurvedic herbss that can cleanse their blood and make them fair? Yes, there are so many herbs in Ayurveda that we generally use, the first and the foremost so the sandalwood or chandanam. It brings down the heat component in the blood. The next commonly used herb is sariva or sarsaparilla. It is a very good coolant and reduces many of the problems related to blackhead. Some people have scars of acne remaining if ty use this sariva, this pigmentation fades away gradually and the skin becomes normal. The main dravya or the herb used in Ayurveda is manjistha, known as rubia cordifolia botanically. It does an all round activity to pacify the blood born problems, to cleanse the body off the toxins related to blood. The next dravya or herb is Arjuna, known as Terminalia arjuna. People often experience allergic manifestations such as urticarial which is a blood borne histamine related problem. This Arjuna if taken internally reduces the problems and the high risk or the urticarial rashes are reduced. So there are not only these medicines, there are so many other medicines that is advised as per the problems of the patient.

Amit G

Hello Sir,
Can i get your contact number for discuss skin problem

Advait Gurav

How to use sandal in blood purify.suggest best purify please

Vasantha Lakshmi

sr nim contact number kodi please, I am a sister in hospital.

Jigali Gatar

Sirji how to use these 4 medicines..can all be taken together or can it be taken seperately

Shabina Momin

Sir How to use sandl in blood purification

Nidhi Burnwal

Plz Hindi me video banaye har Koi ko English samaj Nhi aati


v good video plz tell me good tonic for blood purity without weight loss.

vidyabhushan gowda

Swalpa common word use madu guru

JEM nang Singclot

Galisngag lang ng ilong nimo doc

vidyabhushan gowda

Ur using only using botonical words use common words

Vaishali Tanna

Sir acchi tablet bataye...jo daily le sakte hei skin k liye

indrajit das

Thanks you sir

Mukesh Raj

Sir please call me and this is my 7309450171

Ravneet Gujral

I have freckles on my skin!I did laser treatment also but no effect!How to reduce the freckles?

Shabina Momin

Sir How to use sandl in blood purification

Manjistha herb

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Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia)- Health benefits & Medicinal uses | Ayurvedic Herb To Purify Blood

3 869 views | 5 Apr. 2019

Manjistha is one of the

Manjistha is one of the most valuable herb used in Ayurveda. It is best known for blood purification and helpful in various skin diseases. Manjistha herb also corrects the functioning of whole urinary system and prevents kidney stones. Read more :- https://www.planetayurveda.com/library/manjistha-rubia-cordifolia



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#Manjistha #RubiaCordifolia #Benefits #Health #NaturalBloodPurifier

mullah ateeq

Sir how to practice Ayurveda abroad sir

senthamizhan FUR

Does manjistha cause cancer ??? With proof

anwar Azmi

The quality of the product is very great